Đồng nghĩa của stale

Alternative for stale

stales, staled, staling, staler, stalest

Đồng nghĩa: musty, obsolete, old, worn,

Trái nghĩa: fresh,

Tính từ

No longer new and interesting or exciting
banal stereotyped trite commonplace hackneyed threadbare flat tired unoriginal antiquated platitudinous overworked stock warmed-up common corny derivative run-of-the-mill unimaginative uninspired archaic cliche cliché-ridden cobwebby defunct hack hackney insipid moth-eaten musty obligatory obsolete outdated outmoded shopworn timeworn warmed-over well-worn worn out worn-out cliché clichéd hacky overused passé repetitious bent dead effete foetid fetid mawkish old hat out out of date out-of-date past vapid yesterday's zestless played out gone off like a dinosaur out of the ark past their sell-by date dull stereotypical bromidic worn prosaic pedestrian routine conventional ordinary hokey set old cornball exhausted bathetic time-worn old-fashioned familiar tune stereotypic jejune chain drained mildewed platitudinal dated used-up ready-made cliched well worn hoary truistic predictable unfashionable ancient outworn rusty humdrum superannuated antique antediluvian bygone old-hat behind the times superseded overdone formulaic out of fashion boring everyday dime-store disused fossilized frayed imitative obsolescent prehistoric anachronistic medieval neolithic Noachian mossy moribund mediaeval demoded prehistorical kaputt kaput square standard fossilised Stone Age out of style aged uninventive copied plagiaristic second-hand plagiarized non-innovative familiar rehashed tedious shabby tripe ragged tattered unhip old-time traditional vieux jeu oldfangled cribbed olden decrepit dusty extinct plagiarised used has-been dinosaur moldy unstylish mouldy horse and buggy cliché orthodox standardized inane silly conventionalized quotidian old-chestnut old-saw played-out uncreative ineffective mass-produced typecast tarnished faded unsophisticated standardised cheesy sentimental kitschy feeble lined worn thin rehearsed discarded discontinued weathered broken-down rundown unspontaneous formal dog-eared wrinkled geriatric battered artificial out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use old-school deprecated fallen into disuse fossil past it mundane dreary monotonous tiresome vanilla historic abandoned uneventful uninteresting unpopular the worse for wear had it done for past its sell-by date dead and gone mind-numbing ho-hum antwacky démodé unvaried wearisome old school last year's no longer fashionable out-of-style not with it vintage unusable stupid facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere bland nothing noplace dumb blah seedy ratty raggedy ho hum out of commission out of use dull as dishwater sometime remote primeval primordial former decayed old as Methuselah quondam primitive late once aboriginal early venerable age-old relic old as the hills erstwhile immemorial of old pristine onetime done of yore demode original cast-off crumbling primaeval passe sere deteriorated destroyed etiolated useless shot impaired depleted secondary echoic secondhand copycat evolved obtained procured borrowed acquired ancestral inferential derived subordinate cognate connate caused inferred hereditary coming from not original

