Đồng nghĩa của best

Alternative for best

bests, bested, besting

Đồng nghĩa: choice, prime, select,

Trái nghĩa: worst,

goods, better, best

Đồng nghĩa: advantage, excellent, fine, fitting, friendly, kind, nice, proper, real, right, satisfying, suitable,

Trái nghĩa: awkward, bad, badness, clumsy, evil, harmful, illness, poor, unskillful, wrong,

better, best

Trái nghĩa: badly, ill, poorly,

Tính từ

Excelling above all others
finest leading outstanding top dominant greatest premium prime apex complete consummate first-rate foremost number 1 preeminent premier principal superior unparalleled unprecedented unrivaled unsurpassed chief matchless perfect primary prominent supreme terrific transcendent unequalled unequaled ace champion dominating head highest main noted number one peerless primo second to none A-1 boss capital choice choicest crown exceptional Grade A incomparable inimitable optimum select super superlative best possible crack distinguished first first class first-class illustrious nonpareil notable out-of-sight paramount prize-winning sans pareil top drawer topflight top-notch top-of-the-range top-tier unbeaten undefeated beyond compare big-time blue-ribbon estimable exemplary top-class top-drawer tops world class high-class industry leading a cut above the rest number-one of the highest quality one-in-a-million optimal par excellence pre-eminent record-breaking star surpassing top of the line top of the range unbeatable unexampled unexcelled unrivalled unsurpassable without equal superfine utopian vintage ultimate predominant lead ideal utmost quintessential topmost unmatched model excellent key central cardinal grand maximum major most commanding overriding master big sovereign arch numero uno supereminent overbearing primal overmastering sovran archetypal absolute largest unique peak biggest maximal idyllic presiding prototypical uttermost great high essential prior eminent max uppermost classic important ruling elite towering precise right proper very requisite definitive prevailing rare front greater better exquisite arch- record larger typical winning only fitting higher representative classical faultless exclusive extreme top-ranking pure copybook paradigmatic bigger world-class high-quality outside best-case beyond comparison mostest preponderant exact crucial core appropriate headmost full utter singular opportune vital flawless extraordinary senior last successful correct governing furthermost nth suitable ranking all-time noteworthy unparagoned unblemished transcendental idealized idealised out of sight topnotch just right on the money on the button renowned winner's famous celebrated grander loftier marquee stellar best in class in first place No. 1 lion's share elder worthiest reigning perpetual everlasting enduring regnant authoritative ascendant predominate unassailable upper domineering controlling prevalent bulkier weightier longer more bestselling top-level crowning underlying rudimentary simple constitutional initial decisive beginning opening aces solid-gold gilt-edge alone total directing untouchable inaugural A-number-1 unconditional relevant favoured favored chosen A-list heavy hotshot hotdog heavyweight of note hugest upmost highest ranking mother of all unequalable unmatchable pertinent apt unchallenged heavy stuff hot stuff significant apogean pie-in-the-sky best-example dream come true fairy-tale quality all-time best final without an equal in a class of its own culminating hors concours stand alone without peer stereotypical executive maxi victorious at the cutting edge at the leading edge all-out thoroughgoing concentrated determined imitable standard stock textbook conventional archetypical traditional venerable well-suited spot on made to order tailor-made just the job triumphant conquering of greatest importance the most high-up to the fore selected ripe mature fundamental novel special untainted unsullied untarnished one-off standout irreplaceable vanquishing extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind true to type unvanquished top-scoring far-out unimaginable fresh unheard-of unconventional one and only purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind unrepeated something else separate amazing without precedent remarkable unordinary incredible phenomenal unrepeatable in a class by itself newfangled loftiest urgent pivotal critical apical zenithal tiptop highest-ranking seamless immaculate irreproachable impeccable indefectible imperative invaluable picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect exigent have-it-all of the essence basic focal salient intrinsic influential necessary indispensable consequential integral elemental staple weighty elementary must-have pressing material powerful burning serious high-priority high-ranking momentous lofty overruling high-level radical all-important exalted of great consequence top-priority life-and-death in charge well-known elevated grave compelling meaningful immediate acute required major league original high-grade far-reaching basal root determining dignified respected esteemed noble alpha regal potent substantive telling needed honoured germane imposing prestigious pronounced mighty seminal striking of prime importance mandatory honored dire intense necessitous conspicuous prerequisite highly regarded vitally important marked of the utmost importance effective especial august large almighty considerable popular famed recognized constitutive guiding characteristic inherent honourable honorable profound sublime revered pointed substantial fine iconic imperious ponderous first and foremost of supreme importance reputable foundational operative needful strategic five-star resonant of concern heavy-duty large-scale monumental formidable recognised acclaimed importunate historic compulsory obligatory of consequence life and death big league emphatic called for well known of the first rank well thought of high profile high-powered everyday accomplished expert finished particular noticeable arresting axial over above oustanding comprehensive intervening superseding of greatest significance strongest initiative chad bread-and-butter unlimited all-embracing all-encompassing obvious keynote richest in demand top-rank royal pioneer glorious managing moving intrusive projecting protruding impressive arrestive jutting obtrusive actual infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded skookum tough imperial kingly omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary magnanimous fabled stately high priority second-to-none earnest extensive dynamic prototype sweeping appreciable monarchical monarchal legendary trusted heroic triumphal idealistic puissant learned notorious desperate categorical severe sizable majestic monarchial prized valued structural holding the reins emergency drastic sore impelling upper-level applicable overarching eventful impactful worthwhile instrumental rudimental natural empyrean empyreal gifted high-minded well-connected redoubtable first rate highly rated admired terrible clamant driving crying parlous emergent constituent deciding apposite apropos demanded overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous big-league major-league high-profile component connected innate prodigious prototypal earliest determinative climactic higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate called-for very great meat-and-potatoes all important at the heart of respectable patrician refined aristocratic distinctive historical public relative genteel of interest definite posh appurtenant applicative much needed earth-shattering very important life-or-death highborn upmarket highbred gentle huge wellborn in the public eye solid vigorous of influence of mark pointful associated creative ad rem to the point to the purpose blue-blooded upper-class formative innovative widely praised well born upper-crust of distinction silk-stocking high-born imaginative groundbreaking pioneering productive ground-breaking germinal epoch-making inspiring inspirational generative most excellent most important most influential most prominent most favorable most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most expensive most successful most outstanding most skilled most illustrious most significant most powerful most obvious most noticeable

