Đồng nghĩa của hotfoot

Alternative for hotfoot

hotfoot /'hɔtfut/
  • phó từ
    • mau, gấp, vội vàng
    • nội động từ
      • đi mau, đi gấp; đi vội vàng


    To move quickly
    hurry barrel bolt boogie clip dart dash fly gallop hurtle race run scoot speed sprint streak tear zip zoom burn rubber hightail it make haste go like a bat out of hell career hasten bustle hustle hie bound rush scurry shoot hare scuttle belt bomb pelt trot course hotfoot it whisk bundle blast buzz whirl drive blaze careen breeze rocket motor bowl rustle rip jet cannonball nip blow travel flit step hurl highball jump ram hump go like lightning crack on scamper get a move on charge chase whip post leg it go hell for leather step on it flash jog stampede whiz hightail get cracking cut along get the lead out put on some speed flee whizz pound sweep scramble amble canter trip haste zap bucket scud spring fleet barrel along yeet dive scorch plunge go like the wind hop it wheech steam boil fling go like the clappers escape abscond depart decamp cut and run dog it skedaddle clear out beat it get out rage whoosh swoop lope spank along wing scutter go jogtrot double shift accelerate dogtrot quicken press dispatch proceed move expedite push roll pass put one's foot down really move skirr lash whip along lay rubber break step on gas shake a leg hurry up fast-track get your skates on speed up pace skip progress skitter sail smoke move forward move rapidly pass by make tracks tear out go by stir one's stumps go at top speed put on a burst of speed run very fast go like a bomb make it snappy get on it rush at make a run for it beetle surge bowl along move quickly lunge go fast leap rattle along flow skim storm stream gust spurt flutter burst plough gush slide cascade flood burn plow spur whistle tear along roar cannon fuss lurch glide thrust vroom pounce wind go quickly pitch get moving take flight beeline lose no time jostle launch oneself go faster rush around be busy make time leave get faster swirl be on the go pick up speed move fast make off bluster drift skite tool stir flurry march coast slip kite bullet be quick hop ride cruise press on tumble run off run away prance busy yourself bestir frisk wash gambol retreat dust bug out float split vamoose pass quickly scat start go like a bullet throw oneself go headlong get a wiggle on rush headlong increase speed gather speed gather momentum move along advance belt along bomb along light out cover ground pick up the pace rev up take off step up pile patter barge propel catapult waltz outstrip roll along run fast pop shove swoosh crack go briskly push on pour step lively blow fiercely romp steamroller blitz railroad buck busily scatter heave launch sloosh waft express put foot whish sally pump stride hurdle go like lighting rack thrill hop along step along move like greased lightning go away dig in slip away gear up bowl over go all out turn on steam move apace make short work of exhale frolic circulate make yourself scarce flourish go rapidly drive fast flicker billow eddy descend plummet drop well up brandish flick run like mad whip around book it chuck it down plunge ahead dance caper surge through be off like a shot startle duck dodge head waste no time take wing tear up the miles go at breakneck speed go like greased lightning not lose a minute flitter go along show quickly stomp bounce spin swish twist seethe churn rush off speed away nosedive run out flirt smooth along stoop stalk gee up play cavort stamp flounce bob contend strive squirt puff squall swing strike attack fall scram beat a retreat turn tail tear around skidoo run for it clear off scarper fall upon make for set upon make hover vie buzz around hook it skip off levant brush move suddenly dip run round in circles fly down set out set forth aim cut head off set off make a break steer bear veer rev peel out make a break for it head for the hills make a quick exit cut out beat a hasty retreat jab prod poke stride angrily scrabble go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels make oneself scarce do a fade do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a runner get lost tilt gain momentum move faster continue move past tilt at drive faster jockey for position put on a spurt open it up get a wriggle on step on the gas open up the throttle put pedal to metal put your foot down put on afterburners peel rubber open up put on speed


