Đồng nghĩa của cheesy

Alternative for cheesy

cheesy /'tʃi:zi/
  • tính từ
    • có chất phó mát; có mùi phó mát
    • đúng mốt; sang, bảnh
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) tồi; hạng bét


Of low or mediocre quality
cheap inferior poor sleazy trashy bad bargain-basement bum cheapjack coarse common cut-rate execrable gimcrack junky lousy low-grade low-rent mediocre miserable rotten rubbishy schlock schlocky second-rate shoddy terrible trumpery wretched el cheapo cheeseball corny shabby tawdry unpleasant worthless substandard duff unsatisfactory dreadful awful rubbish atrocious crummy ropy tacky abysmal appalling third-rate tatty useless frightful dire pants inadequate valueless cruddy deplorable unacceptable poxy paltry grotty two-bit deficient gaudy dismal faulty a load of pants diabolical lamentable pathetic pitiful poor-quality sucky dissatisfactory bush-league low-quality not up to scratch imperfect defective jerry-built not up to snuff crude tinny base horrible sad chronic bodger mean tinhorn crumby dime-a-dozen poor quality tasteless abject hopeless flimsy sorry brummagem laughable garbage abominable ratty punk second-class unspeakable suboptimal subpar below standard below par piss-poor lame not up to par wack egregious garbagy vulgar disappointing careless makeshift nasty insufficient slipshod disgraceful twopenny-halfpenny tenth-rate incompetent dingy scruffy woeful wanting wrong bush no good dilapidated off good-for-nothing grungy God-awful middling grim direful run-down weak seedy broken-down disastrous horrendous beastly not much cop strictly for the birds less-than-stellar under par sub-par gross of a sort amateurish negligent meretricious showy insubstantial rickety ramshackle Brummagem trifling garish regrettable badly built kitschy naff pits throwaway unsound unfortunate thrown together dodgy twopenny commonplace impaired amiss end-of-the-pier slovenly half-pie cheapo second-best yucky cheap-jack cheap and nasty no great shakes desperate very bad plastic pretentious low inglorious low-down run down dirty shlocky calamitous hideous ghastly shlock unsightly grubby scabby scummy scurvy repulsive gruesome sordid godforsaken down at heel average second class sour tinpot hack ordinary reject rough junk worse lemon poorer déclassé stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful horrid poopy bad news raunchy downer icky stinking damnable odious diddly fallacious bummer godawful scurrilous detestable meager the pits not good grody irremediable erroneous meagre not the best blah reprehensible stinky indefensible a dime a dozen not good enough unstylish ticky-tack inelegant dowdy styleless ticky-tacky unfashionable bogus no-good empty despicable abandoned barren piddling catchpenny rinky-dink small-time low in quality feeble craptacular lacking below average weak sauce not up to standard ill contemptible pitiable inept disagreeable offensive vile shameful loathsome shocking ineffectual ineffective subnormal distressing flawed distasteful foul revolting unworthy objectionable not up to much disgusting abhorrent leaving much to be desired repugnant displeasing hellacious hostile indifferent unexceptional pedestrian ignoble sickening inefficient downmarket dishonourable dishonorable unsuitable critical repellent unfit nauseous obnoxious disreputable petty from hunger scandalous ugly insignificant adverse negligible grievous low-end discreditable unfriendly nauseating inexpert repellant unfavorable trivial noisome intolerable incapable improper undesirable ignominious unfavourable counterproductive negative impotent grave untoward antagonistic inimical measly awkward horrifying inappropriate evil obscene rancid crass damaged insufferable inapt degenerate unsavoury unseemly second rate bungling disapproving snide currish unsympathetic poorly disconcerting unimportant unsavory inefficacious powerless harsh disquieting low-minded sick hateful forbidding a dead loss knocked together slapdash troublesome uncomfortable disturbing clumsy unimpressive alarming inconsiderable hairy fulsome noxious unsatisfying inhospitable unhappy damaging sneaking inconsequential inexpedient contrary unskilful monstrous excruciating heartbreaking jerrybuilt infelicitous corrupt unbearable tragic immoral cheapie unproficient pointless futile raffish wicked unavailing meaningless heinous kitsch limited unproductive nugatory unsuited servile unusable inutile failing nothing sterile unprofitable profitless unessential waste two a penny restricted adversarial troubling uncultured crook unstable off-colour discomforting horrific worrisome irksome adversary off colour lowbrow unsophisticated little unsuccessful untimely severe agonizing stressful daunting unsettling traumatic perturbing unpalatable torturous out of sorts thin inauspicious hamstrung feckless disadvantageous