Đồng nghĩa của requite

Alternative for requite

requites, requited, requiting

Đồng nghĩa: repay,


Compensate, give in return
return recompense reward compensate reciprocate repay satisfy pay respond redress remunerate retaliate indemnify recoup reimburse get even guerdon match make make restitution quit redeem restitution settle give in return make good make amends pay off even the score give tit for tat return like for like get your own back pay someone back in his make up for square refund atone for balance make amends for pay back offset restore compensate for expiate make restitution for settle up with make amends to make restitution to counterbalance tip counterpoise countervail award repair atone correct make redress for make reparation for square up give payment to pay up give back make recompense for equalize fix propitiate accord make up equalise settle accounts with even up pay for shell out balance out spring for take care of make reparation pay something back rectify replace right mend rebate fee make reparations recover give money back pay dues settle up square accounts with vouchsafe grant pay compensation pony up pay damages pay costs make good for put right ante up dish out remit counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel honour apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine meet even out equilibrize obviate decorate foot discharge clear be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize disburse liquidate close end recognise honor stroke comp overcompensate pay in full clear up tide over dispose of give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while pay money to give an award to make reparation to


To exact satisfaction for by punishing the injuring party
avenge revenge redress retaliate venge retaliate for exact revenge for get even take reprisals pay someone back for settle old scores give tit for tat give like for like settle the score with someone give someone their just deserts take an eye for an eye give as good as one gets give someone a dose of their own medicine give someone a taste of their own medicine take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth get one's revenge have one's revenge take one's revenge get even for hit back even the score get back at reciprocate repay get even with return the compliment make reprisal vindicate recompense take revenge for take vengeance for get revenge for take revenge hit back for exact retribution for even the score for stick it to pay back get revenge square accounts fight back settle the score get your own back for get even with someone for return like for like turn the tables on give someone their comeuppance pay out give someone a Roland for an Oliver get your own back let someone see how it feels pay someone back return reward even guerdon make restitution return the favour wreak revenge on recriminate pay someone back in his get your own back on give comeuppance get redress for settle up exact revenge on take reprisals against kick back pay back in spades seek payback for make reprisal for settle a score with take reprisals for make retaliation for take revenge on settle with get one's revenge on take an eye for an eye for avenge oneself on exact retribution on square things up get satisfaction for get one's own back on give just desserts take vengeance on fix one's wagon settle the score with retaliate on retaliate against repay in kind for be out for blood bewreak punish chasten spite payback retribute chastise take satisfaction take vengeance take satisfaction for come back at counterattack react counter revenge oneself pay someone back in their own coin be revenged avenge oneself wreak vengeance turn upon give as good as you get rise to the bait exact retribution settle accounts repay someone wreak revenge strike back return fire get back at someone settle a score put up a fight exact revenge be revenged on get be avenged


To delight, or to give pleasure or satisfaction to
gratify delight please gladden satisfy thrill content feast gas glad pleasure rejoice suit warm make happy agree with arride baby coddle delectate enchant favor favour fulfil fulfill make content oblige pamper recompense give pleasure give pleasure to buck up make someone feel good tickle pink do one proud do the trick fill the bill get one's kicks give a buzz give someone a kick hit the spot make a hit warm the cockles of the heart amuse entertain cheer divert cheer up tickle indulge charm enrapture excite exhilarate humor humour enliven captivate regale hearten uplift elate titillate bewitch fascinate wow beguile disport convulse appeal to brighten up solace buoy up bring joy to grab give someone pleasure turn on make someone glad give a lift knock dead go over big do someone's heart good make someone pleased brighten revitalize honour honor revitalise appease placate soothe mollify pacify warm the cockles of someone's heart flatter silence still quieten suffice comfort reconcile entrance enamor enthrall allure overjoy send ravish enthral attract groove make laugh bowl over please greatly fracture refresh nurture party tingle scratch prickle caress brush pat touch kittle irritate itch vellicate slay kill laugh it up give a party treat to have a get-together toss a party make a hit with someone tickle to death be the ticket be agreeable to crack up crack someone up be a hit with make smile make roll in the aisles crease someone up make somebody's day make someone content make somebody laugh

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