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solves, solved, solving

Đồng nghĩa: answer, clear up, decipher, decode, explain, figure out, unriddle, work out,


To find an answer or solution to a problem or question
unravel answer decipher resolve break crack disentangle settle decode fathom fix rectify unriddle unscramble untangle brainstorm divine lick remedy unlock figure out get puzzle out realise realize work out dope out find an answer to find a solution to find the answer to find the solution to riddle out straighten out think out deal with decide on find out find the key to get to the bottom of make out put right set right sort out suss out get right get to the bottom hit upon iron out patch up work on determine a solution to make a dent pan out smooth over put to rights set to rights get around unfold clear up explain work interpret decrypt elucidate calculate correct repair understand mend make head or tail of make sense of clarify ameliorate redress translate compute retrieve make better amend improve better make good take care of construe read comprehend piece together overcome put an end to surmount restore reconcile put in order master circumvent think through free right extricate disengage do cipher cypher square throw light on separate clear break down thrash out hammer out cope with get the better of grasp discern apprehend dissect descramble reason out illuminate reveal reckon suss deduce figure analyse analyze count expound penetrate twig compose cure prevail over triumph over remove sew up get over emend debug recalibrate make clear get round work through find the solution reach an agreement about fix up clean up shape up find the answer make up for riddle uncipher deconflict assess work something out sort demystify illustrate figure something out unsnarl cut through red tape assimilate reason disclose determine cryptanalyze clinch anatomize puzzle get something straight design make plausible make reasonable perceive tally undo faze unlace ravel unwind bring to an end conquer make intelligible estimate come to a conclusion about affect encipher spell render see to get the answer to get answer discover meaning bring out adapt add up transpose find the key crack the code cut the Gordian knot tumble to become clear to latch on to see through cotton on to soak in avenge straighten tot up transliterate evaluate patch recompense reconstruct scrub adjust balance recondition make right reward overhaul launder doctor simplify dial back fiddle with do justice make amends for set straight go straight turn around compensate for alleviate end counteract eliminate ease remove the complexities from make plainer make simpler make easier to understand make more comprehensible make more intelligible release liberate disconnect detach reform do away with be the solution to be the answer to mitigate untwine extract loose disembarrass loosen disentwine upgrade revise renew aid help sever unloose unclasp unfasten attend to red-pencil square up pick up clean up your act heal change alter pay dues rework regulate refine harmonize harmonise edit modify rewrite enhance redraft reword rescript recast rehabilitate meliorate revamp rebuild rephrase copy-edit offset polish neutralize annul retouch relieve negate service negative remodel reorganize raise renovate perfect enrich go over reclaim tweak compensate reorganise elevate cancel countercheck neutralise set the record straight appease touch up balance out even out straighten up turn things around make over pay for make restitution for make reparation for make amends remediate redact subedit conciliate regularize benefit emendate expurgate censor bowdlerize boost bowdlerise make up advance promote update qualify regularise tidy up bring around become better make improvements to step up redeem rebrand redraw diagnose troubleshoot delouse lift rehab refit fettle atone for retread set up refurbish get something working face-lift frustrate vindicate remove errors put back together restore to working order recompense for even up excuse forgive purge atone absolve counterbalance make as good as new do up tune up make restitution restore the balance make reparation level out work the bugs out of expiate invalidate review allay contain quell extinguish relax control refashion counterpoise countervail cancel out turn over new leaf revolutionize reshape redesign remake palliate calm mollify extenuate cool square things do penance make recompense for make good for make redress for do penance for reconstitute restyle convert redo transform do over remould reorientate reorient regenerate restructure assuage mellow soften nullify get with it vary uplift customize permutate permute tailor modernise rearrange remold modernize customise revolutionise equilibrize obviate counterweigh smooth make adjustments to bring up to code make alterations to lessen contravene stabilise halt counterwork counter reduce stabilize buck cross respond go against


To arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning
reason conclude deduce infer judge think calculate consider reckon decide derive extrapolate figure gather resolve surmise understand ratiocinate syllogize adjudge anticipate appraise assess assume believe compute conjecture construe deem determine draw esteem estimate evaluate expect fancy forecast foretell gauge gage guess imagine intuit make out presume regard suppose suspect take trust work out be of the opinion be of the view come to the conclusion draw conclusions bank on count on sum up think likely have a hunch predict fathom hypothesize speculate postulate approximate guesstimate put hazard rate place make call venture suggest theorize select hypothesise predicate pick survey theorise chance go out on a limb make a guess at hazard a guess take a shot at weigh up make an estimate of happen upon form an opinion of size up jump to a conclusion take a stab at value feel conceive divine posit project presuppose say count foresee opine ascertain take it dope out put forward take for granted figure out premise glean see read valuate sense set daresay prophesy discern class weigh perceive hold maintain take as a hypothesis apprehend number measure rank prognosticate hypothecate dare say presage philosophize philosophise contemplate appreciate propound cast allow suspicion propose have a feeling submit observe ween augur classify tally quantify fix analyse vaticinate enumerate recognize comprehend grasp assay envision distinguish cipher tell plan forewarn discover notice get detect portend savvy cognize soothsay take a stab foreknow analyze take a shot previse peg sum twig envisage cypher auspicate spae tumble to call it adumbrate recognise have the feeling contend call the turn take account of psych out draw the inference catch on to form an impression of count up calculate roughly cotton on to be convinced put a figure on advance be of the conviction establish pretend deliberate demonstrate cogitate reflect brainstorm excogitate cerebrate dope check calibrate realize size scheme budget form a theory formulate a theory view total learn review prevision account visualize visualise note telegraph forefeel forebode suss realise chew over induce predetermine have a sneaking suspicion check out beat one's brains get the measure of foreshadow tot register look upon form opinion read between lines tot up assimilate add up build castles in air decipher dig decode know be given to understand grok credit get the picture see something coming see it coming get the idea tote up keep tabs hope bet make rough guess model formulate accept give propone broach blue-sky wonder declare comment remark muse concede apprise air volunteer moot repute hear take it as read meditate think over reconsider rethink roughly calculate eye up take measure of foot tote square ruminate make suppositions ponder form theories pipe-dream study picture omen rationalize rationalise contextualise editorialize cost collect regard as rate as form the opinion class as see as rank as tip foreshow make guesses totalize run down count noses tick off think of count heads signify announce bode forespell forespeak halsen contextualize hear tell stumble on be informed be led to believe feel for see as being set a figure on think of as being regard as being look on as being class as being view as being imply look on as take to be look at reflect on kick around head trip draw inference suss out read into interpret read between the lines arrive at reach conclusion put two and two together come to understand add adjust divide multiply subtract add together editorialise weigh in affirm choose claim nominate assert aver solicit differentiate see through take something on board see the light risk assuming plan for see handwriting on wall tell in advance warn of crystal-ball divine second-guess venture a guess run it up flagpole dare-say latch on to express an opinion dream up espy entertain pick out cook up have a sneaking suspicion of identify pick up foretaste preknow examine compass scent catch seize pre-empt apperceive taste smell behold crystal ball be inclined to think bargain for regard as likely contemplate the possibility of plan on have sneaking suspicion count upon wait for be prepared for allow for be afraid see in the cards figure on look for watch for bargain on take it as given be hopeful of reckon on count chickens have a hunch of prepare for think it likely be afraid of hope for grade become cognizant of find group just know be cognizant of come to know get to know be aware of become aware of become conscious of be conscious of order categorize get the drift take in have a funny feeling catch the drift cotton to get the impression get the impression of get vibes feel in one's bones catch on feel in gut be with it sort outline tax arrange generalize assign generalise score compartment pigeonhole compartmentalise list assort line up break down index position codify put in order brand distribute put down as separate categorise typecast mark type compartmentalize put down for range button down scale run over think through look into meter set a figure quantitate take the measure of draw a conclusion test see ahead eye metre make an educated guess look over figure in have one's number offer


