Đồng nghĩa của greater

Alternative for greater

Tính từ

Great, or greater than normal, in quantity or size
higher bigger healthier huger larger ampler extremer vaster immenser terribler stronger taller loftier grander huskier goodlier longer vastier wider lengthier broader bulkier fatter massier heftier tidier plentifuller lavisher heavier fuller roomier grosser richer better weightier comfortabler seriouser mightier unwieldier lanker deeper burlier princelier rifer flusher thicker beefier widerspread awkwarder wealthier brawnier wholer stouter sturdier ungainlier completer hunkier unhandier kinglier hulkier stiffer ranker steeper spacier clumsier severer meatier fairer steadier buffer portlier robuster clunkier statelier splendider beamier starker superber stockier rangier powerfuller auguster finer stretchier prouder lordlier sublimer ambitiouser haughtier hollower airier darker gloomier denser girthier more copious more significant more considerable more disproportionate more enormous more excessive more exorbitant more inordinate more profuse more substantial more voluminous more abundant more extraordinary more extravagant more sizable more sizeable more massive more monumental more substantive more boundless more epic more handsome more heightened more humongous more immoderate more intemperate more jacked up more limitless more major more tremendous more unreasonable more abnormal more astronomical more unusual more gigantic more colossal more towering more appreciable more mammoth more extended more pronounced more ginormous more stupendous more extensive more protracted more titanic more humungous more thumping more prodigious more mastodonic more oversize more elephantine more prolonged more cosmic more decided more mountainous more monolithic more monstrous more biggish more Bunyanesque more numerous more galactic more spacious more expansive more mondo more astronomic more gargantuan more cavernous more cosmical more skyscraping more statuesque more imposing more altitudinous more uplifted more towery more magnificent more elevated more alpine more formidable more soaring more generous more plenteous more immeasurable more bountiful more liberal more capacious more bounteous more commodious more infinite more large-scale more teeming more respectable more brobdingnagian more comprehensive more solid more prolific more ponderous more innumerable more sweeping more populous more multitudinous more abounding more unlimited more cumbersome more grandiose more plenty more incalculable more cornucopian more opulent more marked more multifarious more overgrown more cyclopean more pharaonic more sufficient more far-reaching more strapping more multifold more almighty more gigantesque more luxuriant more decent more super-duper more wide-ranging more global more manifold more noticeable more reasonable more oceanic more Herculean more heroic more unstinting more cumbrous more heroical more affluent more prosperous more profitable more wholesale more advantageous more lucrative more packed more crowded more innumerous more exhaustive more worthwhile more notable more varied more diverse more mesomorphic more mixed more miscellaneous more munificent more divers more assorted more important more thewy more far-flung more magnific more motley more bonny more unmanageable more unbounded more detailed more good-sized more thundering more Homeric more prominent more adequate more material more unrestricted more lumbering more stellar more muscular more fertile more productive more family-sized more staggering more spectacular more sensible more maxi more measurable more consequential more fruitful more universal more gainful more booming more behemothic more mahoosive more unsparing more lumpish more oafish more outspread more outstretched more rolling more international more all-encompassing more stuffed more leading more heavy-duty more awash more worldwide more ripped more shredded more thorough more clodhopping more majestic more glorious more stalwart more jacked more impressive more inclusive more latitudinous more unco more striking more noble more thickset more inflatable more elastic more eminent more regal more different more enlargeable more multidisciplinary more resplendent more gorgeous more imperial more terrific more illimitable more meaningful more baronial more royal more gallant more dignified more dilatant more expansile more sprawling more splendiferous more illustrious more interminable more overwhelming more awesome more unreal more awe-inspiring more yawning more heterogeneous more diversified more sepulchral more gaping more variegated more indiscriminate more polymorphous more diversiform more plural more populated more unfathomable more unremitting more frequent more replete more rampant more prevalent more disparate more overpopulated more concave more reverberant more resonant more dismal more jam-packed more overcrowded more settled more occupied more cavelike more deep-set more chasmal more unmanoeuvrable more incommodious

