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Alternative for countervail

  • ngoại động từ
    • gây tác dụng đối lập


To counteract, counterbalance or neutralize
counterbalance neutralise neutralize balance counterpoise nullify counteract undo invalidate compensate for make up for offset balance out cancel out compensate redress redeem negate equilibrize cancel counterweigh outweigh negative even up annul equalize correct even out equalise square atone for equipoise requite ballast square up set off equilibrate obviate indemnify rectify countercheck counterweight fix make good recompense atone make restitution for make amends for make amends equiponderate amend recoup equal out tip the scales make up redress the balance remedy lessen reduce contravene stabilise right halt counterwork stabilize buck cross counter respond defuse wipe out overrule overcome defeat make ineffective override subdue deactivate abrogate render ineffective frustrate conquer even equate level match repay go against reimburse be an antidote to oppose set tie collate attune adjust parallel readjust accord remunerate comp expiate satisfy pay money to make amends to pay for make reparation to overcompensate make restitution to propitiate come out even pair off come out charge equal counterpose account be equivalent allow for settle level out repair retrieve mend resolve cure improve set right better ameliorate put right sort out make right deal with put to rights recalibrate restore dial back turn around make the same balance up turn the scale steady firm up solve straighten out straighten avenge reform make better patch recondition fiddle with reward set to rights do justice fix up set straight reconstruct scrub overhaul go straight launder clean up put in order debug doctor emend shape up ease regulate harmonize heal relieve harmonise vindicate change revise patch up recompense for make restitution make reparation for restore the balance make reparation turn over new leaf pay one's dues turn things around


Make legally null and void
nullify invalidate void abolish annul abrogate quash repeal rescind cancel revoke disannul dissolve negate reverse undo vacate veto abate avoid counteract countermand neutralise neutralize null obliterate obviate terminate rebut recall render invalid set aside annihilate axe ax cancel out cast aside compensate confine counterbalance declare null and void kill limit nig offset renege renig restrict roll back scratch scrub squash strike down torpedo trash vitiate zap do away with render null and void blue pencil bring to an end forget it stamp out take out wash out wipe out call all bets off bring to naught retract overrule withdraw overturn override repudiate take back overthrow recant nix put an end to disallow counterpoise scrap balance end compensate for remove abort make up for dismantle call off drop balance out rule against lift discharge redress stop erase efface call back discontinue delete renounce expunge eradicate eliminate negative deny dismiss disclaim make void redeem abjure abandon cut rub out black out blot out ditch outweigh suspend reject dump discard backpedal counterweigh X-out finish forswear countercheck cry off root out snuff out extinguish equalize disaffirm suppress disestablish call throw out destroy make ineffective exterminate correct backtrack on extirpate get rid of oppose contravene liquidate renege on disown declare invalid equilibrize defeat even out equalise weasel out work against sweep away contradict back out of make null and void undermine upset alter halt chop subvert excise counter cease disqualify down deracinate ignore supersede prohibit abnegate frustrate counterorder square go back on outvote break off blackball turf cross turn down counterweight clean up shoot down finish off even up unsay close down dispatch give something the chop rule out decimate back out rectify refuse put down withcall censor knock something on the head dele put a stop to go against cross out strike out put the kibosh on blank out blue-pencil put a line through atone for go back on one's word divorce declare weaken discount bleep devalue disobey disregard dishonour unfit impair circumduct retreat watergate back-pedal on waive dishonor blow sky-high render meaningless get off the hook backwater forget quell refuse to fulfil inter bring to a close KO lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume blow entomb put six feet under cork up hush up bottle up shut down remit knock out do in repel break call in atone equal out wangle out put damper on opt out stand down throw over worm out retire refute redline do a U-turn on purge omit dominate flout defy predominate prevail pull the plug crawl out of belay put the lid on exclude edit black knock on the head slaughter massacre butcher disavow ding impugn traverse stonewall belie disprove ride roughshod over trample underfoot amend equiponderate elide waste check arrest antagonize antagonise redress the balance trample upon phase out remedy break with take off ink out x out block out stroke out edit out X out white out pull back take away draw back tip the scales set off wipe from the face of the earth put paid to wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth foreswear scratch out score out redact wipe off bowdlerize turn thumbs down junk disband render inert shed relinquish apostatize forsake deface fix right reduce stabilize respond lessen stabilise counterwork buck adjourn trim blank gut strike remove all traces of cut out bowdlerise blot scrape off launder even level equate match deactivate subdue overcome conquer defuse render ineffective jettison wipe slate clean dial back back down backtrack welsh back off eat one's words worm out of fly in the face of conclude prorogue bring square up dispense with change break up wind up disunite desist overset lay to rest prostrate set tie collate adjust accord attune parallel readjust be an antidote to inhibit squelch wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot ruin wind down shatter demolish ban pull up quit interrupt forbid block interdict cut short pack in put kibosh on knock down bring down proscribe outlaw fade out resolve into render void pair off come out even come out bar embargo lay off cut off stop midstream preclude boycott knock it off call a halt pull the plug on call it quits pass decline disapprove discountenance censure burn dissent place an embargo on give thumbs down thumbs down pass on give the thumbs down to pass by not go for give the red light to throw away refuse permission to


