Đồng nghĩa của assiduous

Alternative for assiduous

Đồng nghĩa: sedulous,

Tính từ

Hard-working, diligent or regular (in attendance or work)
diligent industrious laborious sedulous attentive careful hard-working persevering persistent studious thorough unflagging conscientious demanding painstaking punctilious swotty ultra-careful accurate active bustling busy close constant correct elaborate employed engaged exacting hopping indefatigable meticulous minute occupied rigorous searching steady tied-up untiring unwearied working fussy grinding particular pedantic plugging religious scrupulous strict tireless whiz zealous eager beaver determined resolute dogged tenacious pertinacious steadfast unrelenting earnest unwavering dedicated purposeful committed single-minded driven exact intent keen relentless stubborn obstinate eager insistent staunch unswerving firm obdurate heedful strenuous unyielding unshakeable unremitting energetic patient detailed vigorous nice uncompromising intense fastidious intransigent dynamic spirited enthusiastic methodical finicky thoroughgoing unfaltering intensive faithful exhaustive persnickety complete immovable hard in-depth full stiff-necked unflinching importunate unshakable tough focused devoted serious picky all-out operose on the go precise headstrong inflexible bound and determined loving on the job pernickety hardworking strong-willed persisting bullheaded comprehensive hard-nosed undeviating ardent concentrated focussed self-willed deep bound punctual resolved at work implacable unbending hard at work inexhaustible ambitious enterprising inexorable wholehearted pigheaded weariless passionate all-inclusive stalwart loyal unwearying mulish perfectionist wilful fixed adamant all-embracing involved perseverant forceful regardful sweeping finical fierce circumstantial overnice nitpicking willful motivated engrossed dutiful observant conscionable busy as a bee tied up hanging tough efficient concerted hard-pressed hard at it stop at nothing on the hop dainty at it scholarly rushed off your feet intellectual choosy indomitable difficult enduring discriminating aggressive alert watchful unfailing thoughtful perverse academic bold squeamish bookish never-tiring radical assertive erudite learned concentrating over-particular steely ferocious vehement vicious exquisite terrible furious nit-picky ruthless hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened pat self-opinionated ossified opinionated devout old-maidish acute listening remorseless jumping hair-splitting fussbudgety finicking choosey delicate aspiring fervent faddy strong militant hard to please fast profound high-pressure extensive rigid true solid donnish brainy preoccupied absorbed stout out-and-out pledged immersed dependable cerebral interested sworn stickling stiff set unabated lettered full of determination dead set overloaded ball of fire dead set on snowed by the numbers by the book on the move in harness wrapped up dyed-in-the-wool card-carrying hard-driving self-driven up to one's ears iron-willed goal-oriented busy as a beaver go-getting mad keen deep-dyed have one's hands full true blue self-starting undaunted soup to nuts clocklike particularized itemized all the way royal plenty blow-by-blow whole-hog full-dress absolute slam-bang from A to Z fussbudget stickler valiant restless unceasing sincere mettlesome unshaken gritty unflappable Herculean unending unretiring desperate daring strong-minded diehard game considerable merciless perky incessant unstinting grind hyper engagé attached adherent cruel sure pitiless stern unsparing cohesive slogging plodding unstoppable upright reliable red-hot coherent rock-ribbed meaningful substantial significant faddish selective with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone unforgiving unappeasable grim thoroughpaced particularised itemised possessive sturdy spunky unforgetful mathematical nit-picking harsh hanging in playing safe productive unmovable iron-fisted pounding mortal hard-headed brick-wall stilted decorous proper ceremonious formal starchy unavailable meaning business walking on eggs time-poor lively literary overparticular minding p's and q's heart and soul into hungry taken considered rushed off one's feet slaving in demand on the run having enough on one's plate having a full plate hustling harried having fish to fry having many irons in the fire far-reaching competitive overfastidious fretful picky-picky fuddy-duddy old maidish obsessive trivial old womanish prissy avid confident thirsty desirous scholastic highbrow right on civil seemly formalistic conventional good eye overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous cutthroat decisive sustained feisty have a prior engagement on assignment have a previous engagement with a customer tied down cultured educational clever educated striving in full swing inspired progressive bloodthirsty pioneering pushy stringent assured warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy total all-absorbing all-encompassing self-asserting self-assertive overdelicate hypercritical critical unsinkable hell-bent ironclad book-learned well read hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive go for broke in-your-face self-seeking self-assured can-do fiercely competitive power-loving gung ho get up and go high-reaching power-hungry having killer instinct self-possessed self-confident cut-throat dog-eat-dog fanatical intractable sticky through and through fervid explosive heavy-duty violent excruciating fearsome ghastly heavy widespread frightful hellacious dreadful blistering almighty fearful