Tính từ

Offering or producing the greatest advantage
advantageous appropriate correct preferred right acceptable advisable apt expedient favourable favorable judicious practical pragmatic prudent rational reasoned wise beneficial desirable effective fitting logical opportune productive proper sensible sound strategic timely applicable effectual fit gainful helpful necessary recommended suitable useful worthwhile best suited clear definitive efficacious presentable sagacious suggested tactical valid compelling convenient seemly preferable profitable valuable commonsensical politic recommendable propitious auspicious well desired commendable counselable required needed essential fruitful beneficent behooveful indicated to one's advantage for the best of benefit in one's interest of service called-for called for perfect happy good felicitous becoming ideal golden promising lucky fortunate reasonable providential done befitting benign ripe fitted due rightful seasonable adequate sufficient well timed comme il faut satisfactory comely suited heaven-sent requisite shrewd provident astute circumspect discerning sage insightful sapient worthy of use well judged well advised canny constructive considered thoughtful discreet smart positive far-sighted rewarding vigilant perceptive savvy intelligent judgmatic judgmatical sane meet common-sense of value serviceable remunerative lucrative of assistance meritorious considerate well-advised worldly-wise well thought out worth it nice just levelheaded level-headed healthy a good idea meaningful justifiable usable purposeful utilitarian excellent substantial significant important of help exemplary paying money-making priceless estimable invaluable worth the effort self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests leery farsighted informed diplomatic discriminating cautious careful enlightened playing safe thinking twice wholesome prosperous hedging one's bets percipient acute agreeable benevolent instrumental supportive clever sober perspicacious pawky skilful benefic kindly gratifying benignant encouraging toward friendly argute accurate skillful sophisticated thorough wary profound calculating judicial sharp keen uplifting win-win inspiring clear-sighted well-judged in one's interests in one's best interests quick-witted heads-up long-headed pertinent relevant apposite germane commodious condign handy cut out for user friendly deserved in keeping fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard to the point good enough in keeping with okay merited swell copacetic in character up to snuff legit kosher well-timed most correct

