Đồng nghĩa của sparing

Alternative for sparing

Trái nghĩa: unsparing,

spares, spared, sparing, sparer, sparest

Đồng nghĩa: balance, bony, dispense with, do without, excess, extra, forego, give up, lanky, lean, leftover, omit, part with, relinquish, remainder, sacrifice, scrawny, skinny, surplus, surrender, thin, yield,

Trái nghĩa: waste,

Tính từ

Prudent and restrained in the use of resources
miserly close-fisted parsimonious penurious illiberal avaricious thrifty stingy uncharitable frugal tight mingy skinflinty cheap economical ungenerous close near chintzy economising economizing grasping mean scrimping tightfisted abstemious careful cautious chary closefisted pinching pinchpenny provident prudent saving spare stewardly stinting ungiving unwasteful wary penny-pinching cost-conscious money-conscious Scrooge-like tight-fisted money-grubbing cheese-paring greedy canny selfish pennywise skimping penny-wise curmudgeonly grudging cheeseparing covetous churlish circumspect meager meagre watchful snoep petty sensible ascetic forehanded skinflint puritanical tightwad acquisitive austere abstinent costive self-denying miserable money-grabbing discreet self-disciplined spartan cheapskate non-indulgent beggarly skimpy efficient cost-effective time-saving work-saving money-saving conserving preserving prudential methodical practical scrimpy on the rims careful with money restrained heedful guarded alert grabby hungry gingerly conservative considerate cagey safe calculating far-sighted economic Scotch pinchfisted shrewd rapacious ironfisted hard-fisted nunlike monastic monkish wise not generous scanty hoarding meticulous masochistic fuel-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving tight-wad derisory scrounging abject sordid ignoble moderate sober temperate continent self-abnegating self-restrained attentive vigilant strict abstentious severe teetotal hair-shirt moderating observant wide-awake on the qui vive watching one's step on the alert walking on eggs on guard watching out sly doubting thinking twice handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes wide awake on the lookout suspicious reluctant uneasy mindful hesitant loath distrustful sceptical leery mistrustful dubious shy doubtful averse apprehensive afraid scrupulous disinclined nervous iffy inhibited constrained skeptical particular fastidious mercenary materialistic coveting moneygrubbing avid desirous venal gluttonous narrow usurious grabbing possessive money-oriented pleonectic predatory prehensile itchy Mammonish Mammonistic insatiable pennypinching financially savvy extremely thrifty close-handed scurvy cupidinous on a tight budget budget-conscious extremely frugal money motivated money hungry extorting extortionate voracious on the make sagacious forearmed hoggish swinish narrow-minded intolerant judicious politic equipped well-prepared commonsensical rude edacious ravenous crude esurient piggy foresighted forethoughtful far-seeing reactionary prejudiced hidebound bigoted small-minded expedient prepared boorish fundamentalist unenlightened authoritarian despotic undemocratic alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive totalitarian self-indulgent guzzling ravening eager piggish carnivorous gormandizing intemperate omnivorous gobbling craving devouring gulping insatiate draconian fascist tyrannical biased proscriptive myopic partial antiliberal

