Đồng nghĩa của approve

Alternative for approve

approves, approved, approving

Đồng nghĩa: O.K., accept, endorse, like, ratify, think well of,

Trái nghĩa: differ, disagree, disapprove, object,


To accept as satisfactory or conforming to the required standards or rules
accept confirm sanction authorise authorize bless ratify endorse pass mandate validate agree to allow second warrant advocate approbate licence license permit recommend uphold back clear countenance accredit finalise finalize formalise formalize homologate okay support accede acquiesce affirm agree assent buy certify concur consent OK seal sign consent to rubber-stamp accede to assent to greenlight concur in give go-ahead give the nod rubber stamp sign off on acquiesce in buy into get behind give the go-ahead to give the green light to give the OK to give the thumbs up to go along with say yes to thumbs up agree with lap up subscribe to make law make valid push for take up O.K. say the word stump for give one's leave give one's permission recognize recognise authenticate legalize legitimize legalise condone give the go-ahead legitimise tolerate establish approve of grant legitimatize vouch for vindicate justify legitimatise corroborate favour favor champion give the green light brook empower commission sustain substantiate verify endure enact adopt enable legislate acknowledge decree defend live with bear legitimate entitle back up bear out prove concede comply come round ordain subscribe put up with constitute concur with shake on stand for say yes formulate charter give permission for maintain let suffer comply with go for make legal give in qualify have promote yield give permission stand by take give something the nod bind encourage make espouse admit yes give the nod to give stamp of approval abet cave in attest to give decriminalize take kindly to give green light vote for appoint countersign regulate give leave give one's approval to throw in the towel submit codify launder attest succumb vest invest capitulate decriminalise abide by surrender commend undertake engage back down sanctify clean up green-light embrace ditto give up give assent to lay down yield to account for submit to smile on admit of lend weight to nod at give credence to testify to check out play ball argue for say uncle give in to be in favour of indulge humour humor give the stamp of approval to stand up for cut a deal let pass give permission to give carte blanche give something the thumbs up green light give something the green light evidence respect demonstrate underwrite give the go-ahead for initial accord conform make concessions normalize assert buttress admit defeat carry stomach excuse pronounce lawful set meet normalise swallow accommodate advance stand stick abide hold with effect conform to concede to give substance to show to be true implement proclaim vote in jibe knuckle under further dictate document argue put into effect bear with cause welcome sit still for carry through put through go along pass on put John Hancock on give one's consent to give one's assent to make into law give one's stamp of approval to give blessing cooperate with give the thumbs up acquiesce to give one's blessing to roll over and play dead give one's support to fall in with throw in the sponge show the white flag stick up for hear of give one's seal of approval to boost check up bear witness to grant the right to engage in give something the go-ahead stand behind side with raise the white flag notarize give one's consent promise indemnify speak up for regularize give leave for relinquish give a hear hear regularise fold guarantee depute give consent for lend your name to declare legal give one's word settle for be happy with compromise on contract make do with entrust roll over give approval for reach a decision give something the OK delegate give something the go ahead make binding make stick certificate nod through give someone leave give someone authorization give approval to give consent to give the OK make a deal receive set seal on give a certificate to give a diploma to give authority for be behind vouchsafe leave franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant someone the right privilege give your blessing accord with make legally binding give leave to put one's name to gain entertain legislate for give the green light for shore up reenforce reinforce bolster set one's seal to take on board free up say the magic word give okay give the O.K. be big circumstantiate confer a right to give authority to give power to John Hancock put one's seal of approval on underpin give a blank cheque to believe in obey undersign be in agreement with signature cosign present assume bestow forward be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with allow to bear the brunt of undergo give nod check on declare true double check strengthen explain string along regard consider hack give five be supportive of nod show agreement comprobate relent astipulate formally support sponsor avow defer concede defeat order see hold view prefer adjust bend adapt hold to rationalize cave in to show give weight to go pocket handle thole absorb bide wear help enter into be game for relent to come round to surrender to back down to defer to give way to suggest hold up one's end come to the defence of stick by give one's backing to advocate for be with go with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support throw your weight behind deem envisage feel reconcile receive wholeheartedly ally oneself with receive enthusiastically take to one's heart be on the side of take up the cudgels for go in for throw one's weight behind be of one mind aid and abet get into take to take on show beyond doubt aid give proof of think sweat out applaud stick out invite cope give your consent to give your blessing to bow to appreciate greet rationalise objectify test debunk complete reify try try on realise actualize realize try out fall victim give way propose command honor honour rule impose stomach something toe the line plug push answer for merit accept tacitly show just cause for provide a rationale for do justice to show to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for give reasons for be answerable for prove to be reasonable give an explanation for make allowances give grounds for show cause carry out conduct declare give the okay to speak for put forward hoist the white flag cry uncle fix institute transact accomplish effectuate determine execute steamroll railroad regard as being identical to consider something to be regard as being the same as consider to be grin and bear it give the go ahead to be overwhelmed by be overcome by be conquered by officially approve draft put into practice bring to bear bring into effect demand deserve put the seal of approval on be acquainted with be on familiar terms with accept as valid be familiar with require earn bring about make laws vote favorably jam through railroad through identify draw up form fulfill wage draught administer compass pursue fulfil follow through with carry off organise pull off arrange negotiate organize rate give the seal of approval to put in force get the floor entail necessitate put in a good word for call for league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire be a defence of give ground for be a justification for explain away be a reason for be worth be deserving of offer grounds for be entitled to be worthy of qualify for be in harmony coadjute harmonize fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise be together be of the same mind be consonant with see eye to eye be in agreement be of the same opinion be in sympathy be in accordance come together witness assure avouch vouch swear testify secure aver clinch autograph manifest insure profess pledge state ensure reiterate restate guaranty inscribe ink bear witness register reassert reaffirm sew up indicate reveal exhibit protect vow set the seal on evince ascertain reassure illustrate swear to contend claim pronounce settle expose provide evidence of check asseverate mark cinch take an oath like repeat back something up bear something out close wind up put the seal on cap reply in the affirmative be proof of prove to be genuine sign and seal invoke provide be responsible for give assurance of show the truth of assign value assign merit password watchword adjure follow wager set out lock on lock up commit nail down make safe ice asservate announce make sure of notify extenuate be liable for go bail for assert under oath stand bail for stake heed suss out hold up double-check make certain of demonstrate the truth of give force to pin down give assurances give a pledge give an undertaking swear an oath swear to the fact give an assurance display give evidence depose to give a positive response agree to take take one up on say you will observe adhere to refute disculpate confute shield rehabilitate whitewash guard disprove allege plead for mind pay heed to accord to signify denote insist stipulate purport cover strike valorize protest take heed of point out settle on agree on sign on come to an agreement on make secure give security to agree to pay showcase elucidate predicate project prescribe note point fall in line with expound make out adduce clarify make plain lay bare make known express make evident lay out set one's hand to put John Henry on put one's John Hancock on act in accordance with ostend betoken connote be in conformity with bespeak designate be in accordance with submit proof give substance to the fact that witness to the fact that flag up submit evidence establish evidence produce evidence demonstrate the truth produce proof discover be evidence of handwrite write signature write one's signature on pen sign your name write by hand sign one's name on engross enhance fortify make clear intensify fuel consolidate magnify heighten renew restore increase amplify accentuate cement enlarge burgeon augment embolden cultivate inspirit nurture foster flourish develop raise make firm firm up lend more weight to amp up beef up scale up