Tính từ

No longer nubile or suitable for marriage, in reference to people

Tính từ

Boring or severely lacking in interest
boring monotonous tedious tiresome uninteresting wearisome dreary dull humdrum pedestrian drab leaden ponderous slow tiring wearying colourless colorless flat heavy drudging jading jejune monochromatic numbing old stodgy stuffy arid dry dusty weary stupid tame mind-numbing ho-hum insipid unexciting lifeless prosaic vapid bland unimaginative uninspiring commonplace uninspired run-of-the-mill banal lacklustre lackluster trite characterless spiritless routine mundane sterile uneventful tired wishy-washy unvaried dead unremarkable vacuous blah repetitious plodding weak nothing feeble limp watery barren samey ho hum lame bloodless unvarying ordinary unstimulating common nondescript plain unoriginal prosy derivative innocuous fatiguing bromidic flavorless nowhere flavourless inane hackneyed anaemic mediocre laborious zestless namby-pamby milk-and-water dull as dishwater repetitive weariful soporific workaday quotidian anemic unpalatable featureless vanilla deadly lustreless dullsville banausic dry as dust pallid as dry as dust mild vacant zero everyday tasteless monochrome stiff wooden enervating exhausting platitudinous dim common or garden draggy dreich pointless lacking variety stagnant empty quiet laboured uniform inoffensive sluggish stilted watered-down unanimated antiseptic turgid soulless passionless unappetizing savorless unsavory unchanging middle-of-the-road distasteful neutral drivelling driveling soul-destroying stereotyped depressing waterish unentertaining unenjoyable labored pabulum unsavoury monotone conventional plain vanilla big yawn unproductive mindless non-stimulating overlong sleepy irksome torpid interminable corny unmemorable hacky safe washy undistinctive slack long-drawn-out fuddy-duddy pedantic toneless forced usual white-bread unrelieved desolate mechanical dragging unexceptional sapless one-horse day-to-day dull as ditchwater prolix yawnsome lacking variation ornery gray grey dismal downcast unseasoned treadmill deadly dull dead-and-alive lacking excitement lacking interest flat tire no great shakes not up to much nothing to write home about long musty unlively unpassioned indistinct bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb threadbare well-worn plebeian prosing trivial puerile clumsy unnatural awkward artificial depressed serious stolid solemn wordy long-winded least Milquetoast unprogressive inactive uninterested tepid uncreative cautious thin customary normal typical regular droning average crude meagre simplistic meager annoying irritating circumspect hack unspirited matter-of-fact overused heavy-going formal prudent overworked garden-variety garden variety half-pie bog-standard OK so-so mortal poky snooze bleak dowdy without variety deadening staid raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy cardboard chary boresome vexatious poor half-hearted inadequate unflavoured savourless endless clichéd reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged nerdy wimpy unappealing verbose a dime a dozen unfeeling expressionless mat unexpressive matte lusterless unexcited dulled truistic attentive worn-out useless not so hot weighty uninflected soft nebbish beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued timid puts one to sleep flat as pancake backward unpleasurable without spice big zero whitebread blind muted heavy going stock futile gingerly unadventurous considerate careful heedful wary calculating out of date backwoods comatose outdated hard to digest old-fashioned vain profitless outmoded conservative archaic obsolete defunct extinct unobjectionable unrewarding unenterprising antiquated harmless antediluvian mainstream lead balloon superannuated halfhearted diluted hoary behind the times passé fruitless worthless leery cliché-ridden timeworn boiled down without punch aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky still immobile out of the ark played out old hat time-worn worn out cut and dried ineffectual otiose unavailing hollow unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive static stationary motionless unfruitful unfilled unprolific clear nonmoving inert brackish standing

Tính từ

Having a bad or unpleasant odor
flat sour insipid tasteless spoilt spoiled off turned dried faded foetid fetid malodorous noisome parched reeking smelly stenchy stinking watery weak zestless putrid rancid rank rotten noxious tainted foul mephitic bad whiffy reeky musty foul-smelling decayed contaminated putrescent olid mouldy moldy offensive nauseating disgusting evil-smelling miasmic miasmal decomposed fusty poisonous pongy pungent festy polluted revolting funky high strong-smelling feculent niffy decomposing unpleasant stinky inedible nasty strong unwholesome unfit for human consumption sickening disagreeable unsavoury humming gamy unsavory putrefied decaying vile impure acrid filthy rotting ill-smelling carious stenchful dank rotted repulsive unpalatable infested uneatable unappetizing dirtied infected unhealthy indigestible pestilential unconsumable distasteful niffing frowzy frowsy frowsty yukky yucky unclean ripe stagnant corrupt odoriferous curdled soured mouldering bitter moldering loathsome addled graveolent gross overripe skunky wormy worm-eaten maggoty dirty flyblown not fit to eat nidorous putrefactive obnoxious baneful miasmatic baleful evil- repugnant unpleasant-tasting odorous nauseous festering spoiling harsh acid acidic odiferous tough as old boots putrified septic scummy scungy toxic deleterious germy mildewy diseased perished defiled corrupted corroding caried pustular purulent old unsanitary insalubrious unhygienic unhealthful faecal sullied beastly smelling fecal soiled bad-smelling icky unfiltered adulterated moldered grody degenerated yecchy gangrenous putrefacient mouldered fermented putrefying unfresh disease-ridden germ-ridden lousy stinking to high heaven

