Đồng nghĩa của make payment


To transmit, supply or send, especially money or payment
remit send transmit dispatch post convey forward pay settle square address consign route ship hand over make payment of mail transport direct transfer freight express carry move airmail send off deliver communicate impart bear disseminate take relay issue conduct shoot shift circulate redirect drop pack off put in the mail send by post put in the post send away get off dispatch by post email cast level present aim turn point set locate relocate reach bring run contact get ferry send by mail put on board export smuggle go aboard distribute haul embark ship out spread postmark mark hand-carry send out pass on channel diffuse give transfuse mediate hand on radiate funnel instill translate siphon instil syphon bequeath break traject hand down put out advance commission refer assign drop off send on broadcast publish promulgate make known publicize publicise proclaim disclose divulge announce reveal make public tell report propagate declare advertise advertize air give out release purvey get across blazon cart put about relate herald trumpet tote enunciate pass flash blare annunciate placard sound blaze pack feed disperse pipe fetch state lug truck propagandize put across propagandise recount bring to public attention get through share bring to public notice channelize bruit abroad put over canalize bruit about schlepp scatter supply guide leak unfold promote inform expose canalise spread around get out get around get about convoy repeat transplant dispense exchange proliferate drag displace stream set forth make understood make clear print spill preach import strew let out let on about shuttle hump out remove splash explain spotlight drum leak out spread about get round be passed around come out send by e-mail suffuse beam bare unveil readdress support infect contaminate spread out dissipate dispel discover lead e-mail chauffeur pour filter blow puff port ride unbosom blab retail gazette shoulder piggyback patch wire instruct admit teach furnish provide peddle broadcast electronically show travel RT retweet heave connect sync bring in have printed blow wide open articulate televise stage telecast screen waft control shout from the rooftops put in print let it be known decree notify move across buck gossip put round tattle whisper heft schlep include display get something over go public with call endorse pronounce make official pass the word toot make the rounds move around concentrate focus bruit sow draw offer bandy about pass around tell all about carry across bill immortalise headline extol soft-sell skywrite immortalize spot press-agent billboard cry blazon abroad go the rounds noise abroad bring out allot bring into the open send forth turn over celebrate hard sell make a pitch for put on the map write up play up develop upload share out make available switch splatter flourish renown inscribe depict describe boast sweep administer hand out construe spell out bring home expound clear up clarify demystify demonstrate illuminate interpret get over explicate elucidate illustrate pass round pass out dispose of hand round dish out dole out deal out give away mention signify write suggest raise advise let on ring up

Trái nghĩa của make payment

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