Đồng nghĩa của toe the line


To recognize and abide by
respect obey follow abide by adhere to observe comply with conform to heed uphold acquiesce to defer to honor honour accept acknowledge act in accordance with assent to consent to agree to submit to yield to accord to carry out execute implement keep keep to live by stand by stick to stick with accede to act upon adopt agree with be in accordance with be in conformity with bow to concede to concur with cooperate with do as told embrace fall in line with fall in with follow orders hold to mind pay attention to pay heed to stick by take heed of fulfill fulfil go along with goose-step to be guided by note regard satisfy watch meet answer accord with assent agree acquiesce in bear in mind take to heart do one's bidding play it by the book complete consider redeem mark listen to notice make good on be in agreement with fill respond to match submit go with the flow yield attend follow through with pay attention conform take notice of take note of acquiesce concur accede comply act according to be heedful of dig bear out keep faith with pay regard to do what one is told take into account get a load of play by the rules do as you are told be mindful of see through live up to make it through give ear to be ruled by pick up knuckle under get through take into consideration be true to go through with recognize recognise have regard to believe hearken hear give allegiance to grant harken hark listen take notice take note give heed to do as one is told by behave according to have regard for concentrate on hang on give a thought to give heed take heed allow sanction permit keep to the rules adapt to stick to the rules go by the book adhere to the rules don't rock the boat accommodate to be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules measure up to match up to observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves conform with adjust to follow the rules warrant toe the mark consent defer bow down to play along with brook appease indulge suffer endure humor wear stomach tolerate humour withstand put up with grin and bear it lump it be subject to be governed by take it lying down stoop to be regulated by keep in step surrender succumb serve cave in accord respond attend to take orders get into line give way do as one says play second fiddle give in do one's duty do what is expected come to heel hold fast get in line be loyal to baby-sit see mind the store be cautious of give ear sit watch over catch spot keep eye peeled watch out keep tabs watch your step be aware give care stay in line ride herd on be alert to watch out for watch the store perform discharge practice practise espouse do apply support act on effectuate take on engage in take up carry through be faithful to be faithful put into practice be true hold borrow assume correspond adhere maintain fit harmonize coincide check dovetail comport tally square emulate rhyme chord go by effect jibe cohere go be bound by rime sort consist harmonise give in to live out be aware of pick up on check out be consistent put into effect be as good as fit in endorse approve of cooperate make good relate shake on judge from take in pursue go to the wall for appreciate show consideration for cling show regard for ply consecrate sanctify go with accommodate take as a guide have due regard for remain faithful to take as guide remember follow closely stay on acquiesce with work at specialize in be cognizant of sympathize with be attentive to focus on give thought to run with carry on devote yourself be all ears for tune in to make allowances for keep in mind take cognizance of call to mind think of allow for play ball come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to fit in with play the game listen up to think about lend an ear to occupy oneself with cling to sticky by apply your mind to look on exercise remain true to cleave to be devoted to be loyal be devoted be attached be constant keep one's mind on keep one's eye on reconcile listen up suit level balance gee utilize use square with match up affect be in harmony be consistent with be consonant be congruous be compatible align with be in agreement utilise tap into go in for go down the line


