Đồng nghĩa của sew up


To carry out an action to the end
complete finish finalise finalize settle clinch tie up conclude wrap up consummate end accomplish achieve wind up carry out round off close fulfill terminate effectuate perfect fulfil bring to an end round out set the seal on pull off realize execute polish off carry off finish off bring to fruition top off realise bring off stop nail perform cease do bring to a conclusion secure effect break off discharge determine get done bring about polish crown cap actualize halt discontinue attain negotiate call it a day sort out put to bed work out quit elapse dead-end knock off leave off wink out carry through let up button up engineer break up resolve decide confirm seal make good get through go through with establish bring to a close ultimate pass manage lapse expire wrap perpetrate prosecute close out score shake hands on deliver on make good on take care of succeed in thrash out wind down call off pack in button down hammer out can reach an agreement follow through with complement add the final touch to go whole hog go the limit put the last touches on add the finishing touch to make perfect make up put the finishing touches on bring to maturity do thoroughly agree drop dissolve broker culminate reach enact suspend reach terms on fix come to an end desist from put the tin lid on acquire fold up give up come to terms on chalk up transact pull something off shut down conquer call a halt to live up to make it belay nail it rack up put an end to seize put the finishing touches to follow through on cut out break notch up pack it in round up lay off clock up cut off compass bring to completion give over land satisfy pack up conduct get there set up get something done bear out make the grade gain fulfillment do proud make happen fulfill your potential contrive adjourn cut loose die recess be over be put to bed prorogue put a lid on clear draw to a close arrange concert bargain settle on swing opt name rule choose figure settle upon implement string put into effect put lid on put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to mop up put away clean up call a day top it off run with the ball see to organise do business handle operate carry on administer TCB organize deal with kick the habit quit cold cut it out lay off of abandon forgo abstain from renounce not continue get on the wagon refrain from avoid withdraw surcease hang it up take the cure desist eschew do without forbear from kick over call it quits produce commit bag wrest do justice to keep faith with grasp honour meet arrive at do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay gain strike put it over honor hit do one proud net latch onto put through be true to do the trick make win procure snag earn axe catalyse catalyze cancel pull the plug ax relinquish give something the chop knock something on the head end up sunder get shot of abort put paid to abolish shut off cut short nip something in the bud put a stop to dispose of get shut of scrap wind something up nip in the bud interrupt put the lid on annul switch off pull the plug on scratch fold hang up come to a close shutter scrub come to a conclusion put the icing on the cake shake hands firm up agree on complete the arrangements for wrap something up go disappear fade vanish peter out call a halt check bring to a halt pause dwindle close down quash fizzle out run out die out fade away kick stay diminish eliminate prevent ruin destroy lessen cut dispense with curb wane melt away arrest evaporate abate block bring to a standstill nullify run down pass away frustrate obstruct ebb decrease put the kibosh on hold up quell recede die down die away disrupt get rid of wreck cease to exist demolish do away with repeal be no more undo rescind postpone shatter shelve stem bring to a stop eradicate sever ditch freeze ease off hold back wear off kill come to a halt scotch annihilate hamper forsake remit spoil become obsolete remove delay hinder refrain stall mar dash thwart abstain crush intermit devastate impede come to a stop stymie suppress curtail dump disperse subside revoke vacate sabotage evanish leave come to a standstill pull up restrain slacken run its course interfere with mess up stop dead screw up sink nix cease to be weaken dissipate tail off blow over have done with cry off withdraw from retire from get out of phase out damage discard hold stop trying fail ease defer deactivate dispatch forbear invalidate immobilize go away still impair void collapse catch extinguish inhibit immobilise decimate disunite negate abrogate intervene slow shorten withhold ignore drop off recall decline shake disannul prorogate exit depart null put off drop away obliterate blight come to rest evanesce put back queer