injurious opposing disavowing discouraging unflattering uncomplimentary unrefined serious dangerous unlucky wanky distressful agitating difficult doleful bitter unpropitious perilous catastrophic inopportune minimal tormenting grisly fraught macabre troublous frightening nightmarish no-account impermissible inadmissible antipathetic prejudicial jaundiced senseless tremendous parlous broken squalid painful sinful tragical cruel bleak gloomy iniquitous threatening ominous unqualified degraded insupportable unpromising worrying afflictive indelicate harrowing naysaying counter low quality derisory undistinguished uncouth rude hurtful galling agonising vicious unfitted impolite debased dishonest mournful opprobrious dud unprincipled depressing blameworthy infamous uninspired ridiculous unappealing uninviting inconvenient from hell disgustful loathly unladylike malapropos ungentlemanly ill-advised graceless silly very poor unseasonable affecting uncool scroungy minor-league minor league ill-disposed pinchbeck tattered brassy menial small potatoes god-awful inproficient entry-level bottom-rung beyond the pale drossy unable to do something for toffee under the weather of low quality out of order of poor quality dime-store not satisfying beyond contempt fumbling ne'er-do-well reduced piteous not so good lesser puny sparing inappreciable dicey tricky ropey well below par wet melancholy inexcusable unscrupulous risky precarious acute hazardous unforgivable backwards dissatisfying hellish rebarbative sickly invalid weakly unequal under-strength depraved preposterous niggling picayune chicken minute footling piffling peanut nominal piddly slight pimping hard impoverished stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed brutal merciless low-class insalubrious cataclysmic underwhelming reprobate dissolute minor destructive unpardonable unconscionable foolish overwhelming dolorous exceptionable tinselly not cutting it maladroit humble slavish poverty-stricken off-color dubious unreasonable questionable unable to do something to save one's life anticlimactic condemnable out flashy rueful absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unjustifiable despisable disdainable less than ideal sparse slender unfulfilling inacceptable cowardly plebeian lowly criminal not much chop disparaging ailing bathetic uninteresting brash craven villainous hateworthy irredeemable irretrievable not cricket won't do half-baked not on over the fence not quite the done thing de minimis Mickey Mouse tardy late unadvantageous discommodious opposed inadvisable swinish off-form beggarly not oneself outcast disillusioning unwell unchivalrous shameless flash tinsel glittering loud found wanting not acceptable bereft too little not okay scant uncharitable dastardly debauched in poor condition botched fumbled falling short queasy decadent impure seamy not all it's cracked up to be lewd modest simple peasant reproachful plain flamboyant flaring glaring jazzy screaming blatant obtrusive sporty glitzy flaunting chintzy brazen nauseated leaving a lot to be desired louche sleazoid avaricious skanky self-seeking mercenary calculated venal covetous sombre unnerving discomposing solemn somber humourless annoying humorless sober irritating mortifying upsetting dumbed down low cost uncultivated ill-mannered vexatious lurid sedate unendurable unskillful unable cack-handed ham-fisted lacking ability unskilled fruitless no use saddening afflicting yukky unbecoming indecorous hollow boorish uncivilized anguished heartrending unlovely unpleasing concerning sorrowful uncongenial not know one's arse from one's elbow vulnerable losing not equal to ineligible naive not up to something unequal to the task frail butterfingers out of one's depth inexperienced disqualified unequipped not up to it not up to dependent not equal to something chaffy vain null banal nickel-and-dime of no benefit bootless unfructuous to no avail menacing undignified unbefitting roughneck unmannered clodhopping incult oafish unpolished cloddish churlish lowbred illiberal uncivilised rough-hewn brutish slobbish mannerless fair unmannerly ill-bred nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending gut-wrenching off-putting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking foreboding out of place unfitting indiscreet passable moderate so-so festy malfunctioning perverse incongruous incorrect inapposite unapt yucko gnarly medium not worth a hill of beans incomplete non-functioning inoperative run-of-the-mill tolerable middle-of-the-road ill-constructed rowdy out of keeping malodorous indecent in poor taste ruffian ungodly scratched buckled torn not working cracked warped deformed workaday everyday adequate very unpleasant ill-suited sick-making unremarkable prosaic lackluster lacklustre unexciting buggy not functioning knackered run-of-the-mine OK forgettable run-of-mine immaterial bog-standard vanilla amateur fair-to-middling injured unhealthy on the bum abnormal blemished gone wrong unfinished in disrepair seconds on the blink unreliable ill-fated out of the way in bad taste not so hot of no consequence nothing to write home about plain vanilla not very good


