Đồng nghĩa của marathon

Alternative for marathon


Đồng nghĩa: contest, race, relay,


Any extended or sustained activity


An organized competition or activity usually performed for the enjoyment of a mass of people


A long and difficult walk
slog tramp trek trudge traipse footslog plod schlep yomp hike traik trog trail march walk ramble stroll wander peregrination expedition trip jaunt saunter excursion constitutional tour odyssey journey travels passage safari travel scramble exploration walkabout promenade range haul hegira perambulation amble long haul backpack schlepp routemarch long journey parade journey by foot journey on foot route march forced march long walk turn cruise roam heavy walk walking trip adventure campaign voyage venture pilgrimage course quest journeying traveling crossing exodus progress wayfaring roving transfer globetrotting shift approach procession emigration commutation route drive flight spin movement errand retreat sortie departure commute outing ride migration visit lift itinerary vagabondage circuit roaming wandering junket transmigration run beat traverse patrol round caravan vagrancy sally transit grand tour period of travelling travelling crusade awayday airing swing tootle sashay hurl hop day trip day out pleasure trip survey meander mosey picnic weekend overnight round trip sail wanderings sojourn sailing itineration distance way pilgrimmage reconnaissance recce pootle prowl dawdle gallivant potter discovery voyaging mooch drift breather maunder aimless walk mission big picture frolic break enterprise undertaking term stint tenure hitch trekking holiday mystery tour short break day away mini holiday away day commission exploit operation project assignment traversing foray hiking whistle-stop road stump bout trick getaway roundabout go time spree cavalcade entrada hunting expedition search field trip hunt circle tour minibreak period of traveling


Lasting or extending for a great period of time
lengthy extended long great far epic gruelling grueling long-term long-drawn-out long-drawn long-lived long-winded prolonged protracted long-lasting enduring drawn-out overlong spun out interminable sustained lingering time-consuming dragging lasting extensive dragged out slow verbose prolix dragged-out seemingly endless stretched out drawn out long-standing strung out very long spread out spun-out lengthened tedious boring wordy rambling wearisome delayed elongated elongate enlarged outstretched permanent durable stretched continued expanded abiding continuing of considerable length broad long-running king-size increased oversized king-sized unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred unfolded king size spread secure steady stable firm solid established sound fixed never-ending longevous endless persisting persistent perennial perdurable advancing pursuing chronic maintaining persevering sustaining progressing remote stretching rangy distant far-off lofty faraway longish stringy towering high tall deep running stretch lanky gangling far-reaching old as Methuselah full of years carrying on diffusive overextended boundless tardy unending dilatory diffuse late limitless for ages without end forever and a day garrulous windy discursive circumlocutory meandering pleonastic circuitous periphrastic logorrheic digressive tiresome ambagious palaverous redundant loquacious repetitious voluble maundering laborious tautological dull ponderous tortuous talkative bombastic logorrhoeic turgid ceaseless constant wandering everlasting monotonous continual continuous sesquipedalian gabby chatty circumlocutionary talky inflated full of verbiage gradual pompous empty padded vague loose waffly boastful waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent gassy roundabout painful verbal profuse random lavish copious exuberant flowery multiyear multiday stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unceasing incessant unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop unbroken immeasurable unbounded unbound interminate looped eternal day-and-night timeless unabating expansive prosy remaining no end to no end of on a treadmill ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated


Impressive or grand in size, appearance, or manner
epic grand great heroic grandiose ambitious extraordinary impressive monumental gallant glorious long magnificent noble classic elevated extended heroical Homeric imperial imposing magnific massive prodigious regal royal stately arduous august baronial exalted Herculean huge lofty majestic splendid vast larger-than-life very great very large very long proud superb resplendent palatial awe-inspiring dignified distinguished opulent striking kingly sumptuous luxurious princely marvellous marvelous fine sublime splendiferous elegant excellent lavish pompous spectacular awesome eminent commanding illustrious gorgeous beautiful stunning solemn queenly swanky towering renowned remarkable outstanding extravagant lordly terrific divine arresting statuesque celebrated rich supreme acclaimed dazzling superior honoured large ostentatious brilliant plush pretentious posh venerable ritzy splendacious magnolious portly tremendous honored splendorous formidable stirring ominous famous legendary famed unforgettable showy high-flown breathtaking honourable honorable flamboyant aristocratic memorable radiant imperious deluxe esteemed big first-class bombastic staid magisterial ceremonious smashing fab first-rate immortal sovereign dramatic staggering eye-catching splashy overwhelming powerful mind-blowing well-known something else sensational heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable large-scale mythological classical high wonderful high-ranking respected fit for a prince worthy fantastic prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess costly tall in the saddle authoritative important ornate expensive elaborate overambitious bold high-sounding highly regarded fit for a king maestoso resounding sonorous Olympian classy of repute of distinction noted bright triumphant handsome dynamite unreal haughty admirable super OTT eloquent portentous formal flash flashy splendrous swank swish brave plushy fancy ample high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing shining effective cool palatian enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable purple theatrical fustian egotistic high-falutin' high-flying forcible effulgent magnifico baroque out of this world moving mega exciting overblown solid gold notable preeminent gratifying adored time-honored remembered very good something to write home about one for the book transcendent over the top commemorated glittering paragon genius laureate storied