    Run away from a place or situation of danger
    flee bolt escape run away abscond fly split run run off skedaddle take off leave make off take flight avoid scarper vanish decamp depart shun vamoose be gone scram absent oneself break bug out make oneself scarce retreat run for it beat a retreat beat it clear off clear out cut and run cut out get away hook it leg it skidoo slope off beat a hasty retreat blow desert elude evade get head for the hills hightail it jump light out make a break for it peel out scamper scoot turn tail do a bunk do a disappearing act do a runner go through make yourself scarce shoot through make a quick exit make a run for it make tracks make your escape make your getaway take a powder make a getaway make one's escape make quick exit show a clean pair of heels step on it take a hike take to your heels fly the coop step on the gas take it on the lam quit withdraw retire go hightail exit pull out go away evacuate disappear abandon push off skip shove off hurry get out dash flit vacate set out levant skip off go off move fall back bail out bound do a fade dart set off rush pull back lam hustle recoil back off race hotfoot it walk out begone career draw back hasten part up sticks slip away buzz off bug off escape from steal away scurry run along break out hit the road make an exit pack up bail get going take French leave bustle book hie withdraw from abscond from break out of abstract oneself give ground forsake head off shrink push on step along break free move out dig out sally forth start out sprint speed clear pike off pack off pike out zip scuttle shoot go AWOL sneak away barrel gallop give way course canter head run away from break away step peel off get off spring ditch make one's getaway pack one's bags sling one's hook say one's goodbyes make disengage go like lightning relinquish get under way trip break loose do a moonlight flit leap gambol repair go on the lam break camp have it away remove tear trot elope move away disappear from retire from sneak off be off be gone from go away from flee from fly from slip out betake oneself exit from depart from make haste take oneself off from move out of pull out of take leave bog off back away back out cut loose move back get a move on charge make a break take to one's heels be on one's way hop disregard caper strike out dump dance dodge shirk ignore get free scatter recede prance absquatulate duck romp drop out yeet embark abdicate hare frisk hurtle zoom scat make a move cavort defect bob beetle lope whisk belt pelt empty bundle run out on absent yourself emigrate walk out on bomb set out from migrate sally start break with motor scramble blast buzz blaze get lost cut get cracking absent oneself from turn your back on separate move along shrink away whip drive careen whirl rustle breeze rocket nip travel cannonball pull stakes scutter chase jet hurry up bowl decamp from advance drop back hurl rip say goodbye check out ram hump highball buck shake a leg get out of go forth take your leave of bust out tiptoe skirr graze skitter pack your bags hippety-hop set forth hit the trail sling your hook crack on take to flight leave in a hurry amble duck out make a escape dog it kite egress alight make away spread fade away bounce tear off pull away balk retract free oneself extricate oneself regress do a vanishing act fold curvet skiddoo lollop walk book it hide baulk range cruise go to hell go back do a Skase depart suddenly wend mosey have it away on one's toes be lost hasten away void distance oneself spur expedite whiz take yourself off get on your bike leave town get out of someone's clutches walk off make one's way run from make for skip out resile defect from jog disentangle yourself sweep skidaddle retreat from displace go absent without leave go missing go west git absent proceed troop flit from turn around run scared aim beeline steer bear veer leave hastily leave abruptly go secretly make time move fast kick rocks frolic run for the hills stampede opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry blast off rack off move off march out take your leave move on hit the bricks shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of shy away step back turn away make a U-turn desert under fire make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat jump bail leave holding the bag run like scared rabbit rush off speed away turn on a dime bail out from clear from clear out from pull out from head out from streak plunge pace bucket whoosh neglect betray fleet dispatch press whizz haste spurt clip wheech reject vroom push boogie burst out sunder out run off from take off from move out from burst out of make vacant make empty break loose from eject from come out make one's escape from tear along waste no time post get your skates on whip around move quickly cover ground go hell for leather burn rubber barrel along go like the clappers not lose a minute burn speed up take wing shift get the lead out cut along flash express go like a bat out of hell go fast go quickly lay rubber discard discount jettison repeal forget renounce shrink back secede become independent gain autonomy divide off part company disaffiliate disclaim jilt disown abort revoke screw issue stir disavow drop maroon rescind go from head out abstain from bail on refrain from cheat on remove oneself ride off bolt from do away with back out on be disloyal to break up with be unfaithful to disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away fail do a bunk from say one's farewells take one's leave of walk away ricochet carom skim glance


