Đồng nghĩa của unhindered

Alternative for unhindered

  • tính từ
    • không bị cản trở, không bị ngăn trở; tự do

Tính từ

Not hindered, slowed, blocked or hampered
unrestrained uncontrolled unbridled unchecked rampant intemperate unbounded unhampered runaway unconstrained unrestricted raw abandoned unimpeded unobstructed unopposed free untrammeled untrammelled wild open uncurbed uninhibited unlimited clear ungoverned wanton uncontrollable unfettered immoderate out of control riotous unblocked profligate undisciplined licentious violent unruly incontinent unconfined no holds barred excessive unsuppressed dissolute passable irrepressible ungovernable able allowed limitless out of hand dissipated without hindrance immoral unstopped loose full-on unclogged reckless outrageous extravagant at liberty unclosed turbulent boisterous liberated impetuous without restrictions full unshackled boundless unrepressed authorized no-limit inordinate depraved corrupt chaotic smooth incorrigible unprincipled sinful wicked permitted self-indulgent shameless unmanageable total noisy lawless unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable cleared unencumbered unbarred unregulated disobedient stubborn authorised footloose debauched furious running wild no limits unbroken untamed fast gay rakish driverless uninterrupted impulsive reprobate unsubmissive approved sanctioned rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap crazy hysterical berserk lacking self-control extreme not controlled navigable capable of in a position to unreasonable uncluttered quit disencumbered undue unjustified prodigal fit entitled eligible ice-free snow-free severe overindulgent unwarranted passionate egregious lavish tempestuous imprudent uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. over the top wayward rowdy disorderly greedy unbalanced empty vacant free from obstructions self-willed rough natural absolute free-for-all unconventional unbound unconditional bare widespread shut of attention-seeking unburdened extrovert easygoing flexible slack unqualified lax relaxed public epidemic at leisure without constraint rife spontaneous saturnalian frank impotent plenary flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre indiscriminate blunt freewheeling uncircumscribed corybantic incautious irrational uproarious unoccupied uninhabited vacated vacuous evacuated stark barren desolate void deserted unfilled rank aggressive pandemic raging tumultuous dominant uncommitted independent liberal free-spirited rampaging vehement pervasive exuberant prevalent flagrant raving thrilled rash profuse luxuriant flat-out resounding ceaseless no-holds-barred unreserved bloody brutal unconditioned uncompromising categorical unambiguous intense uncontestable undisputable all out emphatic unmitigated assured giddy flighty threatening spreading clamorous extensive blustering multiplying rambling flourishing fecund proliferating growing predominant free for all workmanlike on the rampage exceeding bounds spreading like wildfire on one's own with no holds barred complete exorbitant overmuch unconscionable steep disproportionate stiff plethoric luxurious indulgent towering too much fancy overextravagant insane intolerable overweening overkill devilish overdue superfluous decadent uncalled-for sybaritic hedonistic way out baroque unmerciful unmeasurable extortionate fierce wasteful needless enormous heavy dizzying pleasure-seeking unjustifiable unwarrantable improper posh overabundant fiery a bit much epicurean forceful OTT unnecessary gratuitous ferocious preposterous overboard unfair too great unjust superabundant super too-too lotus-eating too many voluptuous sensual lush surplus heedless frenzied out of all proportion fast-living over-the-top thriftless strong improvident pretentious explosive powerful deep fanatical zealous substantial redundant recrementitious stratospheric supernatural extra more abundant sky-high senseless harsh illogical far-out costing an arm and a leg out of bounds absonant pricey unrightful up to here unlawful wrongful peremptory arbitrary grand mighty spendthrift opulent frantic unseemly ardent terrible great burning fulsome voluptuary rich feverish bacchanalian parsimonious effete plush copious pleasure-loving ritzy careless grandiose frivolous self-gratifying profound acute hedonic vast supererogatory emotional plushy over irresponsible desperate louche swanky carefree inflamed sharp immense consuming prodigious unrelenting unyielding vigorous flaming potent gross carnal blistering keen huge monumental massive over the odds ludicrous hellacious tremendous heightened serious humongous astronomical nonsensical unusual effusive giant whopping epic intensified high devil-may-care in excess abounding dear illegitimate frenetic mad untempered demonstrative absurd dangerous capricious cavalier unacceptable squandering blind blown up out of all proportion inclement affluent libertine high-rolling unthrifty far-fetched very too a lot large significant imbalanced unprovoked immodest ostentatious de trop sensualist unreasoned supererogative radical considerable volatile voluminous ample lux upmarket classy swish upscale pampered comfortable touchy-feely miserly fluctuating fickle fitful gluttonous gourmandizing unsuitable inappropriate sizable extraordinary sizeable champagne luscious Dionysiac pompous fanciful drastic dire non-essential unneeded brash strict stern unbending fit for a queen fit for a king big substantive binge-eating exciting fast-paced temerarious daredevil salacious gadabout fast and loose foolhardy momentous tough far-reaching unmerited unbecoming undeserved rigid remorseless exceptional consequential gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous rigorous punishing austere punitive draconian exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable above average escalated handsome abnormal increased healthy jacked up major fervent impassioned overpowering inflated downright uncommon thorough remarkable oppressive fervid bloated hyperventilated outsized outsize hyperbolized mass swingeing fabulous utter sheer not required earnest sumptuous overblown overdrawn overstated out-and-out out of proportion torrid marked monstrous infinite immeasurable stupendous fantastic astronomic over-elaborate hyped up heartfelt charged penetrating heated piercing vivid mega ridiculous mammoth overgenerous thumping silly monster mountainous gargantuan colossal gigantic avid eager enthused melodramatic perfervid passional overemotional sentimental emotive splendid super-duper hopped up spirited red-hot gung ho all-consuming deep-seated true blue hot-blooded deeply felt gorgeous ornate Lucullian elaborate magnificent costly regal luxury luxe palatial deluxe palace silken Lucullan Babylonian expensive excruciating devastating storming vicious exquisite fearsome ghastly overwhelming frightful biting dreadful almighty fearful showy hot agonizing hard urgent energetic concentrated intensive strenuous peppery convulsive painful enraged blustery ruinous forcible paroxysmal volcanic coercive agonising stormy dynamic aroused first-class unstinging profusive impressive openhanded heavy-duty gale force full of force

