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depraves, depraved, depraving

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Tính từ

Depraved, perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense
corrupt perverted degenerate degraded debased debauched dissolute immoral vicious vile abandoned lewd profligate sinful wicked evil lascivious licentious unchaste corrupted deviant hedonic impure pervy shameless wanton libidinous sleazy unprincipled warped concupiscent dirty fast indecent intemperate lecherous libertine lustful obscene promiscuous prurient reprobate riotous sick sordid unrestrained vitiated wayward base brutal criminal decadent defiled demoralised demoralized dissipated flagitous indulgent iniquitous jackleg loose louche nefarious perverse raffish rakehell rakehelly rakish twisted unclean unwholesome wild bad filthy kinky low mean miscreant sicko swinging sybaritic unconstrained unhealthy unnatural villainous voluptuary deteriorated drunken easy open rotten violated dirty-minded fast-living fast and loose high living in the fast lane pleasure-seeking self-indulgent in the gutter lacking restraint gone bad gone to the dogs night owl salacious carnal coarse lubricious immodest crude improper smutty sensual abnormal raunchy horny vulgar ribald goatish gross bawdy foul rude randy profane hot lickerish incorrigible suggestive amoral nasty incontinent blue aberrant passionate satyric fallen lubricous hypersexual X-rated itchy offensive profaned dishonourable uninhibited desecrated pornographic indelicate disreputable uncontrolled dishonorable naughty uncleanly disgusting hardened distorted tainted racy voluptuous unruly orgiastic unbridled scatological unrefined scatologic foul-mouthed trashy off colour sadistic unashamed unprintable porny gutter blasphemous stag hedonistic ungodly raw unsavoury unembarrassed bestial brazen dishonoured locker-room erotic not pure unabashed earthy scungy flagrant unblushing audacious saturnalian blatant barefaced brash dishonored unsavory fleshly vice-ridden immoderate scurrilous outrageous impudent insolent arrant wrong porno cheeky presumptuous high-handed overbold brassy porn adult despicable impaired of easy virtue near the knuckle bacchanalian uproarious sullied strange degenerated obnoxious distasteful colourful ignoble spiteful unrestricted abusive sexual deviative retrograde Rabelaisian unhindered monstrous Dionysiac infamous wrongful wolfish bold unvirtuous luxurious retrogressive titillating outlandish steamy unworthy ruttish light Fescennine unrepentant lost epicurean forward lax contaminated scabrous malicious indecorous desirous saucy fruity brazenfaced bald-faced colorful ungoverned gay flirtatious explicit out of control erroneous inferior freethinking hellbent deviate unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined roguish degrading gone to seed unrighteous irreligious impious unholy vulgarized vulgarised grotesque vitiate contorted grubby scoundrelly unregenerate ardent overindulgent uncontrollable diseased abased dubious prodigal knavish rascally shrewish incorrect crabbed ill-tempered ill-natured surly unaccommodating bad-tempered churlish misguided decaying moribund declining lusty low-down uncurbed boorish baneful flagitious deleterious poisonous sexy sensualist demeaned sinking flatitious failing animal unmoral relaxed disorderly roundheeled careless lotus-eating ithyphallic Cyprian disturbing hot and heavy confident unconcerned imprudent whorish heedless rank barnyard crass excessive gluttonous gourmandizing venomous irresponsible inconstant undismayed undaunted untrammelled risqué luscious extravagant lush reckless beyond the pale gamy tasteless spicy boisterous noisy loud binge-eating greedy no better than one should be unchecked rampant runaway undesirable macabre morbid shamed snide malevolent gossip-mongering voyeuristic hankering hard-core slippery cheap repulsive off-color bad-mannered odious sneaking contemptible soft-core inappropriate discourteous fractious rollicking fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching longing unhampered impulsive impetuous unbounded gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous pleasure-loving itching ruined Dionysian rip-roaring lively roisterous brass-necked cocky poised composed forthright abashless unaffected unshamed close to the bone disgraced collapsed flat frenetic weird peculiar odd bizarre evil-minded decayed sunken ruinous rambunctious bold as brass venereal funny Bacchic hircine hot to trot shaken unusual robustious rumbustious side-splitting bacchic Saturnalian scurvy on the ground gruesome far-out cranky kooky way-out erratic wacky crazy queer off-the-wall offbeat rum remarkable eccentric funky quirky spaced-out queerish screwy quaint off-kilter weirdo whacky out-of-the-way curious kookie bizarro masochistic interbred incestual nudge-nudge near the bone overt unconcealed transparent impenitent remorseless undisguised unorthodox outre unconventional crinkly twisty idiosyncratic incestuous without shame