Tính từ

Outstanding in standard or quality
prize excellent wonderful marvellous great superb fantastic fine awesome fabulous stellar grand splendid top terrific sensational marvelous choice fantabulous sterling divine cool superior quality superlative cracking fab topping radical heavenly prime unsurpassed neat lovely swell dandy topflight nifty beautiful peachy supernal immense classic groovy mean hot righteous dynamite noble crackerjack corking slick dope capital keen phat famous bumper banner frontline primo boss gangbusters gangbuster wizard boffo hype bully bonny brag down bonnie brave gone outstanding magnificent supreme tremendous select topnotch champion elite winning leading cream star lead flagship fat pick first-class gilt-edged first-rate tip-top high-class top-notch A-OK out-of-sight bang-up jim-dandy gilt-edge first-string five-star blue-chip blue-ribbon four-star top-of-the-line top-shelf par excellence numero uno peachy keen very good top-tier top-class finest premier exceptional premium exclusive number one high-grade top-quality high-quality prizewinning world-class top of the line top of the range ace top-drawer super crack A-1 exquisite pre-eminent out of this world consummate top-hole brilliant accomplished deluxe of the first water grade A rare remarkable smashing upmarket optimal unrivaled peerless flawless schmick tiptop good greatest formidable highest wicked unrivalled foremost preeminent highest quality special nice glorious extraordinary masterly unequalled perfect phenomenal matchless precious rad unique unparalleled singular master major valuable def unmatched peak magic classy upscale dominant unequaled incomparable of the first order dazzling transcendent tops spiffing luxurious high priceless selected supercalifragilisticexpialidocious top drawer on fleek top-end plum talented adept luxury expert proficient amazing skilled dainty crucial elegant able skillful vintage skilful adroit distinguished polished virtuoso desirable handpicked standout prodigious main choicest practised sublime deft admirable competent first-line versed delightful impressive experienced unexcelled masterful notable dexterous capable optimum surpassing trained efficient seasoned first exemplary extravagant top-flight faultless unbeatable untouchable dextrous class dear costly pricey central expensive mega practiced effusive extreme excessive striking amazeballs sik veteran educated inflated exaggerated worthiest chillin' of the highest quality A1 spendy big-ticket out of sight high-end far out without equal top quality of the highest order beyond compare the dog's bollocks too much ultraexpensive prize-winning above and beyond of highest order pricy award-winning high-ticket thoroughbred state-of-the-art fly breathtaking model ideal definitive authoritative classical hand-picked elect super-duper the best cushy plummy bad delicate way-out best ever like wow cat's meow posh grade-A eclectic incredible favored 10 popular preferred preferential five star second to none of the highest type high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality distinctive noted attractive meritorious estimable invaluable A-list favorite covetable prestigious plump profitable preferable favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual stupendous cardinal paramount tough heavy world chief carefully chosen bodacious spanking illustrious shipshape eminent 24-karat worthy dreamy beaut ripping sound up to par up to standard up to snuff cordon bleu up to scratch gorgeous uppermost marvy quintessential belting fabby brill bonzer goodly bosting pearler beezer sovereign applaudable awesomesauce solid gold barrie lank renowned exo kif bosker top-level top-grade mind-blowing in a class all by itself very best of the highest standard too good to be true of high quality festive especial historic momentous important whimsical unforgettable happy magical well-versed schooled noteworthy spesh handy fit sure-handed effectual taught tutored practical qualified effective multitalented clever apt savvy workmanlike knowledgeable fitted first class well-rounded all-round refined all-around demon a hand at multiskilled spectacular red-carpet primary celebratory unreal gifted professional signal red-letter out of the ordinary of moment complete pro professed deadly a dab hand at well versed habile compleat stunning wondrous astonishing enjoyable astounding pleasant pleasing unbelievable awe-inspiring staggering exciting miraculous pleasurable mind-boggling thrilling splendiferous delectable outrageous agreeable imposing sweet jaw-dropping eye-popping satisfying gratifying memorable splendorous moving fantastical enchanting lofty delicious scrumptious colossal pretty inspiring far-out majestic out-of-this-world congenial captivating arresting commanding unimaginable solid exalted surprising tasty overwhelming dramatic unheard of hunky-dory eye-opening fancy chic laudable entrancing prominent felicitous radiant inconceivable charming delightsome commendable to die for extraordinaire savory savoury celebrated elevated alluring exhilarating luscious welcome jolly palatable inspired rapturous fascinating blissful grateful extremely good dulcet portentous darling blessed blest unusually good frabjous ravishing zero cool bold monumental august diverting stately spiritual deep eye-catching ineffable transcendental proud enviable plush praiseworthy grandiose bewitching certified legit rewarding epic mint unprecedented large electrifying beauteous hotshot amusing entertaining above average big idyllic unutterable intoxicating top-of-the-range exceeding dignified adorable awful unspeakable enthralling insane showy lordly stirring rousing considerable unsurpassable inimitable heart-stopping mighty wild untold ambrosial yummy lush heroic predominant better resplendent ducky powerful beyond words beyond description fun impossible royal banging massive unthought of lavish of a high standard sacred holy touching uplifting inspirational abstract hip mind-bending spine-tingling awe-striking very pleasant never to be forgotten very agreeable well-favored superfine reliable OK all right cheerful tasteful crowning advanced sharp quick coruscating positive key really good hypnotic sophisticated rockin splendacious smart agile ritzy bestselling rocking foxy juicy something else joyous stylish well-designed natty convenient ingenious spruce sunny fashionable unorthodox paragon creditable well-known replayable chur really nice picturesque theatrical amiable eloquent agitating most awing immaculate impeccable promising greater paradisal paradisaic paradisic superhuman saintly osm sup rior gnarly principal what genial eximious eventful ka pai proper all very well well and good likable cherished baller crash hot conspicuous likeable crazy imperial regal hundred-proof not too shabby high-test improved enhanced A-number-1 mostest titantic utmost unblemished strong ridiculous intense honorable honourable baronial gee-whizz nang No. 1 virtuous slap-up not bad the very best a standout with it pretty cool to your liking very nice the nonpareil paradisiacal paradisiac unexampled surpassing belief one in a million better than usual of the best quality better than average indescribable in a league of their own profound magnific gallant what great better than expected pure inexpressible ambitious ostentatious emphatic unthinkable splashy significant marked uncanny weighty noticeable arrestive improbable unlikely implausible legendary heroical flamboyant pronounced catchy atypical abnormal aberrated freak anomalous peculiar odd preternatural unwonted aberrant uncustomary the most immoderate audacious immodest salient daring impassioned absorbing affecting influential indefinable fetching Homeric huge substantial exorbitant elaborate undefinable incommunicable unco world class exhilarative enticing knockout seductive uncommunicable inenarrable nameless engaging extra special comely appealing handsome fair charged galvanic galvanizing beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason undreamed of disproportionate imperious beggaring description cheery refreshing taking tantalizing cute glamorous sightly stimulating electric celestial untellable empyrean empyreal ethereal luring very pleasurable ascendant very attractive greatly to one's liking kicky galvanising fanciful unreasonable ballsy adventurous zealous aesthetic babelicious lovesome esthetic seemly likely too sacred for words drop-dead gorgeous inviting very beautiful drop-dead good-looking tantalising excelling heart-stirring infinite unlimited entire intellectual beyond grasp intuitive absolute towering ultimate eternal original primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending whole unconfined intact boundless innate theoretical finished hair-raising rip-roaring most excellent