To try to prevent by action or argument
resist oppose defy hinder impede obstruct block challenge check combat confront contest counter dispute fight frustrate halt inhibit prevent protest restrain stem stop thwart battle curb reluct counteract refuse stonewall fight against object to baulk at go against be hostile to contend with dissent with be anti kick against rebel against take on be in opposition to refuse to accept stand up to strive against be in defiance of lock horns with struggle against take a stand against take issue with face down take up arms against put up a fight against speak out against set one's face against dig in one's heels withstand contradict oppugn repel cross gainsay fly in the face of deny buck controvert attack negate contravene question argue with argue impugn assail face hold back argue against baulk disaffirm quarrel with balk tackle disagree with rebut debate query negative impeach rebuff traverse stall call in question delay reject call into question hamper foil protest against be against forestall beat bar ward off duel fend off stave off speak against disapprove of doubt neutralize disagree neutralise set your face against contend rival blast disavow restrict stand up and be counted against retard litigate take a stand arrest refute disprove curtail dissent from make a stand against take up arms agitate against unseat impune eliminate campaign against repulse end hold out against disobey spurn war tangle with oppose action compete against compete with betray resolve put off avoid evade hold off spare no effort fight off meet hold at bay match put up an argument battle against backstab complain about grumble about rage against defeat counterattack repudiate meet head-on filibuster dislike cope with put an end to bring to an end to denounce double-cross staunch demur against take exception to demur about enquire come to blows with address be a dissenter from test face off feud with call out inquire rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate undermine interrogate take beef about gripe about grouse about two-time gainstay dissent expose assault disapprove reverse bombard withstay encounter taunt lessen slow contain dam control disclaim disown explode debunk disallow disconfirm discredit act against vie against have bone to pick stab in the back declare untrue confute sell out take wind out of sails stay reduce stanch frown at not countenance search out take issue naysay shoot down in flames shoot down shoot full of holes brush aside turn the tables run counter to diminish decrease bring to a standstill cut off head off bring an end to put a stop to zap smear slam traduce knock zing break criticize tar trash push tangle criticise call in scramble for jump on go for jugular dig deeper give it one's all shoot for stand up for go for it jockey for position dig deep mix it up with handicap run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon put down throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at stymie encumber cramp hamstring trammel fetter hobble shackle interrupt constrain deter cripple clog bottleneck prohibit handcuff baffle manacle muzzle burden crimp embarrass cumber box in choke interfere with debar hold up short-circuit crab be a hindrance to shut out hog-tie set back throw a spanner in the works of bork throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works tie up get in the way louse up slow down interfere

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