Tính từ

Having a stale, moldy, or damp smell
fusty musty close stagnant stuffy frowsty frowzy fuggy unfresh airless unventilated moldy suffocating fetid mouldy rank putrid stifling mildewed smelly oppressive foetid rotten decaying malodorous mildewy muggy heavy foul rotting decayed rancid spoiled bad funky dirty sultry mouldering noisome old breathless spoilt humid moldering dingy festering shabby crumbling sour seedy unaired damp neglected stinking smoky reeking filthy stinky reeky putrefying stenchy mucid strong frowsy ripe decomposing confined ill-smelling thick sprouting fungal growing smutty blighted decomposed spoiling off rotted ruined putrescent disused disintegrating badly ventilated poorly ventilated drab gloomy dark dull putrefied infected perishing noxious dim smoke-filled hazy foggy brackish sticky tacky badly lit poorly lit sweltering clammy steamy sweltry choky claggy uncomfortable stale-smelling lacking in freshenss like a sauna like a Turkish bath run down dank squalid boiling torrid tropical hot roasting scorching baking blistering searing parching warm soggy burning tropic flaming fiery summery broiling sizzling very warm red scalding steaming sweaty like an oven blazing soupy mucky ovenlike recalescent decalescent febrile calescent white on fire igneous heated incandescent thermogenic feverish smoking fevered feverous piping red-hot moist wet boiling hot superheated ardent fervid ultrahot fervent white-hot piping hot baking hot dampish very hot blazing hot extremely hot moisture-laden hot and humid withering burning up febrific hectic overpowering lush balmy unbearably hot dripping sodden misty irriguous watery sweat box steam bath like a blowtorch like a furnace wettish dewy chilly oven-like very damp pyretic slimy smothering mucous drizzly muculent pasty jungle-like stewing perspiring

Tính từ

Not special or different in any way
ordinary unremarkable average commonplace plain common modest normal unexceptional prosaic standard workaday homespun indifferent mediocre pedestrian so-so undistinguished conventional humdrum middling mundane unpretentious characterless mainstream middle-of-the-road simple typical unmemorable vanilla boring colorless colourless dull fair garden-variety homely nondescript quotidian uneventful uninteresting passable uninspiring bland bog-standard hackneyed humble OK stereotyped suburban banal corny cut-and-dried cut-and-dry everyday hacky medium routine run-of-mine run-of-the-mine second-class second-rate standard-issue tolerable uninspired usual dime-a-dozen not bad ornery run-of-the-mill drab dreary garden generic inferior mean monotonous plain vanilla plastic predictable trite unnoteworthy white-bread a dime a dozen garden variety no great shakes not up to much common or garden nothing to write home about unoriginal unimaginative unexciting derivative tired lacklustre lackluster old hat vapid insipid overused matter-of-fact overworked overdone time-worn dry stock lifeless spiritless worn out dime-store cornball uncreative flat customary bromidic played out tedious forgettable platitudinous uninventive unadventurous derived bush-league tame clichéd half-pie sterile unvaried barren nitty-gritty terrestrial regular lowly stodgy jejune not so hot unmoved not much cop wearisome run of the mill well-worn featureless deadpan nothing to get excited about stereotypical worn-out threadbare hack day-to-day tiresome unartistic repetitious unvarying repetitive truistic unromantic hoary banausic unenthusiastic shiftless uninterested pabulum zero square unexceptionable workday anodyne passionless anaemic ho hum general dull as dishwater old widespread familiar unimpressed ponderous heavy-handed yawn samey blank expressionless unambitious apathetic lazy anemic lacking variation lacking variety obvious matter-of-course starch natural plebeian prevalent weariful formulaic low-grade ten a penny indistinctive neutral faceless noncommittal accustomed phoned in familiar tune boiler plate unmotivated neither one thing nor the other dead heavy plodding vacuous unpoetic literal unemotional unsentimental unvarnished factual unembellished clear unadorned

Danh từ

Accumulating damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs with the passage of time

Trái nghĩa của stale

stale Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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