To like, or believe that someone or something is good or acceptable
like admire applaud appreciate commend favour embrace esteem favor respect think well of be in favour of be pleased with hold in esteem hold in regard look on with favour take kindly to regard highly be big on think highly of express one's approval of honour praise honor value approve of look up to endorse eulogise eulogize accept countenance sanction espouse support back push promote advocate prize regard revere champion recommend plug approbate venerate urge welcome okay adopt encourage advise acclaim consider extol recognize OK stand up for take a shine to argue for recognise pay homage to care for look on with favor vouch for be on one's side take to be in favor of buck for thumbs up root for receive favorably campaign for tilt toward subscribe to hold in high regard receive gladly press for rubber-stamp speak highly of take a liking to lobby for flash on give the nod to laud glorify hail rate highly compliment take your hat off to hold in respect hold in high esteem big up express approval for credit express admiration for celebrate reverence treasure thank someone for show appreciation for salute someone for express gratitude for toast someone for pay tribute to someone for give thanks for acknowledge love cherish think of adulate think the world of hold dear idolise worship hold in awe idolize take off your hat to apprise be fond of adore exalt have a high opinion of lionize lionise deify put on a pedestal magnify set great store by hallow hero-worship set store by rate sanctify think much of aggrandize value highly pay tribute to have a high regard for distinguish erect sublime commemorate relish dignify apotheosize decorate emblazon ennoble observe uprear hold in admiration be in awe of be devoted to appreciate greatly idealize sing the praises of roll out red carpet heroize canonize pray to idealise bow down to sing praises to offer prayers to put a premium on canonise panegyrize defer to dote on love dearly value greatly attach importance to extol the virtues of deem important feel great affection for give glad hand give key to city think a lot of place great value on care very much for elevate bless marvel at fancy enshrine toast salute hold in the highest regard hymn carol extoll resound apprize fete want attach great importance to hold in great respect show appreciation of sing paeans to give accolades to give credit to stand in awe of think very highly of hold high have a penchant for have a predilection for have a proclivity for enjoy hold sacred monumentalize pay homage count guard wonder at desire set much store by embosom memorialise memorialize be awed by dote upon nurture halo crack up lift intensify transfigure put a high value on sing hyms to chant to bow down before be wild about crave set on pedestal set on a pedestal build up take pleasure in place a high value on set a high value on covet yearn give thanks to lift up bow to be sweet on love intensely go for be stuck on be smitten with be nuts about flip over be mad for be gone on be mad about be serious about fall for ache for wish for keep go into raptures over affect be faithful live up to be true sing someone's praises