Tính từ

Of great size
large big colossal enormous giant gigantic huge great massive monumental humongous sizable grand immense super astronomical cosmic elephantine gargantuan ginormous grandiose inordinate lofty mammoth mighty monster monstrous overgrown oversized prodigious sizeable tall titanic towering tremendous vast astronomic beefy brawny broad brobdingnagian Bunyanesque burly cavernous chunky commodious cosmical cyclopean extreme fleshy formidable galactic heavy heavyset heavyweight Herculean hulking hulky humungous husky leviathan mastodonic meaty monolithic mountainous muscly muscular pharaonic powerful staggering stellar stout strapping strong stupendous sturdy thick thickset vasty walloping weighty wide capacious liberal roomy spacious thumping well-built appreciable biggish boxcar Falstaffian flabby fubsy hunky jumbo largish oversize paunchy solid buxom larger outsized whopping zaftig blimp dirty great giant-size giant-sized goodly gross king-size king-sized man-size man-sized of considerable size thumping great whacking great whopping great barn door big and strong broad in the beam broad-shouldered bulky corn-fed muscle-bound not inconsiderable powerfully built roly-poly solidly built well fed well upholstered king size substantial hefty considerable ample extensive voluminous handsome tidy generous whacking mega outsize bumper herculean fat Brobdingnagian heroic epic abundant significant expansive gigantesque heroical supersized supersize full Himalayan oceanic planetary super-duper portly overweight immeasurable plump corpulent cumbersome major chubby boundless tubby rotund imposing obese ponderous podgy substantive pudgy healthy blubbery excessive very large very big good respectable plentiful porky extraordinary profuse copious limitless lardy round lavish high poddy magnificent impressive well padded pursy serious infinite large-scale unwieldy beer-bellied replete plenteous decent comfortable cumbrous abdominous awkward almighty marked palatial reasonable bountiful comprehensive pot-bellied spacey extravagant long terrific endless exorbitant not to be sneezed at striking fantastic noticeable extended princely sweeping majestic superabundant porcine profitable splendid burdensome of ample proportions unlimited august dumpy stocky rich morbidly obese open well covered overwhelming phenomenal adipose magnific Homeric glorious rambling complete well rounded mondo lucrative noble very great stately widespread regal deep bloated fattish imperial well-padded fair notable unbounded baronial bonny remarkable rounded measureless luxurious overheavy illimitable superb good-sized pronounced bounteous extremely large unfathomable ungainly interminable loose-fitting expanded awesome behemoth clumsy disproportionate extra-large awe-inspiring airy statuesque well built behemothic maxi incalculable unusual thundering ambitious unhandy unmanageable leaden lordly prosperous decent-sized prolific resplendent astounding inflated potbellied advantageous sufficient proud eminent royal gallant entire super-colossal full-size elevated eternal whole kingly fine marvellous illustrious baggy severe overfed billowing overstuffed overnourished terrible spectacular filling outstanding clinically obese opulent never-ending pythonic sublime much bull awful unreal spread out remunerative marvelous loose paying stiff lumbering great big a whale of a whopper rolling mesomorphic clunky hearty super colossal lumpish immoderate worthwhile gaping gainful of ample build amazing global wonderful steep thewy dense uncrowded elaborate square l ostentatious laden gravid built expectant loaded enceinte incommodious whalelike unreasonable lead-footed material bottomless numerous fabulous stunning astonishing intense chasmal cavelike abnormal swollen jumbo-sized yawning nuggety miraculous weighing a ton titan breathtaking extremely big imperious measurable mind-boggling roaring decisive conclusive emphatic well-upholstered sensational wondrous mind-blowing pyknic squabby extra large bulging sensible inexhaustible Cyclopean fairly large superior plumpish noteworthy resounding unmistakable memorable unqualified fathomless excellent wide open dignified mahoosive exalted haughty avoirdupois good-size megalithic out-and-out thorough far-reaching indefinite immensurable horizonless dreadful something else detailed fearful socking great pompous rip-roaring lard-arsed massy whale of a smashing fab dynamite no end to max adequate rewarding prominent cushy slouchy high-cost extortionate oafish competitive Moby buff robust ripped shredded loutish heavily built clodhopping OS jacked stalwart economic money-spinning moneymaking unco stark moving renowned irresistible dynamic convenient unsparing heightened intemperate increased escalated jacked up cracking macro protracted high-ceilinged spanking stubby stumpy squat steady consequential dilatable distensible expandable heavy-laden laborious prolonged lank overblown embonpoint lusty upholstered daunting full-figured well-covered sarcous above average intensified Brobdignagian appalling sundry simple multitudinous various