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Not sportsmanly
unsportsmanlike ungentlemanly cheating nasty unfair mean illegal despicable dishonest base contemptible low fraudulent unscrupulous crooked vile sordid deceitful corrupt ignominious treacherous immoral crafty unsporting cheap dishonourable squalid unprincipled underhanded unethical rotten beggarly shameful double-dealing cowardly low-down underhand cunning devious nefarious sly wily disreputable foul scurvy dishonorable shifty sneaky guileful shabby detestable shady unpleasant conniving paltry calculating designing worthless Machiavellian abject wretched execrable deceiving shrewd inequitable deceptive unlawful grubby snide sleazy ignoble illegitimate deplorable lousy slick currish scheming sorry knavish scummy scungy lame ratty illicit sneaking scabby dirty low-minded against the rules off-color below the belt ill-gotten not cricket Janus-faced out of order cruddy pitiable pitiful disgraceful dodgy reprehensible tricky villainous hateful discreditable loathsome odious abominable duplicitous two-faced abhorrent bad unjust unworthy beastly disgusting wicked degenerate artful untrustworthy bent unsavoury vicious heinous depraved shonky shoddy unsavory distasteful no-good dubious sharp surreptitious clandestine criminal malicious infamous slim cruel revolting two-timing obnoxious offensive unkind shameless thoughtless furtive despisable swindling disagreeable covert secret malevolent subtle scandalous mean-spirited amoral insidious inconsiderate perfidious rogue rascally fishy snidey fast repugnant mercenary crass malignant horrible horrid uncharitable degraded slimy pathetic double-crossing miserable dirty-dealing beyond contempt false disrespectful appalling improper meanspirited spiteful wrong hugger-mugger hole-and-corner vulgar disingenuous repulsive foxy unseemly backstairs degrading debased callous slippery secretive disdainable recreant indecent graceless iniquitous traitorous cagy beguiling cute cagey defrauding tawdry oblique awful repellent insincere unfriendly filthy malfeasant back-alley cloak-and-dagger shocking accursed scoundrelly servile sad petty venal obscene hollow-hearted under the table measly nauseating horrifying malign vindictive hurtful catty hostile poor hard-hearted low-life despiteful virulent gross beyond the pale ill-natured dirty rotten doggish shaming blameworthy debasing dislikable unreliable wrongful bootleg slipshod unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for stinky blackguardly lying poxy narrow-minded blithering unwarranted off unnecessary under the counter dastardly mendacious unspeakable undignified untruthful unbecoming good-for-naught meritless good-for-nothing no-count no-account cursed flaming roguish ungenerous not on out of turn lamentable menial clever hateworthy debauched insensitive inelegant infernal confounded swinish outcast inferior sham untrue seamy decadent seedy impure smart useless footling spurious counterfeit a bit much sleazoid avaricious louche skanky stealthy private underground behind-the-scenes sneak privy undercover stealth hush-hush detested execrated selfish stingy natty miserly inglorious double-faced truthless false-hearted phoney stupid despised heartless calculated covetous dreadful misleading backbiting elusive hoodwinking bluffing sinister unctuous shrouded hidden veiled indirect bribable atrocious godawful abominated hated loathed outrageous abhorred pseudo bamboozling falsified forged mock fake against the law imitation phony corruptible unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic murky evasive conspiratorial inhumane cold-blooded savage barbarous brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh sharp-witted intelligent acute astute monstrous grody hateable grafting felonious buyable lawless over the fence a bit thick caitiff unconscionable unprofessional evil sinful profiteering corrupted self-seeking canny alert skilful skillful maggot yucky yucko unfaithful errant obliquitous erring gimmicky extortionate suborned open faithless fly intriguing ingenious masterly vulpine adept beneath contempt below contempt unrighteous black dark dexterous carny proficient adroit politic resourceful gone to the dogs fast and loose on the take playing politics put on playing games cutthroat negligent abusive dextrous smooth flimflam scam faking one out not straightforward rude churlish subversive shorthanded surly poisonous venomous wounding annoying cantankerous under-the-table ornery ruthless sarcastic ill-humored fly-by-night ill-tempered evil-minded ill-humoured bad-tempered

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