To enthusiastically applaud or approve of
acclaim cheer praise applaud celebrate salute commend compliment hail congratulate eulogise eulogize admire exalt extol honour laud clap welcome adulate express approval of flatter lionise lionize toast vaunt accredit ballyhoo express admiration for glorify hymn rave about sing the praises of speak highly of tout emblazon heap praise on make much of panegyrize pay tribute to praise to the skies wax lyrical about boost go into raptures about go into raptures over honor pat on the back push rave recommend root say nice things about stroke throw bouquets at big something up big up crack someone up crack something up crack up cry someone up blow horn cry something up give approval give kudos puff up give a bouquet give a posy give it up for hand it to hear it for pay homage to magnify encourage approve of kudize look on with favour give a hand give a big hand build up put your hands together give a standing ovation speak well of give a round of applause adore revere venerate carol extoll bless idolize resound rhapsodize over rhapsodize about mention countenance sanction build idolise worship reverence sing paeans to favour favor hats off to gold star put on a pedestal wax lyrical cry up plug support give ovation express respect for bring the house down show your appreciation give it up strike gently applaud someone to the echo clap one's hands hurrah rah aggrandize appreciate commemorate recognize recognise dignify esteem ennoble acknowledge distinguish sing respect take one's hat off to endorse fete praise enthusiastically give recognition to sanctify proclaim show appreciation of hallow erect uprear sublime gush about enthuse about enthuse over observe gush over apotheosize go on about express delight over go wild about be mad about pay respects to look up to hero-worship rhapsodize decorate value immortalize deify rave over prize elevate credit felicitate rhapsodise memorialize immortalise give accolades to give credit to sound the praises of solemnize enshrine lift up take your hat off to roll out red carpet solemnise memorialise give glad hand give key to city give bouquet pat on back hurray mob sing praises affirm uphold bestow honour on express admiration of halo lift intensify transfigure belaud pay respects hold in awe remember root for make a fuss of show respect make a fuss over give credit for hold in high regard hold in high esteem keep hug publicize enthuse sing praises of take off hat to gush brag about givea bouquet hand it to one set on pedestal set on a pedestal effuse show appreciation for advocate fuss signalize signalise publicise slobber drool mark roll out the red carpet give a boost to cite love show gratitude to be grateful for give someone a pat on the back enhance effervesce bubble pray to augment wish one well wish happy returns give regards give a big cigar wish joy to rejoice with give thanks to sing praises to bow down to offer prayers to promote glamorize increase canonize romanticize idealize be wild about be excited fall all over be delighted carry on about make a to-do adorn add dignity to glamourize raise glamour up add distinction to heroize hike romanticise glamorise idealise canonise add lustre to put up