legion several convoluted many multifarious swelling covering whaling lengthy decided startling exceptional Gargantuan mundo juicy well furnished meaningful legit frightful over the odds tolerable life-size wide-open on the plump side splayed pretty unmanoeuvrable baby elephant girthy thrashing full-fleshed unbelievable flabbergasting dramatic incredible elephantic fair-sized family-sized fair-size fierce harsh horrific outspread outstretched fantabulous sonsy wide-ranging ballooning easy-fitting elegant stretched-out far-flung spread-out family-size bulbous distended lard jelly-belly bovine butterball latitudinous beamy thunderous queenly all-inclusive economy-size swelled economy-sized wholesale plush classy ceremonious surprising having a spare tire having a bay window inconvenient mortal ominous brilliant flash flashy swanky balloon-like flowing puffy first-rate sumptuous pretentious first-class admirable very good audacious bold immodest worth taking into account wide-reaching exhaustive mass gorgeous larger-than-life portentous eye-opening splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic high-flying far reaching amazeballs jaw-dropping exaggerated showy commanding universal nationwide splendiferous wide physically surpassing belief radical too much titantic utmost out of this world soaring cranky impractical bunglesome generously cut bigger leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide important brimming crowded heavy-duty across-the-board international awash all-encompassing detectable perceptible hollow outrageous lumbersome everlasting perpetual sepulchral galumphing tiresome clunker embarrassing oppressive wearisome clunking unending fanciful insane ballsy adventurous zealous wild inestimable dark discernible distinguishable visible sky-high ascending rising sky-scraping raised skyscraping high-rise numberless unfathomed without limit enduring million all-embracing without end without number sempiternal incessant uncounted supertemporal perdurable amaranthine gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant sunken dismal altitudinous multistorey high-reaching innumerable indeterminable alveolate socketed chambered deep-set towery obvious palpable definite clear-cut apprehensible perceivable evident ascertainable recognizable discernable untold taller grander longer wider high rise upraised alpine uplifted unnumberable myriad innumerous uncountable unreckonable unmeasurable countless jillion umpteen zillion apparent manifest tangible observable estimable plain curved inward alive with crawling with no end of beyond measure recognisable supreme unceasing immortal constant ceaseless undying incomputable transcendent erratic fluctuant uncertain unforeseen unpredictable capricious whimsical chancy iffy unfixed unrestricted unsurpassable indeterminate uninterrupted self-perpetuating unbroken continuous monotonous overlong undivided deathless continual no strings surpassing uncalculable paramount unnumbered total absolute unfailing incomprehensible unflagging undue unconfined unrestrained unconscionable overmuch superhuman unbridled plethoric uncontrolled permanent overdue overweening intolerable overextravagant devilish exceeding unchecked prodigal supernatural mastodontic no holds barred distinct top maximum lasting classic uttermost very many unforgettable historic booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing invaluable priceless crashing acute rare pleasing wicked catholic cosmogonic interstellar intergalactic interplanetary cosmopolitan empyrean cosmogonal space ecumenical unsummed abounding very loud real distinguished epoch-making shattering unforeseeable haphazard hit-or-miss abysmal precious unconstrained desperate loud abiding without limits not to be reckoned unconditional devastating unfading unbottomed crucial vital valuable featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless through the ceiling undefined utter momentous prime crushing paralysing no catch far down very deep full-out full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale consistent beyond price critical urgent fundamental luxuriant no strings attached paralyzing overcoming baroque fancy unmerciful teeming on tap ad nauseam central pressing essential with no holds barred aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant exciting proliferous transcendental godlike uncanny preternatural unearthly supernormal magical preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate ultra earthshaking earth-shattering undetermined unsounded ethereal stink with a dime a dozen omnipotent bionic unwarranted superfluous gratuitous needless surplus profligate wanton improvident indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated uncurbed beyond number beyond human unhampered ridiculous overkill overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more preposterous recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent ludicrous overboard unfettered uninhibited self-indulgent too many O.T.T. OTT over the top out of all proportion way out uncalled for a bit much more than human