To accept or consent, especially by silence or by omitting to object
acquiesce accept allow approve comply concur conform accede agree assent consent permit tolerate respect brook subscribe accommodate adapt adjust bend buy concede ditto jibe OK okay reconcile suffer yes abide by agree to assent to comply with consent to concur with conform to go along with play ball stand by accept tacitly cooperate with give the nod to go along let pass say yes to come round give the green light to give the thumbs up to give approval to give consent to give one's assent to give one's blessing to say the word say uncle shake on cut a deal give the go-ahead to grant sanction yield recognize acquiesce in endorse recognise admit accede to countenance authorize acknowledge say yes warrant give the nod bless authorise support confirm pass sign yield to bow to licence license ratify defer to sign off on validate confess approve of give the go-ahead affirm own submit to clear rubber-stamp condone indulge agree with give in to give permission back avow accredit formalize let certify approbate accord finalize homologate engage let on submit finalise concede to favour formalise favor give in knuckle under give the OK to subscribe to see eye to eye humour own up to give carte blanche green-light acquiesce to humor have give your blessing give the green light thumbs up follow compromise uphold mandate advocate embrace endure change your mind reveal seal profess undertake second empower enable see concur in realize boost obey heed appreciate cave in succumb greenlight give someone leave give one's leave fess up realise come clean go for open up abet throw in the towel take kindly to charter get behind 'fess up surrender to own up sanctify give way to fall in with set give the thumbs up go with the flow recommend reach a decision fold give permission for make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead jump at the chance toe the mark defer bow down to be guided by pay attention to play along with give up roll over entitle come around bind make a deal authenticate nod show agreement establish qualify resign oneself to succumb to champion give someone authorization legalize legitimatize legitimate cope with give permission to hear of stand for be subject to allow to permit to grant permission to bear the brunt of engage in cause legalise legitimatise grant the right leave admit of privilege franchise wink at blink at facilitate undersign believe in signature cosign admit as true comprobate astipulate relent back down roll over and play dead come round to cave in to enter into be game for back down to relent to cognize know perceive note espouse put John Hancock on be in agreement with give stamp of approval hold with sympathize be aware of be conscious of adopt hold attest to take on board take an oath cop a plea come out of closet be wise to bear observe stand fess divulge wear undergo abide stomach sustain sympathise be united disclose declare be in sympathy be as one weather feel mind be down with be as one man expose pass on swallow adhere to keep give the stamp of approval to surrender spill sing leak hack brave be of the same opinion fess up to be of the same mind give five state let out uncover make a clean breast indicate go into details tell all about communicate narrate talk bare spill the beans about make a clean breast of make public blurt out blow the lid off get off your chest squeal about cough up make known come out of the closet spill your guts tell cop to confide proclaim blow the gaff on unveil bring into the open give away bring to light stick take sweat goose-step to take orders act in accordance with get into line do what one is told give way hold to answer do as you are told keep to do as one says play second fiddle live by do one's duty fulfill do what is expected come to heel hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil be loyal to respond put up with go through bear with wait out sit and take it live with legitimize legitimise commission decriminalize vest invest decriminalise give regulate make legal give leave to bide thole capacitate stick out sweat out legislate enact endow vindicate ordain decree constitute justify excuse handle absorb meet bestow pocket receive grant the right to give authority to give a blank cheque to give power to provide codify formulate launder offer go withstand confer clean up give authorization to entrust give the right to enter entertain vouch for tough out be doing with give green light nod at give the go-ahead for equip give access take in let in give thumbs up be big on delegate normalize pronounce lawful make merit normalise give the means to give the green light for award rate afford oblige pardon sit still for be big experience vouchsafe present carry call for qualify for give authority grant leave to grant authorization to grant a permit to grant a licence to give a permit to grant authority to give a licence to be a justification for be a reason for explain away be a defence of allow for bestow on offer grounds for give the go ahead to confer on take on declare lawful unban regularize give leave for underwrite regularise confer a right to let someone have declare legal contract lend your name to harbour lodge shelter initiate house introduce harbor be authorised be authorized fall for enfranchise resist give the seal of approval to give the OK contract out free up give okay give the O.K. say the magic word stick with stand up to sit tight hang in there hang in prepare assist understand face make eligible give authority for conceive consider charge grace hand confront care for smile on be in favour of give the okay to give the right aid help vote in put into effect make into law legislate for lay down vote for consign shoulder assume encounter have coming fit for absolve give thumbs-up forgive afford with sign on invest with power give means to give the power to give someone the authority set up condition ready vest in entrust to endow in grant to put in someone's hands arm consign to invest in give to confer a right exempt exonerate exculpate whitewash make allowances for laugh off accept apology for make allowance intromit rationalize acquit come to grips with ride out subject oneself to be faced with come up against live through sit through submit oneself to grin and bear be forced to contend with meet with be in line for give the resources to make it possible for give the opportunity to provide the means to cede to favour with be grounds for rationalise ignore be good reason for entitle one to hear demand deserve add render string along let continue let stay let be let go require earn welcome stay the course enrol enlist supply entail necessitate register include pay furnish impart contribute allow to go make way for permit to pass allow entry give right of entry to allow to enter allow in give access to give admission to permit entry show in enroll usher in grant entrance to greet sign up account for turn a blind eye to do bring donate give ground for be worth be deserving of be entitled to be worthy of lay on one extend trust lend inject shark loan shark stake lend-lease hand out

Trái nghĩa của toe the line

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