banjax dish scupper suspend proceedings crool shrink cool it become invalid draw up leave unfinished delete cruel euchre do in disconnect moderate become extinct bring up foul up become void fetch up make a mess of louse up cool off strike down roll back decay dry up play havoc with bite the dust blow off throw in the towel throw in the sponge subdue grow less bring to an untimely end take a break be suspended fade out put on ice take five take a breather liquidate dispel stop short make a hash of put in cold storage bring to naught blow a hole in escape from finish with say goodbye to give a rest fall away throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of cast aside throw up wipe out disappear from the face of the earth run your term close off kill off bin climax keep turn back junk call bring top bring to end transpire cinch clear up blow yield resign wrap-up back off settle down disturb lift dissociate quit cold turkey surrender despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat be at an end be put on hold succeed draw to a halt truncate not do fly by do for stifle disjoin interpose part dissever separate draw to close put a period to stop midstream limit perish stop in one's tracks reach a standstill lay aside relieve forlet result slip away bring down curtain be gone be no longer valid bag it stand call a stop to rise down tools head off stop work knock it off die off restrict be forgotten cut into break into retard tie up loose ends come to the end be through with finish up raise put the stopper on cripple reverse extirpate snub exsect marginalize oust carve isolate exclude usurp extract overlook excise turn out give up hope abandon hope shut back out renege baulk abbreviate clip abridge pull out of get off go cold turkey sink into oblivion disappear slowly stop doing lie by rest leave alone spell retreat drop out pigeonhole undermine smash take a breather from sidetrack balk brace cut something short wither wilt give notice hold over attack subvert turn out to be countermand dismiss slow down mothball table cut dead take out marginalise take away put on a back burner remove gradually withdraw gradually replace gradually eliminate gradually stop using incapacitate ravage foil melt continue respite put over hold in abeyance be brought to an end put a brake on retract go by degenerate wither away dematerialize relent disable threaten upset deteriorate droop retrograde crumble bate bring to a premature end set aside declare invalid obviate declare take a recess disband relax break short stop cold stop in full flow trail off molder dilapidate moulder cease to be known come to naught go south be done for leave no trace pass into oblivion lay on the table hold off efface render null and void blot out declare null and void expunge get off the hook vitiate erase vaporize taper de-escalate taper off pall lower fall disestablish sell out harm bollix be exhausted be consumed flag take a rain check shun run low go downhill wear away go down go dead fly flee attenuate have an abortion take a rain check on put on the back burner overthrow forfeit divorce sacrifice jilt close the door on terminate the account close the books break down decelerate slack phase down dull coast drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down cool dismantle contract fight intrude on muck up concentrate vaporise parch oppose split up loose wrack shoot disorganize unmake destruct scar become smaller become less grow smaller disfigure stain give out phase something out be depleted be used up withstand resist counter defy afflict taint disappoint trash injure resign from part from part with tackle resolve into render void eighty-six dust off forget about turn your back on break with write off confront refuse oppugn war glitch up bar reject repel put a damper on abjure forego combat buck get rid of by stages hobble staunch hesitate battle against falter waver escape desert dither stagger vacillate wabble teeter balance wobble scruple limp stumble whiffle strive against bail make a stand against bring to an end to cope with struggle against put up a fight against keep from withhold from prevent oneself from cease to indulge in go without swear off restrain oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from keep off be gone from be done with brush off depart from check out from bail from go away from drop out of clear out from bow out of walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from move from abscond from exit from absent oneself from break off with cast off step aside from set out from shilly-shally put a sock in be abandoned blow the whistle on stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill be broken off wiggle-waggle draw to a stand hang back