Tính từ

Predominant in influence, number, or importance
preponderant dominant prevalent predominant superior ascendant controlling extensive important larger leading predominating pre-eminent prevailing ruling significant supreme chief foremost in control main paramount prepollent prepotent principal dominating overpowering overriding powerful in the ascendancy preeminent prime primary central major sovereign greatest big regnant cardinal key grand great highest capital premier overbearing arch master predominate first uppermost primal overmastering number-one governing sovran number one of greatest importance reigning numero uno commanding top outstanding prior pivotal overruling intervening imperious authoritative best superseding largest popular notable top-priority compelling focal absolute widespread ultimate current first and foremost of prime importance of supreme importance surpassing biggest rife rampant directing successful dominative utmost vital general eminent topmost headmost crowning unlimited majority received overall common public vulgar royal prominent top-tier infinite boundless unrestricted regal unrestrained unbounded executive boss unconditional imperial utter full total kingly tops potent mighty influential omnipotent weighty superlative official efficacious almighty effective supervisory arbitrary transcendent all-powerful exceptional the most high-up world-class to the fore monarchical monarchal noteworthy lofty majestic matchless guiding monarchial peerless marked holding the reins special remarkable signal grander higher loftier particular striking distinguished bigger especial extra special out of the ordinary more bulkier weightier most longer better final determining of greatest significance essential head lead crucial fundamental supereminent basic presiding core critical unsurpassed high illustrious famous incomparable salient unequalled consummate unequaled renowned celebrated senior unrivalled unparalleled unrivaled staple exalted noted well-known intrinsic indispensable star champion respected prestigious noble underlying top-notch rudimentary stellar necessary towering elemental integral elevated famed top-ranking finest excellent arch- conspicuous notorious puissant apex heavy high-level elite maximum esteemed inimitable big-time first-rate first-class unmatched revered radical acclaimed high-ranking glorious strong second to none imposing high-powered top-drawer elementary premium decisive alpha quintessential urgent unsurpassable dignified extraordinary magnificent perfect exemplary brilliant crack must-have honoured reputable noticeable formidable recognized honored pronounced root highly regarded No. 1 ranking seminal major league recognised of note all-important arresting unassailable domineering heavy-duty big-name obvious emphatic inherent impressive obtrusive accomplished finished moving characteristic innate venerable august aristocratic complete unprecedented consequential tiptop super top-level maximal select momentous unbeatable nonpareil sublime burning ace lion's share peak winning honourable honorable good record eventful deciding fantastic marvellous storied highest-ranking fabled industry leading memorable high-profile original unexcelled well-connected prized valued upper-class marvelous phenomenal trusted iconic constitutional material constitutive best possible admired high profile upper furthermost resonant top-class redoubtable major-league A-number-1 A-1 primo a cut above the rest topflight top drawer of distinction well known big-league of the first rank expert standard unmatchable ascendent comprehensive favoured favored chosen initiative axial chad marquee simple oustanding all-embracing all-encompassing strongest telling bulkiest immediate world class serious basal operative keynote strategic worthiest beginning opening in demand elder regulatory monitoring adjusting richest magnanimous stately high-class top-rank assertive legendary heroic triumphal idealistic learned front optimal A-list intrusive projecting pertinent protruding relevant arrestive jutting initial max supervising regulating authoritarian autocratic high priority gifted high-minded first rate highly rated big league second-to-none applauded optimum inaugural insistent dictatorial loftiest substantial utopian unexampled crown magisterial hotshot hotdog heavyweight infamous luminous lionized bright apical zenithal feted undefeated unbeaten hugest upmost uttermost definitive imperative overarching lionised visible immortal at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff requisite respectable patrician refined untouchable meaningful determinative climactic pressing acute big-wheel big-shot big-gun upper-level of repute far-famed widely knowbn talked about much publicized of high standing without equal unique prerequisite mandatory needed required worthy genteel historic trendsetting hot-dog top of the line top of the range beyond compare posh much needed earth-shattering high-priority vitally important very important of great consequence life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence far-reaching record-breaking first class top-of-the-range par excellence prize-winning number 1 sans pareil highborn upmarket large highbred gentle huge grave wellborn in charge higher-ranking of higher rank high-grade first-string higher-level superordinate highest ranking of influence eloquent distinctive historical rich oratorical cogent four-star magnific VIP mother of all exceeding categoric categorical unqualified outright fine unbound downright unmitigated tyrannical unreserved unequivocal wholesale transcendental superb unconstrained unquestionable peremptory strapping vigorous hardy robust blue-blooded excelling stalwart forceful doughty sturdy stout widely praised well born well thought of upper-crust natural silk-stocking high-born true entire intellectual ideal intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting primordial unequalable inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending whole unconfined intact abstract eternal theoretical lusty manful indomitable foundational wonderful deep-rooted ingrained terrific mean out-and-out no holds barred all out flat-out without limit straight out built-in hard-wired bottom-line deep-seated deep-down wieldy steamroller strengthy powerhouse smashing virtuoso skilful skillful amazing meritorious masterful masterly tremendous inborn native indigenous primitive hardwired inbred connate immanent engrained congenital sensational exquisite amazeballs fabulous admirable fab eye-catching strong as ox awesome standout wicked estimable beyond grasp neat dazzling unmistakable swell stupendous cool magic keen far-out rad belting wizard brill bonzer schmick beaut ripping hundred-proof A1 phat out-of-sight topping barrie top-hole bosting pearler out of this world exo on fleek mostest supercalifragilisticexpialidocious out-of-this-world spiffing discernible flamboyant grabby evident recognizable bold dramatic blatant distinguishable flagrant glaring splashy flashy catchy showy kenspeckle bodacious forestanding noisy recognisable easily seen in the foreground more powerful more important most powerful most important most prominent most noticeable most obvious most influential most illustrious most skilled most excellent most outstanding