Tính từ

Not impaired
unimpaired operational perfect unaffected working free intact sound unbroken undamaged unharmed unhurt uninjured unscathed whole strengthened helped supported uncompromised untouched unspoilt unblemished pristine unsullied unmarked unspoiled unmutilated unflawed pure unmarred virgin preserved faultless solid untainted undefiled entire flawless immaculate complete spotless unsevered uncontaminated undisturbed safe stainless impeccable together unstained inviolate clean untarnished as good as new uncorrupted good without a scratch unpolluted unruffled unscarred sturdy mint stable unscratched uninterrupted undented firm regular untroubled unchanged unremitting steady natural as new ship-shape unsoiled squeaky-clean like new in good order total scatheless comprehensive integral plenary in one piece uncut undiminished ongoing ceaseless secured continuous undivided unshaken thorough unceasing constant endless glowing sacred unprofaned unimpeachable unspotted native as good as before bright burnished shining polished unadulterated uncultivated shiny decent indigenous unviolated wholesome innocent artless raw crude wilding agrestal compleat full grand well-preserved fresh wild imperforate indiscrete unassuming fair spic-and-span spick-and-span chaste antiseptic all in one piece unprocessed recent crisp just out sparkling unstudied latest new young original clear refreshing unblackened absolute finished seamless full-blown sweeping full-scale full-fledged exhaustive bulletproof gross airtight maximal unabridged

Phó từ

Easily, without much difficulty, setbacks or concerns
freely easily readily effortlessly facilely lightly smoothly unstintingly well cleanly easy fluently handily loosely painlessly unobstructedly advisedly candidly deliberately designedly fancy-free hands down openly plainly spontaneously voluntarily willingly like water open-handedly without stint at will without prompting without reserve without urging slang no sweat without a hitch simply without difficulty without ado in a breeze conveniently swimmingly competently comfortably efficiently naturally deftly dexterously carelessly casually indifferently nonchalantly coolly quickly with ease unhesitatingly without hesitation nimbly uncomplicatedly calmly without trouble with no effort just like that like nothing very well with no trouble nothing to it hands-down unhinderedly accessibly helpfully advantageously suitably satisfactorily intelligently cleverly to plan as planned like clockwork like magic according to plan ably proficiently expertly adeptly like a dream skillfully masterfully adroitly instinctively intuitively relaxedly skilfully straightforwardly steadily heedlessly insouciantly evenly smartly promptly flippantly breezily thoughtlessly without effort speedily unforcedly unceremoniously liberally airily frivolously standing on your head with no bother with your eyes closed on cruise control hand over fist hotfoot PDQ unthinkingly immediately unconstrainedly unflappably transparently informally indulgently unconcernedly permissively straight away at once right away light-heartedly uncaringly without delay gaily slightingly cheerfully blithely uncommittedly without demur in a jiffy slick as whistle piece of cake at the drop of a hat in no time quick as a wink ethereally subtly tenderly unsubstantially tenuously daintily agilely peacefully without consideration quietly without thought undemandingly elementarily fluidly cheaply softly royally unchallengingly unproblematically basically gracefully elegantly manageably dextrously flowingly precisely practisedly inconsiderably clearly neatly niftily artfully capably routinely accurately talentedly obviously uninterruptedly unbrokenly continuously effectively trivially experiencedly aptly apparently leisurelily uneventfully qualifiedly mindlessly giftedly untroubledly goodly slickly brilliantly cushily laxly savvily merely felinely polishedly littly happily learnedly sharply cavalierly evidently paltrily effectually strongly regularly rhythmically delicately superficially tastily ingeniously carefreely sinuously cursively runningly directly unsophisticatedly rudimentarily articulately automatically parsimoniously fastly fitly simplistically crisply straightly decisively exactly painstakingly successfully unfussily feasibly without problems properly cosily powerfully cozily prosperously fortunately cannily categorically strictly expressly adequately equally lazily moderately attainably keenly cunningly alertly knowingly brightly serviceably decently perspicuously worthily responsibly preparedly weightlessly unambiguously palpably unmistakably workably fastidiously orderly easefully by instinct without thinking unequivocally slightly distinctly kosherly hotly actively with flying colors bearably tolerably endurably patently nippily wickedly impressively professionally meanly lithely apathetically lackadaisically minimally manifestly yieldingly lissomly spryly supply uninhibitedly slily resourcefully benignly blandly balmily mellowly soothingly lissomely disinterestedly blasély unstudiedly artlessly detachedly safely limberly teemingly streamingly gushingly fallingly sleekly sweepingly lightsomely languidly impassively uninterestedly cursorily regardlessly complacently going away prolifically richly abundantly in a walk with very little trouble by a mile fluidically curvingly indolently aboundingly tidally ripplingly pliantly with very little effort with both eyes closed elastically springily with one hand tied behind one's back finely graciously balletically light-footedly artistically

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