Đồng nghĩa của marginal

Alternative for marginal

Đồng nghĩa: bare(a), borderline, fringy, hardscrabble,

Tính từ

Minor, small, or not important
insignificant minor minimal negligible slight irrelevant minute small meagre inconsiderable meager nominal paltry inappreciable trifling inconsequential measly tiny little trivial piddling scanty slim nugatory unimportant slender scant sparse petty insubstantial insufficient incidental piffling modest frivolous minuscule minimum faint scarce infinitesimal poor exiguous immaterial inadequate worthless of little account imperceptible light derisory outside fiddling remote footling off fractional meaningless deficient frail lightweight skimpy superficial pointless lesser picayune fragile niggling unlikely pathetic foolish pitiful small-fry of no consequence improbable mingy lean miserable Mickey Mouse dubious doubtful unsubstantial sparing limited token casual trite secondary base piddly reduced stingy low idle nonessential flimsy ignorable puny dinky valueless of no account not worth mentioning nickel-and-dime small-bore of little consequence of little importance thin short rare poxy feeble subnormal beggarly vague implausible lowly second-rate distant silly basal peripheral smaller inessential shallow far-fetched pettifogging very little mean peanut pimping de minimis no-account chicken of no importance next to none next to no not worth bothering about miserly lacking minuscular barren frugal narrow spare wanting fragmentary humble weak isolated skimp questionable fat empty scattered sporadic subsidiary subordinate subtle gentle infrequent uncommon dicey iffy absurd inconceivable diminished not much hardly any inferior no big deal no big thing vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal few nondescript everyday non-essential lower-level occasional littlest least smallest slightest minus accessory tacky dependent second-string below the mark commonplace middling lowest purportless penny-ante twopenny-halfpenny straggling merest minutest tiniest fewest wanky unfrequent of minor importance minor-league small-time of no great concern two-bit low-ranking momentary diminutive atomic beside the point microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing few and far between lilliputian cheap shoestring thin on the ground hard to find hard to come by seldom seen low in numbers at a premium least possible smallest amount of far faraway outlying ordinary ungenerous shabby useless futile wretched unproductive ineffectual contemptible profitless ineffective unavailing unprofitable unnecessary senseless fruitless pitiable frothy lousy trashy of no moment flighty mediocre bootless neither here nor there nothing puerile shoddy extraneous unsuccessful sorry abortive featherbrained unsatisfactory unessential sterile otiose mere of no value lower junior time-wasting giddy scatterbrained dizzy bush-league hairsplitting purposeless harebrained ditzy goofy inefficacious birdbrained not worth speaking of ditsy yeasty inconsequent junky lightheaded perfunctory ridiculous in vain light-headed to no avail light-minded cursory rubbishy of no use aimless substandard despicable lame bad null unusable low-grade impractical tangential inutile fine bogus waste counterproductive ignoble abandoned flippant lamentable hair-splitting inappropriate impotent hopeless failed laughable insulting tenuous ludicrous impalpable quibbling preposterous fussy no-good outrageous risible cavilling nit-picking to no purpose obscure on a treadmill restricted tawdry scrimpy scratch bare sleazy common unimpressive disappointing unsound subpar unacceptable dissatisfactory good-for-nothing gimcrack Brummagem sketchy desultory caviling nasty slapdash passing potty motiveless inapposite farcical crummy low-quality