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palatial /pə'leiʃəl/
  • tính từ
    • như lâu đài, như cung điện; nguy nga

Tính từ

Of or relating to a palace
luxurious opulent plush sumptuous deluxe grand grandiose imposing lavish magnificent majestic plushy regal spacious splendid stately fine gorgeous Babylonian exclusive fancy illustrious impressive large-scale Lucullan Lucullian lush luxe luxuriant luxury palace posh rich silken swanky upmarket extravagant lavishly appointed monumental noble palatian ritzy splendiferous swish upholstered de luxe elegant swank glorious august superb costly expensive resplendent massive classy proud imperial elaborate princely epic awe-inspiring heroical baronial magnific royal heroic Homeric ornate striking luscious gallant dignified ostentatious spectacular kingly upscale beautiful pretentious stylish pompous sublime great exalted distinguished lofty awesome fit for a queen exquisite fit for a king marvelous marvellous glitzy well-appointed high-class lordly stunning queenly towering breathtaking elevated immoderate large splendacious magnolious first-class well appointed statuesque commanding arresting superior handsome terrific sensuous prodigal exuberant indulgent super showy sovereign fancy-pants lux prodigious divine glittering splendorous heavenly choice colossal considerable solemn tremendous chic remarkable extraordinary snazzy excellent sybaritic epicurean sensual dazzling comfortable affluent brilliant voluptuous abundant profuse profusive outstanding in the lap of luxury vast splashy eminent powerful cosmic ceremonious dramatic ambitious haughty unreal out of this world smashing fab something else sensational stirring fabulous palatine amazing formidable ominous stupendous celestial sightly wondrous elitist snobby snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty glamorous snobbish aristocratic potty select cultivated ornamented refined overdone stuffy dear ultra champagne high-born quality special splendrous brave comfy spiffy embellished valuable precious fit for a prince frilly riotous velvet finest loaded pricey fit for a princess magnifico flamboyant baroque solid gold classic dainty rare delicate recherche beyond price wild tall in the saddle maestoso magisterial exaggerated excessive unreasonable wasteful unrestrained ample up-market upper-crust upper-class dynamite first-rate admirable very good resounding sonorous Olympian flash flashy eloquent high-flown portentous formal thriftless intemperate copious improvident radiant transcendent unfathomable complex bombastic impenetrable purple theatrical overwhelming fustian egotistic high-falutin' high-flying mind-blowing cool over-the-top effusive unstinging profligate openhanded eye-catching portly venerable staggering hedonistic notable pampered easy gratifying pleasurable prime absorbing penetrating self-indulgent pleasure-loving imperious immense substantial hulking leviathan huge mighty mammoth monstrous oceanic whopping giant gigantesque mega jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish enormous mountainous largish astronomic big vasty walloping goodly elephantine titanic humungous sizable supersized gargantuan humongous voluminous astronomical boxcar outsized gigantic supersize pharaonic bulky cyclopean outsize planetary hefty husky oversize oversized herculean bumper cosmical tidy galactic king-size king-sized Brobdingnagian king size super-duper Himalayan renowned supreme honourable honorable respected courtly celebrated staid honoured esteemed honored authoritative famous acclaimed gracious highly regarded respectable preeminent overbearing high-minded well-known important prestigious famed leading legendary highfalutin' high major proper chief primary of distinction prominent main noted predominant well thought of principal premier genteel worthy capital paramount revered dominant highest patrician greatest grave upright top foremost pre-eminent distingué arch elite first primal highborn highbred gentle wellborn number one self-respecting major league well born silk-stocking blue-blooded top-drawer rarefied godlike mythological classical wonderful fantastic Junoesque well-proportioned triumphant bright trim poised shapely graceful high-ranking immortal shining decorous unforgettable effulgent hallowed diplomatic judicious authoritarian self-assured monarchic reserved memorable adored time-honored long effective sedate extended forcible serious highbrow composed tall and dignified arduous Herculean of repute moving exciting overblown marathon couth sombre starchy somber nifty of high standing something to write home about one for the book larger-than-life very long very great very large principled just so influential seminal magnanimous fabled noteworthy iconic cultured bossy dictatorial prevailing recognized superlative resonant alpha trusted all-important triumphal idealistic reputable puissant recognised learned notorious civil gentlemanlike blue ladylike upper crust Brahmin well-bred ennobled polite silver-spoon aristocratical titled gentlemanly born with a silver spoon in one's mouth well-born courteous knightly polished presidential independent self-sufficient moral virtuous scrupulous decent beneficent valiant great-hearted high profile senior unparalleled gifted incomparable matchless well known prior signal unexcelled well-connected peerless high-powered unequaled high-level unequalled redoubtable first rate highly rated prized potent arch- admired of the first rank unsurpassed big league valued arrogant domineering autocratic confident high-handed overweening self-confident peremptory patronizing supercilious overconfident master lead key patronising dogmatic judicial highhanded premium apex central cardinal head focal biggest big-time core largest overmastering sovran overriding number-one numero uno widely praised

