Đồng nghĩa của git


(Britain, slang) A silly or stupid person
fool doofus jackass nincompoop simpleton nitwit nit dipstick ninny turkey dingbat simp booby goose ninnyhammer charlie cuckoo featherhead berk charley mooncalf nut nutcase ding-dong half-wit yo-yo ding-a-ling idiot imbecile moron dolt dunce dullard dimwit ignoramus dope dummy lamebrain dork bonehead blockhead numbskull birdbrain loon fathead clot twit dumbhead goon knucklehead halfwit oaf donkey dunderhead airhead pinhead goof chucklehead prat clod cretin thickhead noodle chowderhead clunk noddy mug nerd jerk boob dum-dum pillock dip sap clodpole numpty schmuck loggerhead cluck putz chump dumbo wally twerp bozo lamer divvy schlemiel plonker bogan muppet galoot coot goofball meathead nyaff klutz tomfool muttonhead lump spud wazzock poop goofus gobdaw wiener gowk drongo knobhead lummox sumph dumbbell galah dumb-bell dill numskull palooka nong dingleberry pea-brain weeny nerk yahoo alec wooden-head schlepper lunatic buffoon boofhead squarehead mompara gink poon pudding-head balloon zombie stupid dodo spoony nimrod schlub saphead lunkhead mutt cuddy clodpoll stupe bubblehead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf shlub natural wing nut cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag gander golem know-nothing dim bulb meatball goat dweeb thicko eejit dorba plank gonzo prick geek twonk clown dumb cluck illiterate stupid person lightweight weenie softhead dumb ox silly mampara stooge brute kook bore dildo foolish person lame-brain Neanderthal goop lout boor clodhopper gawk lug loony lubber hulk rascal clodpate duffer screwball innocent sucker simple muggins butthead tosser tit loser lowbrow blunderer harebrain witling silly billy pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum bungler bimbo bird-brain retardate victim schlep yokel tosspot prig dumdum juggins baboon numptie retard addlepate beefhead bust jughead bumpkin featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz scatterbrain mental defective hick yobbo pea brain born fool ape cloth-head stumblebum barbarian yob bear gorilla Simple Simon hobbledehoy bosthoon churl beast scozza chav bruiser skate oik cougan ox easy mark fair game clumsy idiot nutter eccentric fruitcake maniac crank crackpot head case crazy oddball wacko madman weirdo madwoman crackbrain headbanger nutjob schizo oddity character crack quiz sicko bug sickie nutso zany psychopath flake meshuggener whacko psycho radge original codger weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis milksop weakling rube peasant hayseed vulgarian hoon swine hillbilly rustic savage cad provincial chuff philistine bucolic hound thug creep countryman ruffian scum joker sleaze scumbag slimeball slime vermin skunk sleazebag stinkard slob varmint sleazeball scuzzball louse cornball chawbacon bogman culchie buzzard rat dog fink dirtbag crud snake toad rowdy reptile stinker rotter heel bleeder country bumpkin crumb pill cur bounder blighter so-and-so hooligan rat fink ocker roughneck hind monster country cousin bully boy dupe hoodlum ned countrywoman laughingstock tough incompetent village idiot bushy carl monkey sadist scoundrel rapscallion rogue drip kern country dweller miscreant reprobate wretch ogre knave scalawag heathen varlet villain pig primitive degenerate son of the soil daughter of the soil mucker cannibal lager lout son of a gun patsy pigeon tool gull pushover schmo dotard knothead plebeian slow learner swain Philistine butterfingers dub looby bourgeois materialist goof ball dirt farmer or know-nothing or hick homesteader or lout country jake hoodie pleb anti-intellectual wimp vandal butt wuss Goth devil unsophisticated person troglodyte fiend goober freak figure of fun soft touch countryman/woman dag weed wild man wild woman animal dull person honyock hun crude booner bevan boot boy nazi scallywag meanie caitiff heavy evildoer no-good baddie baddy scapegrace demon meany scamp savage person labourer laborer farmer country-dweller cropper crofter sharecropper peon planter farmworker villager ghoul bully farm hand hired hand paysan campesino paisano fellah kulak ryot muzhik contadino contadina weasel bushie joskin dastard vagabond rake slimebag loudmouth scuzzbag brawler slimebucket backwoods person country person pervert blackguard redneck fraudster charlatan skank toughie trickster rough worm dirtball rounder butthole wastrel cheat stinkpot mofo spalpeen scrote liar dingo deviant mother sleeveen swindler dastardly person snake in the grass unprincipled person bad egg hard man sly person good-for-nothing nasty piece of work bad lot reprehensible person