Tính từ

Better than some other option
preferable better choice preferred superior chosen recommended favoured worthier advantageous nicer desirable excellent favored of choice predilect dominant dominating powerful favourable commanding win-win favorable controlling prominent prepotent prepollent decisive important privileged good fine special favorite preferential favourite partisan partial biased discriminatory select prime prize first-class exclusive quality first-rate hand-picked elect top fantastic bad high-quality premier great nice exquisite tip-top grand phat exceptional wonderful terrific top-quality dainty hot elite high-grade top-notch fabulous finest superb crucial optimal fab sensational splendid beautiful 10 groovy swell popular famous heavenly awesome marvellous marvelous sterling fantabulous topflight unsurpassed lovely stellar divine dynamite rad neat top-shelf slick handpicked frontline vintage dandy gangbusters schmick elegant precious righteous cool superlative classic capital rare immense plum prizewinning bang-up noble bumper gangbuster bonny boffo banner nifty peachy high-class corking mean def cherry-picked solid gold bonnie carefully chosen cracking of the first water blue-ribbon valuable boss five-star out-of-sight jim-dandy first-line brag 24-karat gilt-edge top-drawer crackerjack peachy keen par excellence number one grade A first-string unusual top-of-the-line A-1 keen blue-chip numero uno uncommon primo top of the line gilt-edged radical top of the range dope A-OK supernal more desirable more suitable more advisable more eligible more expedient most desirable

Tính từ

Reliable and unfailing
good dedicated devoted loyal staunch dependable faithful flawless inseparable safe stable steady trustworthy trusty unfailing unwavering valued attached balanced bosom cherished close close-knit compelling constant convincing correct dear fast firm intimate loving normal perfect solid sound special treasured uncorrupted undamaged vigorous committed eatable expedient favorable favourable felicitous fresh influential persuasive potent seasonable steadfast timely trenchant tried and tested tried and true unhurt unimpaired unspoiled unswerving well judged well timed whole fit to eat intact promising unblemished uncontaminated undecayed well-timed in good part make good make good on something chummy confidential familiar buddy-buddy boon thick as thieves as thick as thieves friendly thick favourite tight especial near inward matey pally favorite dearest cozy cosy palsy-walsy on top of each other indivisible inseverable inalienable indissoluble conjoined entwined intertwined secure moulded interwoven united integrated integral undividable connected molded unified precious beloved loved darling favored prized as one joined at the hip tied up in each other's pocket sweet pet warm adored esteemed fond respected revered endeared favoured very dear worshipped white-headed fair-haired much loved worshiped affectionate cordial personal clubby sociable on good terms congenial neighborly amiable companionable comradely neighbourly enduring amicable genial clannish cliquey palsy ardent caring hail-fellow-well-met supportive allied akin convivial deep-rooted durable abiding reliable long-standing long-lasting clubbable closely acquainted affable cliquish regular nice true easy gracious warmhearted snug officious nearest and dearest collegial free-and-easy devout resolute bonhomous tight-knit on the best of terms well in close to inseparable from devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms lovey-dovey confiding kissy-huggy very friendly hail-fellow hearty avid true-blue dutiful truehearted down-the-line true blue unfaltering interdependent strong cohesive tender adoring doting kind gentle benevolent nurturing thoughtful considerate sympathetic passionate amatory sentimental fervent reverent earnest solicitous attentive reverential demonstrative concerned generous warm-hearted tenderhearted expressing adoration bound up

Tính từ

Being the authoritative or definitive source of, or reference for
definitive authoritative classic exhaustive classical consummate finest greatest magisterial reliable standard ultimate accepted approved established official recognised recognized superlative mother of all sanctioned authorized commanding accredited sovereign legitimate lawful mandatory executive ruling authorised legal bureaucratic supreme canonical administrative departmental imperial ex cathedra ex officio valid authentic formal bona fide proper certified documented orthodox sound endorsed licensed validated authenticated verified ratified kosher licenced signed and sealed regular traditional customary undisputed binding genuine licit prescribed true contractual correct methodical effective allowed real explicit rightful legally acceptable legally binding in effect in force influential confirmed effectual pro forma ordinary received stock usual normal undoubted unquestioned natural statutory acknowledged canonic uncontested masterful bonafide acceptable conventional credible legit legalized lordly strict constitutional permissible certifiable imperious judgelike actual veritable usable orderly set regimented express right legalised unexpired systematic fixed ceremonious egotistic formalistic routine ceremonialistic ritualistic ritual ceremonial judge-like true-blue within the law warranted signed sealed decided decisive conclusive okay precise cathedral ordered positive definite cleared suitable fitting and delivered straight from the horse's mouth most complete most perfect most reliable most scholarly most significant

