Đồng nghĩa của begin

Alternative for begin

begins, began, beginning, begun

Đồng nghĩa: commence, start, take off,

Trái nghĩa: conclude, end, finish,


To take the first step into something
start commence undertake initiate tackle inaugurate instigate institute effectuate trigger prompt create elicit induce precipitate kickoff kick off kick-start produce start up invoke start off tear into embark on start on start to take up jump into launch into proceed with make a start on get down to get going with get on with get to enter into get going on get stuck into go ahead with set upon set about go about attack enter on enter engage in address oneself to set to move into tee off embark upon set out enter upon get to work on break into buckle down to make a start go into start out on approach launch open attempt drive off embark get cracking on take on set the ball rolling deal with plunge into have a crack at have a go at have a shot at knuckle down start out engage turn to get to work take to accept get off get to grips with burst out burst into plunge venture into settle down to begin undertaking turn one's hand to become involved in concentrate on focus on go in for get underway take the first step concentrate focus get on strike up go pipe up be heard resound get cracking with start the ball rolling on commence on begin work on consider get get down adopt espouse embrace break out go whole hog go the limit immerse yourself shoot the works take a flyer borrow strike into set out on resort to resume continue reopen assume recommence renew proceed restart set off get under way set the wheels in motion roll up one's sleeves put one's hand to the plough put the wheels in motion get one's finger out put one's shoulder to the wheel get cracking get the ball rolling get things moving get weaving get down to business carry on go on follow through begin suddenly broach make a habit of have recourse to access go in take upon oneself develop be absorbed in get into gain admittance get involved with step in jump off address confront field negotiate manage handle essay pursue try cope with turn your hand to try to cope with come to grips with take a shot at apply oneself try to deal with take measures about have a go set one's hand to take the bit between your teeth hammer away at go for knuckle down to take forward try on for size see to wade in take care of give a whirl wade into contend with take in hand grapple with get to work at make a run at peg away at attend to get weaving on busy oneself with go for it have a stab at plug away at square off bang away at step up to the plate try to solve apply oneself to dive into throw oneself into try to sort out sink your teeth into work on start the ball rolling go at devote oneself to apply yourself to give a try pitch into


To come into being or have its starting point at a certain time or place
start transpire appear arise commence emerge develop eventuate occur originate actualize dawn emanate form happen materialise materialize result surface erupt set unfold catalyse catalyze crystallise crystallize manifest precipitate incite initiate spark spawn enkindle foster invoke kickoff actuate engender establish institute activate occasion rise trigger arrive sprout be born become apparent become established be created come out come to pass kick in kick-start set in set off start up trigger off come into being come into existence spring up spring break issue stem come derive proceed flow loom take effect evolve burst out birth crop up come forth take shape turn up come into operation pop up come into force grow come from befall show up take place first see the light of day succeed come into effect hatch make an appearance open come up start off come about take form follow have its origin extend ensue hail from betide descend stem from take root chance be set in motion flare up break out show itself head become visible bob up come into view exist become manifest hail spread incubate begin life conceive flow from continue glimmer pass issue from spring from emanate from germinate become entrenched settle in upspring spurt gush be descended be derived launch forthcome come forth suddenly come off have one's origin lighten brighten get under way come to stay have one's foundations fall out go be established have its origins come on-stream get going get underway occur suddenly boil over kick off accrue apply become operative be realized be here to stay acquire solidify cultivate settle crystalize jell be caused by be forged accumulate be brought to pass be brought about be brought into existence be brought into being arise from be produced by result from shape up mature condense harden come to light be brought about by arise out of present itself reveal itself explode be the result of enter into the picture be applied become valid become law fall into place take on character become a reality manifest itself grow light flame burst forth show blaze up enter blow up begin suddenly embark on start suddenly burst into come on come into punch in blow in turn out put in an appearance roll up walk on pass in set foot roll in go on present oneself derive from culminate flourish exude vent ooze eventualize be bred be caused be generated pour out accompany originate in supervene on be consequent on be a consequence of live in originate from be from arrive on the scene fall come on the scene attend supervene be developed come to the fore enter the picture pan out have roots in grew up in broaden deepen appear suddenly shoot up sprout up appear unexpectedly have its origin in be taken be due to be brought on by be had be got progress propagate uprise foment ejaculate end up advance naturalise increase merge naturalize leak out come into sight become known come together change come after be a result of turn out from well spread out pour forth be transmitted seep gush forth be emitted seep out pour ooze out seep forth flow out gush out flow forth ooze forth radiate emit exhale discharge overflow well up trickle give out send out throw out expire expel shoot release cast irradiate disgorge distil give off exit egress send forth distill