    In eager haste
    hastily hurriedly pell-mell quickly speedily headlong fast helter-skelter rapidly post-haste swiftly cursorily precipitately precipitously rashly apace hurry-scurry in haste lickety-split posthaste without delay at full tilt at top speed like blazes like crazy like mad as fast as possible at a lick at warp speed like a bomb like billy-o like greased lightning like the clappers like the wind at a rate of knots hell for leather PDQ full tilt briskly like lightning expeditiously snappily double quick flat-out double-quick like a bat out of hell hell-for-leather promptly pronto quick in a hurry fleetly wildly at a gallop recklessly at full speed nippily like the deuce a mile a minute like a scalded cat at the speed of light like nobody's business heedlessly swift madly presto at the double in double quick time chop-chop like wildfire at breakneck speed like a shot like an arrow from a bow at high speed impetuously impulsively incontinently foolishly at a run nimbly soon in a rush hot with all possible haste very fast with dispatch like a whirlwind with all speed at speed like a flash readily quick-wittedly sharply alertly smartly precipitiously thoughtlessly indiscreetly like all get out slap bang on the spur of the moment acutely actively without losing time as swift as an arrow as fast as your legs can carry you in less than no time abruptly like a bullet out of a gun as fast as one's legs can carry one at a fast pace in short order in a flash at full throttle by leaps and bounds like gangbusters fast and furious like a streak very quickly like a madwoman like a madman furiously energetically carelessly frenetically amok anyhow harum-scarum frenziedly amuck berserkly hectically frantically berserk wild excitedly absurdly ludicrously topsy-turvy about at full pelt incautiously irregular higgledy-piggledy as quickly as possible cluttered muddled jumbled hit-or-miss unmindfully around random tumultuous disorderly senselessly irrationally nonsensically unreasonably at random in confusion violently passionately tumultuously stormily devotedly distractedly desperately turbulently rabidly hard psychotically dementedly any which way something fierce straightaway suddenly agilely unpremeditatedly subito on the double on spur of the moment too quickly fastly rushedly immediately perfunctorily instantaneously flyingly fleetingly summarily briefly instantly shortly passingly meteorically expressly zippily superficially desultorily blisteringly unexpectedly casually momentarily rattlingly acceleratedly unanticipatedly unhesitatingly transitorily livelily breathlessly dizzily hotly splittingly directly overhastily temporarily transiently busily punctually timelily unceremoniously vigorously spiritedly precipitantly dismissively sketchily spontaneously fugaciously rudely incidentally inattentively surprisingly early haphazardly slightly discourteously urgently impolitely ephemerally impatiently impermanently unthinkingly uninterestedly fugitively evanescently at once mechanically in no time in a jiffy in an instant deciduously mercurially glancingly wingedly animatedly spryly unpreparedly half-heartedly slipshodly shallowly hammer and tongs bustlingly spankingly depthlessly uncritically randomly earlily with great speed excessively jerkily dangerously fast-paced undignifiedly uncivilly littly startlingly responsively preveniently irresponsibly tantivy anticipatorily light-footedly ventre à terre dangerously fast spasmodically screamingly peremptorily unintentionally indifferently seasonably unfussily purposelessly unusually explosively first straightway ultrasonically supersonically lissomely speedingly vivaciously hurried forthwith full speed ahead full throttle at maximum speed full sail full speed open throttle full steam ahead adroitly unconcernedly uncoordinatedly chop chop in double time in high gear double-time now fierily automatically routinely before you can say knife in the wink of an eye in a trice in a jiff in no time at all before you can say Jack Robinson very soon lackadaisically sooner limitedly volatilely perishably vanishingly sloppily precisely nonchalantly insouciantly apathetically disinterestedly negligently complacently insensibly uncuriously inadequately tritely pretty soon straight away right now without hesitation straight off on time by when right off right away eagerly within a short time as soon as possible any second now any moment now by and by undesignedly unintendedly lately incuriously woodenly triflingly unstudiedly short curtly coolly extemporaneously improvisationally paltrily imperfectly insincerely partially inconsequentially lightly flimsily crowdedly extemporarily stirringly vibrantly offhandedly ad hocly unceremonially teemingly brashly all at once all of a sudden hoppingly rousingly thrivingly flourishingly kinetically for a little while for a few seconds for a few moments in passing buzzily