Tính từ

Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth

Tính từ

Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom
utopian romantic idealistic visionary quixotic fanciful starry-eyed ideal perfect airy dream fairy-tale fantasy idealist idealised idealized imaginary impracticable perfectionist quixotical starry unrealistic chimerical illusory impractical abstract ambitious arcadian grandiose hopeful ideological impossible lofty model naive otherworldly pie-in-the-sky pretentious supreme transcendental ultimate unfeasible unworkable dreamy fantastic unreal optimistic whimsical imaginative dreaming fantastical extravagant head-in-the-clouds speculative abstracted mythical daydreaming Utopian fabulous improbable unworldly absurd fictitious wild theoretical ivory-towered made-up vague idyllic astral introspective musing high-flown ivory-tower out of touch with reality unreasonable creative inventive non-viable ingenious inspired chimeric enterprising illusive silly far-sighted foolish innovative radical clever original hypothetical insightful resourceful prophetic quintessential pretend invented fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal imagined imaginal fictional notional make-believe phantasmic consummate unpractical half-baked delusory nonrealistic unlikely archetypal dreamlike absolute complete definitive pure poetic not sensible on cloud nine in the clouds prototypical copybook paradigmatic exemplary unviable unrealizable unusable castle-building vain unfounded delusive exaggerated hallucinatory intangible gentle excellent phantasmagoric unsubstantial marvelous woolgathering lulling soothing misty shadowy nightmarish preoccupied pensive immaterial introvertive calming phantasmagorical relaxing out of this world legendary conceptual millenarian millenary revolutionary futuristic fantasizing airy-fairy unbusinesslike Panglossian Micawberish sentimental over-optimistic impulsive chivalrous inoperable illogical irrational senseless fantasising far-fetched unserviceable impetuous useless ineffectual inefficacious ineffective capricious crazy potty classic nonsensical gone reachy floating classical not applicable blue sky marvellous moony unattainable millennial typical representative unachievable optimal flawless untainted prime unsullied optimum essential untarnished unblemished prescient imagal mercurial perceptive discerning penetrating intuitive happy hoping unearthly mental transcendent shrewd gifted wise sharp talented out-of-reach innovatory exalted noble innovational off-centre unorthodox artful unusual vivid nonconformist unconventional originative blue-sky Promethean individual stimulating poetical best possible dream come true best-example offbeat fertile artistic out of the ordinary brain wave inspirational fictive avant-garde breaking ground way out productive with your head in the clouds false misleading fake sham untrue fancied fabricated nonexistent suppositious supposititious fallacious mistaken apparent seeming deceitful ostensible mythological insubstantial deceptive storybook ethereal pretended fabled concocted figmental spectral non-existent dreamed-up pseudo folkloric allegorical traditional apocryphal illusionary ghostly storied semblant artificial specious surreal bogus spiritual ghostlike devised bizarre spurious aerial weird created erroneous deceiving mock simulated incorporeal impalpable supernatural synthetic wraithlike psychedelic incredible symbolic symbolical phoney mythologic made up phony Kafkaesque trumped up ridiculous assumed bodiless heroic flimsy misguided fantasized epic unclear indistinct unbodied deluding beguiling apparitional virtual unsound feigned vaporous faux formless nonphysical discarnate nonmaterial absent hyped up product of someone's imagination inexistent parabolic unbelievable imponderable vampiric imitation wondrous fool's paradise play-play flighty thought up fraudulent all in one's head spooky eerie wraithy curious pipe dream fantasised crackpot strange head in the clouds phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian phantasm trumped-up hoax deluded chimeral unread mocking imitative misconceived delusional academic estimated manufactured created out of thin air dummy ersatz improvised trick hollow disembodied proverbial queer conceived non-physical non-material unembodied in error mimic man-made factitious substitute counterfeit prepared dreamt up Barmecidal Barmecide float forged larger-than-life in your head acted trancelike trance-like all in the mind extraterrestrial nebulous disincarnate dim hazy insincere preposterous reproduction replica unnatural uncorporeal faint dreamish oneiric hypnagogic unconvincing tall alien flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky distracted ruminative meditative inattentive thoughtful reflective distrait too good for this world shaky lightweight feeble cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take rapt absent-minded wool-gathering absorbed pie in the sky castles in the air expressive faraway wanting lacking missing without substance unfocused supposed indescribable indefinable lost in thought beautiful superb wistful outlandish extraordinary left-field obscure untouchable far away in a reverie miles away in a brown study dead empty blank ungrounded departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct baseless tenuous negative groundless lost perished extinct fresh exotic in a world of one's own enigmatic astounding figment of someone's imagination eccentric fancy quirky brilliant freaky freakish genius experimental keen ephemeral sensational astonishing awesome spectacular incomprehensible stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque glamourous glamorous far-out astute imperceptible to the touch metaphysical slender infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night idle passed on passed away without foundation weird and wonderful deviating wonderful surprising null and void few and far between too little too late