Requiring great effort or exertion
difficult arduous challenging demanding hard excruciating grueling harsh rigorous strenuous testing tough backbreaking daunting exacting exhausting fatiguing gruelling laborious onerous punishing taxing tortuous trying backbreaker bruising burdensome debilitating draining insufferable painstaking ponderous rough tiring torturous unforgiving wearisome wearying agonising agonizing back-breaking brutal formidable harrowing hellish immense intense intimidating severe tiresome troublesome unbearable unremitting uphill upstream bothersome crushing cumbersome depleting distressing fierce galling gargantuan grievous grinding hairy herculean Herculean jarring laboured labored ominous operose oppressive painful problematic sapping shattering titanic toilsome unpleasant vigorous weighty worksome ambitious distressful effortful energy-consuming ferocious forbidding grim hard-won heavy intolerable merciless no picnic not easy prohibitive savage solemn tedious toilful unyielding wearing colossal cruel difficile easier said than done gigantic mighty thorny tough going unnerving vicious almighty awful crippling discomforting knackering moiling nerve-racking problem really hard staggering stressful tormenting troubling uncomfortable unsparing uphill battle very hard drudgy extreme killer scabrous slavish sticky torturesome unendurable dicey hazardous high-impact high-pressure impossible rugged serious sweaty tall killing like getting blood out of a stone stiff murderous hellacious Augean pick-and-shovel exigent awkward irksome tricky stringent enervating vexatious bitter worrying persnickety traumatic worrisome relentless fraught disturbing enervative strained tense forced upsetting inhuman hostile dire bleak disagreeable dark hardhanded searing inconvenient hefty frustrating pressured grave spartan critical austere terrible strict exasperating clumsy troubled unreasonable tight contrived artificial leaden knotty monumental prickly delicate excessive pressing unrelenting unmanageable impressive weary dangerous mean superincumbent wicked vexing bad perilous precarious hectic tortured uneasy immoderate massive Sisyphean bold sensitive embittering unhandy steep grandiose dreadful daring aggressive imperious problematical ticklish chancy concerning dodgy iffy extravagant murder ungainly lofty anxious inexorable boring nasty clunky unfriendly dubious suspect questionable energetic time-consuming wretched cumbrous hurtful unwieldy cranky drudging bunglesome major agitating full of problems incommodious beset by problems irritating large-scale disastrous afflicted afflictive a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical huge exorbitant powerful searching unfair stretching prodigious thoroughgoing prostrating withering overwhelming responsible a nuisance protracted lengthy hardworking mammoth racking punitive unrelaxing chastening an imposition heartrending busy dour drastic carking eventful forceful heroic courageous overtaxing overpowering plodding headache sombre somber dogged affected overdone studied aggravating large order heavy sledding unjust heartbreaking heart-rending slow controversial uncharitable unkind unsettled overburdening careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking no piece of cake pestilent afflicting gut-wrenching exerting despotic domineering inept overwrought unnatural maladroit nagging lively straitened inhospitable stern very difficult shocking trouble ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile impractical by the book audacious lumbersome appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable sober calamitous biting comfortless embarrassed industrious embarrassing fiddly grand elaborate intrepid unrealistic a devil grotty pretentious visionary unrelaxed edgy considerable significant life-threatening acute improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible charged hard to use magnificent fanciful unreal complicated sobering big intensive threatening peracute menacing consequential ugly lousy beastly unlikely constrained stilted self-conscious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying discomfiting uncompromising from hell dolorous bumpy far-fetched bulky hard-line hard-nosed hard-hitting heavy-handed itchy confronting distressed scratchy difficult to achieve intractable objectionable ungovernable offensive recalcitrant causing discomfort ill-fitting a bummer of a insupportable perverse wayward unmanoeuvrable smarting burning aching hurting maddening infuriating improper tender irritated hulking unacceptable egregious raw stinging reddened inflamed chafed lumbering encumbering uncontrollable gross hurt throbbing red achy bruised in pain injured wounded beyond bearing not to be borne abscessed pained sharp sore ulcerated draconian tyrannical rigid pitiless ruthless authoritarian flinty abusive dictatorial repressive tyrannous ironhanded ramrod hard-hearted fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging timewasting inefficient long Spartan complex profound confused concentrated abstruse stormy te recondite chronophagous inflexible firm intransigent brassbound unpermissive violent maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric cast-iron heightened barbarous unfeeling callous autocratic inhumane intolerant heartless unsympathetic undemocratic suppressive insensitive unmerciful implacable unpitying illiberal iron-fisted humourless sedate humorless staid sobersided poignant overbearing coercive anti-democratic disquieting unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent high-handed overweening peremptory yukky unwelcome unhappy sour miserable distasteful unpalatable yucky chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad hard-boiled hard-shell disheartening gloomy discouraging dispiriting dismal depressive depressing confining icky remorseless mortifying great po-faced unsavoury intemperate provoking inclement frantic chaotic rough going active frenzied frenetic turbulent restless animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild full on unruly spirited rowdy action-packed raucous

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