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
meager scanty sparse exiguous hand-to-mouth light meagre poor scant scarce skimp skimpy slender slim spare stingy insufficient limited restricted inadequate paltry deficient insubstantial small measly negligible little modest pathetic miserable slight thin inconsiderable inappreciable short bare wanting pitiful trifling piddling reduced scrimpy minimal insignificant minimum puny beggarly shabby subnormal tiny derisory nominal mingy lean inconsequential thin on the ground marginal fractional tenuous infinitesimal flimsy weak base low scrimp lowly lacking barren few and far between trivial petty disappointing sketchy scattered ordinary miserly narrow unfinished unproductive subtle mere tight lamentable unfruitful infertile diminutive thinning rare failing shy dispersed too little too late thinly distributed in short supply confined few unsufficient economical contemptible on the small side wispy frugal sporadic imperceptible fragmentary diffuse infrequent scrubby occasional uncommon too few too small too little not enough close at a premium hard to come by barely sufficient minor unimportant nugatory piffling poxy inferior picayune bad imperfect inefficient substandard piddly faulty lousy flawed impotent ineffectual defective suboptimal subpar feeble mediocre ungenerous worthless token unsatisfactory abject ineffective dinky deplorable awful dreadful execrable abysmal dire terrible dismal diabolical appalling shoddy hopeless atrocious mean rubbish low-grade rotten dissatisfactory wretched below par under-strength bitty stunted stinted below standard minute niggling footling incomplete Mickey Mouse pimping pitiable no-account de minimis incidental immaterial chicken peanut frivolous irrelevant diminished nickel-and-dime hard to find minuscule unsubstantial meaningless casual sorry lightweight pointless fiddling bereft nonessential of little account second-rate of no account of no consequence small-fry depleted not worth mentioning finite middling incommensurate patchy secondary lesser destitute non-essential like gold dust not to be had of little consequence of little importance of no importance unfrequent not to be had for love nor money shoestring vague peripheral superficial faint basic dwindling rudimentary circumscribed determinate defined definite measured scrappy trite pettifogging missing nondescript valueless impaired set dry purportless drained unsound inessential twopenny-halfpenny devoid ignorable hardly any seldom semioccasional straggling foolish needing less little or no small-bore unusual of minor importance small-time needed of no moment seldom met with seldom seen not worth speaking of not worth bothering about not up to scratch low in numbers out of the ordinary leaving much to be desired despicable subsidiary useless little bitty smallish penurious toytown lame laughable partial parsimonious junk gentle basal just only trashy sleazy common unconsequential smaller low on short-handed short on not much very next to none next to no minor-league of no great concern two-bit low-ranking cut bush-league everyday woeful insipid unconsiderable sad unqualified not hacking it coming up short not making it silly commonplace cheap lilliputian penny-ante idle scarcer than hen's teeth truncated threatened shortened run-down wanky incapable unample incompetent minus unfitted no biggie neither here nor there two bit unconsidered wimpy big zero all the same small potatoes entry level of no significance runt inappropriate shrimp momentary microscopic skin-deep atomic beside the point evanescent vanishing in the minority seldom found widely spaced at a low level fair no more than short of out of average unsatisfying unacceptable medium tolerable moderate median unexceptional absent not good enough extraneous senseless unrefined not acceptable unpolished not up to standard bodger omitted not up to par burned out empty gone unfulfilled in default cut off not up to expectations cooked away bankrupt out of gas deprived half-baked not much cop acceptable passable midsize midsized satisfactory adequate duff unsuitable unworthy unassembled undersupplied injured amiss marred unequal underprovided damaged of little import intermediate middle cursory perfunctory outta gas found wanting third string second string second fiddle not make it not cut out for rough crude outline imprecise unthinkable unlikely unimaginable subtile outstanding inconceivable strange preeminent magnificent standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary unique singular towering remarkable unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated recherche hurried hasty fuzzy provisional cobbled together shallow introductory unclear hazy depthless woolly uncritical wooly preliminary coarse cramped compact constricted confining on the back of an envelope congested squeezed incapacious pinched compressed choked tapered tapering fine jammed skinny hairline bounded needlelike ultrathin contracted near straitened narrowing incommodious strait taper threadlike pent shrunken fixed narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim

Tính từ

Having a tolerant disposition
humane benevolent charitable lenient liberal merciful compassionate indulgent tolerant clement magnanimous patient kind forbearing sympathetic pitying soft-hearted mild forgiving gentle tender kindly easy-going soft benignant pardoning gracious softhearted understanding permissive benign easygoing condoning loving kind-hearted obliging good-natured beneficent generous humanitarian tender-hearted tenderhearted feeling kindhearted ruthful all heart bleeding heart long-suffering accepting accommodating placable willing to forgive pitiful heart in right place empathetic concerned caring comforting giving thoughtful warm solicitous sensitive empathic commiserative considerate consoling decent selfless unselfish sympathizing altruistic encouraging affectionate neighborly neighbourly human condoling doting motherly fatherly commiserating maternal bighearted fatherlike genial philanthropic piteous warmhearted supportive goodhearted warm-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie open-minded having heart in right place large-hearted well disposed well-disposed good-hearted well-intentioned open-hearted big-hearted sympathising do-good great-hearted responsive bleeding-heart moderate mollycoddling humoring spoiling excusing easy light favoring yielding assuasive pampering letting lax amiable complaisant temperate permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging allowing compliant favouring humouring live with being big going easy on helpful friendly good affable chivalrous amicable philanthropical pleasant bounteous unstinting cordial munificent bountiful approachable public-spirited mellow noble big congenial protective open-handed eleemosynary fond nice ungrudging self-sacrificing attentive agreeable good-humored good-humoured hospitable sweet sentimental cheerful gallant openhanded devoted sociable unassuming likeable paternal receptive likable mild-mannered reassuring perceptive free cooperative soothing greathearted tactful nurturing polite consolatory favourable respectful favorable self-denying modest lovable gratifying good-tempered angelic placid harmless civilized condolatory pleasing openhearted meek freehanded open pacific mindful aware docile uplifting reactive impressionable peaceable calm peaceful courteous civilised accessible cheering inspiriting conscious broad-minded self-effacing careful free-handed deferential fulfilling unsparing moved delightful engaging comprehending unoffensive sweet-tempered well intentioned well-mannered companionable brotherly generous to a fault disinterested approving moralistic sorry socially concerned emotional serene self-forgetting hearty well-meaning intuitive vulnerable denying incorruptible extroverted heartening vicarious flexible maternalistic calming cognizant heartwarming gladdening touchy-feely susceptible personable inspiring heroic perceiving diplomatic righteous lovely passionate mother sensible appreciative amenable regardful conciliatory tame subdued mushy enthusiastic forthcoming valiant lamblike demure reverent comradely lavish unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome retiring submissive civil sweet-natured even-tempered honourable honorable stimulating boosting benefic non-confrontational parental moral princely humble chummy bland bonhomous full of pity socially aware woke idealistic interested paternalistic freehearted fulsome natural immaculate culturally sensitive appreciating patriarchal self-forgetful understandable social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring almsgiving affirmative courageous quiet observant heedful avuncular charming nonmalignant accommodative cosseting adopted assumed imagined social thoughty good scout Robin Hood very kind courtly wonderful pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic vigilant wholesome nonthreatening appealing tranquil laid back patriotic contributing donating prosocial positive well-bred acquiescent guiding taking captivating winning enchanting touched soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental brave swell ingratiating jovial familial fiery irritable sensorial demonstrative sensory high-strung nervous fragile as nice as pie simpatico reasonable equable chilled easy-oasy pliant virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful loyal fraternal sheltering socially conscious shy dove-like soft touch propitious dutiful welcoming jejune vapid dull flat subservient spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant overindulgent fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless public- spirited soft-spoken sisterly dovelike cool non-malignant able to live with going along with welcome pally protecting watchful supporting caretaking stirred deceivable heartfelt honest virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding conscientious upright dupable awake alive noble-minded valorous earnest wholehearted genuine cheery sincere happy barley-sugar trusting naive tractable unsuspicious deludable unoppressive biddable unburdensome gullible fleeceable impressed personal intimate inviting eager eager to help eager to please discerning high-minded just fair convivial matey deep palsy amorous palsy-walsy buddy-buddy urbane unctuous stately suave knightly sensitized stimulated affected influenced melted sharp undemanding elevated high lordly goodish lofty great impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable deeply moved active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive finely tuned supersensitive weak touchy feely tuned in spineless boneless open to suggestions turned on to quick to respond relieving easing satisfying rewarding heart-warming analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing

Tính từ

(of writing) Relatively brief in extent
short brief concise succinct terse little pointed rapid hasty hurried quick aphoristic compendious crisp decreased incisive apothegmatic clipped compact small compressed diminished summarised summarized summary condensed ephemeral epigrammatic lessened sententious unprolonged compendiary curtailed shortened swift truncated contracted decurtate economical precise abbreviate breviloquent laconic synoptic curt curtate pithy thumbnail abbreviated abridged bare perfunctory transient boiled down cut short not protracted in few words short and sweet to the point cut to the bone in a few well-chosen words in a nutshell monosyllabic capsule telegraphic elliptical elliptic lapidary tight gnomic snappy potted limited witty snippy fast sharp summarizing clever amusing piquant quick-witted summarising lean pungent ingenious trenchant economic concentrated apophthegmatic brusque well tuned finely honed tart taut in well-chosen words abrupt abstracted blunt gruff edited shorter cut reduced outline meaningful epigrammatical neat meaty trimmed pruned shrunk cut down cropped precised cursory synopsized bare-bones expressive significant cogent marrowy pared down rude honed effective snippety close recapped compacted precipitate snappish short-and-sweet rehashed run-down down to brass tacks distinct controlled forceful comprehensive cut-down constricted telescoped telling straightforward memorable catchy epitomised epitomized cutting acute uncommunicative shortened form short and to the point run-through slimmed-down encapsulated axiomatic making a long story short edited down clear-cut exact cryptic censorious judgmental pretentious abounding critical disapproving well structured slimmed down skeleton essential censored digest sketch expurgated bowdlerized stripped down bowdlerised rough unceremonious brisk direct offhand uncivil bluff discourteous impatient cavalier downright brusk churlish short-spoken harsh surly no-nonsense impolite ungracious crusty off impetuous matter-of-fact crude

Tính từ

Reserved or uncommunicative in speech
tightlipped uncommunicative quiet reserved unexpressive sententious unforthcoming mum mom reticent silent incommunicable incommunicative mute speechless close dumb uncommunicable aloof dour antisocial brooding cold curt distant laconic withdrawn tight-lipped close-mouthed clammed up dried-up taciturn secretive close-lipped inarticulate unresponsive stand-offish untalkative retiring media-shy closemouthed introverted unsociable shy sullen detached restrained standoffish private cool undemonstrative unapproachable wordless guarded self-contained offish diffident unspeaking tongue-tied unfriendly reclusive solitary muted buttoned up modest formal remote frigid inhibited bashful voiceless discreet demure cautious uncompanionable unemotional retired sedate chilly at a loss for words backward indifferent dark misanthropic prim introvert icy soft-spoken conventional serene composed secret tight-mouthed ceremonious self-restrained collected placid hushed zipped mumchance on the QT shrinking stiff frosty clamlike self-effacing evasive gentle mild peaceful noncommittal eremitic non-communicative unbending hush-hush haughty unsocial unconcerned dummied up dry nonvocal not talkative stolid passionless lost for words emotionless unmoved dispassionate cold-blooded unassuming impassive timid mousy stoical apathetic phlegmatic unfeeling enigmatic deep impassible stoic constrained unclubbable asocial cagey incurious uninterested affectless numb coy controlled self-controlled standoff nongregarious of few words dumbstruck dried up dumbfounded snobbish uppity struck dumb stuffy playing one's cards close to one's chest saying nothing forbidding austere stuck-up soundless buttoned-up cold-eyed unable to get a word out not saying boo bereft of speech unrevealing keeping people at arm's length aphonic unflappable terse brusque meek unaffable unamiable timorous inward-looking unneighbourly uncongenial unconversational temperate silenced inhospitable short sheepish recessive unassertive independent still not forthcoming rude uncivil mopey mopish unneighborly hostile socially inhibited isolated zipped one's lips have tight chops ungregarious insular distrustful inaccessible inapproachable scowling aseptic disinterested retreated thoughtful recluse uncurious casual unloving wooden unaffectionate contained hermit-like hermitic hermitical silentious unheard unable to speak tongueless suspicious antagonistic cryptic Olympian self-sufficient all alone eremetic sober undercover furtive backstairs covert feline sly mysterious secluded hidden closed up shocked uptight buttoning up mum's the word zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip nontalkative clamming up tight chops astounded unwilling calm callous thunderstruck aghast dazed amazed in chambers in privacy in private inscrutable unfazed insolent unenthusiastic annoyed offended chill impudent impertinent unwelcoming lukewarm procacious glacial offhand in the background playing your cards close to your chest in the dark gobsmacked flabbergasted exact precise staid unruffled insensible imperturbable poker-faced shell-shocked correct proper obmutescent dumbstricken wouldn't say boo to a goose unimpressible unexcitable insusceptible inflexible unsympathetic cool as cucumber astonished hit for six knocked for six stilted starched affected starchy seemly official serious indurated matter-of-fact hardened heartless nonchalant inexcitable spiritless polite straight arrow strait-laced stiff-necked by the numbers proud insociable arrogant mean-looking laid back put on airs