rotten unconsidered defective abject drossy poor-quality wack crumby punk impertinent inapplicable suboptimal under chaffy younger subaltern rubbish unconsiderable bush sour wrong ill irrelative uncritical unhelpful sad thwarted imperfect of no merit rattlebrained fatuous foreign small potatoes thoughtless smalltime fickle unreal no good of no matter not pertinent not germane all the same exhausted nuanced depthless of no avail to no effect delusive below par surface-level not to the point elusive abstruse distinct no more than no dice in short supply strict empty-headed fine-drawn cryptic enigmatic fine-spun finespun from hunger bird-brained esoteric half-baked recondite picky ne'er-do-well mild neglectable finicky sophisticated wee symbolic toytown niggly cockamamie cockamamy derisive comical dismal low precedence peppercorn set unconsequential hand-to-mouth undemanding unintellectual tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent wimpy runt shrimp depleted diddly little bitty bitty smallish ancillary low preference not a priority dead casuistic captious equivocating sophistical forlorn unimposing hardly worth mentioning background auxiliary by-the-way by-the-by no biggie two bit big zero entry level of no significance rinky-dink feckless non-successful too little too late illogical asinine no great shakes extrinsic less important uncelebrated featherweight imponderous incompetent failing irrational woeful not enough basic unreasonable doomed vacant unpurposed throwaway without depth expendable of less importance dispensable shy just only Sisyphean lost dwindling invalid wasted unneeded resultless impracticable very groundless related contributory supplementary contributing absolute unreasoning cut no good to gundy without rhyme or reason crude low priority fallacious nanoscopic frilly lacking substance save one's breath for nought not worth the candle faulty unworthy meretricious gaudy showy baseless nonrational of little import unsatisfying junk lemon ropy duff offensive unsuitable run-down lighthearted indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible no use execrable cut-rate tasteless schlocky cheapjack terrible vulgar cheesy bum low-rent schlock coarse bargain-basement garish powerless displeasing rambling unfounded inconsiderate baulked misfired illegitimate distressing damaged intangible ephemeral indiscernible invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct inconspicuous just a no better than only a brummagem frustrated foiled glib simplistic unfructuous pants of no benefit at a low level lacking foundation no-win misleading unnotable void without success shuck delusory balked schematic simple unrelated unconnected matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference no never mind hasty third-rate el cheapo trumpery not up to par jerry-built below average second rate not up to scratch minor league tenth-rate below standard not satisfying not up to snuff without grounds not serious without foundation two a penny not much cop inapt not a prayer in vicious circle going nowhere hurried facile surface ignorant oversimplified a dead loss unsaleable a dime a dozen detached disconnected unthinking unintelligent unscholarly independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated less of little value of negligible value inapropos separate inappurtenant in the minority seldom found widely spaced unusual out of the ordinary not applicable off base not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with out of place not connected with off the subject out of order not worth a hill of beans nodding slipshod offhand rapid rushed of no financial value fleeting inattentive quick one-dimensional wishy-washy partial insincere flash summary feigning would fetch nothing

