Đồng nghĩa của make a break


To retreat from something frightening or dangerous
run flee bolt escape skedaddle run away run off take off depart make off take flight abscond beat it clear out decamp split vamoose break bug out leg it retreat run for it scram skidoo clear off scarper turn tail beat a hasty retreat beat a retreat cut out do a disappearing act fly head for the hills hightail it light out make a quick exit peel out slope off cut and run do a bunk do a runner fly the coop go through make a break for it shoot through move along make a run for it take a powder take to your heels take it on the lam show a clean pair of heels make a getaway leave disappear vanish quit get get away hook it slip away pull out skip lam hightail go south depart secretly go AWOL take French leave go on the lam steal away make scarce break out make a quick getaway duck out sneak away dog it do a vanishing act break out of jump ship do a moonlight flit break free skip out get out do a Skase go exit evacuate part retire withdraw desert bail begone vacate scoot flit abdicate book move emigrate sally abandon migrate repair remove git make oneself scarce advance move off be on your way absent go forth peel off say your goodbyes hit the trail proceed pack your bags sally forth make tracks break camp betake oneself take leave push on bog off march out bug off head off pack off bail out walk out abstract oneself blast off dig out up sticks sling your hook absent yourself set off move on get going set out push off say goodbye step along shove off buzz off rack off pike off be off troop get off move out go off go away hit the bricks pack up pike out start set forth hit the road make an exit run along be gone take a hike avoid elope cut loose get free break loose shun evade hotfoot it make your escape make a escape dodge duck make hotfoot sneak off burst out skip off run out on escape from abscond from bust slip absquatulate scamper pass emerge double shirk elude blow clear head have it away levant strike out wriggle out play hooky go scot-free go missing defect work out of get away with step on it slip out run away from take on the lam stir go from be gone from make a sharp exit go away from withdraw from depart from flee from give the slip bust out break away exit from check out take to flight do a fade leave in a hurry scatter circumvent make away kite alight egress amble canter hustle hasten gallop leave town bound career dart course barrel hie bustle dash hurry jump bunk spread free oneself extricate oneself depart suddenly fade away make quick exit go out have it away on one's toes step on the gas go like lightning be lost spring jump bail separate go secretly ditch dump leave hastily leave abruptly walk range cruise budge from move from make a move from go out of shift from wend mosey break away from start out make a move cop out kiss goodbye drop out walk out on leave high and dry opt out walk off make for make one's way get lost slip through your fingers make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat disentangle yourself break with run like scared rabbit leave holding the bag yeet go absent without leave go west make good one's escape embark get out of someone's clutches forsake disregard ignore hide cut relinquish issue hasten away disengage from take your leave of head out move out of fly from do a bunk from pull out of retire from say one's farewells decamp from ride off walk away disappear from slope off from bolt from remove oneself take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from step down come away run from turn your back on get out of shut eyes to cop out of pay no attention to take no notice of burst out of break loose from sunder out come out make one's escape from


Disentangle yourself
cut loose escape get out get away burst out break free break loose get free break away disentangle yourself leave flee abscond run out on fly bolt run off clear out desert run away bail out break out take a powder fly the coop decamp skip disappear make off run make oneself scarce take it on the lam cut and run kiss goodbye leave in the lurch break with ditch lam depart break out of dump walk out on take flight leave high and dry skedaddle vanish slip cast off scarper cop out pass double take off turn your back on take to your heels let go of work out of steal away beat a hasty retreat beat a retreat elope play hooky break up with abandon duck out leg it do a bunk emerge leave stranded get away with make a getaway hang out to dry leave hanging drop out hightail it do a runner get off make a break for it wriggle out make a run for it take on the lam go scot-free cast aside leave behind slip away run for it separate bust head for the hills make good one's escape do a disappearing act take French leave make a escape go on the lam break away from hook it sneak away get out of someone's clutches vamoose do a vanishing act do a moonlight flit make do a Skase slip through your fingers show a clean pair of heels retreat split opt out make a dash for it bug out make tracks run like scared rabbit scram cut out break hightail spring step on it leave holding the bag beat it leave flat break loose from burst out of bust out sunder out come out flee from abscond from escape from make one's escape from strand give up the ship flake out walk away jilt opt out of orphan wash your hands of let someone stew in their own juice pull out of quit chicken out withdraw from turn back on back out of give someone the big E storm out abdicate bin off give someone the push walk away from take a walk forsake bow out screw dispose of throw over maroon dodge elude circumvent duck evade shun blow give the slip avoid

Trái nghĩa của make a break

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