(Britain, informal) An unpleasant or contemptible person
rascal scoundrel rogue wretch devil snake weasel monster reprobate villain wrongdoer animal brute ogre good-for-nothing evil-doer scamp imp scallywag rapscallion monkey scapegrace scally mischief-maker scalawag nazi varmint knave baddie meanie tyke spalpeen hellion heavy miscreant baddy beast no-good caitiff evildoer savage mischief horror hound disgrace perisher fiend meany urchin varlet rip pickle rake loafer prodigal tramp mischievous person rowdy delinquent puck skunk sneak black sheep cardsharp charlatan swindler prankster tough beggar jester hooligan fraud recreant ruffian opportunist liar bully profligate felon grafter trickster idler cheat tease pretender robber joker bum sinner hypocrite troublemaker demon nointer terror barbarian holy terror whippersnapper swine sadist minx jackanapes rabble-rouser tearaway punk thug pig ghoul brat enfant terrible pest nuisance stirrer dastard lout blackguard guttersnipe agitator chit instigator gamin kid firebrand incendiary toerag little devil cub inciter inflamer pixie heel mischievous child badly behaved child agent provocateur radge shyster gremlin troll slyboots tinker yahoo boor archfiend crook hood rat creep practical joker antagonist degenerate smart aleck loose cannon monstrosity evil person bad guy ne'er-do-well thing cheater mischief maker scallion tyrant so-and-so oaf daemon spoilt child puppy youngster louse fairy deviling gnome devilkin serpent gangster psychopath sociopath operator superbrat cannibal little dickens Mephistopheles diablo atua bully boy meddler lawbreaker outlaw criminal adversary roughneck artful dodger common enemy bete noire gargoyle glutton being quadruped waif ragamuffin bad lot yob bogan hoon scozza yobbo cougan limb of Satan nasty person stray bear mean person cruel person spoiled brat wild one spoiled child impudent child unruly child little monster mudlark gossipmonger scandalmonger ringleader demagogue stormy petrel living thing lower animal hoodlum buffoon wag vandal jokester booger cutup wastrel antihero tatterdemalion scarecrow scum lowlife scumbag menace phony bad apple cretin jerk dirtbag incorrigible vermin slimeball sleazebag ratbag gamine bad character wrong 'un sleazeball slime dog child traveller tot nipper traveler squirt boy wise guy rotten apple phoney schmuck scuzzball sleaze stinkard maggot ratfink pup Puck little rascal hell-raiser fun-maker stinker misfeasor shark malfeasant ankle-biter bogeyman juvenile delinquent bad boy life of the party little monkey pond scum son of a gun bad egg dirty dog nasty piece of work snake in the grass unpleasant person despicable person rat fink unprincipled person bad actor


To leave a place, often for another
depart leave go retreat evacuate exit part decamp retire escape withdraw bolt desert flee bail begone scoot scram skedaddle split vacate vamoose abdicate book disappear flit get move quit scarper vanish abandon emigrate fly migrate remove repair sally absent advance proceed start troop walk out be off go off set off set out take off beat it clear out get away go away go forth head off set forth bail out beat a retreat bug off bug out buzz off clear off hightail it make off pack off pack up push on run along run away run off shove off slip away take your leave blast off get going make a break make an exit move off move on move out pack your bags peel off pike off pike out pull out take leave absent oneself absent yourself abstract oneself hit the road hit the trail make oneself scarce push off say goodbye break camp cut and run dig out hook it make tracks march out rack off sally forth up sticks betake oneself bog off cut out step along hit the bricks get off slope off say one's goodbyes be on one's way pack one's bags sling one's hook go out exeunt take a hike take one's leave blow do vanishing act issue make one's departure go offstage bid farewell flake off step out abscond take a powder get out light out take flight start out hightail do a bunk run get lost beat a hasty retreat make a run for it make a break for it scat fly the coop run for it embark do a disappearing act voetsak do a runner head for the hills hamba check out shoo show a clean pair of heels sling your hook make yourself scarce hop it sod off avaunt skip peel out leg it get under way nick off go jump in the lake turn tail withdraw from set sail make a quick exit go and jump in the lake