To set up or establish
start inaugurate initiate constitute create institute effect establish found instigate introduce launch pioneer plant innovate make produce lead commence develop materialise materialize crystallise crystallize enact kickoff kick off assemble form open build construct transpire actualize organise organize bring about kick-start open up put together set up start off start up originate set in motion put in motion get going bring into being put in place activate cause generate usher in give rise to install set off trigger get under way engender lay the foundations of instal provoke effectuate bring on trigger off occasion stir up incite precipitate catalyze invent prompt spark off whip up catalyse embark on kindle spawn start the ball rolling lead to engineer beget induce enter into enkindle be the cause of result in get off the ground precede inspire make happen lead off spark devise induct actuate switch on breed contrive set forth bring to pass get off make up fire up invoke strike into fall to lay the first stone of hatch foster preface design promote forge enter upon bring into existence embark upon come out with stimulate cook up shape dream up bring in incorporate set the ball rolling touch off bring run turn on announce start out float work translate into get underway brew log on spearhead elicit craft fashion execute do throw together author drive set out machinate come up with compose get things rolling sow the seeds of fabricate yield sign in access gain access render get in operation prefix realize get functioning get working ring in foment draw on herald log in raise evoke affect break new ground abet take off blaze a trail father knock up knock together mould turn out secure mastermind draw up add attach conceive present lay the cornerstone of set going put up throw up plan arouse rouse set about usher realise mold motivate lead the way unveil move put in front set encourage get going on enter call forth base bring forward accomplish formulate ordain bow invest fix instate cultivate conceive of conduct trailblaze spur get something off the ground concoct revolutionize ferment intro issue knock off head structure hammer out energize prepare run up stir excite discover arrange set in administrate manage advance draft compel make the first move blaze take up break in work up be at the bottom of draught lead into pique animate energise break the ice take the lead in start ball rolling impassion rally revolutionise choreograph frame piece rig cast get ball rolling get the ball rolling set a trend fix up wreak galvanize give birth to map out exercise get the show on the road galvanise crank up contribute to rev up lay out connect broach propose offer be off be on your way start ball rolling on put something in place pick jumps-tart modernize portend foreshadow bring up the curtain on facilitate put forward set down muster draw brainstorm necessitate initiate things break ground commission modernise get something going achieve carry out lay get to implement attain enforce signal give notice of show in bring off carry off carry through prod lay foundation make a start on get something moving get something functioning get something working lay the foundation set on bring something on erect jumpstart inspirit bring up admit inflict perform set in place authorize think up administer ignite exhilarate perpetrate phase in sway force influence fulfil antecede mark the start of fan the flames of host complete pass legislate empower wake up buoy push germinate consummate debut put in end in dispose go before make a start take the initiative lay the first stone take the first step prepare the way commence on charter decree delegate designate place plot model determine compound comprise drum up outline diagram decide conjure up carve out pull off finalize light the way preside over give an introduction to discharge knock down order depute fire take action on succeed in fulfill set an example be the first be in the vanguard arrange for smooth the path of pave the way for set the scene for clear the way for open the way for allow to happen sign on finish objectify put on get started get cracking on pave the way leave go move off head off depart have as a consequence have as a result inflame authorise set the ball rolling on break the ice on start on roll out bring out conclude break through get feet wet get going with burst into jump into break into cause to occur cause to happen bestir awaken dawn spring break reify appear arise incarnate get show on road prime quicken waken whet suscitate make for draw forth build up open the door to lay down finalise turn the trick put across break the seal put in gear represent make real portray symbolize scheme kick something off evolve cause to be endow inculcate symbolise make concrete light out bear settle up colonise colonize explore prologue premise bring to life give life put into effect prolog coordinate strike out settle schedule rev lay the groundwork on prepare the way for take the lead on orchestrate lay the groundwork for take the initiative in lead the way for show the way show the way on be the mother of take the lead go out in front be the father of push the envelope mobilize direct blueprint programme program marshal chart project lead up to jack up be responsible for see about get together see to make arrangements for take care of lick into shape be in charge of concert mount strategize about timetable mobilise look after scheme out sort out straighten out marshall budget for deal with put into operation manufacture work out excogitate configure imagine predicate trump up confect coin ground improvise derive dictate pattern adjust vamp up ratify negotiate elevate station proclaim start to build command stage call stage-manage wangle hinge root lay on knock out piece together require fudge together hang thrash out vamp mandate rule on demand dope out calibrate declare pencil in elect for ad-lib agree on hit on requisition provide exact think of make preparations for prop prepare for intrigue request bid for align encamp position lay plans for pound hammer beat arrange a date for arrange a time for corroborate lodge format bring forth find uncover detect moot stumble upon deliver get up envision sanction fix together rear ready stamp beat into shape implant domiciliate moor appoint handle becast cast about procure hit upon maneuver rough out compass cogitate on manoeuvre hatch a plot finagle open the door vote in put in force put through be the inventor of swing broker clinch contract head trip cogitate play it by ear set up camp fake it parent patent procreate make into law practise patch together synthesise whip out fit together rustle up cobble up sculpture eke out cobble together synthesize churn out rig up rest calculate quarterback resolve get ready shape up come to an agreement tailor agree to come to terms make plans set stage settle on make plans for iron out budget come to terms about pull things together practice write architect reach agree plan for underpin throw have traced back to use as a basis emanate depend have its origin in stay center stem centre pen indite reconstruct draw up a layout of make a drawing of make a map of draw up a plan of make a representation of score poetize put down set type put pen to paper script scribble bang out push pencil compile ghostwrite note down sing coin a phrase clef time comp ghost verse rhyme get hash out decide on arrive at fight through take out acquire obtain


