Đồng nghĩa của say uncle


Act in an excessively subservient manner
kowtow grovel court flatter toady truckle fawn be obsequious be servile brown-nose apple-polish behave obsequiously be sycophantic bootlick crawl creep cringe fuss humble oneself prostrate oneself woo abase yourself blandish bow and scrape fawn on bend brownnose butter up cower curry favor with curry favour with fold kneel pander pander to prostrate stoop suck up dance attendance on ingratiate oneself with make up to play up to smoodge to be all over cave in fall all over give in knuckle under lick someone's boots suck up to go along with toe the mark lie down and roll over bow curry favour curry favor genuflect crouch rub up the right way curtsy soft-soap sweet-talk kneel down bend the knee go down on your knees be sycophantic towards be servile towards keep someone sweet cajole stroke massage oil kiss up to pay court honey up creep to truckle to kiss one's feet lay it on pay court to fall on one's knees fall to one's knees get down on knees ingratiate yourself yield defer submit kiss-up quail abase oneself before snivel abase be obsequious to toady to kowtow to crawl to scratch one's back bow down defer to get round abase oneself to be obsequious towards bow to demean oneself to bow and scrape to cozy up get in with eat crow eat dirt cater to show respect for make a leg bob a curtsy honey concede give way make up smoodge respect play up kiss someone's feet eulogize praise go on hands and knees go on all fours be sycophantic to be servile to grovel before cringe before cultivate praise to excess fall over oneself for slaver scrape invite cotton jolly debase snow eulogise smarm around surrender wheedle humor implore revere pamper bow and scrape before praise to the skies sing the praises of humour fawn over try to get on the good side of eat humble pie seek the favour of humiliate yourself try to win over prostrate oneself before cave in to be at beck and call lay it on thick lay it on with a trowel buddy up demean oneself make much of throw oneself at someone's feet bend low bow low insinuate oneself charm hand a line attract ingratiate captivate seek favor fall at feet prostrate oneself to grovel to kiss the feet of build up adulate spread it on inveigle work over work on blarney glorify overpraise soften rub the right way compliment coax persuade con compliment excessively sweeten up get next to get on the right side of worship gush over elevate puff palaver soap smooth-talk belaud talk into put on a pedestal prevail on hero-worship fawn upon beslaver back-scratch sell salve puff up flannel win over admire commend butter up to submit to politic adore soothe stroke one's ego exalt panegyrize laud pay tribute to express admiration for say nice things about wax lyrical about pay blandishments to venerate roose soften up play the game lionize rave over manoeuvre lionise lure entice tempt beguile seduce urge induce maneuver dupe deceive decoy crowd push banter mislead tantalize influence delude entrap tantalise get around argue into apple polish


Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it
concede admit allow acknowledge grant accept confess agree own recognise recognize accord avow award compromise ditto fess up fold waive own up to cave in cry uncle let on own up take on board bury the hatchet go along with play ball with go with the flow throw in the towel declare affirm reveal profess accede disclose divulge appreciate realize yield acquiesce realise make known tell unveil spill come clean concur give away say assent let out leak betray be conscious of uncover indicate be aware of proclaim open up 'fess up blurt out make public get off your chest blow the lid off see perceive cognize know assert aver state communicate confide confirm utter expose sing agree to approve of accede to narrate attest bare vouchsafe cough discover post tell all about cop to tell the truth spill your guts bring to light spill the beans about bring into the open make a clean breast make a clean breast of come out of the closet let the cat out of the bag go public with hint mouth suggest imply cede admit as true suppose support express cop be conscious that be aware that make clean breast allow to be valid maintain understand sympathize comprehend discern apprehend swear hold grasp conceive allege engage fess sense assimilate insist avouch sympathise be united warrant guarantee contend protest lay down claim asseverate purport savvy register be in sympathy be as one vow prove respect catch seize get intuit behold compass be down with be as one man publish broadcast manifest swear on bible cross heart depose swear up and down evince admit guilt grok decipher dig twig decode impart blurt accept responsibility chirp vent squeal weasel relate unload accept blame unbosom oneself finger plead guilty tell all blow snitch fink be of the same opinion fess up to be of the same mind see eye to eye babble release disseminate be completely honest tumble to publicize air report unfold clue in dump on humble oneself tip one's hand sound off level with spill the beans rat on come out spit out circulate announce talk make out cotton to be cognizant of catch on to open your heart inform explain spill your guts about self-declare self-respond self-disclose make clean breast of make a clean breast of things let the cat out of the bag about self-report self-divulge make a clean breast of it permit blab note cotton on to let drop pass on give out lay bare publicise notify talk about let slip let fall authorize get out of your system bring out into open give the low-down bring to public notice come out with give the show away give the game away go public on let on about blow the gaff let cat out of the bag take the wraps off bring out into the open break the news come clean about bring to public attention put cards on table blow wide open dish the dirt take the lid off cooperate with acquiesce in bow to certify concur with squeal about attest to defer to go into details cough up blow the gaff on take an oath be wise to authorise cop a plea come out of closet subscribe to give thumbs-up give the nod afford with shake on consent to acquiesce to sign off on give in to sign on take in make identify fathom follow figure out learn read distinguish ascertain detect notice get the picture observe suss suss out pick up work out get the message determine divine deduce absorb become aware of latch on to pick up on digest get a fix on feel gather catch on make sense of make head or tail of become conscious of get the drift of pick out get the hang of apperceive smell imagine have an aha moment get the drift taste get to the bottom of interpret penetrate scent see the light find out decide spot differentiate heed puzzle out think find judge piece together latch onto fathom out become cognizant of unravel suspect hear get to know honour come to know master imbibe envisage pay heed to take heed of establish discriminate cotton on honor soak up diagnose difference secern glean conclude estimate believe embrace take mind visualize visualise envision infer consider guess translate mark process get wise to fancy keep up with take notice of wise up have deem regard integrate become aware get the idea nose out feel in one's bones get it familiarize oneself with size up drink in pay attention to get into absorb mentally conceive of sniff abide by comply with adhere to conform to sympathize with remark feature agree with contrast unearth adopt construe track place surmise clock hazard anticipate predict conjecture get on to foresee tell apart postulate hypothesize theorize presume acquire untangle disentangle assume figure fall in with stick by view presuppose esteem sniff out act in accordance with speculate watch expect pin down appraise have knowledge of take note of opine venture gauge get a load of crack have a hunch hit on get vibes reckon predicate make a distinction fall in line with make certain of stumble on catch the drift feel in gut have a feeling evaluate hypothesise gage theorise get the message about get the picture about sort out latch on be in conformity with be in accordance with get the impression make of get the point of soak in take up get your head round celebrate witness tumble break are aware of be sensible of take account see through be alert to have a sensation of incorporate ingest clinch be sure decorate separate obey see the point of eye be sensitive to be alive to image vision hit upon credit descry get the gist pin flash copy identify with empathize with empathise with sympathise with relate to rumble be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that just know decry espy advert attend philosophize philosophise weigh up sum up adjudge assess ween have a handle on get the idea of click with get one's head around wrap one's mind round have a funny feeling get the impression of uphold search out ferret out have information be informed see daylight become conscious be certain accept the validity of acknowledge the validity of commiserate with be able to see admit the validity of define be with it analyze set at variance scan have knowledge be aware be conscious take notice know for certain think through pinpoint catch the drift of pierce measure see what's what get to the bottom diagnosticate explicate remember demarcate flash on get vibrations determinate have experience of get through one's head perceive the meaning of break down dope out throw light on take to mean analyse pay attention get wise nose feel certain be read be learned be versed be schooled slang decide between make a distinction between tell the difference between tell between differentialize vouch whiff catch on to the fact have down pat snuff antithesise antithesize discrepate sight soapbox talk big get clued up about stump act as if spout spiel croon constate get on soapbox blow hot air say so trust entertain listen to hold to keep to stick with live by stick to submit to catch sight of tell the difference set off discern a difference see a difference draw a distinction foretell submit yield to have regard to know what's what split hairs bear in mind take to heart goose-step to do as told give allegiance to toe the line be guided by tell which is which succumb to resign oneself to give way to be on the track get wind of approximate premise be on the trail of be on the track of assent to endorse calculate prevision call daresay foreknow forefeel accord to pick guesstimate dare say take for granted take a stab make a guess at be given to understand hazard a guess take a shot think likely be of the opinion make an estimate of jump to a conclusion go out on a limb take a shot at form an opinion of take a stab at cook up have a sneaking suspicion of dare-say dream up verify check peg fix settle make sure make certain double-check check out check up on get down pat get down cold look-see