be on your way break get along naff off haul off steal away break out take French leave adjourn depart from abscond from make move along skip off make a getaway exit from escape from make a move pull stakes be off with you take it on the lam lam forsake on your bike skidoo clear travel head make a start move away set forward go away from move out of relocate sneak away duck out avoid shun evade haul away pull away go AWOL fall back take to your heels hurry do a moonlight flit be gone from go on the lam go through shoot through walk off sail pull out of break out of retire from draw away take wing make one's getaway back out take yourself off strike out hotfoot it tear away drag away recede separate dash pass defect elope hie break free hotfoot levant bound bustle elude break loose get free head out remove oneself career hustle dart scamper shift pull back slip out back away drop back absent oneself from disappear from run away from get out of get moving take a long walk on a short pier burst out cut loose take to one's heels hop the twig push along get stuffed pop off hop the stick move abroad bear transfer kite alight recoil resign transmigrate walk duck dodge ditch stir take oneself renounce absquatulate shrink empty draw back walk away slip be gone relinquish sneak off emerge double part company skip out make a escape cut walk out on go from leave for betake yourself disengage clear out from do a Skase cast off say one's farewells seclude oneself decamp from do a fade make your escape make your getaway flee from take your leave of fly from ride off break away set out from leave port give the slip step down move from retreat from do a vanishing act leave suddenly run out on back off play hooky get away with pull up stakes make getaway go your way take off from wriggle out take on the lam work out of get out of my sight take oneself off from bow out go scot-free uproot commence begin take to flight put forth leave in a hurry start off drift wander egress shirk range cruise amble canter hasten skiddoo gallop course barrel wend mosey go forward go to hell make one's way regress say adieu immigrate bust sign out free oneself extricate oneself make for have it away make away set about get on the road begin one's journey maroon march break up say farewell fold budge from go out of shift from stand surety post security strand jump void make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave conk out dedomicile get on your bike get out of someone's clutches break away from make good one's escape slip through your fingers go like lightning dog it give way give ground go back move back flow off-load ship shove leap take one's farewells resettle run out drop out take a walk shut oneself away in go absent without leave go missing go west put up bail obtain somebody's release make a move from run for the hills skidaddle displace step on it make quick exit make one's escape go to one's room step on the gas transport break off ease out leave flat ship out go and chase yourself move about shrink back flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly circumvent split up quit the scene go their separate ways go separate ways trek storm off go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out depart suddenly hide rush go one's ways make one's farewells beat off hurry away move overseas bail out from clear from pull out from head out from yeet bolt from hasten away run from move house disengage from slope off from take yourself off from come away leave your country start a new life do a bunk from take one's leave of sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from sprint aim beeline scramble scurry shoot scuttle race steer veer run off from move out from make vacant make empty eject from draw secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate motor stand down hand in one's notice step aside give notice pack in relinquish one's position end part with dump drop discard discontinue shut oneself away put out leave harbour leave dock finish raise sail put to sea put out to sea hoist sail make headway weigh anchor hoist the blue peter head for be done with journey retreat to resort process brush off bail from give up drop out of bow out of check out from break off with say goodbye to walk out of blow off run along from cast aside step aside from call it quits retire to go to adjourn to depart for set off for withdraw to remove to betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for

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