    With precipitation
    rashly headlong hastily recklessly carelessly hurriedly precipitately heedlessly impulsively impetuously precipitously thoughtlessly cursorily unthinkingly foolishly wildly incautiously passionately irresponsibly speedily imprudently indiscreetly frantically furiously abruptly boldly daringly excitedly expeditiously feverishly fiercely headily headstrongly inadvisedly indomitably madly precipitantly unpreparedly unwarily unwisely pell-mell ill-advisedly on the spur of the moment quickly prematurely too quickly in a hurry helter-skelter without thinking in haste head first without forethought head over heels injudiciously foolhardily mindlessly spontaneously negligently senselessly stupidly overhastily improvidently unguardedly irrationally sillily inconsiderately idiotically unpremeditatedly automatically brashly involuntarily witlessly ill-judgedly brainlessly mechanically unreasoningly misguidedly inadvertently instinctively unconsciously impolitically hotheadedly inattentively temerariously unintelligently imbecilically dumbly moronically unreasonably neglectfully unmindfully short-sightedly inanely casually obtusely tactlessly indifferently unheedingly ignorantly regardlessly daftly nonsensically unintentionally densely simplemindedly vacuously unwittingly remissly thickly inadvisably instinctually indelicately fatuously unobservantly simply doltishly undiplomatically thickheadedly absent-mindedly unintendedly unconcernedly slowly gracelessly crazily intuitively uncontrolledly dimly inexpediently naturally vapidly adventurously boneheadedly venturesomely gormlessly venturously blindly dozily dopily dorkily suddenly weak-mindedly illogically nonchalantly unsoundly unstudiedly obliviously determinedly robotically unwatchfully naively audaciously oafishly cretinously wrong-headedly forgetfully sloppily laughably unsafely ridiculously softheadedly pointlessly immaturely imbecilely stolidly habitually simple-mindedly ad hocly reflexively extemporaneously superficially laxly absurdly ineptly inappropriately ludicrously shallowly asininely slipshodly opaquely uncaringly trivially insanely rushedly wrongly blithely frenziedly fierily insuppressibly softly meaninglessly reactively barmily blockheadedly insensately flightily deficiently passingly frivolously impractically slackly cluelessly brutishly untroubledly improvisationally indiscriminately vehemently emptily uninhibitedly extemporarily subconsciously violently disregardfully preposterously unrestrainedly incoherently unlearnedly parenthetically myopically overboldly unjustifiably unworriedly uncontrollably groundlessly insensitively offhandedly dimwittedly unsubtly halfwittedly insouciantly lackadaisically dementedly unscientifically untactfully imperceptively bluntly accidentally gullibly undiscerningly unpromptedly cavalierly unperceptively loonily kookily nuttily unbiddenly flyingly woodenly abstractedly dippily puerilely incuriously wackily bovinely futilely fruitlessly unexpectedly vacantly swiftly shortsightedly uncarefully perfunctorily credulously suicidally mistakenly randomly unseemlily overconfidently predictably coolly gratuitously risibly capriciously unsympathetically confusedly riskily adventuresomely goofily infelicitously nosily garrulously unthoughtfully uncreatively unimaginatively unsuitably whimsically innately feeblemindedly feeble-mindedly daffily backwardly unintellectually subliminally sluggishly warily uncautiously carefreely ardently eagerly giddily restrictedly limitedly undesirably deafly listlessly apathetically unrepressedly freakishly emotionally wantonly unbridledly inherently unadvisedly cloddishly delinquently unpredictably abandonedly unforcedly autogenetically routinely unreflectingly immediately expectedly responsively lazily detachedly barbarously barbarically restively fervidly hectically directly resolutely dispassionately oscitantly gauchely crudely gruffly undesignedly relaxedly unheedfully unpolitically sharply harshly roughly uncivilly unadvisably airily flippantly in the heat of the moment swaggeringly breezily awkwardly bunglingly crassly clumsily vulgarly maladroitly incidentally blankly invalidly inconsequently illegitimately inconsequentially untenably unfoundedly implausibly arbitrarily weakly fallaciously baselessly triflingly simplistically glibly expressionlessly in an unguarded moment unstably deliriously disconnectedly sophistically reasonlessly ravingly freakily distraughtly aberrantly disjointedly speciously faultily incorrectly schematically insubstantially inexpressively flakily contradictorily sketchily uncritically hollowly frothily facilely flimsily peremptorily impassively paltrily vainly piddlingly farcically wishy-washily pettily dreamily vaguely inscrutably tumultuously willfully purblindly stonily absently catatonically uninterestedly emotionlessly glassily numbly idly inanimately uncomprehendingly lifelessly motionlessly without rhyme or reason unexpressively outrageously fecklessly