focused on utilised utilized good pious stanch bull-headed overcritical accelerated severe speeded-up contrary refractory true-blue down-the-line as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end deliberate pass-remarkable on the trot too much on plate head over heels clocked up nose to grindstone in for long haul bloody-minded indurate judicious orderly provident like bad penny mindful circumspect cautious vigilant aware percipient perceptive heeding noticing concerned prim captious refined difficult to please queasy impossible to please stubborn as a mule selfdisciplined discreet chary book-loving meditative reflective rapt awake tentie tenty on the ball open-eyed wide awake on your toes reckful paying attention wide-awake on the lookout not missing a trick on one's toes beady-eyed on the qui vive on guard listening carefully Argus-eyed easily disgusted very careful signed labouring selected hired operating laboring inked going to great lengths contemplative well-read well-informed bookworm grubbing on board in place on duty in use in collar plugging away on the payroll in a job unerring systematic regular faultless perfect spot-on flawless scientific error-free prudent literal explicit on the button right pinpoint infallible veracious factual veridical impeccable errorless spot on fine ordered truthful just discerning logical measured unmistakable on the nose defined certain wary guarded authentic structured genuine puritanical hairline definite sharp matter-of-fact considerate unimpeachable methodic cagey precisionist methodized planned conservative on the money leery calculating gingerly safe tidy literalist dogmatic literalistic neat businesslike disciplined formalist systematical specific actual bang on purist over-exacting well organized quibbling casuistical fault-finding pettifogging on the nail on the mark casuistic sophistical sophistic carping well-regulated unambiguous definitive cavilling sagacious organized deft discriminative skilful skillful concrete distinct caviling calculated priggish Victorian ultraprecise stuffy canny clear-cut uncanny politic reasoned whole suspicious clean mincing strait-laced schoolmarmish systematized hesitant affected apprehensive unmistaken appropriate unadulterated narrow prudish undistorted on the beam word-perfect together organised systematised restrained just so well planned on target well ordered well regulated well thought out disapproving faultfinding unfavorable unfavourable full-scale inch-perfect awkward topical intrinsic controlled omniscient sensitive discriminatory nonrandom astute pure microscopic tasteful duteous select eclectic choicy stately dignified solemn courtly sticklerish balanced rational pragmatic levelheaded reasonable specialized specialised entire white-glove imperial imposing deferential tight mature crossing the t's dotting the i's deadly inevitable ritual regal weighed advised knowing prompt timely reserved reticent well thought-out well-grounded exclusive dead positive trustworthy inerrable inerrant sure-fire invariable tentative suspecting forethoughtful shrewd precautious studied majestic hairsplitting unblemished niminy-piminy unbroken undistracted collective irrefutable valid undeniable conclusive undisputed unquestionable unrefuted keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves taking it slow on your guard belt-and-braces hedging one's bets with reservations watching one's step watching out on the watch with one's eyes peeled pompous imperious grandiose unmitigated unshared unreserved consistent unqualified unalloyed lifelike fair convincing realistic pondered united consummate moralistic puritan simple plain model ideal slow-moving dead-on standard on-target OK so unanimous continued veristic verisimilar exemplary acceptable O.K. thought-out immediate seasonable on time early speedy all undivided reluctant uneasy old-maid governessy goody-goody demure mimsy narrow-minded nice-nelly overmodest schoolmistressy straitlaced straightlaced bluenosed true to life unvarnished objective unexaggerated legitimate amen righteous stone okay equitable lock stock and barrel telling it like it is fact-based expeditious recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready unembellished bare seamless picture-book immaculate picture-perfect irreproachable letter-perfect copybook classic indefectible overexact simpering pretentious genteel uptight Grundyish austere artificial bigoted offish square illiberal loath sceptical dubious shy doubtful distrustful mistrustful right as rain on the right track dead on for sure on track on the right lines free of error right stuff along the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle straightforward veritable gospel stark sage without fault foolproof without blemish to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed encyclopedic compendious averse frugal afraid nervous disinclined mean as it really happened historical documentary real nonfictional textbook unspotted supreme stainless intact crimeless spotless unguilty prim and proper spot on time under the wire bang on time parsimonious stingy thrifty iffy cyclopedic embracive panoramic encyclopaedic universal inclusive omnibus inhibited constrained skeptical sparing miserly economical softly-softly honest apparent word for word ordinary not figurative unembroidered written usual verbal bona fide natural protective shielding mollycoddling protecting patronizing overprotective patronising restrictive playing one's cards close to one's chest leaving no stone unturned cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged

Tính từ

Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm towards an activity
keen eager ardent avid enthusiastic earnest fervent impassioned fervid passionate zealous athirst dedicated industrious perfervid excited wholehearted willing crazy raring spirited driven hopeful intense longing voracious conscientious enthused intent warmblooded diligent ebullient hungry motivated vehement desirous devoted fanatical solicitous wild ambitious committed craving lively yearning desiring fierce interested zestful mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed keen as mustard warm fiery passional red-hot emotional flaming vigorous hearty animated obsessed energetic great pumped active feverish agog ready forceful antsy anxious impatient appetent thirsty nuts superheated torrid charged religious demonstrative incandescent greedy gung ho hot-blooded warm-blooded hot sincere exuberant rabid thrilled vivacious titillated stoked dynamic fascinated exhilarated rhapsodic animate tantalized geeked aflame concerned afire unqualified nutty wacky gaga itching determined tantalised pleased sprightly juiced bugged zesty turnt gone on hopped-up ready and willing hot to trot hepped up as keen as mustard high-spirited raring to go keyed up full of beans diehard chomping at the bit champing at the bit habitual happy hung up unreluctant pining hankering engaged amenable breathless restless inclined game disposed restive glad covetous allegiant strong steadfast heartfelt heated frenzied burning messianic violent blazing uncontrollable consuming glowing raging tumultuous impulsive impetuous ungovernable moving inspiring eloquent stirring hotblooded stimulated expressive steamed up precipitate deep thrilling affecting headlong poignant high-pressure quickened high-powered extreme obsessive gung-ho fanatic devout mad frenetic fixated raving addicted possessed over-enthusiastic militant potty bigoted frantic biased delirious gotta have dying to profound deeply felt needing proselytizing evangelistic amorous insatiable excitable stormy effusive irascible ravenous grasping acquisitive angry avaricious rapacious urgent inspired uproarious hysterical stirred inspirited galvanized roused energized proselytising evangelical daft untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained feeling encouraged moved aroused uplifted influenced activated single-minded pushy purposeful deep-seated in a frenzy card-carrying ecstatic itchy ripe zealotic fired go-ahead fireball self-starting wild-eyed energised galvanised full-hearted from the heart on fire very excited raw stirred up serious pious tender unfeigned warmhearted responsive jumping up and down self-driven true blue hopped up hot for coming on strong immoderate infatuated compulsive dotty visionary hooked wackadoodle wackadoo overenthusiastic incorrigible credulous willful erratic opinionated monomaniacal unruly partial stubborn obstinate headstrong contumacious domineering extremist intolerant uncompromising maniacal furious turned on nuts for high on overzealous crazed prejudiced one-sided irrational unreasonable partisan ferocious illiberal infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded intemperate berko berserk mad-dog ultraist diseased deranged insane freaked out corybantic sizzling bitten overboard sick unwell virulent infected flipped naked ill poisoned smoking