Tính từ

Incomparable or outstanding
surpassing supreme exceptional extraordinary great outstanding phenomenal pre-eminent rare remarkable stellar striking sublime consummate incomparable incredible inimitable matchless peerless unequaled unequalled unmatched unparalleled unrivaled unrivalled fabulous fantastic stupendous superlative terrific tremendous unsurpassed awesome better superior transcendent wondrous beyond description beyond words out of this world unique unsurpassable perfect top unexampled nonpareil excellent paramount towering preeminent beyond compare without equal highest leading greatest exquisite prodigious chief foremost extreme best notable second to none premier ultimate magnificent prominent only principal grand prime dominant distinguished marvellous capital beyond comparison amazing wonderful special superb famous marvelous choice singular number one predominant brilliant sovereign first unmatchable main mind-blowing topmost utmost immense unbeatable sensational astonishing out of sight unprecedented significant numero uno primary major excessive renowned illustrious prevailing commanding impressive optimum eminent unexcelled fine uppermost first-class first-rate enormous top-notch tops big dazzling important noteworthy maximum vast par excellence high uttermost star max admirable huge select glorious cardinal mind-boggling staggering overriding central key lead head master standout stunning overbearing arch overmastering prior primal sovran most topflight beautiful faultless super untouchable alone supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ace boss champion crack primo gilt-edge gigantic absolute massive top-tier high-class colossal governing finest out-of-sight too good to be true A-1 blue-ribbon in a class of its own top-drawer giant marked monstrous titanic celebrated mountainous unusual miraculous distinctive unbelievable particular astounding without parallel ginormous uncommon imposing ruling controlling unimaginable inconceivable fantabulous memorable influential breathtaking topping divine cracking cool quintessential signal radical heavenly sterling ideal presiding splendid neat peachy swell wicked quality dandy lovely fab nifty supernal unequalable supereminent awe-inspiring groovy righteous classic monumental dynamite hot prizewinning noble crackerjack corking mean flawless keen gilt-edged dope exceeding without peer extravagant lavish phat gangbusters wizard accomplished bumper formidable hype slick gangbuster banner unusually good premium maxi cherished authoritative thrilling preponderant brag bully down effusive brave bonnie boffo frontline prize bonny winning unparagoned especial gone inflated exaggerated worthiest elite unheard of one-in-a-million dreamy tip-top arresting A-OK directing jim-dandy bang-up spectacular top-class hors concours number-one ascendant extra special blue-chip first-string four-star five-star prize-winning of the highest quality of the first water world-class peachy keen of the highest order dominating of the first order top-shelf on fleek above and beyond world class out of the ordinary of highest order top-of-the-line powerful without match unapproached aces all-time solid-gold last apogean moving touching magical well-known exalted nth unchallenged streets ahead herculean delightful ascendent predominating smashing topnotch rad tiptop nice bodacious spanking intense pronounced final culminating class worthy schmick beaut ripping spiffing sound gorgeous cream amazeballs marvy magic def mega belting fabby brill bonzer sik goodly bosting pearler beezer applaudable crucial awesomesauce humungous extensive gargantuan humongous barrie chillin' lank exo kif bosker flagship all-time best without an equal stand alone tall optimal a cut above the rest industry leading exemplary best possible top of the line top of the range utopian noted top-of-the-range apex crown vintage top drawer complete Grade A record-breaking big-time first class number 1 undefeated choicest estimable unbeaten superfine sans pareil very good top-level top-grade far out lofty definitive award-winning in a class all by itself highest quality very best top-hole of the highest standard too much of high quality severe leviathan thumping astronomic astronomical acute decisive elevated soaring total unconditional unforgettable steep top-priority dainty elegant delicate resplendent far-out sumptuous profound fantastical majestic unmitigated splendorous inspiring eye-catching startling arrestive dramatic magnific fascinating electrifying confounding showy sightly luxurious highest ranking mother of all valuable invaluable extraordinaire peculiar odd atypical preternatural unwonted abnormal aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary anomalous prevalent historic omnipotent weighty official of greatest importance reigning mighty imperious predominate biggest effective supervisory all-powerful potent holding the reins overpowering efficacious largest almighty arbitrary multistorey sky-high sky-scraping indelible haunting substantial momentous catchy priceless precious immoderate inordinate exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant overmuch mammoth Brobdingnagian undue overdue insane overweening stiff intolerable plethoric baroque fancy unmerciful devilish altitudinous rich recherche refreshing lasting consequential very fine whopping hulking unfading timeless vivid perpetual everlasting immortal undying notorious eternal treasured airy imperial spiring aerial towery unmeasurable skyscraping imperishable enduring not to be forgotten enthralling exciting never to be forgotten observable eventful stamped on your memory fixed in the mind rememberable red-letter remembered the most most significant most excellent most important most obvious most prominent most noticeable

