Đồng nghĩa của tough as old boots


Very tough (very strong)


Able to endure hardship or pain
tough strong resilient resolute determined dogged aggressive gritty hardy robust rugged stalwart hardened unyielding feisty fit hard obdurate obstinate powerful stubborn cynical doughty hard-bitten red-blooded self-assertive two-fisted hard as nails self-confident hard-nosed high-powered as tough as old boots tenacious fanatical steadfast firm passionate fierce dedicated enthusiastic driven ardent spirited iron-willed zealous uncompromising intense keen staunch unflinching earnest eager forceful vehement unbending persistent sagacious sure loyal active avid plucky unwavering gutsy strong-willed irrepressible assertive faithful firm in spirit decisive strong-minded brave ironclad single-minded heroic untiring animated resourceful keen as mustard indomitable independent confident purposeful courageous unhesitating perceptive resolved take charge tough-minded mean unfaltering certain pushy stout-hearted ambitious enterprising hungry competitive committed indefatigable motivated bold unremitting unflagging unshakeable diligent ruthless assiduous aspiring relentless dynamic thirsty desirous tireless intent sedulous rigid energetic sustained undeviating rigorous vigorous ferocious steady pertinacious cutthroat militant inspired unrelenting unabated industrious pioneering stringent assured progressive bloodthirsty eager beaver having killer instinct power-loving go for broke gladiatorial self-driven gung ho hang-tough self-possessed self-asserting go-getting self-willed bound and determined scrappy get up and go high-reaching defiant warlike in-your-face cut-throat self-seeking self-starting goal-oriented self-assured full-blooded intensely competitive dog-eat-dog hard-driving stop at nothing power-hungry can-do brutal bullheaded high-pressure fiercely competitive

Trái nghĩa của tough as old boots

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