Đồng nghĩa của lam

Alternative for lam

lam /læm/
  • động từ
    • (từ lóng) đánh, quật, vụt (bằng gậy)
      • to lam [into] somebody: quật ai, đánh ai
  • nội động từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) trốn tránh, chạy trốn, lẩn trốn


To be liberated or freed from (something)
abscond flee fly escape avoid blow bolt circumvent decamp depart desert disappear dodge double duck elope elude emerge evade leave pass run run away run off shun skip slip vanish clear out get out bail out break out break out of burst out cut loose duck out get away get off go scot-free make getaway make off play hooky slip away steal away take flight wriggle out cut and run fly the coop get away with make a getaway make oneself scarce run out on take a powder work out of give the slip take on the lam take it on the lam skedaddle vamoose take off split scram beat it scarper make a break for it hightail run for it beat a retreat beat a hasty retreat make a run for it head for the hills do a disappearing act do a runner do a bunk show a clean pair of heels quit withdraw retreat clear off hook it leg it bug out cut out light out break free take to one's heels hightail it exit begone go go away skidoo make a quick exit make tracks bug off buzz off be off levant go through peel out break shoot through take a hike get take French leave make one's getaway go on the lam sneak away do a vanishing act do a moonlight flit skip out absent oneself pull out do a Skase make your getaway bust make make good one's escape make a escape get out of someone's clutches get free break loose break away from slip through your fingers skip off hide clear make your escape be gone take to your heels hasten away turn tail run from separate evacuate kite vacate alight egress shirk leave hastily escape from run away from leave abruptly have it away disentangle yourself break away break with free oneself extricate oneself have it away on one's toes go off retire push off bail part move scoot range cruise say one's goodbyes take leave push on pack off abstract oneself dig out up sticks start out set off get going set out step along shove off pack one's bags book sling one's hook hit the road make an exit be on one's way peel off sally forth wend slope off make a move walk out mosey walk off make for pike off move out make one's way pack up pike out get lost run along jump ship go south make a quick getaway dog it make a break depart secretly go AWOL make scarce abandon do a fade recoil flit make yourself scarce draw back fall back hotfoot it hurry shrink sneak off pull back back off abscond from back away scamper hasten hustle dart dash hotfoot step on it withdraw from depart from be gone from bog off disappear from retire from head off flee from say goodbye give ground back out exit from go away from set out from absent oneself from move back go like lightning drop out go missing head scat absent yourself strike out ditch dump pull stakes make one's escape emigrate defect migrate sally embark slip out start issue go out move away git go from walk out on get a move on fly from bolt from decamp from check out drop back run along from go forth pull out of move out of pack your bags give way say goodbye to get out of shy away walk out of hit the trail clear out from turn away take your leave take off from bust out sling your hook take oneself off from check out from bunk amble canter bound career gallop course barrel hie bustle take to flight do a moonlight leave in a hurry absquatulate scatter recede depart suddenly fade away pull off get cracking move along slink off slink creep sneak skulk jump regress skiddoo book it fold disengage make away yeet walk spread go to hell make quick exit step on the gas distance oneself spur scurry speed race expedite zip rush whiz take yourself off get on your bike be lost leave town go back spring go secretly go absent without leave go west creep off resile go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell take one's leave make one's departure exeunt step out hurry up make time make haste move fast kick rocks opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat step back shrink away shake a leg leave holding the bag run like scared rabbit escape blame for get off scot-free escape punishment for jump bail forsake ignore disregard abdicate end remove repair relinquish cut advance absent proceed troop stir drop renounce discard discontinue head out demur blast off rack off set forth move off betake oneself march out move on break camp hit the bricks shy remove oneself take your leave of ride off finish turn your back on shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of disengage from do a bunk from say one's farewells slope off from take yourself off from step down take one's leave of walk away come away eschew be done with secede become independent gain autonomy divide off part company disaffiliate scram from part with vamoose from brush off bail from give up break off with drop out of blow off cast aside move from bow out of cast off step aside from call it quits make oneself scarce from take a hike from give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from run off from cut and run from slip out from move out from set off from head out from clear off from take leave of sunder out burst out of break loose from come out make one's escape from shrink back flinch fight shy of jib at quail at baulk at boggle at hang back eject parachute to safety leave the aircraft