Give permission for something to happen
consent approve agree allow sanction accede accept acquiesce assent comply concur permit subscribe yield agree to assent to accede to acquiesce in bless come round comply with concede concede to endorse fold give permission for let okay submit to yes yield to abide by concur with conform to give in to go along with play ball give in give up knuckle under roll over say yes give the nod make a deal sign off on throw in the towel conform OK buy ditto consent to cave in say yes to give the go-ahead to give the thumbs up to give the green light to say the word shake on cut a deal ratify authorize recognize warrant validate back support grant confirm pass mandate espouse license accord adopt embrace recognise licence authorise rubber-stamp concur in give the OK to subscribe to pass on give the stamp of approval to give permission give one's leave give five submit surrender succumb tolerate respect capitulate brook bend accommodate adapt adjust suffer reconcile jibe bow to give one's blessing to accept tacitly hoist the white flag roll over and play dead let pass give one's assent to toe the line cooperate with give approval to give consent to go along stand by cry uncle give the nod to countenance formalize clear accredit sign certify affirm give the go-ahead take formalise approbate agree with approve of give the green light legalize finalize homologate finalise legalise admit defer uphold favour favor bow acknowledge vote for give way go for acquiesce to establish condone heed obey appoint make legal empower commission settle on thumbs up authenticate select pick legitimize bind choose advocate undertake engage observe relent ordain legislate set name decree elect enact decriminalize entitle nominate designate constitute enable give your blessing settle for be happy with compromise on make do with opt for handpick give carte blanche cherry-pick vote in give the seal of approval to act in accordance with give stamp of approval take kindly to get behind pick out single out have decide on decriminalise rubber stamp plump for take up legitimise defer to give the thumbs up hold with regulate budge follow truckle kowtow cave legitimate prefer corroborate blink quit seal second go with the flow knuckle boost like legitimatize make respond mind meet carry tag adhere to keep determine lay down countersign greenlight fulfil formulate give someone leave make law fulfill legitimatise back down vouch for hold to fall in with abet charter accord with pay attention to fix on act upon indulge play it by the book goose-step to make into law do what one is told humour receive keep to hand-pick humor make valid stick to settle be ruled by sanctify give way to pay homage green light notarize vail contract declare lawful jump at the chance reach a decision give one's consent maintain champion give the OK initial qualify lend your name to give leave for believe in undersign signature cosign endure give someone authorization give something the go ahead toe the mark play along with bow down to be guided by cause honor honour leave green-light admit of franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant the right privilege recommend succumb to resign oneself to knuckleunder fawn be deferential cringe buckle set one's seal to set seal on make binding make legally binding make stick John Hancock adhere put John Hancock on be in agreement with stump for buy into lap up push for O.K. give go-ahead normalize regularize fall codify launder indicate specify finger set aside make choice point out call for make up one's mind discriminate between predestine fancy settle upon come down in favour of sift out normalise agree to take clean up bite regularise go for it take one up on pronounce lawful retreat climb down throw in the sponge be overcome fall in line lay down arms admit defeat throw in your hand raise the white flag concede defeat be defeated satisfy order vote welcome gain entertain keep to the rules stick to the rules adhere to the rules measure up to follow the rules adapt to go by the book don't rock the boat play by the rules accommodate to be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules match up to observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves conform with adjust to be in accordance with be servile comprobate astipulate put into effect legislate for substantiate cull return enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to surrender to back down to opt decide command resolve ballot judge optate put in vote into office choose by ballot mark decide upon conclude put in power tap go down the line cast one's vote for stand for implement proclaim rule impose fix institute bring about transact accomplish put into practice put in force get the floor effectuate dictate make laws execute bring to bear vote favorably carry through steamroll jam through bring into effect railroad effect put through railroad through give support to be doing with be in favour of give the okay to take orders answer do as you are told do as one says do what is expected come to heel serve do one's bidding get into line play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast get in line be loyal to be behind put one's name to bear out league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire be in harmony coadjute harmonize fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise be together be of the same mind be consonant with see eye to eye be in agreement be of the same opinion be in sympathy be in accordance come together

Trái nghĩa của say uncle

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