Lacking in style or good taste
unfashionable tacky tasteless unstylish trashy dowdy styleless inelegant ticky-tack ticky-tacky old-fashioned outmoded outdated dated antiquated archaic passé drab bygone unhip dull frumpy out-of-date out of style old hat moldy vintage antwacky mouldy unpolished vulgar unsophisticated shabby unkempt stodgy plain homely unattractive frumpish boring obsolete out prehistoric square antediluvian defunct superseded unpopular crusty passe yesterday's out of date out of fashion behind the times old-fangled olde worlde out of the ark not fashionable old ancient antique superannuated old-time outworn obsolescent past old-world medieval quaint anachronistic mediaeval musty moth-eaten oldfangled mossy former dead demoded olden old-school fossilized rusty retro not with it extinct fossilised fusty prehistorical neolithic backward-looking retrograde old-timey creaky clunky démodé vieux jeu Stone Age primitive moribund kaputt Noachian kaput old-fogeyish traditional crusted feudal horse-and-buggy out-of-style aged rinky-dink old-hat square-toed behindhand has-been timeworn old-style not current conservative of the old school tired stale corny odd historical dinosaur historic primeval primordial worn-out immemorial horse and buggy neglected rococo disapproved past its sell-by date of yore primaeval of old not modern grown old of olden days out of it disused dusty antiquarian discarded discontinued ancestral past it nostalgic venerable folk period classical dateless early deprecated fossil retrogressive very old had it done for dead and gone past one's sell-by date done to death faded overused last year's worn out back-number remote elderly evocative geriatric anachronous parachronistic as old as the hills picturesque passé primal of yesteryear out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use fallen into disuse backwards backward foregone atavistic of long ago earliest relic in period style old world back number gentlemanly courteous past its prime old fashioned having seen better days chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft hoary time-honoured heritage hoar veteran old style long-standing cobwebby well-established age-old old as the hills old as Adam established traditionalistic orthodox prior hackneyed exhausted abandoned familial family button-down from the past buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line unprogressive long-established standpat reactionary lineal die-hard oral brassbound unwritten paleoconservative archconservative handed-down bent unusable out of commission out of use


Excessively sentimental
syrupy sentimental sloppy mushy corny soppy schmaltzy mawkish saccharine cloying slushy maudlin drippy sickly weepy cutesy romantic touching lovey-dovey icky over-sentimental overemotional emotional gushing tear-jerking tearful nostalgic pathetic gushy tender simpering trite dewy-eyed sickly sweet soft-hearted three-hankie sugary sappy gooey soupy twee cornball treacly novelettish sick-making sugarcoated spoony sticky spooney fruity hokey chocolate-box wet toe-curling sloshy nauseating three-hanky sickening oversweet honeyed hearts-and-flowers banal effusive bathetic sickly-sweet sugar-coated jejune inane Mills-and-Boon oversentimental sweet soapy lachrymose cute impressionable tacky softhearted dreamy overacted affected idealistic demonstrative vapid passionate kitschy feeble fatuous visionary moonstruck languishing rosewater insipid hacky sobby bromidic kitsch cornpone melodramatic schlocky choking campy poetic over-emotional self-pitying dime-store ingratiating corn-fed candied goo-goo warmed-over teary disgusting OTT excessive loving affectionate over the top silly over-the-top too much unctuous cloyingly sweet misty-eyed soft stale old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed commonplace dull old hat moving poignant affecting emotive heart-rending stirring tragic disturbing sad heart-warming evocative heartbreaking unreserved impressive unrestrained romanticized plaintive impactful heartrending precious pretty romanticised pretty-pretty sensitive exciting thrilling fulsome affective melting enthusiastic impassioned wistful harrowing piteous pitiful upsetting extravagant ebullient rhapsodic expansive hagiographical lyrical adulatory lavish exuberant oleaginous hagiographic saddening over-effusive oily pitiable over-enthusiastic expressive hyped up histrionic laid on with a trowel gentle quaint bijou melancholy depressing dainty attractive picturesque soft-focus namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane powerful overdone sorrowful uplifting dramatic soul-stirring haunting touchy miserable mournful wretched intense overenthusiastic visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions


Pongy or high
pongy rank stinky whiffy niffy high stinking smelly fetid malodorous noisome foetid putrid foul rancid mephitic foul-smelling noxious funky reeking offensive olid miasmal evil-smelling acrid nasty reeky miasmic nauseating humming musty pungent disgusting festy revolting vile repulsive fusty strong lousy sickening loathsome obnoxious nauseous stenchy horrible repellent repugnant awful abominable dreadful rotten odious horrid frightful horrendous hideous objectionable appalling terrible ghastly yucky frowsty frowzy frowsy grotty gross gruesome icky diabolical ripe beastly skanky loathly disgustful sick-making God-awful strong-smelling unpleasant sour off niffing on the nose dirty stale ill-smelling unsavoury yucko bad unsavory disagreeable distasteful gamy filthy unappetizing unpalatable atrocious squalid abhorrent polluted uninviting grubby grimy repellant ugly fulsome shocking obscene scandalous bitter harsh stinking to high heaven off-putting tainted cruddy smudged bedraggled stained mucky unsportsmanlike besmirched black dingy wretched yukky draggled befouled sneaking smutty despicable contemptible sorry unfair pitiful blackened grungy deplorable displeasing ratty sullied uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing scabby muddy cheap begrimed scummy scurvy sordid illegal evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly soiled wicked paltry mean lame pitiable hellish poison bum ungodly unholy very unpleasant poisonous bogging pestilential hellacious odoriferous from hell spoiled rotting stenchful mouldy dank moldy odiferous skunky decayed decomposed spoilt baneful detestable miasmatic evil- baleful gamey vomitous graveolent putrescent turned feculent yecchy pigpen stagnant odorous gut-churning stomach-churning vomit-inducing stomach-turning rotted decomposing acid decaying spoiling acidic infested strong-tasting going off going bad strong-flavored strong-flavoured execrable hateful base reprehensible low heinous monstrous shabby shameful dishonourable poor dishonorable sleazy low-down disgraceful ignoble grisly dire ignominious horrifying miserable cruel unacceptable distressing unattractive lamentable disreputable intolerable crummy abject grim vicious outrageous immoral unspeakable villainous vulgar snide undesirable unappealing currish woeful low-minded grody annoying inferior pathetic degenerate abysmal insufferable scuzzy slimy dishonest wrong shoddy corrupt macabre unsatisfactory sooty worthless unsightly infamous unprincipled coarse nefarious depraved messy unscrupulous godawful substandard rebarbative egregious grievous beyond the pale upsetting forbidding scungy inadequate dismal horrific sad manky gungy smeared seedy dark creepy rough invidious rubbish underhand disturbing iniquitous useless discreditable grotesque dislikable unworthy unbearable degraded very bad brutal irritating malicious harrowing unfortunate exceptionable malevolent savage damnable unwholesome sinful nightmarish deficient hairy dodgy mediocre tasteless frightening subpar sick troublesome hurtful uncharitable unwashed impure fiendish alarming inhuman crooked traumatic tawdry unseemly shady direful barbarous defiled chronic lurid second-rate painful unkind trashy terrifying ominous crude spiteful sloppy duff opprobrious galling deformed excruciating disquieting off-color unhygienic difficult irksome severe unethical fearful hopeless contaminated uncomfortable slovenly dissatisfactory punk debased trying ruthless seamy regrettable murderous suboptimal faulty agonizing common low-grade indecent unwanted shameless improper grave dislikeable hostile disfigured rubbishy ropy daunting raunchy tarnished bush-league unsuitable bestial harmful hard calamitous desperate disastrous servile menacing sinister third-rate brutish agonising weak muddied fugly vexatious brackish unkempt unsanitary mud-caked threatening dirt-encrusted unsettling terrific grewsome nightmare merciless junky flagitious morbid insanitary cowardly ill-favoured tacky disheveled dishevelled heartbreaking pants dastardly insupportable scary tatty ill-favored wanting treacherous ill sneaky deceitful lewd wack bush besmeared no-good as ugly as sin dangerous indelicate barbaric unwished-for below the belt debauched malignant perturbing miry smeary infernal criminal dismaying stressful pestiferous rude troubling abusive bothersome unsporting tough underhanded inexcusable intimidating disappointing cringe-making pesky unlikable discomforting pits below par a load of pants unhappy spotted accursed unforgivable heavy poor-quality poxy mean-spirited below standard unlawful