Đồng nghĩa của waive

Alternative for waive

waives, waived, waiving

Đồng nghĩa: dispense with, foreswear, forfeit, forgo, give up, relinquish, throw overboard,


To relinquish a right or position
relinquish renounce abandon surrender yield cede reject give up abdicate abjure disregard drop forsake refuse resign sacrifice defer forgo postpone put aside remit spurn allow delay disclaim disown dispense with do without grant leave neglect prorogue remove renege reserve set aside shelve stay suspend table sign away turn down hand over hold off hold up refrain from turn over put off render lay down deliver cough up turn in part with forfeit abnegate forego concede forswear ignore transfer decline quit give away eschew pass up cut out lose step down from deliver up go without step aside from let go of dismiss repudiate let pass cease stop abstain from desist give over swear off give in opt out let go leave out bail out cast off give miss commit pass skip discard forbear refrain demit vacate resist desert withdraw avoid withgo quitclaim capitulate miss out on let go by pass on bequeath ditch fail to take advantage of yield up shed steer clear of withhold from leave off pack in fold make over bag it give way cast aside pass by back down lay aside desist from give something a miss say goodbye to throw in the towel throw in the sponge close your eyes to forget deny oneself brush aside waste squander convey assign confer disinherit shirk disgorge deny recommend hand entrust consign trust intrust transmit repose delegate vest confide pass something up betray blow spare prostitute withdraw from stand down from separate oneself from sign off divorce oneself from wash hands of turn one's back on shun relegate fork out fork up dispense fritter away expend bypass botch sacrifice something kiss goodbye leave behind pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to abstain disavow submit cast dump communicate vouchsafe abalienate accord remise halt deny yourself restrain from lay off fail to take pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip drop the ball bow succumb terminate kick come across with sign over fork over not touch stay away from get off rein in forbear from shy from can commend budge blink relent retire cut loose drop out kiss good-bye stand down acquiesce knuckle under cave in concede defeat take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey drop like hot potato keep off call a halt to skip out on antedate climb down sell out exclude disqualify step down precede knock off resign from back out of drop out of proffer admit defeat cry uncle buckle under pull out hand in despair tender chicken out present bow out comply collapse leave holding the bag leave high and dry leave in the lurch sit out discharge keep from leave alone antecede preexist predate cancel omit eliminate rule out throw out cross out shut the door on dish out allot devolve hand on bestow allocate shell out lay out pay hand down provide pony up ante up hand out apportion distribute pay up furnish parcel out charge pay out dole out place disburse come up with deal out refer offer supply produce alienate mete out commission donate invest depute deed give out alien contribute authorize authorise prorate portion make with chip in stump up appoint spend task feed send administer dispatch share send on settle up put lay deposit award foot the bill pass round pass out hand round lend direct kick in pitch in come across designate set down defray the cost of devote impart appropriate leave with divide put into the hands of send out dispose of disseminate pay for reassign shift bestow on circulate share out mete confer on divvy give to give back turn over to sign something over put in extend volunteer shell something out release give over to divert find will gift make something over to someone stump something up confine outlay put in charge of issue shunt redirect put down finish with let fall channel free render up throw let someone have club together vest in give into the custody of give into the care of unload give into the charge of promise ordain destine engage leave to employ move send on errand hold responsible for send on mission change let have endow lodge set make a contribution make a donation handball escalate give custody of deposit with give custody decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off give free rein divide out partition measure give with lot return offer back pin devise demise attorn have a whip-round patronise advance allow to look after let out make trustee loan aid let store patronize put into hands of command show level apply exhibit put in the hands of pertain belong entrust to grant to invest in settle display give oneself over fall victim fold up suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits lay down your arms break show the white flag come to terms be overcome indulge resign yourself lay down arms be conquered be beaten give up the struggle buckle raise the white flag call it quits saddle burden aim instate target ascribe expose extract broadcast let off drop off unveil repeat spread scoop dish up ladle serve spoon inflict serve up deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up declare give and take carry relay publish make known retail stream retweet RT provide use of be generous with send forth allow use of fulfil achieve carry out make good on implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light


