Đồng nghĩa của unequal

Alternative for unequal

Đồng nghĩa: disparate, irregular, uneven,

Trái nghĩa: equal,

Tính từ

Lacking the ability or resources to cope with
asymmetrical inadequate inadequate for incapable incapable of insufficient for unable unfit unfitted for unqualified for unsatisfactory unsuited to wanting incompetent at not qualified for not up to found wanting in not cut out for incompetent inept lacking ineffective ineffectual unproficient inefficient inexpert amateurish unskilful substandard impotent unqualified useless lousy deficient inferior hopeless bad imperfect poor inapt powerless faulty weak defective unfitted pathetic duff no good not good enough not much chop not up to scratch not up to snuff no great shakes leaving much to be desired not much cop unskilled unskillful inexperienced unsuitable inefficacious amateur untrained ineligible not equal to unequipped unprofessional unapt unsuited feeble insufficient worthless inappropriate bungling inexpedient disqualified raw clumsy improper inproficient awkward wrong cack-handed lacking ability cowboy incongruous a dead loss inapposite unacceptable unhandy incompatible incorrect infelicitous unbecoming unseemly malapropos ill-suited untoward indecorous perverse unhappy amiss unbefitting graceless inharmonious discordant out of place unsuccessful feckless hamstrung counterproductive lame green ham-fisted blundering unprepared incapacitated ill-equipped bush-league uncool not up to it nonprofessional untaught unpractised unfitting dilettante dilettantish jackleg inapplicable unseasonable undue not proper careless immoral dishonourable uncalled-for untalented not cut out dishonorable inconsistent inadmissible discrepant rotten bum inadept unworkmanlike loser inoperative losing naive vulnerable dependent frail butterfingers limited unequal to the task suboptimal subpar negligent can't hack it can't cut it non-qualified bush unschooled insufficiently powered not strong enough low-powered unpracticed uneducated out of your depth not prepared not know one's arse from one's elbow manual unaccomplished unversed menial labouring unproductive broken flimsy junk unadvantageous futile untrained for unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade slapdash clashing out of character unmatched disparate out of keeping dissident irrelevant dissonant disagreeable jarring interfering senseless disproportionate shoddy slipshod sloppy undeveloped laboring blue-collar bumbling second-rate crude maladroit ignorant nonexpert slack floundering undependable helpless uninitiated unadapted unreliable underpowered irregular unwarranted skill-less inopportune illegitimate dishonest corrupt ill-timed unethical less capable crooked false inaccurate unscrupulous erroneous out to lunch not have it unable to do something for toffee untimely abnormal out-of-place against the rules ill-advised out-of-season not suitable ludicrous odd imprudent not cricket off-base uncomely inadvisable at odds preposterous bad form not designed ill-adapted unsuitable for ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for not good enough for unworthy of ill-suited to inappropriate to not designed for ill-adapted to

Tính từ

Unsteady and prone to unexpected changes
erratic unstable fickle variable changeable inconstant volatile unpredictable fluctuating inconsistent unsteady irregular fluid unsettled mutable changing changeful varying wavering uncertain unreliable shifting undependable protean uneven fitful labile flaky flakey fluctuant turbulent vagarious iffy roving wandering rambling desultory dubious directionless meandering dicey incalculable nomadic undirected ever-changing blowing hot and cold full of ups and downs capricious spasmodic vacillating intermittent sporadic patchy random episodic nonuniform haphazard discontinuous episodical jerky unmethodical temperamental mercurial scattershot alternating deviating flickery skittish waffling broken bitty dynamic moving whimsical oscillating altering irresolute swaying flighty flexible developing growing mobile irrational untrustworthy ambiguous shifty unsound suspect weaving doubtful always changing not fixed casual aperiodic unsystematic spotty choppy disconnected indiscriminate occasional shaky infrequent eccentric designless catchy aimless fragmentary unpunctual purposeless unconsidered hit-or-miss on-and-off up and down off-and-on non-periodic impulsive scattered disorganized arbitrary wayward chaotic up-and-down disorganised kaleidoscopic movable periodic on and off interrupted moody jumbled quicksilver bipolar muddled irrepressible excitable yo-yo disjointed up in the air orderless disorderly slapdash giddy active elastic confused all over the place unorganized helter-skelter chameleonic unfixed in fits and starts careless unorganised unthinking incoherent faithless periodical entropic reckless fluky slipshod fractal non-linear disordered unconnected unfocused convulsive variational stray offhand chameleon-like uncoordinated on again and off again catch-as-catch-can loose all over the map peaky recurring recurrent disrupted without purpose odd illogical cyclical uncontrolled isolated restless sketchy alternate rough untrue disreputable sloppy seasonal floating messy chancy flickering scrambled on-again-off-again paroxysmal mixed up incidental unplanned chance uncontrollable abrupt off and on inchoate incohesive undisciplined impermanent twitching unpremeditated heedless unguided not conscientious sudden thoughtless all over the shop blind lost without goal wanton without direction disturbed intervallic non-uniform fragmented scrappy violent broken up evolving systemless inexact tempestuous checkered chequered incomplete spurtive alterable shambolic lax everchanging herky-jerky hit and miss indeterminate progressive unintelligible piecemeal unsystematized adaptable freakish quirky adaptive not constant garbled frenzied promiscuous stochastic aleatory unsteadfast unequable freelance outsourced outside slippery in disarray gaping ungovernable faddish wild versatile without a goal in bits and pieces mixed-up ill-thought-out ephemeral transitory vicissitudinous crotchety frivolous part-time transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive inelegant in a state of change momentary transient fleeting uncontinuous constantly changing accidental all over the lot short-lived hit-and-miss rugged higgledy-piggledy unconcerned spontaneous unselective willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected fluke unconscious twitchy perfunctory hit or miss cursory remiss lackadaisical any which way any old way continual cyclic shaking bumpy tremulous isochronal isochronous epochal rhythmic serial punctuated slap-happy iterative discontinuing checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant jumpy bouncy jolting trial and error stop-go stop-and-go every other here and there now and then by bits and pieces juddering shuddering