Tính từ

Never relaxing or slackening
unremitting continual continuous incessant perpetual unbroken unceasing ceaseless constant relentless sustained unabating continued continuing diligent endless indefatigable inexorable interminable nonstop non-stop persistent remorseless running steady unabated unending uninterrupted unrelenting unrelieved unsparing unwavering unyielding aeonian around-the-clock chronic connected consecutive dateless enduring eternal everlasting frequent hard harsh oft-repeated ongoing permanent persisting recurrent regular repeated repetitive round-the-clock sedulous staying stern timeless unalleviated unchanging unfailing unflagging unvarying unwaning unwearied without respite never-ending unfaltering dogged tireless untiring unswerving determined lasting steadfast persevering perennial abiding resolute staunch undying undeviating immortal habitual unflinching fixed unstoppable tenacious unshakeable firm unwearying inexhaustible even unfluctuating imperishable weariless prolonged dedicated recurring single-minded consistent solid uniform industrious stable always-on patient ageless deathless pertinacious energetic dynamic without end infinite zealous vigorous resolved implacable decided intense active amaranthine unvacillating sure unfading invariant set insistent perdurable round the clock enthusiastic day-and-night indomitable keen dead set on periodic immovable boundless unhesitating periodical indestructible immutable changeless unqualified unflappable never-failing sempiternal undivided grim steady-going devoted lingering spirited forceful Herculean purposeful undisturbed obstinate stout laborious strong stubborn painstaking successive monotonous fast untroubled secure interminate unappeasable nagging grind perky hyper jumping indelible neverending plugging ingrained strenuous hard-working never-tiring unshakable unshaken predictable rhythmic direct without interruption without stopping inflexible long-lasting pat dependable invariable never-changing reliable stabile forever brick-wall day and night on a treadmill unchangeable equable bound and determined set in stone ever-abiding stalwart driven limitless loyal unretiring ever-enduring maintained protracted lengthy undaunted 24-hour inevitable niggling inescapable irrevocable unavoidable unlimited unintermitted faithful long pushy without ceasing cursive gnawing regularized standardised regularised straight smooth extended closed unstinting eager never-ceasing world-without-end all day long unassailable standardized stationary unchanged extensive mulish pigheaded stiff-necked bound unquestioning wholehearted long-term drawn out drawn-out through straightforward in succession deep-rooted remaining lifelong long-lived durable long-standing surviving stretched out numerous many established same rigid static sound no end to with no let-up no end of irreversible on the go ball of fire countless absolute certain well-founded always urgent for ever and ever unruffled profound deep progressive without a break without surcease bent on meaning business uncontrollable total adamant iron deep-dyed irremovable inexpungible old indissoluble longstanding perseverant going all the way go-go unstinted undeterred fireball plodding clamorous iterative a great many very many committed cast-iron nonrandom till the cows come home in for the long haul unquenchable intrusive loud noisy vociferous obtrusive focused perseverative intent unconstrained inextinguishable eager beaver all-year-round focussed unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained hanging tough irrepressible incorrigible intractable wild ever-pressing dead set stout-hearted illimitable conscientious busy indefinite tough nut out of control immemorial always hell-bent ironclad unsinkable never give up termless thorough attentive ultra-careful meticulous tied-up close hopping searching elaborate punctilious studious engaged employed scrupulous particular rigorous careful bustling working occupied minute nose to grindstone stop at nothing pedantic strict religious fussy unalterable unvaried uncompromising hard-and-fast unbending level settled stringent orderly definite standing determinate final hard and fast homogeneous incommutable inalterable unmodifiable systematic true on an even keel frozen flat inexpugnable prevailing binding hard-line calm unequivocal tranquil controlled hidebound disciplined incontestable incontrovertible unaltering homogenous metrical equal matching monolithic regimented undiversified exacting ordered nonnegotiable entrenched symmetrical balanced methodical ineradicable tight regulated systematized consonant unadaptable arranged returning concrete inveterate systematised obdurate closely controlled strictly controlled iron-fisted exact stiff unmoving locked in dyed-in-the-wool solid as a rock flowing fluent sine qua non clear-cut unaffected unaltered fluid frictionless plain living classic fresh unspoiled youthful alike not changing long-established expected long-running devout impenetrable unmovable moderate temperate true to type atemporal agelong agreed yearlong annual yearly seasonal never dying non-extreme fair hard-nosed unbreakable specified hardheaded hardened deep-seated irreparable not changeable organized infallible true-blue predetermined preset rooted repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent fossilized fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians perduring jelled solid as rock going on well-established sacrosanct neat tidy well grounded similar severe telling indisputable convinced satisfied confident valid indubitable positive undeniable real genuine doubtless free from doubt convincing unquestionable for a fact clear persuaded assured well-set unitary undifferentiated for keeps like the Rock of Gibralter equivalent identical dull strictly regulated composed intransigent fail-safe surefire can't-miss unerring set in concrete organised well-organized well-ordered restricted staying put patterned measured austere bottomless serene forever and a day fated fateful well-proportioned ossified normal compatible plumb well-balanced tough authoritarian brassbound fossilised ramrod unpermissive incompliant congruous mechanical harmonious accordant alternating punctual precise cyclic serial tried and true tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy rock solid tried and tested counted on bullheaded peaceful sedate recollected placid possessed coolheaded limpid unemotional collected cool on a tight rein writ in stone tough nut to crack cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon heavy-handed undoubting of a piece unperturbed together unworried in order fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians confining in a straight line self-composed self-possessed even-tempered draconian rigidly enforced remove more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Preoccupied with something to the exclusion of everything else
engrossed absorbed immersed deep rapt intent involved engaged enthralled gripped lost occupied caught up fascinated intrigued attentive captivated focused focussed interested observant preoccupied riveted bugged busy consumed diligent gone held hooked industrious into monopolised monopolized sedulous submerged all ears beguiled by captivated by engaged in engaged with focused on gripped by intent on preoccupied by riveted by fiend for fixated by heavily into hung up hypnotized by intrigued by mesmerized by really into tied up turned on wrapped up all wound up caught up in head over heels taken up with up to here in spellbound mesmerized mesmerised obsessed entranced hypnotized fixated hypnotised beguiled infatuated charmed enchanted fanatical smitten single-minded happy concentrated concentrating fixed committed taken up devoted bewitched buried intense hooked on enraptured working employed transfixed passionate enrapt distracted up to here up to your ears enthusiastic delighted enamored active keen wrapped up in enamoured abstracted bustling steadfast at work hell-bent eat sleep and breathe tied-up locked in dialed in resolute stuck on transported dedicated queer motivated besotted enticed concerned thrilled intoxicated monomaniacal hopping preoccupied with single-minded about obsessive about possessed by hung up on in a brown study engrossed in dedicated to enthusiastic about devoted to immersed in under a spell hard-pressed determined potty about nuts about gone on wild on on the job on the go earnest steady on the hop diverted crazy about dotty about taken knee-deep hard at it firm deep in thought hard at work resolved studious obsessive watchful prepossessed tickled pleased alert inflexible set ardent fervent amused bound-up exhilarated dazzled tantalized attracted seduced titillated entertained unavailable wrapped absent-minded sent tantalised laborious overloaded in harness energetic snowed busy as a bee tied down taken over rushed off your feet on the move sunk in have a prior engagement absorbed in up to one's ears passionate about have one's hands full interested in on assignment involved in have a previous engagement wound up busy as a beaver at it with a customer having a one-track mind possessed up to your eyes up to your elbows entangled sunk steeped attached bent centered obsessed with busy with connected eager centred wackadoodle wackadoo infatuated with fanatical about paranoid neurotic insistent enfolded bound up on task laughing smiling besotted with glued impatient up to one's ears in fervid feverish crazy rapturous ignorant in the grip of ecstatic impassioned nuts full exclusive whole entire undivided all pleasantly occupied hanging on every word absentminded entranced by fascinated by distracted by taken up by distrait dreamy enthralled by spellbound by participating dotty on duty somewhere else in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds wool-gathering not there miles away not with us rhapsodic giddy elevated euphoric elated rhapsodical heady dutiful in a meeting blissful ravished influential faithful devout activist contributing on active service otherwise engaged cheered relaxed absent joyful inattentive dreaming overwhelmed content daydreaming unconscious oblivious strong-minded persistent pleasurably entertained dogged driven intensive in conference already taken tireless forward excited overpowered very interested aroused time-poor lively carried away blissed out having fun enjoying oneself having enough on one's plate having a full plate hustling harried having fish to fry efficient rushed off one's feet slaving in demand on the run having many irons in the fire hard-working hardworking go-getting two-fisted go-ahead fond of sold on in love with settled extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious utilized utilised clocked up on the trot set on deep in too much on plate