torturous inequitable tragic grimed distressful reprobate dissolute worrying injurious crass tormenting defective sly devious petty scurrilous menial dirty rotten inadmissible crumby afflictive inappropriate adverse unprepossessing foreboding junk gut-wrenching cheapjack gimcrack pernicious unlucky boorish low-rent unhealthy crafty catty unpretty trumpery unhandsome unbeautiful unfriendly fraudulent plain callous devilish el cheapo disconcerting uncouth uncivilised uncivilized hated rundown uncomely emetic taxing gnarly fraught greasy notorious repelling sadistic ornery intense cursed ruined below average not clean uncleaned beyond contempt insipid hateable worrisome untidy flavourless formidable putrefied beggarly unreasonable despisable unpopular perverted illegitimate sticky dull meretricious depressing troublous inhospitable undignified uncool deleterious laughable fierce unbecoming agitating preposterous huckery loathed unrighteous illicit unnerving diabolic inauspicious imperfect unpardonable godforsaken flat insufficient undusted unearthly degrading black-hearted flavorless sickly deadly heart-rending out of order bleak ghoulish diseased fouled discolored blemished marked wanton Brummagem burdensome unfavorable unfavourable unpropitious blameworthy venomous pitiless unswept cheapo minatory unimpressive indecorous gloomy tinny heartless afflicting inconvenient unenviable against the rules heartrending inelegant ill-boding lemon unsound untrustworthy in poor taste hair-raising spine-chilling tactless not cricket not up to snuff plain-looking minacious maleficent unconscionable plain-featured from hunger reptilian hard-hearted low-quality ungentlemanly brute second rate poorly tenth-rate discoloured second-class run-down two-bit weird discouraging inclement tremendous embarrassing biting cutting infelicitous dubious rascally maddening exasperating feral conniving satanic animal revulsive unwarranted thoughtless flagrant inedible uneatable swinish scabrous sludgy deceptive censurable churlish insalubrious cheating ridiculous uninteresting glaring double-dealing doleful homely meanspirited unjust trifling offending detested truculent disrespectful slipshod bad-looking toxic mud-encrusted execrated louche oppressive shifty demonic eerie discourteous despised short on looks discomposing contumelious confounded slatternly portentous unrelenting relentless fearsome slummy bespattered tricky abominated vituperative great disdainable mischievous serious violent murky abandoned schlock inglorious dreggy scheming cacodemonic petrifying chilling awkward rigorous tragical mortifying spooky wrongful unenticing dilapidated savorless unendurable average rejected ungenerous bargain-basement cut-rate schlocky disadvantageous disparaging insulting extreme inhumane detrimental sleazoid profane solemn humourless humorless sober inimical destructive searing onerous stiff rugged nerve-racking redoubtable uninvited abnormal scruffy faecal sedate ghostly mercenary uncanny fecal dungy spattered doomy vexing unsought measly ferocious unrefined inexorable outcast shuddersome impious blasphemous indefensible dud inexpedient salacious overwhelming unnatural decadent unlaundered parlous out of place brooding aggressive mournful aberrant malign intimidatory bodeful infected unwished for caitiff tinhorn kitsch scroungy cheapie poverty-stricken bent lawless eldritch questionable unpromising pinchbeck tattered naff brassy scoundrelly warped corrupted pathological crying vilifying virulent rancorous serpentine vindictive ill-fated jerry-built under par entry-level cheap and nasty perverse dime-a-dozen bottom-rung self-seeking not up to much morally wrong lowering apocalyptic low-end down at heel run down not up to par a dime a dozen two a penny rinky-dink not up to scratch dime-store twopenny-halfpenny indigestible off-colour crook off colour out of sorts infuriating ill-chosen insensitive oily ingratiating unctuous hatable shonky not pleasant piggish gluttonous ferine carnal irrational prurient impertinent insolent unsympathetic uncoveted yechy reviled bland pain drag smarmy oleaginous dispiriting disheartening demoralizing blithering feeble piteous discordant suspicious suspect inept bungling dread critical untempting foul-tasting disingenuous base-minded groveling insalutary flaming melancholy unreliable valueless showy gaudy chunderous dowdy pill heel slushy senseless very disgusting resentful cussed blasted dreary joyless unwelcoming cheerless comfortless graceless unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe undesired unsocial grating absurd jarring humble slavish vapid craven foolish impoverished stark oppressed funny iffy mighty ugly-looking indescribable terribly bad surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying unfit garish sacrilegious irreligious inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed awful-looking frightful-looking testing pressured demanding frustrating rocky woozy grovelling dust-filled spotty dust-covered well below par yicky cloudy glary recreant oozy acute unchivalrous erring fallen narrow-minded footling averse antipathetic antagonistic beast sucky abhorred avaricious Mephistophelian downer bummer dolorous crashing blinding dazzling unjustifiable plebeian lowly excluded demoralising against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign brummagem gruelling arduous tiring exacting godless hateworthy stupefying gloopy unnourishing eery flea-bitten stifling in bad taste unpleasurable stupid calculated venal covetous humiliating niggling harrying harassing extraordinary heartstopping caked sloughy unforgiving sombre somber butcherly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic dicey maggot roguish startling staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing unbefitting modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful spookish flimsy shlock shlocky demoniacal wild arenaceous arenose dust-ridden in opposition innutritious good-for-naught no-count meritless good-for-nothing no-account eye-watering lackluster lacklustre unshapely drab impermissible drack no oil painting unalluring surprising facinorous malfeasant untimely selfish stingy miserly inconsiderate natty thorny problematic nagging amateurish beneath contempt low-life below contempt dreaded disliked straggly disarrayed saddening affecting mucous clammy muculent viscous glutinous freaky haunting bad-hearted peccable uncalled for backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting meagre meager ailing unaesthetic grinding ruinous damaging unhealthful untoward perilous unsuited piddling strict condemnable irremediable garbage out anguished concerning sorrowful grueling not wanted ill-advised too bad mung dishabille unstable prickly anxious-making highly improper demoniac scaring steep timid uncaring out of keeping inacceptable reject rigid misshapen antisocial unsatisfying subnormal negligible inopportune immoderate exorbitant excessive red hot lethal septic unnutritious not much to look at as plain as a pikestaff death-obsessed mud-spattered scorned shunned incommodious strange blood-curdling minimal trivial poor quality won't do half-baked of low quality not on of poor quality over the fence less-than-stellar not quite the done thing not up to standard extravagant impossible OTT tiresome wearisome apprehensive unsafe not pretty stern ill-suited inapt unseasonable O.T.T. extortionate vitriolic tumbledown ramshackle insignificant damaged nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking mephistophelean unhallowed unfeeling self-indulgent vitiated delinquent errant amoral exploitative libertine slippery bloodthirsty wrathful evil-minded contemptuous conscienceless cold-blooded two-faced despiteful profligate licentious scrofulous vengeful felonious tyrannical incorrigible scornful unconscientious disdainful cunning wily gory moody irascible bloody unusual twisted untamed too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing smoky for the birds shambly unmaintained Machiavellian designing calculating guileful poignant derogatory pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory uncompromising a stinker of a a bummer of a festering shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly unbreathable to be avoided strictly for the birds viperous rowdy uncontrollable over the top implacable neglected crumbling shacky late unbelievable unheard of disagreeing explicit knavish slick weak sauce sub-par minor-league no good minor league small potatoes not satisfying verminous soily horry staid repressive sobersided hardhanded mouldering putrified slumlike flinty glowering risqué naughty loutish brash bad-mannered colloquial unpolished derisive lowbrow X-rated ungracious unchaste uncivil immodest uncultured affronting suggestive bawdy ill-mannered unutterable impolite unmannerly sore remorseless addled evil-looking ill-omened ribald vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless unsmiling obdurate astringent weighty no-nonsense uncomic intemperate provoking wintry thunderous ill-gotten corroding mildewy perished hard-favoured hard-featured sinistrous minatorial Janus-faced pessimistic bullying broken-down slum-like uncared-for gone to rack and ruin vituperous caried carious worm-eaten dirtied purulent wormy pustular hard-nosed po-faced doomful suggestive of evil blackhearted malefic comminatory terrorizing moldering smelling flyblown overripe maggoty bad-smelling unfit for human consumption Rabelaisian near close forthcoming wintery fateful lowery loury upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent at hand scowling foul-mouthed

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