Động từ

Present participle for to be frugal or economical with a resource or finances

Động từ

Present participle for relieve, absolve
exempting freeing excusing releasing discharging liberating absolving dispensing excepting excluding granting immunity relieving exonerating grandfathering clearing giving immunity letting off pardoning relieving of letting go letting off the hook making an exception for making an exception of passing by privileging from going easy on wiping the slate acquitting acquiting delivering exculpating setting free reprieving disenthralling forgiving unchaining unfettering whitewashing emancipating unshackling springing dismissing unburdening disburdening divesting disencumbering ridding vindicating unbinding disembarrassing remitting unleashing uncaging manumitting wiping the slate clean enfranchising enlarging disimprisoning blinking at winking at setting loose letting out turning loose letting loose removing abandoning dropping immuning protecting condoning overlooking safeguarding privileging granting someone an exemption granting someone a dispensation extricating amnestying finding innocent declaring innocent dealing leniently with granting an amnesty to disculpating loosing befreeing untying pronouncing not guilty showing mercy to having mercy on wiping off letting someone off finding not guilty saving cutting loose bailing out setting at liberty bailing casting loose freeing up unmanacling putting on the street shriving allowing to leave sending away allowing to go sanitising laundering bleaching sanitizing stripping untangling wiping it off letting off easy letting up on resigning lightening pulling making exempt yanking absolving from freeing from saving from booting out removing blame unburdening of getting rid of excusing from releasing from delivering from discharging from exempting from disencumbering of extricating from freeing of liberating from setting free from disburdening of disembarrassing of rescuing from

Động từ

Present participle for to excuse or disregard as unimportant or insignificant
overlooking disregarding ignoring discounting overpassing whitewashing condoning excusing forgiving pardoning remitting burying sinking stomaching taking passing over brushing aside glossing over shrugging off brushing off winking at blinking at letting slide paying no attention to taking no notice of papering over letting go letting pass glozing over turning a blind eye to conniving at taking no account of turning a deaf ear to deliberately ignoring tuning out shutting your eyes to looking the other way living with making allowances for paying no mind letting something ride letting ride letting someone off with bearing with going along with letting bygones be bygones looking past playing past putting up with rolling with punches standing for wiping slate clean grinning and bear it swimming with the tide turning blind eye to making light of tolerating forgetting discharging letting off burying the hatchet letting off easy granting a pardon to granting amnesty closing one's eyes to giving absolution suspending charges neglecting unheeding omitting unminding conniving slurring over paying no heed to shutting eyes to turning a blind eye missing bypassing dismissing rejecting misheeding setting aside paying no mind to taking no notice leaving be skipping blanking contemning disbelieving evading excluding avoiding slighting pushing aside minimizing discarding cold-shouldering dispelling underselling dispensing with looking through winking laughing off doubting minimising dissimulating turning blind eye turning back on failing to notice turning deaf ear letting it go brushing away not taking into account closing your eyes to turning your back on turning a deaf ear burying one's head in sand playing down leaving out of account sending to Coventry pooh-poohing laying aside giving no credence to taking with a pinch of salt acquitting acquiting exonerating reprieving absolving accepting clearing exculpating justifying freeing amnestying liberating releasing letting it go by having mercy on dealing leniently with forgiving and forgetting making allowance for

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