Tính từ

Reliable or constant
unfailing constant sure infallible reliable boundless dependable endless certain inexhaustible never-failing steadfast ceaseless continuous can't-miss continual fail-safe faithful loyal persistent steady surefire true undying unerring unfading unlimited bottomless staunch unflagging abiding absolute come-through consistent continuing delivering diligent dyed-in-the-wool enduring eternal invariable lasting same solid straight there tried-and-true trustworthy unchanging unrelenting unshakable counted on rock solid tried and tested tried and true sure-fire assured accurate impeccable guaranteed effective faultless perfect exact flawless correct efficacious precise definite sound positive foolproof unquestionable spot on deadly safe unimpeachable incontrovertible inerrant indubitable secure decided error-free efficient direct uncanny helpful inevitable meticulous scrupulous unequivocal indisputable undeniable clear inch-perfect effectual genuine inerrable real doubtless useful fixed firm incontestable tested dead convincing unqualified omniscient watertight authoritative set never failing sovereign ensured confirmed irrefutable insured bang on undoubted in the bag lethal unassailable on the money tried goofproof unbreakable idiot-proof airtight uncompromising unchangeable convinced free from doubt satisfied telling unwavering confident valid for a fact unfaltering unvarying changeless unquestioning persuaded unshaken on the mark on target excellent valuable stated concluded certified stipulated warranted potent powerful worthwhile undoubting unswerving outstanding practical productive settled sealed established clinched errorless spot-on unmistaken just nailed-on pronounced racked clear-cut cinched nailed on nailed down on ice beyond doubt made certain absolutely certain sewed up conclusive categorical unambiguous decisive palpable irrevocable concrete unmistakable recognized obvious confirmable resolute patent verifiable manifest determinate demonstrable transparent questionless recognised failsafe unbeatable handy agreeable undeceivable always effective right acceptable apodictic satisfactory satisfying as sure as eggs is eggs

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