Đồng nghĩa của kill off


To kill, or cause the death of, on a large scale
slaughter kill massacre butcher destroy murder execute annihilate decimate exterminate liquidate slay dispatch eliminate mow down assassinate wipe out beat cut down defeat do in finish maim mangle mutilate overwhelm stick torture vanquish waste blow away bump off cut to pieces put to death put to the sword send to the gas chambers rub out obliterate extinguish eradicate take out terminate depopulate mass murder extirpate erase stun neutralize neutralise zap delete root out finish off snuff out wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth claim croak put down take the life of put to sleep devastate pulverize wrack wreck desolate ruin cream shatter raze nuke total smash ravage demolish vaporize pulverise pull down tear down put paid to vaporise lay waste stamp out commit genocide cut a swath through wreak havoc on knock off ice top do away with whack off stiff smoke snuff shoot down do to death put away dispose of scrag do for get end the life of polish off fell cause the death of down abolish make away with blot out get rid of hit shoot put an end to gun down carry off end hang lynch guillotine cancel nix take someone's life wipe from the face of the earth strangle bring down wax blast give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice strike down crucify smite asphyxiate garrote garrotte quash take blackball behead expunge decapitate electrocute efface silence immolate discard remove cool crush dust off overturn overthrow blow someone's brains out clean up black out sweep away neck clear rub someone out drop purge quell grease see the back of stone lop knock someone off deep-six dilapidate bankrupt murk put a stop to chill do knife smother garotte kill in cold blood gas dispense with take away discontinue nullify poison deprive ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come ax abort axe annul overcome take a life send to the gallows send to the gibbet overpower rout send to the chair stone to death send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad string up send to the electric chair bring to an end worst best undo abate benothing cull blight dash take off scotch torpedo banjax drive to the wall move in for the kill thin out topple trounce queer scupper trash dish administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce blow a hole in put out of commission destruct bring to naught disrupt put out of action lay in ruins tumble write off break up put the kibosh on thin out the population of reduce the numbers of suffocate sacrifice

Trái nghĩa của kill off

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