To be suitable for fulfilling or satisfying a need


To reveal or disclose (thoughts or information)
unfold present reveal disclose tell divulge narrate recount relate communicate describe explain illustrate portray recite report show uncover clarify elaborate announce decipher discover display elucidate explicate expose make known publish resolve set forth set out spell out clear up dope out figure out give an account of detail depict paint state chronicle rehearse delineate impart convey relay chart particularize retail specify particularise outline proclaim enumerate repeat expatiate spin picture verbalize verbalise characterize sketch characterise discourse transmit discuss declare list itemize broadcast expound interpret cite catalogue share mention spill itemise catalog track express inform advise signify clue in run down run through extend upon add detail to break a story expatiate on put flesh on the bones of go on about let on about go into detail on flesh out add flesh to evoke conjure up retell sling lay it on the line spin a yarn give the word spill the beans get off your chest speak about shoot the breeze let your hair down spread disseminate circulate promulgate hand on pass on get across let on let out put out publicize make public advertise write publicise break suggest ring up get through raise advertize echo recap unload recapitulate rehash speak utter say tell the story of play back say again voice-over descant voice run by again give an account expand sketch out expand on vocalize pass uncloak charge acquaint talk bare enlighten apprise unmask enunciate articulate unbosom unveil brief familiarize go into detail about go into detail hold forth exhibit indicate represent tell a story give a report of gossip familiarise confess verse level clear vocalise weave catch up bring out fill in leave word call upon tell on keep posted put before open up give evidence of give out spit it out be evidence of give facts reel off wise up break the news let slip let in on lay open summarize summarise account for offer advance propound propose frame define put forward document tell of lay out cover numerate notify report on write up tick off write about submit set down lay down put into words comment on give paint in words assert give details of denote give a description of give a rundown of give a account of put in words testify to inform of advise of paint a word picture of provide details of give details on give the facts on tabulate profile sum up write an article about post air commentate on stipulate note testify designate blazon herald embellish circumstantiate name identify epitomize instance broadcast details of publish details of analyse quote epitomise individualise analyze produce individuate individualize specialise trumpet give verbal account reply give a report number rattle off count down write an account of proffer draw up specialize point out wire adumbrate cable give details provide details bring word communicate information bring word on quote chapter and verse give the facts tweet be specific about get down to brass tacks fly speck sweat details give particulars of give an explanation of


To pay off one's debts
clear pay off repay pay pay back settle redeem square amortise amortize discharge eliminate honor honour liquidate meet recompense reimburse account for erase make good remit satisfy ante up balance compensate for defray foot pay up pony up spring for stand quit pay in full take care of foot the bill settle up make payment bear the cost pay for square up cover make good on bear the expense compensate remunerate cough up stump up fork out foot the bill for come through with bear the cost of clear up exchange relieve shell out fork over cash out service clear off put up bear the expense of kick in hand over make indemnify requite equalize recoup ante disburse fix end close atone equalise make reparation for give payment to tide over make reparation dispose of meet one's obligations come across fork up come up with the money contribute fund finance chip in cover cost pick up the bill pick up the tab for pick up the tab pick up the check pick up the check for pay out give dish out part with lay out pay the bill come up with spend expend outlay come across with donate drop make with render deliver bail someone out put in invest give up defray the cost of splash out pay down guerdon plunk down reward spring give out settle the debt splurge accord stake produce cede yield relinquish surrender provide up blow squander offer lay down turn over turn in front up check out supply advance distribute furnish pledge pay compensation refund pay damages pay costs settle accounts with settle up with pop for vouchsafe redress fee tip award grant return give back lavish honor one's debts knock down come through allocate blue dispense hand out lash out commit sacrifice share impart devote pitch in throw in

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