Formally put an end to
abrogate revoke repudiate countermand override abolish annul cancel end invalidate negate nullify overrule overturn quash repeal rescind retract reverse void withdraw recall veto discontinue dissolve scrap suspend vacate avoid break off recant remove renounce stop vitiate abate ax axe backtrack on chop declare null and void disaffirm disannul ditch dump null obviate renege on set aside abjure annihilate call back deracinate disclaim do away with go back on nix obliterate reject renege scrub subvert supersede take back terminate torpedo undo get rid of roll back strike down do in finish off knock out put an end to wipe out give something the chop knock something on the head drop abandon abort chuck in give up call off cut call cry off shelve throw out take away erase scratch delete eliminate cut out rub out expunge discard finish strike out cease dispense with cross out kill pack in edit out halt efface postpone pull the plug on take out quit excise interrupt blue-pencil dismantle bring to an end score out blot out junk eradicate mothball wind up put a stop to dismiss destroy call a halt to forget about discharge omit forswear leave off stamp out break up black out ink out desist from cut off knock off lay off put a line through jettison overthrow relinquish exclude dele desist disown strike edit conclude kick lift break squelch can close slash scratch out elide cancel out back out of shut off x out give over pack up turf suppress forgo bring to a halt shed exterminate rub phase out refrain from withcall intermit disestablish put off expurgate back out pull out deny make void backpedal counterorder render invalid get shut of expire elapse clean up root out sweep away snuff out forsake trim squash belay pass lapse determine get shot of disunite dead-end close down blank out lay off of wink out let up put on ice stroke out white out wind down cut short turn your back on have done with block out blue pencil X out call it quits redline forget call something off bin score through strike through scrub out check arrest retreat back-pedal on reduce drastically subtract disqualify go against unsay bring leave out disavow do a U-turn on call in bowdlerize cross through surrender betray yield purge pull up unpublish knock on the head abdicate disband black censor adjourn stop using amputate exsect exscind gut bowdlerise launder excuse oneself beg off complete knock it off call a halt stop midstream prorogue score X-out bleep snip decontaminate sterilize sanitize clean stop having render null and void declare invalid cast aside resolve cut up lop off scissor out sterilise sanitise cop out wimp out crap out wreck destruct split up sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack decimate shatter demolish unmake collapse sunder rule out Tippex out pass up wrap ultimate settle render void fade out resolve into pull close out consummate crown wrap up round out pull the plug sew up round off get done end up put paid to nip something in the bud shut down dispose of call it a day wind something up nip in the bud pack it in put the lid on switch off top off get cold feet pause die go retire intervene separate interpose disconnect surcease disjoin dissever part extract bag it blow off pull out of bow out of draw out take off stand down shun ignore remit forfeit divorce jilt shake sacrifice part with resign from withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from finish with dust off part from break with write off extinguish extirpate trash liquidate zap inhibit prohibit put kibosh on put the kibosh on


Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it
concede admit allow acknowledge grant accept confess agree own recognise recognize accord avow award compromise ditto fess up fold own up to cave in cry uncle let on own up say uncle take on board yes one bury the hatchet go along with play ball with go with the flow throw in the towel declare affirm reveal profess accede disclose divulge appreciate realize yield acquiesce realise make known tell unveil spill come clean concur give away say assent let out leak betray be conscious of uncover indicate be aware of proclaim open up 'fess up blurt out make public blow the lid off see perceive cognize know assert aver state communicate confide confirm utter expose sing agree to approve of accede to narrate attest bare vouchsafe cough discover post tell all about cop to tell the truth spill your guts bring to light spill the beans about bring into the open make a clean breast make a clean breast of come out of the closet let the cat out of the bag go public with hint mouth suggest imply cede admit as true suppose support express cop be conscious that be aware that make clean breast allow to be valid maintain understand sympathize comprehend discern apprehend swear hold grasp conceive allege engage fess sense assimilate insist avouch sympathise be united warrant guarantee contend protest lay down claim asseverate purport savvy register be in sympathy be as one vow respect catch seize get intuit behold compass be down with be as one man prove swear on bible depose cross one's heart swear up and down grok decipher dig twig decode manifest publish broadcast evince admit guilt be of the same opinion fess up to be of the same mind see eye to eye impart blurt tumble to accept responsibility chirp vent squeal weasel relate unload accept blame unbosom oneself finger plead guilty tell all blow snitch fink babble release disseminate be completely honest talk publicize air report unfold make out cotton to be cognizant of catch on to clue in dump on humble oneself sound off level with spill the beans tip hand rat on come out spit out circulate announce permit get something off your chest open one's heart inform explain spill your guts about self-declare self-respond self-disclose make clean breast of make a clean breast of things let the cat out of the bag about self-report self-divulge make a clean breast of it cotton on to authorize blab note let drop pass on give out lay bare publicise notify talk about let slip let fall cooperate with acquiesce in bow to certify concur with squeal about bring out into open give the low-down bring to public notice come out with give the show away give the game away go public on let on about blow the gaff let cat out of the bag take the wraps off bring out into the open get off your chest break the news come clean about bring to public attention put cards on table blow wide open dish the dirt get out of system take the lid off get something off one's chest go into details cough up blow the gaff on attest to defer to take an oath be wise to authorise cop a plea get off chest come out of closet give thumbs-up give the nod afford with shake on consent to acquiesce to sign off on give in to sign on subscribe to make take in fathom follow get the picture figure out read suss out pick up learn suss identify get the message absorb work out detect notice feel observe gather latch on to divine ascertain digest distinguish make sense of deduce get a fix on make head or tail of become aware of get the drift of apperceive become conscious of catch on imagine determine get the hang of get to the bottom of interpret penetrate see the light pick up on puzzle out have an aha moment think smell piece together latch onto taste honor honour become cognizant of scent unravel suspect hear master imbibe envisage heed cotton on get the drift soak up find pick out conclude believe embrace take visualize visualise envision infer consider guess translate find out process get wise to fancy keep up with have deem regard integrate pay heed to get the idea take heed of get it familiarize oneself with drink in get into absorb mentally conceive of sniff abide by comply with adhere to conform to sympathize with feature agree with adopt construe mind fathom out track take notice of surmise hazard anticipate predict get to know conjecture estimate foresee postulate come to know judge nose out hypothesize theorize presume acquire untangle disentangle assume figure fall in with stick by view presuppose esteem sniff out act in accordance with speculate watch expect appraise have knowledge of opine venture gauge crack have a hunch get vibes reckon predicate fall in line with feel in bones catch the drift feel in gut have a feeling evaluate hypothesise gage theorise get the message about get the picture about sort out latch on be in conformity with be in accordance with get the impression make of get the point of get one's head round soak in pay attention to size up take up celebrate succumb to submit resign yourself to give way to decorate differentiate tumble decide be sensible of break are aware of have a sensation of incorporate take account hit on be alert to ingest see the point of get someone's drift obey get the gist see through identify with empathize with empathise with sympathise with relate to be sensitive to be alive to clinch be sure credit philosophize philosophise weigh up sum up adjudge assess ween have a handle on get the idea of click with get one's head around wrap one's mind round search out ferret out have information be informed just know accept the validity of acknowledge the validity of commiserate with be able to see admit the validity of define uphold advert take note of scan attend have knowledge be aware be conscious have a funny feeling get the impression of pin flash copy think through pinpoint catch the drift of pierce measure see what's what get to the bottom explicate be with it image vision wise up have experience of perceive the meaning of break down dope out throw light on take to mean be certain take notice feel in your bones be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that get on to nose feel certain be read be learned be versed be schooled know for certain feel in one's bones see daylight become conscious pay attention whiff get vibrations have down pat vouch snuff trust entertain soapbox talk big stump cross heart act as if spout spiel croon constate get on soapbox blow hot air say so listen to hold to keep to stick with live by stick to submit to foretell get clued up about get through one's head yield to have regard to bear in mind take to heart goose-step to do as told give allegiance to toe the line be guided by be on the track get wind of be on the trail of be on the track of assent to endorse glean approximate premise calculate prevision call daresay accord to foreknow forefeel pick guesstimate place dare say take for granted take a stab make a guess at be given to understand hazard a guess take a shot think likely be of the opinion make an estimate of jump to a conclusion go out on a limb take a shot at form an opinion of take a stab at cook up have a sneaking suspicion of dare-say dream up slang

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