To promote or nurture the development of
encourage promote further help assist advance aid boost foster forward nurture strengthen cultivate develop push nourish nurse abet bolster reinforce fuel improve fortify serve succor succour increase enrich endow instigate pave the way for drum up give a leg up egg on support back stimulate facilitate favour favor sustain champion incubate expedite contribute to accelerate uphold motivate hasten speed up inspire spur endorse back up speed drive smooth the way for help along smooth the path of assist the progress of ease give a boost to hurry oil the wheels of fast-track open doors sponsor make easy precipitate open the door for side with intensify protect clear the way for run interference for heighten enhance extend impel smooth rush benefit enable work for espouse make smooth make smoother make easier quicken establish step up grease the wheels give a push to advocate give a lift give a boost make possible stand by raise take care of rear augment defend be of service to breed invigorate consolidate magnify feed hand-carry stand up for amplify be supportive of loosen up deepen patronize attend envigorate expand walk through spur on lend a hand prop up patronise mount relieve add to care for simplify urge wait on lend a hand to give backing to minister to grow foment proselytize lend a helping hand to stick up for maintain proselytise second sanction progress backstop ally oneself with associate oneself with ally with be loyal to escalate speak for work with tend cooperate with collaborate with cement steel be on the side of aid and abet comfort broaden redouble plug accentuate buttress corroborate empower befriend substantiate enlarge take the side of come to the defence of advantage bring up look after give assistance to multiply set up keep an eye on go with bail out amp up beef up attend to buoy up lend support to be of use to wax build make stronger clear a path for be conducive to add fuel to take the part of pursue sympathize with court prefer domiciliate teach gestate supplement instruct hurry along keep give a lift to arouse fund finance fast track swell compound aggrandize make provisions for push through bankroll invest in subsidize oil the wheels for grease wheels lay the foundations of cherish bring aid to give help to perk up advise bring relief to bring comfort to subsidise harbour hold have harbor entertain render assistance to give aid and encouragement to give a shot in the arm to give a donation to give money to oblige cooperate propel accommodate welcome guide harden supply emphasize toughen make friends with furnish provide suckle underline galvanize stress recommend stump puff hype thump jack up hike up do someone a favour bail someone out do someone a service pitch in with embolden cling to engender ballyhoo generate propagate contribute spread mother ride shotgun help out open doors for root for muck in with do for be a factor in buoy incentify incentivize underpin reward cotton to make a friend of case out buddy up get stuck in with give a hand mushroom snowball aggravate make a pitch for give a leg up to put on the map go to bat for be a tower of strength to hearten stiffen renew vitalize restore galvanise energize incentivise energise highlight emphasise get someone out of a tight spot go down the line for propagandize exacerbate inflame confirm inure give food to get in with hit it off get chummy with come on to take up with push for rejuvenate indurate harshen justify season bolster up worsen safeguard get behind propagandise aid in help in campaign for sinew regenerate tone brace up build up gee up be of assistance to be advantageous to pay off for better do good to be beneficial to be good for bless be of help to befit ameliorate please be useful to suit power be helpful to gratify be of advantage to be to the advantage of profit satisfy take under one's wing condone prompt incite give strength to tone up rouse accumulate rise intensate shore up sit cradle father add fuel to fire make firm give new energy to make healthy collude with connive with take someone's part nursemaid hot up become worse make worse countenance connive goad prod go along with administer to watch over be in collusion with participate in connive at give one's support to give one's backing to see to set on be hand in glove with take charge of baby-sit put up to watch out for keep alive keep tabs on


