Đồng nghĩa của make good on


To act in accordance to the terms of
fulfil fulfill uphold honor execute respect complete heed implement redeem accord with adhere to agree with answer be in accordance with be in agreement with be in conformity with comply with conform to embrace fill follow honour keep match meet obey observe respond to satisfy abide by stick to stick with accord to act according to carry out cooperate with fall in with keep to live by stand by stick by acquiesce to act in accordance with defer to fall in line with follow through with go along with live up to pay heed to submit to take heed of yield to assent to bear out be true to do as told get through see through toe the line go through with keep faith with make it through discharge effectuate perform effect be faithful to sanctify carry through act upon be true be faithful act on be bound by be as good as hold mind regard consecrate take notice of pay attention to have regard to action reach consummate affect accommodate serve realize accomplish apply attain nail adopt achieve administer actualize acknowledge realise perfect do actionize enforce agree to carry off deliver on be heedful of do justice to match up to follow through on pay regard to be guided by square with check with accommodate to cater to cohere with chord with measure up to cope with harmonize with pull off tally with make the grade coincide with be good enough perform according to fill the bill cut the mustard fit the bill bring to completion follow up on put into effect pass muster put into action be loyal to put into practice put into operation goose-step to accept consent to acquiesce in equal come up to hold to fit knuckle under play it by the book accede to handle cover support suffice furnish supply sate measure up practice provide for cater for adjust to submit practise be sufficient for adapt to be enough for bear in mind be good enough for be adequate for conform comply fit the bill for do what one is told don't rock the boat play by the rules be ruled by suit remedy provide solve tie gratify acquit satisfice feed satiate surfeit justify bring to fruition make happen deal with pursue make good maintain occupy validate vindicate ply officiate engage distribute dispatch assign adhere come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to acquiesce with bow to give in to fit in with stay in line play the game concur with play ball bring about take up engage in be loyal remain true to take to heart cleave to be devoted be devoted to sticky by be attached be constant keep to the rules stick to the rules go by the book adhere to the rules go with the flow be dutiful to abide by the rules comply with the rules observe the rules act in accordance with the rules obey the rules kowtow to don't make waves conform with follow the rules yield live out work at carry on specialize in surrender succumb recognize appreciate show consideration for take orders acquiesce concur get into line give way do as you are told accede do as one says assent play second fiddle give in do one's duty do what is expected agree come to heel hold fast get in line cave in do one's bidding accord respond brook show regard for take into consideration appease indulge suffer endure humor wear stomach tolerate humour withstand have due regard for put up with grin and bear it lump it be subject to be governed by take it lying down stoop to be regulated by keep in step take into account be mindful of consider sustain remember advance deliver provision be aware of be cognizant of sympathize with note bear equip make allowances for keep in mind take cognizance of notice recognise call to mind attend to think of allow for process resemble compare with extend stand comparison with rank with come near arrive bear comparison with get near approach admit of comparison with rival keep up with be enough be sufficient be adequate serve the purpose suffice for qualify for


To achieve or complete successfully
accomplish achieve attain fulfil fulfill realise realize complete consummate execute effect effectuate finish manage perform produce reach conclude perpetrate compass engineer negotiate score clinch commit conduct conquer earn grasp hit honor honour land meet secure seize strike acquire bag discharge do fix gain make net perfect procure prosecute satisfy snag win wrest bring about bring off carry off carry out carry through chalk up clock up deliver on pull off arrive at follow through on get done get there make it notch up succeed in bring to completion bring to fruition get someplace latch onto live up to nail it pull something off put through rack up sew up take care of wrap up be true to do justice to do the trick follow through with fulfill one's potential keep faith with make hay do a bang-up job do one proud put it over put the tin lid on finalize finalise actualize catalyze nail catalyse enact go through with finish off contrive bear out make the grade fulfill your potential gain fulfillment make good do proud make happen garner succeed get obtain capture reap log ring up gather establish receive collect draw reify hook glean come by wangle nab collar cop knock down get hold of bring in have come into possession of get hands on pull down go the distance find live up assume notch make it to make work inherit bring to pass bring home the bacon pick up derive incarnate pot swing scoop harvest make real carry be awarded be given clear take over advance walk off with build up annexe enlist come away with annex walk away with ameliorate make concrete materialize materialise reorganise corporealize make a reality reorganize come into accede to be elevated to appropriate amass grab come to have access glom onto possess oneself of polish off


To show or prove to be right or reasonable
justify defend explain support uphold establish legitimise legitimize maintain substantiate vindicate sustain warrant approve confirm corroborate rationalise rationalize verify validate advocate bear out legalise legalize legitimatise legitimatize assert clear answer for account for give an explanation for be answerable for give grounds for give reasons for show to be reasonable argue for make allowances show cause give a justification for stand up for do justice to prove to be reasonable provide a rationale for show just cause for speak in favor of prove authenticate certify ratify attest endorse demonstrate back up affirm back argue evidence give credence to excuse attest to testify to show vouch for document lend weight to show to be true bear witness to give substance to show beyond doubt extenuate explain away manifest evince indicate elucidate sanction make excuses for testify give proof of vouch stand by make evident accredit determine whitewash exhibit declare ascertain check circumstantiate avow buttress claim palliate resolve authorize protest clear up check out give weight to illustrate condone contend avouch settle proclaim guarantee reinforce reveal witness authorise expose present show clearly aver predicate make a case for demonstrate the truth of display shield guard mitigate permit attribute denote cover protect allege state profess bespeak make acceptable exculpate second bolster swear deodorize constitute insist deodorise reenforce plead for say be evidence of champion pronounce asseverate showcase express espouse point out strengthen shore up check up gloze over show once and for all expound register emphasize give a reason for give an apologia for submit proof make allowances for adduce submit evidence clarify give substance to the fact that give force to rubber-stamp witness to witness to the fact that make plain establish evidence make known produce evidence demonstrate the truth produce proof give the stamp of approval to emphasise qualify bear something out represent ground illuminate reflect underwrite betoken give an explanation allow sanctify underscore bear witness gloze be proof of prove to be genuine project prescribe note point show grounds for enforce be a sign of insist on swear by rehabilitate refute disculpate confute disprove give nod check on declare true okay agree double check pretext flag up make out lay bare discover lay out find objectify realise actualize realize test debunk complete reify try offer grounds for fight for swear to appease alibi make sure of fix result come up with an explanation develop convince try on try out suss out hold up double-check pin down make certain of have a case add up safeguard secure keep convey signify signal provide a justification for provide an explanation for screen opine promote encourage advance offer press hold propose stress cite rumor plead rumour bring forward put about that make a case ward bulwark fence forfend countenance exculpate oneself throw light on throw light upon vindicate oneself acquit oneself clear the air about exonerate oneself absolve oneself vow lay down purport hold up one's end hold to give one's support to stick by come to the defence of give one's backing to stick up for side with be supportive of fend underpin gloss over give an excuse for give an alibi for give a rationale for answer to shed light on recognize formalize legitimate spell out constitute proof of make clear constitute evidence of reason intellectualise think deliberate excise reconcile intellectualize get across ostend come up with an explanation for acknowledge exonerate decriminalize license sign off on enact regulate normalize ordain decree formulate legislate pronounce lawful codify launder cop out apply logic to give alibi apply logic make allowance reason out recognise formalise decriminalise normalise licence think through cop a plea speak for clean up declare legal give good reason for give the green light to say in defense cover for prove a case apologize for give the rationale behind speak on behalf of speak in support of

Trái nghĩa của make good on

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