    Easily, without much difficulty
    readily easily smoothly effortlessly facilely freely lightly well easy fluently handily painlessly promptly quickly slang hands down speedily PDQ unhesitatingly immediately swimmingly without difficulty without hesitation at once right away straight away no sweat without delay in a jiffy nothing to it piece of cake slick as whistle without demur in no time quick as a wink at the drop of a hat without a hitch conveniently nimbly smartly deftly without ado in a breeze efficiently dexterously simply expertly actively swiftly adroitly comfortably accessibly competently pronto posthaste post-haste ably skillfully proficiently spontaneously rapidly cleverly coolly with ease without trouble with no effort like nothing just like that uncomplicatedly with no trouble very well hands-down helpfully advantageously suitably intelligently aptly agilely quick-wittedly fast sharply alertly satisfactorily to plan as planned like clockwork neatly ingeniously acutely fluidly softly timelily like magic according to plan glibly cunningly resourcefully availably fastly like a dream cheaply adeptly naturally masterfully instinctively expeditiously intuitively royally vigorously unstintingly dynamically brusquely loosely cleanly presently firmly decisively enthusiastically incisively energetically skilfully straightforwardly calmly steadily unobstructedly unhindered briskly evenly without effort plainly designedly openly advisedly candidly willingly deliberately voluntarily fancy-free nearly with no bother in a lively manner standing on your head with your eyes closed on cruise control hand over fist open-handedly like water without stint without prompting without reserve at will without urging


    A malicious trick, an act of cruel deception
    prank caper escapade trick antic frolic practical joke jape lark dido joke rag game hoax stunt capriccio cutup gag goak jest knavery leg-pull monkeyshines quiz roguery shavie shines skylarking waggery caprice fancy fooling freak gambade gambado gambol horseplay levity lightness mischievous act play prat put-on rib rig rollick roughhouse roughhousing rowdiness shenanigans shine spoof sport tomfoolery whim wind-up piece of mischief high jinks clownery clowning buffoonery hijinks slapstick foolery monkeying shenanigan monkey business horsing around fun witticism mischief laugh giggle romp quip drollery wisecrack crack pleasantry amusement sally funny josh revel boffola canard deception one-liner con ruse spree fling imposture monkeyshine boffo boff nifty antics adventure skylark yuk pun running joke exploit swindle fraud cheat bon mot bluff fooling around scam in-joke private joke sham humbug yuck fun and games fast one devilry jaunt recreation relaxation cantrip fooling about monkey tricks banter frolicking trickery fastie dalliance rollicking repartee merrymaking frisk sting parody entertainment burlesque wile gyp humour con trick hustle flimflam snow job con game comeback satire humor espieglerie fool's errand mischievous trick jesting scrape number cod hoodwinking venture mission dirty trick act hot foot put on episode happening deed feat occurrence event experience trial affair incident catch accomplishment amusing time folly vagary didoes hoot bird carousal outing merriment blast ploy gaiety idyll idyl binge funny business bit of mischief piece of fun run joviality scramble phoney phony fool setup jeer windup mock inside joke flim-flam barb funny remark jive ridicule rib-tickler jolly clown gibe play on words rejoinder retort jibe riposte zinger smart remark smart crack farce dig sardonic remark pithy remark flash of wit yarn epigram remark witty remark deceit insincerity hypocrisy artifice wordplay badinage facetiousness wittiness fiddle dishonesty dodge cant sanctimoniousness posturing falseness waggishness puns raillery quips stratagem subterfuge bunco racket pleasure deceptiveness falsity pretence imposition cheating witticisms games leisure send-up kite bunko swizzle rip-off diddle craft enjoyment takeoff caricature jocularity codology empty talk phoneyness funniness feint hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour kidology Tartufferie larks rort boondoggle chicane grift junketing diversion take-off travesty skit jokes lies propaganda pretense shell game distraction romping capering revelry pastiche mockery jollification playfulness whimsicality aphorism wit pastime gaming pasticcio lampoon pasquinade imitation gambling gambolling teasing happiness me-time a good time gamboling delight joking disport living it up sports match sportiveness sendup confidence trick confidence game put-up job

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