To have a preference or liking for
go for fancy like love choose desire prefer enjoy favor favour select pick admire want embrace wish crave espouse approbate countenance follow accept be attracted to find attractive have a thing about opt for care for be fond of wish for go in for incline toward yearn for feel disposed to be inclined toward settle upon hold with gravitate towards be drawn to adore be taken with be wild about be partial to be mad about be crazy about relish delight in get a kick out of get off on take to appreciate be keen on cherish have a soft spot for savour savor dig revel in take pleasure in rejoice in elect be infatuated with groove on be captivated by take a fancy to hold dear treasure get a buzz out of have a weakness for go a bundle on take great pleasure in have a taste for take a shine to take a liking to be sweet on cotton to have a preference for lust after have a pash on carry a torch for have eyes for have the hots for have a crush on prize adulate dote on be nuts about have a penchant for have a great liking for have a predilection for have a passion for have a thing for thoroughly enjoy have a proclivity for enjoy greatly fall for get a charge out of lean toward get a thrill out of burn for be soft on find irresistible lech over lech after approve of esteem be smitten with be potty about decide on be hooked on get a buzz from of get a kick from of think the world of nuts about mad about be mad for really like luxuriate in revere rate highly regard highly lean towards have a liking for adopt find appealing plump for lap up find satisfaction in take a thrill to be stuck on glory in find pleasure in bask in single out take joy in take satisfaction in be pleased by hanker for take an interest in value like to indulge in worship decide please see fit venerate idolize be passionate about be devoted to feel like be in love with be attached to have affection for derive great pleasure from very much like like very much long for have taken a shine to will indulge in feast on lionize determine revel idolise lionise look up to have an affection for derive satisfaction from have as a favourite think more highly of spoil for drink in like better exult in immerse yourself in show favouritism towards pine for mind crow about incline towards be entertained by take delight in respect have regard for get high on find enjoyable get a charge from of get a buzz from be gratified by wallow in get a thrill from find agreeable get a bang out of delight derive pleasure from have a fondness for have an eye for have a bias towards be gone on treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with ache for lust for take great delight in jubilate be serious about really enjoy put on a pedestal demand name yearn pick out designate luxuriate have a ball be content be pleased stuck on live a little live it up be amused by amuse oneself have a good time have fun eat up be entertained be pleased with partake of glory rejoice triumph exuberate feel satisfaction with exult amuse oneself with get pleasure from kvell have fun with enjoy to the full drool over find joy in wallow be wild for take great pleasure indulge joy take great delight find great pleasure taste go gloat over feel self-satisfied about would like be infatuated by fall in love with be turned on by be smitten by be enamored by reverence deify canonize stand in awe of honour love intensely hold in high regard bow to love dearly set great store by canonise hero-worship flip over honor hold in admiration have a high opinion of aspire welcome covet require hanker after feel inclined toward would sooner need could do with thirst for rather aspire to endorse hunger for itch for have an urge for be turned on to suggest would rather die for be shook on be nutso about have a high regard for think well of be into rate hold in esteem feel affection toward fix upon settle on elect for take handpick optate forechoose vote for glorify be enamoured of be crazy over be amazed by be in awe of be crazy for be awed by marvel at lavish affection on moon over dote doting feel deep affection for hold very dear be besotted with overindulge feel affection care very much for leaning feel affection for be enchanted by bewitched by thrive with entranced by carrying a torch for potty about fall head over heels in love with consumed with desire for crazy about twitterpated by be addicted to besotted with doting on wild for bowled over by be swept off one's feet by enamoured of put on pedestal wild about passionate about be enamored of smitten with give one's heart to develop a crush on become smitten with gone on be fascinated with love-struck by with a passion for become infatuated with infatuated with captivated by have it bad enthralled by devoted to lose one's heart to enamored of wuv luv


To fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edit revise correct adapt check improve polish redraft rewrite condense emend rephrase rework censor copy-edit assemble cut modify redact reword abridge annotate rescript revamp shorten alter amend amplify analyse analyze assign blue-pencil butcher change compile compose delete discard draught draft excise feature fine-tune finish massage prepare prescribe proofread publish recalibrate rectify refine regulate rehash report retouch scrub splice style tighten trim clean up iron out boil down check over fix up fly speck go over make up set up strike out tidy up write over prepare for publication adjust update recast reform better redo upgrade reshape reorganize remodel reorganise touch up perfect vary enhance tweak develop redraw ameliorate repair help debug remake fix refashion redesign restyle reconstruct make over overhaul remedy look over hone elevate convert set right right red-pencil remould transform rejig temper metamorphose square go through fashion mend emendate remold progress mold tailor readjust modulate rearrange lift raise affect doctor mould turn around make adjustments to make alterations to boost cultivate clarify rebrand shape up straighten out pick up qualify transmute transfigure turn the corner put right shift evolve renovate redress meliorate enrich switch mutate morph revolutionize shape retool reorient customize translate reorder regenerate reorientate reconcile moderate diversify warp reconfigure revolutionise reconstitute turn alternate replace tamper with reshuffle transpose rejigger commute review make innovations permute interchange customise refurbish tune remap subedit reread examine give something the once-over advance rise heighten increase expurgate bowdlerize say differently bowdlerise augment sharpen purify recuperate fit cure suit condition make strides perk up take off make perfect bend paraphrase make improvements to put make make good sort out optimise optimize elaborate complete grow metastasize move metamorphize renew reclaim look through mark up copyedit remove errors check through rebuild transmogrify put differently XXX patch up clear up deal with consummate crown polish up transubstantiate alchemize diverge do over fiddle with make right pay dues set straight finish off express differently put another way put in other words metamorphosize redevelop get with it set the record straight clean up act put in order rehabilitate permutate denature refit recondition cook transfer pass realign transmutate transit turn over new leaf turn the tables stir up change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up put the finishing touches to put the final touches to compare scan scrutinize reexamine scrutinise launder fluctuate distort transition swing disguise flip-flop substitute vacillate swap veer displace pay one's dues make up for maintain strengthen beef up benefit mitigate reanimate vitalize bolster rehab revive save revitalise resurrect revitalize fine revivify remediate stimulate sustain facilitate ease restore fortify bone up brush up freshen up tamper order remix shuffle become different arrange make different put to rights resolve settle retrieve make better solve set to rights heal make amends for recompense dial back spruce up harmonize harmonise smarten modernize redeem compensate compensate for smarten up redecorate patch modernise straighten up beautify expiate atone for make reparation for make amends make restitution for refresh balance gussy up counteract service change for the better rejuvenate even up turn things around uplift promote tidy straighten pay for reinforce neaten make restitution make reparation sort work on see to atone appease requite bring up to code reenforce retread face-lift make tidy make recompense for make level tune up do penance make good for make redress for put on the right track put something to rights avenge conciliate reward furnish go straight do justice turn one around become aid make changes to fine tune phony up correct mid-course build on spell-check alleviate become better step up offset end attend to restitute transcend excel improve on bring around remove eliminate remaster groom dress up deck primp spiff provide appreciate further square up clean up one's act take care of forgive absolve excuse purge relieve diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel assuage forward fettle streamline get working cancel countercheck frustrate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater spruce jazz up brighten up doctor up re-create put back together restore to working order pay recompense for contemporize make as good as new do away with get to the bottom of be the answer to put an end to be the solution to embellish square things do penance for rationalize innovate re-equip level out balance out restore the balance even out answer rationalise finalize bring up to date propitiate work the bugs out of make redress pay the price say sorry make recompense redeem oneself absolve oneself take one's medicine apologise apologize pay the penalty finalise sleek practice practise slick mature round get the latest version of bring into the twenty-first century regularize equalize make improvement improve performance clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together mellow turn over a new leaf get it together uncurl regularise equalise unkink align restructure uncoil unbend set make straight make plumb put vertical even level smooth down put straight organise put perpendicular flatten untwist put upright organize unfold


To trust or accept as true or credible
believe trust accept buy swallow accredit affirm acknowledge favor favour approbate countenance fancy like relish depend on rely on fall for have faith in count on buy into go for be convinced by have confidence in take stock in take as gospel truth give credence to lap up place confidence in swear by take as gospel consider honest consider truthful give credit to put confidence in regard as true take on accept as true attach weight to be certain of be convinced of take at one's word presume true be credulous be rest assured about have no doubt keep the faith put one's faith in swallow something hook, line and sinker take for granted take it have swallow hook, line and sinker bank on credit take take something as gospel place trust in believe in bet on lean on confide in be sure about be fooled by be duped by be taken in by be sure of be deceived by swallow something hook, line, and sinker reckon on subscribe to be tricked by look to take at face value not read the small print take as read eat up take in subscribe have no doubt in agree to assent to put your faith in presume to be true give the benefit of the doubt be persuaded of rely consider to be true hold to be true take something at face value allow score aim for bargain for expect from stake on heed hang one's hat on tab plan on rest on count upon be naive consider calculate on rely upon build on gamble on place reliance on have every confidence in pin your faith on lay money on place your trust in bet bottom dollar on pin one's hopes on put one's trust in

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