Tính từ

Morally depraved
evil wicked bad wrong wrongful immoral sinful ungodly unholy foul vile base ignoble dishonorable dishonourable corrupt iniquitous degenerate villainous nefarious sinister vicious malicious malevolent demonic devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish dark black-hearted monstrous shocking despicable atrocious heinous odious contemptible horrible execrable low-down stinking dirty shady warped bent rotten unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavoury unsavory crooked dastardly reprobate black damnable hateful hellish infernal rancorous satanic spiteful wrathful egregious flagitious shadowy peccable morally wrong bad-hearted unprincipled dishonest abominable unscrupulous reprehensible mean criminal dissolute shameful barbarous disreputable abhorrent cruel detestable low beastly perverted nasty sordid infamous impious profane irreligious loathsome blasphemous sacrilegious appalling disgraceful debased godless outrageous amoral wretched indecent savage impure ignominious murderous inhuman terrible abandoned debauched brutish bestial unconscionable underhand dreadful scandalous barbaric scoundrelly disgusting irreverent dissipated discreditable obscene miscreant rascally unspeakable degraded wanton awful abject hideous brutal devious erring not cricket maleficent culpable underhanded unfair ghastly scurvy low-minded shameless illegal shabby deceitful lawless perverse merciless fallen malfeasant roguish ruthless profligate offensive felonious sullied unpleasant worthless tainted heartless malignant sadistic atheistic improper deplorable harsh illicit snide paltry currish treacherous callous accursed pernicious uncharitable horrifying vulgar cold-blooded guilty decadent unseemly inhumane heathen non-theistic pagan sleazy dodgy sorry brute cheap licentious sneaky lousy indictable illegitimate repugnant bloodthirsty pitiless ferocious remorseless unfeeling hard-hearted knavish unkind blameworthy no-good fierce disagreeable gross unhallowed fraudulent unjust delinquent unvirtuous unworthy good-for-nothing violent censurable cutthroat shoddy truculent objectionable Machiavellian coarse butcherly servile menial undignified dangerous sanguinary unbecoming tawdry errant mercenary grim squalid graceless indelicate low-life deceptive horrid loose venal deleterious baneful cacodemonic demoniac Mephistophelian unsympathetic obnoxious homicidal severe untrustworthy boorish facinorous unmerciful unsparing vice-ridden uncaring faithless undesirable ugly blameful distasteful intemperate aberrant injurious harmful unregenerate repulsive lowlife blamable cold-hearted revolting noxious uncompassionate lewd grisly gruesome miserable mischievous slippery under-the-table yucky putrid condemnable vitiated ominous God-awful peccant cowardly unclean desperate sly lamentable filthy inelegant incorrigible virulent disrespectful two-faced wild hurtful feral indecorous vindictive off-color beyond contempt crass scummy no-account untamed slimy cut-throat transgressing intolerable ruffianly blackguardly abased dishonored notorious thievish lawbreaking opprobrious unhealthy inequitable unrelenting flagrant glaring stony-hearted caitiff bloodless risqué against the law grewsome horrific lurid frightful horrendous macabre terrific nightmarish nightmare unemotional naughty smutty salacious stern inclement demoniacal flinty draconian dishonoured praetorian morbid sceptical unbelieving agnostic wolfish slaughterous roughshod useless perfidious scurrilous demeritorious amiss sinning morally bereft irreverential secular unblessed unsanctified unconsecrated non-believing heretical indefensible slavish humble petty thoughtless bribable infidel barbarian unprofessional menacing despisable heathenish idolatrous poor trashy lowly common pitiful plebeian demonical demonian Luciferian threatening shiftless meanspirited lame crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed forbidding tyrannical shifty defiled unconscientious scheming inexorable undecorous rough no good seamy louche seedy poxy dirty rotten piggish gluttonous ferine swinish animal carnal irrational prurient religionless iconoclastic nonreligious negligent self-indulgent exploitative crafty self-seeking vengeful conscienceless questionable corrupted unsuitable inappropriate repellent nauseating incompetent feckless unchaste flimflam fishy cheating scam slick slipshod grubby ratty cruddy scabby disdainable sickening nullifidian freethinking undevout unrefined damaging prejudicial nocuous adverse baleful off-putting detrimental wayward ill cursed pornographic skeptical free-thinking unspiritual sleazoid unbefitting good-for-naught sneaking meritless no-count lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy double-crossing hostile libertine evil-minded out of place in poor taste out of keeping humiliating dirty-dealing two-timing fly-by-night fast saturnalian rakish X-rated gut-churning icky