Tính từ

Significant in importance or esteem
valuable helpful useful expedient important significant advantageous beneficial constructive crucial essential favorable favourable invaluable pivotal practical vital worthwhile appropriate critical effective good imperative indispensable instrumental paramount profitable admired appreciated auspicious behooveful beneficent commodious conducive exigent fruitful fundamental gainful handy in demand key meritorious necessary needed opportune productive propitious relevant requisite respected rewarding serviceable strategic timely worthy central esteemed estimable held dear hot loved of assistance of benefit of help of service of the essence of use of value worth it worth its weight in gold hot property scarce worthful efficacious convenient positive effectual operative efficient benignant benefic suitable kindly potent win-win lucrative advisable encouraging fit salutary remunerative sensible powerful functional successful friendly desirable applicable sound gratifying practicable facilitative workable economic informative wise prudent usable recommended fitting preferable suggested promising meaningful capable excellent valid adequate exploitable contributive employable to one's advantage satisfying enriching subservient paying formative utile fulfilling priceless substantial illuminating seemly apt judicious politic contributory commonsensical precious proper supportive active recommendable working fortuitous tactical competent prosperous accessory treasured telling forcible accessible available utilizable conclusive decisive determinative operational functioning current running strong virtuous operable applicative applied actionable ultrapractical well spent viable in one's interests expendable unused wieldy consumable open exhaustible adaptable ready utilisable for the best to your advantage at hand in working order at disposal in order justifiable purposeful desired wholesome plus industrious generative agreeable benevolent good for one instructive toward nice exemplary money-making worth the effort required good for you in one's interest reliable edifying pleasing well-spent influential puissant energetic uplifting inspiring benign accomplishing achieving effecting qualified indicated furthersome lucky useable unfailing outstanding in one's best interests durable comforting cheering gladdening heartening heartwarming hard-wearing utilitarian dependable sure-fire called-for called for aiding assistive sturdy stout subordinate providential sovereign disposable ancillary moneymaking felicitous well secondary feasible forceful operating in running order ready for use up and running available for use fit for use at your disposal welcome inestimable cherished subsidiary favoured favored happy golden bright integral consequential irreplaceable jammy rosy seasonable paid fat juicy money-spinning rare choice fortunate of substance going well-paying sweet rich fructuous lush generous auxiliary logical sagacious commendable counselable enough born with a silver spoon in your mouth heaven-sent well-off all-important financially rewarding well paid dear productive of good for aid helpful to facilitate favour favor extremely helpful supplemental bush-league appurtenant collateral adjuvant minor flunky going concern paid off very productive beyond price extremely useful leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in of great consequence red-letter of the utmost importance vitally important in the black calculated to produce lead to contribute to make for tend to promote contributing to in force alive in operation live living doable in action on in use prepared in effect neat right meet nifty pragmatic user friendly user-friendly acceptable becoming decent adapted suited accomplishable conformable healthy realistic well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use versatile pragmatical moving able in working condition possible reasonable correct apposite fitted befitting realizable dynamic in business deserving pertinent due apropos decorous rightful in process realisable good enough correspondent in gear just equal equitable comme il faut no-nonsense sufficient made well comfortable exploitative exploitatory exploitive enforceable manageable natty multipurpose high-functioning well-functioning ideal perfect respectable on line in commission wearable workaday in service fit to be eaten comestible brave fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible easy to use ready for action able to function in full swing on track on the job on fire ordinary everyday purposive practiced easy breeze cinch snap healthful congruous commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right favoring commending unobjectionable protean ample utility exercised empirical utilized used acquirable related correlated experiential tested empiric favouring offered attainable gettable on hand obtainable opened commercial practised utilised no sweat duck soup procurable open to securable achievable getatable reachable to hand around derivable from on tap untaken on deck easy as pie piece of cake simple as ABC enforced cost-effective brought to bear hands-on non-theoretical acting existing vacant derivable forthcoming in hand profit-making sane orderly systematic solvent equipped solid plain unromantic factual unidealistic turning rolling stirring pushing movable simmering progressive traveling engaged flowing exertive travelling astir involved probable graspable winnable spendable down-to-earth level-headed matter-of-fact real-world bankable -worthy vigorous alert spirited alive and kicking lively animated spry on the go occupational vibrant diligent sprightly nimble in play at work non-inert non-passive within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility nuts and bolts both feet on the ground step-by-step self-sustaining sustaining assisting paying well commercially successful saving vivacious quick well-oiled bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans standing indicative at play