Tính từ

Making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit

Tính từ

Involving or having two extremes
bipolar contradictory contrastive opposed opposite antithetic antithetical clashing conflicting contrary contrasting different discordant dissimilar dissonant distinct distinctive divergent incomparable incompatible incongruent incongruous inconsistent mismatched opposing deviating differing discrepant disharmonious disparate distant diverging incommensurate inconsonant independent nonidentical separate anomalous contrasted discrete unalike uncoordinated ill-matched non-identical at odds at variance in opposition unlike diverse variant unrelated distinguishable heterogeneous other individual assorted miscellaneous varied manifold sundry multifarious poles apart divers varying unsimilar numerous changing multitudinal legion omnifarious many several all manner of motley multitudinous populous polymorphic mixed diversified many-sided changeable peculiar variegated multiform various alternative irregular like night and day otherwise like chalk and cheese protean polymorphous particular uneven offbeat distinguishing disproportionate unconnected not the same alternate another irreconcilable incommensurable differentiable differential not alike far cry disagreeing respective unequivalent nothing like express especial inharmonious not as such not so other than supposed ill-assorted unsuited untypical atypical unnatural off-key factious factional misallied asymmetric one-sided off-balance lopsided inequitable unreconcilable unjust out of keeping not similar unique weird myriad mismated antonymous march to a different drummer far from not capable of comparison altered streets apart single as like as chalk and cheese foreign unassociated contradistinctive contradistinct unmistakable oppositional discriminable indiscriminate eclectic disconnected detached very unlike a far cry from very unalike very inconsistent discriminatory discriminating discriminative discriminational specific precise diacritical autonomous very different sole unattached separated isolated disunited apart divorced a range of a number of an assortment of a mixture of a variety of sui generis free individualized divided disjointed dispersed individualised solitary colorful varicolored multifaceted aberrant exotic colourful many and various

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
deficient inadequate faulty flawed poor defective impaired imperfect inferior lacking wanting weak incomplete insufficient scarce short shoddy sketchy unsatisfactory low needing scant scrappy second-rate shy substandard unsound duff exiguous meagre scanty shabby skimpy unsuitable unworthy amiss damaged infrequent injured marred meager rare unassembled underprovided undersupplied unfinished found wanting not enough outta gas second fiddle second string third string not make it leaving much to be desired not cut out for not up to scratch limited in short supply at a premium sparse paltry few and far between thin failing broken thin on the ground too little bereft negligible destitute few bad missing uncommon warped hard to find blemished hard to come by devoid malfunctioning minus cracked below par too few out of order measly less bankrupt scratched deformed torn inoperative sporadic seldom seen piddling like gold dust not working occasional unreliable not to be had not functioning unfit sick not to be had for love nor money insubstantial fallible rudimentary restricted seldom found patchy without deprived unusual slender buckled non-functioning scattered lacking in omitted distorted wanting in incorrect short of too little too late knackered needed bare barren void inconsiderable in disrepair gone wrong not much cop denuded middling free from inexact bereft of deficient in seldom met with botched lemon frail broken-down straggling stingy trifling lean inconsequential imperceptible minute empty of on the blink bare of low in numbers denuded of tainted vacant of unfrequent destitute of running low unsufficient unqualified incommensurate unfitted incapable unample drained too small dry incompetent chipped inconsistent out of minimal minimum nominal marginal small truncated threatened shortened seldom semioccasional insignificant inappreciable tight with an insufficiency jejune smaller nugatory token slim faltering out of the common hesitant halting disjointed sans slipshod basal negative next to none next to no inaccurate crippled off with too little … with too few … unsellable unsaleable fallacious invalid imprecise wrong erroneous disappointing free of partial subtracting non-fluent short-handed low on short on crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy widely spaced in the minority out of the ordinary innocent barren of deprived of void of depleted of in need of bankrupt of drained of unprovided with undeveloped rubbish ropy disfigured junk vicious garbage faultful schlocky two-bit bottom-of-barrel dud unsatisfying unacceptable pathetic scarcer than hen's teeth debased rank unretentive in a state of disrepair contradictory adulterated awry not up to snuff false malformed blamable leaky few bugs confused maimed incoherent lame absent not good enough nonexistent unrefined unpolished not up to standard bodger not acceptable empty cooked gone away unfulfilled half-baked not up to par burned out in default cut off removed out of gas not up to expectations non-existent not present nowhere to be found not to be found not included left out left behind buggy abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal devoid of on the bum

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