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Alternative for finalize

finalizes, finalized, finalizing

Đồng nghĩa: finalise, nail down, settle,


Complete or agree on a finished and definitive version of
complete settle clinch conclude decide confirm establish resolve seal secure agree broker consummate finish negotiate perfect polish tie up work out wrap up agree on bring to a conclusion sew up hammer out polish off reach terms on set the seal on shake hands shake hands on thrash out wind up come to terms on firm up put the finishing touches to reach an agreement complete the arrangements for put the icing on the cake close achieve accomplish end fulfill finish off carry out round off fulfil top off realize nail bring to an end do cap crown execute terminate realise round out bring to fruition determine put to bed effect actualize effectuate perform pull off bring off close out sort out carry off get through guarantee stop cease attain halt bring about complement carry through bring to a close add the final touch to call it a day make good add the finishing touch to make perfect make up go whole hog put the finishing touches on go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly go the limit put the last touches on fix ensure discharge engineer pass ultimate transact lapse expire elapse discontinue quit assure wrap dead-end reach put the final touches to break off knock off break up shut down let up put away button up leave off wink out put finishing touch on clean up follow through with arrange produce die go stamp string set up get something done bargain idealise idealize rule choose figure refine bring to perfection reach the summit of win concert swing opt name bag make tie up loose ends be through with come to the end close down finish up end up liquidate make certain seize settle on settle upon be done with can cinch insure put into effect put lid on put the tin lid on fold up put the finishing touch to call a day button down mop up take care of top it off make short work of get out of the way nail down walk off with guaranty come away with ice walk away with culminate shutter scratch fold scrub come to an end come to a conclusion get done come to a close round up pack in hang up follow through finalise dissolve call a halt to bring to completion see through bring to the end call off be over wind down put the lid on draw to a close suspend desist climax adjourn recess prorogue clear bring down curtain draw to close put a period to play out cut loose be put to bed put a lid on cap off be the climax be the climax of be a fitting climax to add the finishing touches to be the culmination of drop axe cancel abort abolish scrap break annul desist from pull the plug ax relinquish give up knock something on the head sunder get shot of put paid to shut off cut short put a stop to give the chop dispose of belay put an end to get shut of cut out nip in the bud pack it in lay off interrupt cut off switch off pull the plug on give over pack up chalk up rack up log notch up ring up hit clock up continue to the end bring to a finish


To accept as satisfactory or conforming to the required standards or rules
authorise authorize sanction approve ratify warrant confirm accredit formalise formalize clear homologate OK okay approbate endorse accept agree to validate allow countenance licence license consent to consent affirm permit pass bless assent to certify sign sign off on uphold rubber-stamp give permission back support grant acquiesce accede commission empower authenticate go for give the nod give the thumbs up to give the green light give consent to give the go-ahead accede to give the green light to establish bind recognize assent seal recognise second give permission for entitle greenlight rubber stamp buy give one's assent to enable get behind give someone leave give the OK to vouch for thumbs up say yes to give the thumbs up go along with give the seal of approval to give approval to give the OK mandate suffer recommend advocate endure legalize legitimatize legitimize give leave for agree concur legalise let legitimatise legitimise give the green light for give authority for give a blank cheque to make legal tolerate give the go-ahead for push for make law make valid stump for take up buy into give one's leave O.K. acquiesce in agree with say the word give go-ahead lap up subscribe to concur in give the go-ahead to lend your name to condone charter humor concede humour have abet sanctify favour indulge admit favor give one's blessing to let pass approve of shake on say yes concur with take kindly to corroborate substantiate countersign bear out be behind give stamp of approval put one's name to finalise vindicate justify verify champion enact adopt brook legislate acknowledge sustain decree prove legitimate back up comply come round ordain subscribe constitute defend formulate maintain comply with qualify live with promote give the stamp of approval to stand by stand for bear make espouse give the nod to yes attest to give give in decriminalize vote for give green light appoint put up with attest regulate throw in the towel codify launder vest invest yield abide by decriminalise undertake engage back down clean up green-light embrace ditto give up encourage lay down account for lend weight to play ball cave in testify to give credence to check out say uncle green light smile on nod at stand up for be in favour of give your blessing give permission to admit of give carte blanche respect evidence demonstrate take underwrite initial conform buttress make concessions submit succumb normalize assert admit defeat carry capitulate excuse pronounce lawful commend set normalise accommodate conform to surrender advance effect argue concede to yield to give substance to show to be true implement proclaim vote in knuckle under put the seal of approval on further document give in to dictate put into effect cause welcome carry through put through cut a deal cooperate with make into law acquiesce to put John Hancock on give support to fall in with throw in the sponge show the white flag stick up for hear of boost throw your weight behind argue for check up bear witness to grant the right to engage in stand behind side with raise the white flag notarize give one's consent promise indemnify regularize relinquish give a hear hear regularise guarantee depute give consent for declare legal give one's word fold submit to entrust give approval for reach a decision delegate give someone authorization give something the go ahead make binding make stick certificate nod through settle for be happy with compromise on contract make do with accord receive set seal on give a certificate to give a diploma to leave franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant the right privilege vouchsafe roll over accord with make legally binding gain entertain legislate for care for set one's seal to give leave to take on board speak up for circumstantiate confer a right to give authority to give power to adjust bend adapt reinforce John Hancock free up say the magic word give okay sit still for give the O.K. be big underpin make a deal reconcile jibe bolster present assume bestow forward regard consider believe in obey undersign be in agreement with signature cosign hold with explain be subject to permit to grant permission to cope with allow to bear the brunt of strengthen show string along reenforce give the go ahead to give the okay to pass on toe the line nod show agreement give proof of sponsor accept tacitly go along give five see hold view prefer objectify test debunk complete reify try try on realise actualize realize try out be supportive of formally support avow deem envisage feel order comprobate relent astipulate appreciate greet rationalize receive wholeheartedly ally oneself with receive enthusiastically be on the side of take to heart take up the cudgels for go in for aid and abet get into take to take on give weight to give nod check on declare true shore up double check think advocate for be with go with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support cave in to be of one mind show beyond doubt honor honour roll over and play dead enter into be game for relent to come round to surrender to back down to defer to give way to hold to hold up one's end come to the defence of give backing to stick by rationalise command rule impose officially approve suggest answer for merit regard as being identical to regard as being the same as consider to be show just cause for provide a rationale for do justice to show to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for give reasons for be answerable for prove to be reasonable give an explanation for make allowances give grounds for show cause carry out conduct declare be acquainted with be on familiar terms with accept as valid be familiar with fix institute transact accomplish effectuate determine execute steamroll railroad draft propose put into practice bring to bear bring into effect demand deserve identify require earn bring about make laws vote favorably jam through railroad through plug push defer concede defeat draw up form fulfill wage draught administer compass pursue fulfil follow through with carry off organise pull off arrange negotiate organize rate put in force get the floor speak for put forward entail necessitate call for fall victim give way be a defence of give ground for be a justification for explain away be a reason for be worth be deserving of offer grounds for be entitled to be worthy of qualify for put in a good word for be overwhelmed by be overcome by be conquered by