Phó từ

To the highest standard

Danh từ

That which is the most excellent or outstanding
finest cream elite ultimate cream of the crop crème de la crème ideal height jewel jewel in the crown paragon perfection prime prize core embodiment epitome essence essentiality heart lifeblood pick prototype quintessence soul spirit top apotheosis archetype beauty model pride substance top drawer choice choicest fat gem nonpareil shining example stuff favourite favorite first flower A-list aristocracy gentry illuminati nobility royalty upper class upper crust elect pink corps d'elite priesthood treasure acme utmost pearl tops exemplar Hall of Fame ne plus ultra peak zenith uttermost nonesuch select personification preference classic hardest first class leading light top choice pick of the litter beau ideal apex chosen greatest pinnacle limit extreme masterpiece standard glory best choice paradigm quality eidolon peach trump idea highest level peak of perfection perfect example something else four hundred pick of the bunch one in a million select few patron saint perfect example of its kind favoured gold skim upper-crust favored latest most fashionable trophy newest apogee source of envy envy object of envy pride and joy gentility crown jewel most select stereotype picture most up to date dernier cri norm representation type byword maximum criterion good example pattern angel cynosure beautiful people jet set haut monde blue blood high society star crackerjack champ lovely champion love sublimation original the last word wonder highest most extremity summit bloom ceiling catch last word typical example plum taonga humdinger option top form blossoming upper limit flowering godsend acme of perfection beau idéal selection discretion trim verdure fitness outstanding example head volition druthers alternative lead bet oner full flowering election chef-d'œuvre liberty way choosing good health best condition bag aces greatest possible extent leader meridian success capstone climax culmination chief cup of tea first place high point utmost extent highest rank high-water mark crowning point example exemplification illustration symbol blueprint showpiece specimen avatar piece de resistance mirror instance template incarnation precedent saint manifestation yardstick benchmark icon masterwork sample gauge definitive example darling chef-d'oeuvre gage copy textbook example dream magnum opus image tour de force chef d'oeuvre stroke of genius the bee's knees work of art guide design typification classic example find triumph expression prodigy actualization case representative coup instantiation ikon mould role model rarity objectification masterstroke hit touchstone exhibit showcase monument genius charm knockout representative case great work mold portrayal standard of perfection greatest thing since sliced bread best thing since sliced bread one of a kind appreciation idol framework emblem classic case ensample hero landmark crown established work perfect specimen idealism basis version archetypal setup style valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art guideline formula lodestar canon flagship dear marvel game plan scale authority principal beatified soul tutelary saint canonized mortal guardian angel specification boast record testament witness good person brick kind person the best paragon of virtue saint and martyr occasion occurrence primary finest example honour honor credit finest specimen representative example display best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example remembrance reminder token demonstration exposition exponent exhibition collector's item a star point of reference parallel case specialty phenomenon speciality phoenix case history sampling detail variety situation evidence portrait proof item case in point typical case counterpart clone double torchbearer pioneer trailblazer focus centerpiece attraction pièce de résistance bellwether forerunner twin semblance replica commemoration memorial someone worth their weight in gold something worth their weight in gold ringer characterization facsimile duplicate doppelganger likeness match duplication centrepiece memento incorporation look-alike carbon copy re-creation mirror image alter ego spitting image dead ringer living image living example realization sensation chef d'œuvre marvellous feat master work reification collection concretization symbolization externalization embodier integration personifier abstract organization combination inclusion concentration comprehension consolidation codification systematization prosopopoeia organisation encompassment form conformation cast systematisation formation matter realisation externalisation embracement bringing together structure

Danh từ

Individuals representing the best of a class

Danh từ

One's smartest or most formal clothes

Danh từ

The most extreme form of something or the final and most impactful development in a series of events — whether favorable or unfavorable

Danh từ

Common tuning standard used for musical instruments for concert performances

Động từ

To surpass in skill or achievement
surpass better outclass outdo outshine exceed excel outperform top transcend trump eclipse outcompete overshadow pass do better than get the better of go one better improve upon outpace outplay outstrip overstep put to shame rise above surmount go beyond outhussle outmatch outstep be more than a match for gain the advantage over get one over on get the upper hand over outsmart outwit own put someone in the shade outflank scoop beat outdistance cap outgun go one better than outrival overtop tower over put in the shade tower above outrank defeat outrun outvie upstage overtake leave standing run rings around run circles around improve on be superior to be better than leave behind trounce be a cut above be head and shoulders above be greater than knock spots off override outgo run rings round walk away from dwarf be more than lead tower lick triumph over get ahead of outfox win against be one up on blow away outmanoeuvre out-think outjockey overcome triumph crush cream predominate rank outweigh extinguish dominate outmaneuver shake off clobber shoot ahead go above get further ahead of stand above be a class above beat hollow take precedence be on another level stand head and shoulders above wipe the floor with be master of win the race shoot ahead of blow out of the water outthink bypass outman overcount overrun leave win take over outgallop swamp be more numerous than exceed in quantity prevail over throw into the shade be superior transform leave in the shade leave in the dust bulldoze cook down trash snow bury outreach be over smash subdue rout vanquish thrash conquer outnumber gain on overdo out-distance overtax distance overwhelm overpower be larger than fake out do in draw away from go by break record have advantage have it all over get upper hand have a jump on pull a fast one blow out of water score points off overpass whip wallop drub shame wax crown overshoot break overreach tip head rival make look pale by comparison run rings around someone stand out diminish minimize finesse undermine obliterate shade minimise be in the lead be at the top of be at the head of preponderate leave something standing put something to shame cut across put something in the shade catch somebody napping call somebody's bluff rule over steal a march on somebody run over go over have command over go beyond the bounds of go over the limit of come first crest loom rise mount rear soar ascend overlook be on top of overhang reach high stand high hang over look over look down extend above be above