degrading sick-making disparaging mean-spirited scrofulous contemptuous scornful despiteful disdainful unsafe aggressive intimidating hard-boiled vomitous sick bogging noisome pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish yucko disgustful loathly unpitying stone-hearted unforgiving intimidatory frightening ill-boding foreboding bloody bad news thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate hard compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney unkindly stony affectless slash-and-burn inconsiderate take-no-prisoners ironhearted fell uncivilised minatory deadly viperous minacious rowdy serpentine venomous uncivilized uncontrollable frolicsome arrant of easy virtue accurst curst blasted freaking cussed darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned confounded darn deuced vomit-inducing desensitised contaminated faulty demoralised insubordinate demoralized libidinous anathematized with a heart of stone blamed blessed dratted under a curse responsible offending convicted liable accountable blameable answerable reproachable incriminated on one's head convictable impeached to blame accusable in error in the wrong caught condemned out of line chargeable doomed at fault censured unfriendly catty unforgivable antagonistic beyond the pale belligerent bitter surly vitriolic godawful sour ill-natured bellicose pugnacious combative unacceptable confrontational inhospitable dire fearful militant rude inexcusable uncongenial terrifying angry scrappy bad-tempered grody malign argumentative ill-tempered ornery pitiable unrespectable shy nauseous abusive abysmal off wounding unsociable inglorious annoying ill-humoured ill-humored harrowing cantankerous biting poisonous insufferable churlish inferior unpardonable inimical warlike distressing alarming dismal rancid unsatisfactory unwelcome uncomfortable sad defective pathetic exceptionable punk antipathetic deficient grotty rubbish poorly displeasing cross substandard contentious grievous sullen subpar unwelcoming dissatisfactory sharp grave unwarranted caustic indescribable ungenerous hairy quarrelsome alien adversary disapproving adversarial suboptimal irritating unpalatable stroppy dreaded very bad joyless furious pants unpleasing upsetting chippy repellant fulsome embarrassing galling negative unreceptive unpropitious contrary jaundiced malefic querulous direful fractious unnerving tenth-rate chronic disputatious from hell hellacious petrifying coldhearted loathed bothersome troublesome destructive beneath contempt not nice out of order dour inconvenient a load of pants beggarly below the belt outcast uncalled for formidable cold off-colour crook off colour out of sorts unamiable uncivil raunchy terribly bad ungentlemanly hardhearted unchristian crying detested execrated revulsive beast scaring despised daunting dismaying cutting belittling mortifying ribald drunken immodest astounding abominated hated abhorred hateworthy measly tremendous tough unbelievable inconceivable overwhelming maggot hateable ill-famed disheartening unimaginable selfish stingy miserly natty grotesque heavy grating ineffable unutterable ill-reputed heated irritable intense below contempt scungy inexpressible agonizing mighty vexatious irksome brusque acerbic indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable calamitous indescribably evil unwanted unappealing painful unlovely acute trying yukky difficult woeful sucky pits curt grouchy sulky sarcastic unpopular disliked crashing invidious fiery cringe-making acerb comfortless grumpy snappy tetchy irascible snappish unattractive pesky gut-wrenching agonising serious dread abrasive rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take gruff rebarbative unwished-for cranky testy shirty peevish narky petulant impassioned imperfect insufficient inadequate mediocre unsought to be avoided scorned unlikable shunned for the birds strictly for the birds inexpedient incommodious disadvantageous unwished for uninvited inadmissible rejected crude tinny splenetic peckish liverish huffy grumbling waxy crotchety soreheaded miffy curmudgeonly inflammable spirited hysterical uneasy acrid bristling intolerant lively antisocial embittered acrimonious passionate manic icy tempestuous defiant hot-tempered short-fused short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse bum fearsome redoubtable wack wanting ropy duff bush below par tatty rubbishy disturbing hair-raising excessive spine-chilling scary unfortunate disastrous extreme tacky bush-league jerry-built weak sauce low-grade under par below standard poor-quality sub-par crummy third-rate from hunger second-rate implacable cannibalistic relentless obstreperous feisty uncooperative assaultive discordant brawly gladiatorial agonistic discourteous arsey bolshie itching aggers scathing cowing terrorizing spoiling for a fight ready for a fight vituperous terrorising trenchant mordacious insolent browbeating bullying mordant