Tính từ

Doubtful or disputable in terms of validity
disputable doubtful questionable uncertain equivocal debatable indefinite unsettled undecided arguable dubious unsure indeterminate moot iffy contentious controversial dubitable unclear borderline disputed ambiguous indecisive open to doubt in doubt open to question suspect doubtable unresolved unreliable unconfirmed unprovable controvertible unproven unverified negotiable in dispute apocryphal issuable undefined spurious vague obscure hypothetical occult flimsy cryptic contingent enigmatic in question under examination open to discussion not definite under advisement not obvious unclassifiable ambivalent problematic peripheral frontier bordering inexact dodgy up in the air open problematical unsound unsubstantiated suspicious shaky unsupported open to debate chancy fishy puzzling indistinct inconclusive nebulous shady hazy queer undependable weak speculative undetermined imprecise unintelligible false unfounded unknown contestable conjectural confused tenuous groundless inexplicit clouded enigmatical untrue perplexing baseless unjustified untrustworthy uncorroborated unreasonable mootable foundationless ill-founded specious unconvincing erroneous without basis without foundation inaccurate unwarranted dicey fuzzy contested unestablished open to argument ungrounded pending invalid nonvalid at issue fallible paradoxical confusing fallacious opaque touch and go up for discussion fabricated misguided misleading arcane sketchy clear as dishwater wrong untested unattested unpredictable yet to be decided not backed up by evidence ill-defined imaginary unjustifiable idle deceptive risky disreputable in the balance in limbo betwixt and between the jury's out bone of contention vain hairy between sixes and sevens vexed riddling between rock and hard place suppositious misinformed tenebrous blurred gratuitous bottomless abstruse muddy illogical mystic mysterious inscrutable unauthenticated trumped-up gray grey implausible up for grabs muzzy clear as mud fake rocky tricky unconcluded assumed exceptionable debated incorrect mistaken defective contended subject to debate unlikely suppositive delicate murky presumed empty unfinished foggy flakey pseudo unstable sham flaky uncalled-for muddled difficult mixed cloudy awkward woolly wide of the mark off-target precarious hot-button trumped up bewildering gnomic oracular incomplete not yet established unreal equivocating imperfect double-edged wooly inadequate Delphic amphibological insecure neither one thing nor the other neither fish nor fowl unsafe polysemous polysemic polysemantic tentative multivocal hinky challenging fictitious mythical legendary concerned troubled worried anxious apprehensive disquieted improbable reasonless untenable uncanonical sub judice open to suspicion unprovoked unascertained unapt far from certain a controversial subject a live issue on ice a moot point made-up without substantiation without merit unsubstantial unforeseeable incalculable far-fetched unauthorized a matter of opinion not validated untruthful mendacious off-base loose on the back burner under suspicion on thin ice hanging by a thread generalized rough unsolved unanswered chimerical illusory irrational invented ungenuine fictional allonymous counterfeit bleary disputatious not kosher uncalled for not backed up causeless in contention thorny ticklish ongoing sticky knotty taxing open for discussion yet to be settled not yet settled divisive sensitive polemical superficial approximate remote dim shadowy without justification without reason without cause unauthorised provocative tendentious emotive polemic not reliable not dependable cursory debateable without explanation unspecified generalised non-specific obfuscatory perfunctory hot heated notorious troublesome fractious touch-and-go hard to believe unproved much debated under discussion oblique theoretical in no man's land unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing unfateful uneventful proving nothing lacking deficient periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory circuitous academic contradictory elusive blurry roundabout fuliginous duplicitous leaving matters open suppositional supposed deep elliptical dark elliptic impressionistic unexplicit shifty putative still open to question left hanging still open to doubt imagined two-edged academical notional conjectured theoretic falsified concocted presupposed provisory made up casual assumptive stochastic postulated conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive proposed pretending

Tính từ

Not so great or important as the other or the rest
lesser lower inferior minor secondary slighter subsidiary ancillary insignificant subordinate auxiliary junior less peripheral petty smaller supplemental supplementary unimportant less important lower-grade lower-level second-rate bottom bush bush-league dinky low minor-league nether reduced second-fiddle second-string small small-fry small-time subjacent third-string undersized a notch under subservient diminished trivial second-class accessory tributary collateral of little account lowly poorer lessened lower-ranking low-level lower rung incidental inessential tangential mean non-essential immaterial subject second dependent substract inconsiderable reserve under of lesser importance than lower than less important than additional attendant extra fewer unsubstantial limited second-banana of little importance adjuvant sub satellite outranked paltry contributory shortened depressed minus negative deficient declined not so great not so much not as great low-ranking humble plebeian middling undistinguished ignoble low-grade common low-born lower-class tinier petite associate supporting alternative backup substitute spare alternate fallback younger relief youngest assistant low-class fall-back vice- sub- bourgeois baseborn unwashed déclassé proletarian low-life lumpen working-class prole philistine lowborn declassé plebby unpretentious menial mediocre unassuming base lousy demeaning miserable ordinary meager measly degrading puny little inglorious scrubby shabby ignominious servile wretched contemptible sorry sad pitiful humdrum lower in rank lower in status meagre not very important beneath someone bottom-rung back seat below someone entry-level under someone's heel not so important