Tính từ

Comparative for lasting or extending for a great period of time

Tính từ

(obsolete) Comparative for pregnant with child or young

Phó từ

To a greater degree of excellence
better more to a greater degree finer in a finer way more thoroughly to a higher standard more ably more adeptly more competently more effectively in a superior way more advantageously more completely more dexterously more attractively more efficiently more expertly more proficiently more skillfully in a more excellent manner to a greater extent further additionally more deftly more masterly more adroitly more capably more masterfully more artfully more consummately more adequately smoothlier more successfully more skilfully more satisfyingly more satisfactorily readilier more effortlessly more soundly more effectually more aptly more favourably more properly more agreeably more favorably more admirably more excellently more efficaciously more productively easilier more sufficiently more nimbly nicelier more handily more gratifyingly more happily freelier more facilely more famously neatlier stronglier more swimmingly more fortunately more suitably more profoundly more splendidly more commendably more fittingly more felicitously more prodigiously more dextrously more slickly more sure-handedly more professionally more agilely more ingeniously more decisively more resourcefully more cleverly more cunningly more glibly quicklier more fluently more instinctively more naturally more creditably more appropriately more congruously more correctly more tidily more intuitively more painlessly more spontaneously more hands down lightlier more beautifully more superbly more pleasurably more temptingly more pleasantly more delightfully more enticingly more appetisingly finelier more wonderfully more fetchingly more palatably more blessedly more helpfully more sensationally more enjoyably more invitingly more pleasingly more charmingly more appealingly more luckily more marvellously more grandly more winningly more fantastically more welcomely more dreamily more gloriously more enchantingly more handsomely more deliciously more magnificently more marvelously more delectably more appetizingly more prettily sweetlier more triumphantly more opportunely more indulgently more decorously more patiently more tolerantly highlier more meetly more good-humouredly more attentively greatlier more amicably more acceptably fullier more becomingly more okay more accurately more carefully more tolerably more conscientiously rightlier more irreproachably more cheerfully more heartily more serviceably closelier more substantially more respectably more luxuriantly more extremely more passably more decently more middlingly more abundantly more plentifully more good-naturedly more capitally more amply more considerably more victoriously more comprehensively more auspiciously more perfectly more fortuitously more propitiously more conclusively more flourishingly easier sprightlier more profitably more prosperously more thrivingly

Trái nghĩa của greater

greater Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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