Tính từ

Having plenty of space
generous spacious capacious roomy commodious open airy big broad comfortable endless enormous great huge large sizable sizeable substantial vast wide widespread cavernous expansive extensive limitless uncrowded boundless infinite ample cushy luxurious spacey voluminous high-ceilinged immense rich rambling well furnished extended considerable massive comprehensive biggish goodly largish whopping jumbo hulking abundant bulky colossal humongous handsome oversized husky oversize giant immeasurable sweeping tidy gross grand full gigantic tremendous prodigious outsized mammoth hefty walloping strapping burly good major ponderous significant elephantine healthy ginormous monstrous astronomical stupendous gargantuan humungous extreme mountainous titanic towering cosmic monster astronomic leviathan cosmical thumping galactic outsize liberal king-size king-sized plentiful king size decent respectable bumper monumental boxcar mighty substantive expanded heavy inordinate grandiose copious deep overgrown Bunyanesque pharaonic cyclopean heavyweight vasty mastodonic brobdingnagian far-reaching prolific thumping great whacking great whopping great outspread fat decent-sized loose-fitting whacking excessive mondo supersized sensible bountiful super wide-ranging thick strong large-scale weighty appreciable spread out tall lofty formidable profuse Herculean staggering monolithic swelling man-size of considerable size man-sized dirty great not inconsiderable numerous mega unlimited plenteous far-flung epic high herculean almighty spread-out exorbitant unwieldy massy thundering good-sized a whale of a super colossal detailed super-duper Himalayan bull whopper Brobdingnagian supersize slouchy cavelike dilatable distensible expandable loose convenient terrible billowing baggy protracted pronounced rolling outstretched latitudinous beamy swelled fair-size good-size great big socking great economy-size life-size magnific cumbersome fair-sized economy-sized megalithic full-size family-sized extravagant family-size decided long prolonged incalculable lengthy fairly large serious bonny eternal reasonable not to be sneezed at many multifarious legion sundry several convoluted simple multitudinous covering various measureless illimitable terrific global wholesale far reaching oceanic gigantesque interminable awesome overwhelming heroic imposing wide physically all-inclusive planetary heroical stretched-out mundo very big never-ending very great whale of a Gargantuan very large unbounded wide-reaching exhaustive mass nationwide universal leading stuffed heavy-duty intercontinental packed awash all-encompassing across-the-board worldwide international important chock-full brimming crowded lavish bounteous innumerable abounding thorough overflowing teeming superabundant opulent unrestricted flush inexhaustible aplenty rife galore cornucopian plenty countless myriad munificent inclusive all-embracing lank thick on the ground no end enough and to spare a gogo expanding stretching inflatable elastic dilating rangy interdisciplinary extendable stretchy enlargeable distending multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary dilatant scopic scopious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed meaty fleshy heavyset stellar muscular sturdy muscly beefy chunky hulky powerful brawny stout thickset well-built solid Falstaffian fubsy paunchy flabby hunky buxom greater larger zaftig giant-sized giant-size blimp roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound broad-shouldered barn door corn-fed solidly built well upholstered broad in the beam well fed more than enough

Tính từ

Resembling a castle

Tính từ

Resembling or characteristic of a palace

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