Tính từ

Unconventional, or outside of the mainstream
fringe unorthodox unconventional radical alternative offbeat extreme innovative innovatory nonmainstream peripheral unofficial experimental extremist avant-garde left-field way out off Broadway unusual irregular uncommon nonconformist unconforming unwonted non-standard abnormal revolutionary exotic new original fresh eccentric novel bizarre anomalous divergent idiosyncratic alternate outlandish uncustomary heterodox oddball aberrant zany heteroclite cranky perverse off-centre off-the-wall out of the ordinary Bohemian off the wall way-out strange weird different odd curious unfamiliar quirky peculiar unique extraordinary queer freakish bohemian quaint kinky remarkable far-out atypical singular wacky bizarro crazy freaky out there unaccustomed far out rare funny unprecedented kooky rum screwy boho weirdo groundbreaking out-of-the-way maverick individual outré wacko whacky funky kookie wild queerish erratic avant garde unknown exceptional untried spaced-out off-kilter individualistic dissenting heretical dissident iconoclastic artistic pioneering informal dissentient nonorthodox heretic ground-breaking madcap unceremonious hippy fantastic inventive schismatic sectarian out-there beatnik outrageous creative obscure off the beaten track out in left field whimsical unheard-of alien outre mysterious remote unexplored uninvestigated recondite unexpected uncanny little known in left field out of the common forward-looking grotesque surreal absurd arty progressive insane dissimilar arty-farty exclusive fanciful unpredictable capricious distinct improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal flakey flaky anarchic untraditional subversive left bank carefree laid-back relaxed foreign out of the box anarchistic inexplicable intriguing off the beaten path daggy underground uncharacteristic incomparable inimitable off-center unparalleled off-key special nonstandard untypical nonconforming diagnostic classic discriminating identifying symptomatic one and only diagnostical beyond your ken latest ingenious advanced modern recent imaginative newfangled striking distinctive innovational cutting-edge leading-edge state-of-the-art cutting edge modernistic originative contemporary colourful glamorous trendy cult out-of-the-box up to date new-fashioned brand new neoteric romantic fascinating unheard of esoteric eye-catching extravagant up-to-date this season's new-fangled ultra-modern sensational astonishing marvelous attractive foreign-looking fantastical glamourous marvellous external enticing extrinsic alluring extraneous peregrine outside colorful interesting rebellious from abroad freak hippie rebel

Tính từ

Further from the middle
outer distant outlying remote peripheral faraway fringe furthest border far-flung out-of-the-way perimeter provincial suburban outermost isolated inaccessible secluded obscure godforsaken backwoods off the beaten track unfrequented out of the way lonely sequestered out-of-town residential perimetric surrounding circumferential on the edge on the outskirts afar external removed far-off off-lying in the middle of nowhere far unreachable hidden private in the back of beyond unapproachable hard to find retired away cut-off quiet lonesome cut off cloistered solitary secret in the sticks unget-at-able in the hinterlands off the map beyond deep tucked away covert jerkwater lone Barcoo difficult to get to in the tall timbers beyond the black stump deserted uninhabited concealed sheltered in the backwoods in the booay in the backblocks in the backveld in the platteland off the beaten path undisturbed unattainable incommunicado undiscovered god-knows-where middle of nowhere in a backwater far off far removed desolate withdrawn blockaded segregated inconvenient personal reclusive insular seclusive aloof shut off screened impassable foreign apart far-removed abandoned reserved isolate close closet beleaguered shy quarantined secluse hermetic confidential singular unsociable alone unpopulated barren far-out boondocks impervious unknown in the depths of … beyond reach miles away hidden away disconnected far flung unsettled off beaten track out of reach stone's throw back frontier uncontactable off the grid wild hard to get to alien outlandish un-get-at-able elusive ulterior desert unpeopled a good way a long way unobtainable in the distance in the boonies abroad well away lost quite a ways beyond the horizon unavailable inapproachable untouchable hard-to-reach retreated recluse departed marooned taken out shrouded separate set apart inconspicuous long ways good ways end of rainbow miles unvisited in the boondocks

Tính từ

Minority or alternative

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marginal Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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