To bring about or cause something to happen
effect achieve accomplish carry out conduct enact realise realize attain enforce execute implement bring off carry off carry through launch engineer perform administer bring about organise organize perpetrate make fulfil complete fix consummate do cause effectuate bring administrate pull off generate initiate manage provoke put in place contrive create discharge fulfill produce succeed in arrange for call forth finish give rise to occasion bring to pass conclude originate render set up actuate engender precipitate start cause to happen cause to occur make happen wreak run kindle beget breed bring on catalyse catalyze draw on induce invoke prompt spawn work yield actualize begin put across result in translate into turn out turn the trick score clinch deliver on get done follow through with sew up make good on bring to fruition reach secure nail prosecute compass seize acquire land conquer follow through on bring to completion chalk up clock up go through with finish off notch up finalise live up to make it perfect bear out do one proud nail it wrap up rack up make the grade fulfill your potential gain fulfillment make good satisfy get there apply put into practice affect exercise establish put through introduce negotiate put into effect foster act out advance institute trigger put into action commit elicit transact evoke operate compel enkindle put into force develop promote work up employ impose exert deal with take care of practise instigate incite engage in put into operation bring to bear bring into effect practice bring into play pursue hatch muster cultivate motivate lead to use spark off set off contribute to utilize stir up inflict authorise ply be at the bottom of engage take care of business act exploit authorize harness put in force be responsible for be guilty of handle be to blame for utilise rush through put to use push through drive through force through act on actionize tackle follow up on act upon be conducive to make for follow put into place inspire spur work on transgress drive kickoff stimulate exact serve open inaugurate process observe start in on carry to completion action take action on bring forth force draw pull exhibit give deliver the goods serve out deal out pass declare legislate start off set in motion bring up stage draft decree trigger off whip up cook up be the cause of put in motion fire up start the ball rolling get things rolling go through cut swing meet hit present hack be behind enable form formulate up and do play out ratify sanction draught put on acquit oneself of come through polish off put over do the job sail through do the trick provide the means for follow up follow out follow through draw up wage lay down arrange proclaim approve earn one's wings break the ice break in make up do to a T confirm dictate wield put out assign settle work out run with the ball see to do business button up thrash out sort out carry on button down hammer out TCB


Improve, refine, or add the finishing touches to
polish perfect improve refine correct enhance emend finish hone embellish complete consummate copy-edit finalise rephrase revise rewrite cultivate rescript amend better brush up mature mend practise practice round sleek slick clean up finish off go over touch up improve performance make improvement work on put the final touches to put the finishing touches to develop ameliorate elevate upgrade boost augment build on lift advance raise progress build enrich fine-tune help amplify sharpen reinforce further beef up supplement promote increase meliorate strengthen fortify flesh out revamp make strides elaborate grow heighten train improve on edit expand uplift expand on prepare reform update temper add detail to add flesh to rectify straighten out bolster optimize polish up extend optimise elaborate on add to propel work up step up rehearse build up smarten enlarge on study make perfect repeat shape up complement broaden embroider fill out endow aggrandize prosper work hard at foster appreciate envigorate invigorate go through intensify move forward get better at brush up on devote oneself to take the next step gain ground polish up on stimulate put flesh on the bones of run through reenforce smarten up fix soup up work out mitigate vitalize remediate adjust rise expatiate on purify recuperate give a boost turn the corner perk up modify set right take off pick up exploit utilize expatiate groom spruce up take to the next level add value to detail give details enlarge crown tweak assuage fix up transcend make better forward excel redress change for the better magnify fast-track scale up utilise make headway make progress forge ahead compound drive consolidate tighten up inflate boost up smooth exercise work at deepen burnish top up illume maintain moderate benefit reanimate rehab revive save revitalise refurbish resurrect rework revitalize fine revivify retouch sustain facilitate ease repair redraft restore work parlay exalt spike pad up pyramid sweeten iterate attempt try jack up hike up make richer hop up add value jazz up run up form push ahead push on hasten launch recite run over shake-down habituate drill thrive forge ahead with make headway with multiply continue ahead get with it press on press forward bring forward get ahead of take it to the next level come on do again dress rehearse try out warm up walk through dry run become seasoned tune up

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