To start speaking by saying
start open commence proceed commence proceedings get cracking get underway kick off start off break the ice get the ball rolling get under way make a start get off the ground get the show on the road begin business get going go ahead launch fall to jump in get on lead off strike into get off embark on get moving enter into embark upon enter upon act get a move on get down to start the ball rolling go for it set in motion react get on with put in motion buckle down respond work take steps take action take measures pitch in initiate inaugurate get down to business instigate get weaving set the ball rolling be in effect embark move take up get stuck in launch into go about take the plunge do something get up to speed take the initiative make a move undertake something start out keep on continue get along with happen dawn occur roll trigger rumble kick-start convene bow set off ring in dig in be up to apply oneself to undertake wade into jump-start raise the curtain get things rolling get something off the ground get your skates on get to work get to it knuckle down swing into action set to work get on with it launch into it get down to it make the first move fire away dive in pull the trigger take the bull by the horns operate prosecute pursue get one's finger out get down to the nitty-gritty put one's shoulder to the wheel lay the first stone get off one's backside make a beginning turn to get down to brass tacks take something forward get one's skates on buckle to take the first step plunge into it put one's hand to the plough set things moving maneuver manoeuvre do one's thing go for broke be decisive get in there carry on make headway carry out be active make progress do your stuff go in for go to town leap in be busy be employed go that route take first step put your hand to the plough move ahead set something in motion take effect start up come into effect take hold progress be efficacious take perform be effective institute set about enter on originate get cracking on make a start on get stuck into get weaving on jump into tear into come into existence come into being ring up the curtain on get show on road hit the ground running get one's feet wet scratch the surface

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