To attack vigorously
beat hit strike batter pound thrash cuff knock punch slap smack thump bang belabor belabour drub hammer hook pummelled pummel slam smash welt cane flog sucker-punch swat whip bash biff bop clip clobber clout wallop whack belt crown lick sock swipe tan deck dot floor rain blows on whomp attack boff bust dong give someone a beating give someone a drubbing king-hit quilt slosh slug welly whale baste birch buffet give someone a good beating lace into lambaste lay into lay one on pelt pitch into smite swinge give someone a good drubbing give someone a hiding stick one on give someone a good hiding let someone have it beat the living daylights out of knock into the middle of next week thwack bat slog bludgeon crack box rap clock clap paste nail bonk zap bob tag lash club whop switch hide thresh whap lather paddle lace cudgel maul rough up slate assault thud pommel lambast whup tromp fib curry chin bung up work over punch out mess up do larrup light into bump strap plug spank jab flail tonk wham flagellate flay crash ding ram blast punish knock around chop blow leather scourge horsewhip conk brain cowhide rawhide slash impact mash chastise pop drum tap maltreat zonk knock about do over hit hard hack stroke haymaker fillip poke break bruise skelp abuse duke drive pick stripe plump stinger trounce crush injure hurt chip impair bam bushwhack paddlewhack wax fill in beat up on take out plant one impinge clump collide land a punch aim blows at warm someone's seat tan one's hide dust someone's britches let one have it rain blows upon jerk whisk shake impel thrust trash uppercut lay a finger on box someone's ears kick stone lob pellet flax percuss dab blitz whang wear out knock out ride roughshod give a black eye let fly KO let have it windmill concuss stun skull clonk whirl bean cosh whip someone's hide hit over the head hit on the head stick one on someone forge draw malleate weigh into set on tear into beat up assail collide with run into crash into smash into turn on bang into bump into set upon plough into dash against sail into slam into meet head-on set about be in collision with pounce on let fly at harm beset get stuck into crack into crack against manhandle mistreat smack into have a go at bomb lash out at sic fall on sick brutalize pounce upon knock into butt ill-treat jump on round on brutalise hit out at bully bombard charge mishandle go in on rush descend on descend upon hit out raid lash out boot besiege persecute drive into send ill-use treat badly clash misuse kick around mess over storm shell molest pulverize fire at flatten cannon into mug defeat fly at pulverise treat roughly handle roughly pat bash into fire on peck open fire on punt cannonade jar overwhelm jolt sideswipe rout roughhouse shoot total blitzkrieg wrong annihilate carom dash barrage rear-end cream bury duff up smoke smother plow into propel skunk dust fall upon shellac crash against blow away snow under wade into beat hollow ping give a hiding knock against shake up wipe the floor with rebound ricochet aggress clatter swing at castigate strafe graze swing glance damage wound scud torpedo harass jump stab blip catch crunch run over bunt give someone a hot bottom invade oppress torture knock down ferule trim fusillade victimize blooter slaughter barrel into best dropkick assault physically come into collision with marmalize victimise outrage murder massacre worst destroy demolish come into collision go for clash with roll crucify tank be hurled own launch an attack on launch oneself at have at defeat utterly take a stick to be victorious over put the boot in blow out walk all over make mincemeat of walk over bring someone to their knees run rings around chasten triumph over blow out of the water fire upon put the boot into cut up get the better of open fire take to the cleaners shoot down win a resounding victory over make an assault on kill strike with the foot turn inside out career into spike afflict take a swing hang one on beak strike out thrash about flail around collide into thump on knock on whammy bear down head-butt jog contact clunk put someone over one's knee make someone feel the back of one's hand level fell strike out at hit repeatedly wipe bullwhip terrorize set at go at barge into hit for six thong thunder stomp quirt yerk accost register lunge fustigate terrorise tackle savage potshot excoriate scathe vituperate stumble light tan someone's hide blackjack mar bounce sink pepper flop flutter flap crack up smash up wrack up box somebody's ears impugn slipper wreck lacerate disable disfigure maim contuse cripple lame deface mutilate mangle dive into clomp stamp whump plunk flump encounter plunge handle knob finial saddlebow sock it to someone skim strike head-on ruin connect with neglect launch catapult ambush strike with a stick beat with a stick come at jostle lay about tip palpate interfere with bang up be violent toward bother dig put over one's knee give someone a licking put someone over your knee screw push give somebody a hiding warm someone's bottom impact with fender-bend skip pervert misapply misemploy profane prostitute knock over beat to a pulp brush wade in exploit shoot at calcitrate take a strap to hit lightly run desecrate corrupt blister cook fire clank clang placekick dribble mismanage misappropriate battle pile up go into strike lightly chop down touch slap lightly gun snipe jackhammer twack stick kick off give the foot knock cold go through run through rattle punish severely strike at give the cat o'nine tails launch at run at rush at spring on spring at rush upon go after knock block off duff someone up glance off pot jangle turn to violence lay siege to skin knock for a loop flick snap get at gun down open fire at grate prang grind varnish heave make contact with backbite rip drop-kick eat alive dump on do wrong push around give the shaft give black eye kick out run circles around beat the pants off


A hard or repeated hit or strike
bang blow hit smack thump knock punch whack wallop belt thwack clout crack cuff sock slap bash box rap clip stroke buffet slug biff swipe welt smash swat hook pound bat bop spank slam bust lash chop lick hack stinger stripe pelt fillip haymaker wham larrup dab clap thud plump beat whop whap poke switch douse pick bump clobber slosh whomp boff whale dong clump tan strike thunderclap crash boom pop whump blast report snap ding hiding thrashing drubbing lambasting drub stump lambaste nail thrash tap clash thunder impact shot burst peal jab explosion pat uppercut clang butt pounding clonk sound swing jolt roar collision shock clunk skelp clomp detonation roundhouse rumble plunk bonk fist plug reverberation concussion stomp blare beating jar thrust slog zap paste loud noise din fisticuff whammy zinger noise bell-ringer one-two punch kick conk roaring echoing tonk dot clobbering touch howl thrumming nudge drumming discharge prod hard hit hammering banging crackle knocking percussion bellow glance racket stamp smashing clatter sharp noise clattering explosive noise dig attack lunge whang whiplash assault smite flourish spanking prang blip potch percuss quilt striking head-butt battering brush click clink cut knockout blindside KO tick hitting brunt shove straight elbow echo gunshot jostle throb plop flump knuckle sandwich stoush body blow king-hit thunderbolt pummel pummelled one-two jog lollop hammer tunk roll crump loud sound clangour rat-tat-tat rat-tat flash of lightning crash of thunder clap of thunder clangor shoulder wail ram stab honk push hoot dig in the ribs trumpet toot blaring clamour scream screech resound clamor resounding crashing resonance thundering blasting barrage drumfire cannonade re-echoing

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