Động từ

Past tense for to speak ill of
corrupted debased degraded demoralised demoralized perverted subverted debauched vitiated warped poisoned seduced abased bastardised bastardized brutalised brutalized cankered cheapened defiled demeaned deteriorated led astray lessened polluted profaned prostituted sullied bestialized contaminated infected ruined made degenerate tainted fouled spoilt spoiled devalued lowered stained desecrated blighted tarnished violated abused cast down harmed dishonoured animalized smirched marred dehumanized dishonored blemished undermined damaged soiled disgraced chastened shamed injured dehumanised impaired misused embittered besmirched humbled adulterated blackened touched darkened discredited bemeant bemeaned weakened distorted misemployed misapplied betrayed humiliated undercut befouled prejudiced manipulated demoted smeared reduced depreciated blotted dirtied diluted mortified desensitized belittled dragged down disparaged radioactivated alloyed lowered the status of dragged through the mud hurt diminished made impure tarred desensitised put double whammy on cast a slur put down cut down spread among cut down to size spread to unsettled influenced sunken sank sunk taken down took down twisted confounded coloured biassed biased wasted turned squandered rotted bended bent skewed jaundiced sold sacrificed crippled soured sold out colored inflicted destabilized sabotaged rusted consumed debilitated devaluated lured hardened lived in the gutter exploited mishandled corroded envenomed descended stooped reduced the status of stigmatized depressed downgraded toughened branded denigrated sored scourged destabilised crawled mongrelized viced sweared scorned voodooed despoiled cursed reviled flamed trashed mocked cussed darned hoodooed blasphemed subjugated slammed destroyed derogated panned detracted decried wasted away reduced in value worsened inured case-hardened dumped on treated with disrespect brought down ill-used brought shame to brought low run down diseased afflicted moved watered down enthused overwhelmed run through coarsened stigmatised talked dirty reduced in quality committed sacrilege committed sin made unfeeling mucked up made callous shot down went bad gone bad went to hell gone to hell ulcered sworn swore ran through gave a bad name given a bad name done wrong did wrong took advantage of taken advantage of torn down ran down taken down a peg took down a peg tore down crushed put to shame deflated embarrassed abashed busted put someone in their place subdued disrated broke broken brake discomfited squashed defaced made someone eat humble pie minimized quashed made a fool of made someone eat crow minimised relegated discolored chagrined discoloured lowered in rank owned lowered in status snubbed flattened pulled down marked down messed up showed up made ashamed settled someone's hash cowed disfigured decreased undervalued vanquished attenuated overcome declassed cut tamed set back ravaged vandalized upset outraged discountenanced put away confused maculated caused to lose face put one away treated sacrilegiously axed reduced to the ranks vandalised let down cut to the quick reduced in importance took down a peg or two taken down a peg or two appalled put someone to shame put in your place put out of countenance had the last laugh on own flawed condescended deigned dispirited defeated endamaged wrecked smashed enfeebled overpowered crabbed blotched speckled bloodied devalorized sapped suppressed incapacitated dismissed beat down grimed muddied begrimed deformed overcame extinguished impoverished curbed compromised smudged exposed bumped reverted mechanised barbarized demolished automatized automated mechanized imbruted robotized withered blistered ripped minified enervated spotted routed kicked downstairs downplayed crossed up softened dropped discounted restrained disciplined silenced squelched succumbed delegated reduced in rank splashed spattered disappointed scuzzed up made foul spoliated devastated pillaged repressed desolated devoured sacked slashed checked insulted depredated annoyed made eat dirt popped one's balloon mucked gaumed bemired daubed splattered distained mired slowed dipped blasphemed against brought down a peg made one feel small caused instability brought to ruin rattled vexed displeased disconcerted fazed nonplussed affronted flustered made dirty made filthy got filthy forced to eat humble pie played down horrified kept down nosed dive debased yourself demeaned yourself lowered yourself debased oneself demeaned oneself lowered oneself caused to feel small brought someone to their knees mussed bedraggled ridiculed stripped someone of their rank mussed up took the wind out of someone's sails harassed taken the wind out of someone's sails committed sacrilege against crumbed made lose face got the better of laid waste to worried gotten the better of made mucky messed moved down beaten down got dirty gotten dirty struck dumb stricken dumb taken apart took apart shown in a bad light showed in a bad light took the wind out got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out wrote off wrote down written off written down took to pieces taken to pieces took to bits taken to bits