To perform an act that ensures success or victory
ice secure win clinch ensure nail seal seize cinch consummate guarantee insure assure close out decide put away wrap up close conclude finalise finalize guaranty come away with finish off nail down walk away with walk off with confirm establish set the seal on complete verify lock up lock on settle substantiate set cap lock in have a lock on make sure of put on ice know for certain make certain of stamp shake hands on tie up wind up make certain provide certify effect validate arrange warrant set out declare commit promise aver state testify contract affirm avouch asseverate authenticate show vouch for assert corroborate attest endorse avow witness vouch pledge pronounce make safe swear underwrite vow stipulate undertake profess protect indemnify take an oath maintain agree lay down stand behind give an undertaking give an assurance answer for swear an oath cover reassure safeguard wager prove stake shield guard register hedge give assurances give a pledge get behind swear to the fact engage uphold covenant plight allege claim proclaim contend bind espouse assent obligate accede subscribe insist support back defend purport bind oneself protest live up to cross your heart swear on bible give your word say so cross heart give an undertaking to swear up and down commit oneself delegate sponsor argue specify back up stand by bear out bear witness instruct demand postulate give grounds for require impose determine ordain designate order spell out detail insist on prescribe condition insist upon decree specificate specificize particularize particularise have as a condition make it a condition


To hold or engage the attention of
engross absorb engage involve grip hold immerse preoccupy arrest enthral fascinate interest captivate intrigue occupy bewitch catch charm engulf rivet beguile bemuse busy enthrall entrance envelop enwrap mesmerise mesmerize spellbind fixate hypnotise hypnotize apply assimilate attract catch up consume corner enrapture fill hog monopolise monopolize soak become lost be hung take up up on hold your attention enchant distract divert entertain draw delight amuse please transfix allure capture bedazzle grab lure magnetize employ magnetise ensnare win concern entice hook ravish dazzle obsess enamour witch enamor wile hold spellbound wow dominate overwhelm bury thrill throw transport excite titillate rapture kill affect hold the attention of gratify pique gladden slay tickle pink knock dead possess seize gain tempt tantalize infatuate enslave pull invite tantalise appeal to solace carry away turn on win over tickle take control of bowl over keep busy tie up compel fix haunt control swamp lose attach seduce plunge cheer commit arouse drown overcome overpower move delectate regale eat up inspire take over appeal stimulate disport wrap become an obsession with enmesh recreate bind vamp influence take connect mire catch hold of attend root to the spot hold in awe hold one's attention relax knock out make happy be of interest to put under a spell make a hit with give pleasure to sweep off one's feet maintain keep subjugate impress keep alive keep up electrify keep amused snare woo wrap up rap concentrate perk up be interesting to touch exercise hold someone's attention worry trouble lose oneself in get lost in sink rope in hold on to devour matter to absorb yourself in throw yourself into grab the attention of use up send turn one on sweep off your feet disturb panic enlist hold attention induce prompt engross oneself catch one's eye send into transports take someone's breath away send into raptures animate fire intoxicate interest greatly kindle subdue stir provoke be concerned with be active with overburden persuade elicit be a hit with break one up fracture one knock 'em dead put 'em away get one's jollies devote tickle the fancy of tickle to death throw oneself into gain control of gain dominance of bring in pull in overload be attractive to arouse one's curiosity light someone's fire float someone's boat tickle someone's fancy sit up engage one's attention whet one's appetite capture one's imagination arouse curiosity bother call forth bring forth catch the eye of argue into bring around arouse the curiosity of tickle your fancy engage someone's attention arouse someone's curiosity be a source of fascination to tickle one's fancy eat away at stun grasp rule get ecstasize humour humor elate enliven comfort inspirit indulge satisfy implicate associate embroil plague torment hound bedevil petrify paralyse participate entangle entail impute inculpate link crack up make merry astound stupefy take in beset freeze immobilize halt gorgonize harass prey on palsy stop dead paralyze root immobilise take up all of someone's time take up someone's whole attention submerge own deluge inundate flood rivet the attention of stop someone in their tracks stop one dead have a hold on have a grip on stop in one's tracks sweep off feet overrun get under someone's skin be on your mind prey on your mind be uppermost in your thoughts encompass gulf overflow submerse overtake crush flood out whelm wash out imbibe surround swallow up snow under exhilarate inveigle coax cajole give a buzz give someone a kick rouse content court suck in amaze decoy trick lead on betray bait solicit blow away elevate appease pleasure beckon fulfill fulfil whet the appetite of suit rejoice warm refresh give someone a charge glad agree with mislead strike overjoy delude entrap astonish blind incline trance befool mollify endear placate galvanize invigorate charge sweet-talk pacify steer soft-soap inflame assuage come on enthuse galvanise envigorate please greatly draw one's attention pump up fire with enthusiasm brighten up stir up hit the spot feast fire someone's imagination buck up make someone feel good gas make content turn one's head ensorcell take somebody or something by storm bewilder awe dumbfound quicken be unable to take one's eyes off agitate stagger confuse overawe besot forspeak voodoo floor call subject make an impression on soothe come on to lead stroke secure obtain train rope drag take someone's fancy whet someone's appetite turn someone on daze fill with delight cast a spell on put horns on satiate pick up blarney blandish wheedle exert a pull on exert influence on energize sate put the whammy on put under magic spell hit on draw in silence quieten still make a fool of catch someone's eye quench make someone's mouth water give great pleasure to give joy to sweep you off your feet flatter into smooth-talk razzle-dazzle motivate frenzy jolt suffice reconcile do one's heart good indicate bid sign summon demand ask command serve slake commove dynamize jar energise meet feed sweep someone off their feet take somebody's breath away get someone going oblige give the come-on to work up initiate get started show introduce take your breath away take one's breath away light a fire under provide for cloy accommodate fill the bill do the trick surfeit pander to satisfice sell flatter cater to treasure prize cherish value make your head spin go to your head hearten uplift arride groove convert party fracture nurture attract attention conciliate propitiate sweeten cheer up have a get-together laugh it up treat to toss a party give a party go over big do someone's heart good be the ticket give someone pleasure make a hit with someone buoy up bring joy to give a lift warm the cockles of the heart get one's kicks fool deceive gentle con dupe hoodwink set at ease urge win the affection of put off guard convince unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance bamboozle gull double-cross string along cheat sucker snooker misguide shaft have humbug spoof juggle snow misinform burn buffalo gammon hornswoggle bluff cozen gaff hoax diddle butter up exploit flimflam rook manipulate gyp stick have on scam take advantage of jockey shave play fake out finesse chisel impose on put one over on lead up the garden path pull a swifty on pull a fast one on play for a sucker take for a ride

Trái nghĩa của sew up

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