Động từ

To beat in a contest
beat defeat conquer knock off overcome triumph over trounce prevail over put away rout take down beat up cream crush drub floor overthrow overwhelm subdue take care of thrash total trash vanquish whip wipe the floor with blast deck demolish knock out KO lick shut down smash wallop waste wipe out bulldoze clobber lambaste master shoot down tan wax checkmate humble put in their place quell whomp annihilate blow away blow out dispatch edge out flatten outfight overbear overmatch overpower slaughter subjugate unseat upend upset win against blow out of the water put in the shade run rings around tank undo pip at the post worst skunk surmount get the better of stop take get trim hammer get around make mincemeat of own paste stuff shellac murder destroy quash do down crucify take to the cleaners bring someone to their knees walk all over massacre pound marmalize outdo pulverize beat hollow be victorious over kill pulverise smother give someone a drubbing surpass slam turn inside out outclass bury cane suppress defeat utterly walk over better repress dominate smoke give someone a hiding whup whop whap dust tromp bomb top skin control reduce outstrip gain a victory over outplay throw snow under overrun prevail triumph win a resounding victory over bear down break tame excel gain mastery over overturn trample curb win transcend torpedo flog down finish zap pommel knock for a loop work over subject be victorious get over pacify subordinate win over put paid to outperform outshine bridle exceed spank hurdle subvert drop do better than go one better than put down ruin devastate slay strike sink swamp chasten outmaneuver outmanoeuvre butcher render incapable outrun render helpless render powerless run rings round give a hiding come out on top take it all deal with put an end to get a grip on humiliate hegemonize bust outwit check get the upper hand stagger overshadow knock over hide belt steamroll whack immobilize restrain bludgeon maul batter thump thresh whitewash immobilise negotiate beat down edge buffet leather thwart frustrate eradicate resist route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap obliterate outjump flax outflank ambush pummel baste roll slog bash whale rise above grind down get the upper hand over do curry plow under punish pummelled chastise make a fool of defeat heavily take out nose out gain ascendancy over do in get one up on get through finish off mow down win a victory over run roughshod over cope with rule cut to pieces bring to ruin take to cleaners roll back win through win out command take a stick to mess up shut out wipe off map make it past make it over bring to their knees gain control of carry the day rough up be the victor take off pwn take the crown pick apart bung up outsmart extinguish solve defeat easily weather survive shock stun render oppress outlive turn something inside out foil circumvent give a drubbing to discomfit override overmaster confound larrup eclipse demoralise astonish demoralize render speechless gain the upper hand over govern manage regulate knock socks off come out on top of cap direct clear knock for six overtop trump succeed over gain the advantage over bring under control get under control get control of outmatch outgun pass cross bring to knees tower over overtake hose outdistance outrival drive off trample underfoot put to flight beat back knock spots off improve on endure put to rout clean up on throw back in confusion be better than blow out of water steamroller settle shoot ahead of pass over vault over climb crest leap curtail squelch arrest squash stifle make it round be unstoppable by make one's way round make one's way past make one's way over execute give someone a pasting run circles around mop up take apart sweep exterminate assassinate blank stretch shellack dumbfound overawe stamp out crack down on put the kibosh on liquidate gain an advantage over score points off have the edge over vaporize be successful get last laugh take the cake gain a victory take the prize prevail against come first gain mastery of take the honours win hands down vaporise gain control over bowl over shut off roll over lay one out do away with administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall bring down dispose of rub out get rid of bump off carry off give the coup de grâce take someone's life move in for the kill have the last laugh on get one over on be one up on succeed slap about reign overrule prove make out prove superior carry achieve mastery make it luck out gain the victory be usual gain ascendancy gain the palm get there come out ahead carry all before one hit pay dirt gain mastery finish first go places be happening go great guns domineer gain exist generally move out rein in contain hold back inhibit constrain tyrannize influence sort out keep a lid on keep a tight rein on keep in check tyrannise keep the lid on resolve hold sway over find a solution to find an answer to moderate crack enslave dictate measure keep pull in bring to heel bring under the yoke pull rank keep down find the solution to find the answer to keep under thumb keep under control rein back boss bully persecute tone down get round abuse silence run the show call the shots maltreat intimidate hold in exercise authority handle hold sway coerce force wrong nip in the bud rule over break down hold down tyrannize over knock down trample on ride roughshod over hold in check rule with a rod of iron take in hand rule with an iron hand keep under one's thumb keep something in check cultivate nullify colonize muller order about compel enthrall underyoke rein domesticize bite back colonise enthral dismantle withhold hold sway kick around keep control of reel back in keep on a string swallow wear down withstand disable cripple undermine enfeeble smash down muffle compose break the spirit strangle topple oust cool fight back keep back gag depose restrict choke back fight ill-treat remove level dethrone limit cork up bottle up button up exploit scourge re-collect calm determine decide stand up to get to grips with supplant displace treat harshly adjust monitor defenestrate disestablish dissolve raze encumber plague overload saddle beset be cruel to ride aggrieve outrage annoy press despotize harass torture worry tyrranize torment distress harry hound strain handicap vex tax be brutal to treat collect form condition rally quiet tranquilize lull corner recover inspect still soothe tip remove from power abolish purge terminate tumble bring low remove from office soften mellow damp affect shape mould discipline guide put upon pick on lessen diminish jump hop spring bound saltate lop scale tackle modify alter touch underlie put screws to put the squeeze on weigh heavy upon damp down predispose directionalize dispose mold act on incline work on shepherd domineer over simmer down keep in line put the brakes on set limits on impose limits on snuff out impact on exert influence on manipulate tranquillize have an effect on be a factor in bring about the downfall of vault over jump over fly over jump across leap over clamp down on have an impact on slap down quieten down deal see to attend to behave towards act towards conduct oneself towards take charge of take on lead monopolize head preponderate run monopolise preside over rule the roost take over head up push about exercise control over push around be in control of have ascendancy over be in command of be in charge of have the whip hand over boss around play first fiddle be the boss of keep under your thumb call the tune lead by the nose have the upper hand in have mastery over have one's way have under one's thumb boss about wear the trousers have the upper hand over be at the helm have upper hand lay down the law rule the roost in be in the saddle sit on top of

Thán từ

Used as a polite closing to a letter to family, relatives, close friends or romantic partners

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