Động từ

Past tense for decline or deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally
degenerated declined sank sunk sunken deteriorated worsened decayed rotted slipped lapsed regressed retrogressed devolved failed retrograded slid slumped atrophied crumbled decreased descended ebbed fell off fallen off got worse gotten worse went downhill gone downhill grew worse grown worse backslid backslided backslidden collapsed corroded corrupted disimproved disintegrated fell felled fallen lessened reduced relapsed returned reverted vitiated went to the dogs gone to the dogs hit the skids went down the tubes gone down the tubes died on vine went down the toilet gone down the toilet went to pieces gone to pieces went to pot gone to pot went to rack and ruin gone to rack and ruin went to the pack gone to the pack took a turn for the worse taken a turn for the worse came apart at seams come apart at seams languished mouldered perverted stained turned moldered debased debauched demoralised withered demoralized become dilapidated warped withered away wasted away became dilapidated went to seed fell into decay fallen into decay gone to seed weakened waned degraded faded dropped gone from bad to worse went from bad to worse stagnated recidivated fallen apart fell apart depreciated retreated diminished undermined gone backwards went backwards slipped back nosedived retroceded drifted back decomposed impaired lowered become worse run down fallen back fell back turned back floundered took a nosedive taken a nosedive perished subsided receded sickened died out faltered wilted tumbled drifted oxidized depressed damaged gone back to went back to debilitated skidded injured alloyed slid back suffered moved backward decompensated adulterated flagged marred became worse strayed ran down tarnished moved back lost ground rolled back turned the clock back lost headway fallen away fell away lost quality lost it went back gone back made something worse went to ruin gone to ruin spiralled spiraled suffered a relapse got ill again got worse again had a relapse reached a new low staled oxidised become rusty rusted eroded left the straight and narrow crumbled away went down gone down gone pear-shaped went pear-shaped sunk back sank back fell into disrepair fallen into disrepair broke broken brake threw back thrown back wore away worn away gone down the tube went down the tube gone stale became rusty went stale fell steeply fallen steeply gone into a tailspin went into a tailspin gone down the primrose path went wrong went astray fallen from grace fell from grace went down the primrose path gone wrong gone astray

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