Đồng nghĩa của brick wall

Tính từ

Consisting of matter all through
solid firm hard rigid stiff robust stout sturdy adamantine hardened tough impermeable massed unmalleable unyielding fixed husky solidified steely taut blocked immutable inflexible sealed concentrated resolute rugged strong unrelenting compact consolidated dimensional rigorous unchangeable close compacted impliable rocklike unwavering concrete congealed impervious thick dense frozen stiffened impenetrable jellied set uncompromising non-flexible rock-hard rock-solid like a rock set in stone really hard very hard substantial tight vigorous stable cast-iron unbending inelastic unbreakable durable resistant sound hardy secure immovable rooted compressed lusty toughened heavy stony inured iron hard-bitten forceful fast hearty resilient indurate hard as nails steady anchored indestructible hard-wearing stalwart jelled nailed tenacious safe cemented rocky riveted unmoving steadfast moored immalleable mighty nonporous well built stationary stubborn as hard as stone strongly made immobile gelatinous as hard as iron adamant secured condensed close-grained tense obdurate braced unshakeable waterproof impregnable impassable strapping long-lasting jammed unbendable fastened closed unshakable obstinate brawny established staunch hermetic muscular unflexible heavy-duty settled unpliable still built to last hermetically sealed able-bodied well-built solid as a rock renitent motionless steeled well made fit invulnerable entrenched inviolable indurated powerful bulletproof tightened impassible irremovable healthy watertight unpierceable ingrained athletic water-resistant snug tied immotile strict invariable unsupple stark seasoned rock-like imperviable hardheaded deep-rooted static bound water-repellent definite deep-seated hitched hale ironclad hooked attached enduring capable able locked refractory fine-grained unmovable well-set hard and fast stiff as a board locked in made fast rainproof hard-and-fast like granite incompressible imperishable serviceable granite permanent dependable reliable knockabout infallible foolproof gelled walkable airtight hulking beefy jellified flinty nonmoving damp-proof thickset unbudging chiseled chiselled fortified nonflexible as hard as a rock nonmotile invincible indomitable balanced starched leak-proof fixed firmly error-tolerant unchanging unvarying sure stabile potent ungiving done up buttoned down influential unshaking hidebound determinate pigheaded final flat inexpugnable certain inveterate unflappable brittle incompliant important cynical unshaken hard-nosed case-hardened annealed numbed significant stiff-necked steel hard-boiled unsentimental hard-headed forcible conglomerated caked dried poured precast calcified petrified monolithic energetic shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact quiet situated located unflagging fit as a fiddle hale and hearty in fine fettle hefty acclimatised acclimatized well fresh in rude health fighting fit in good health indefatigable physically fit in good shape in good condition burly callous world-weary sinewy active big reinforced hard-edged hard-handed packed flexed rock hard puissant in fine feather well-made well-founded lacking sentiment unmoved unaffected untouched immune puncture-proof as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails unswayable unreceptive proof unattackable unassailable tensed biased unfeeling impassive unapproachable inaccessible stretched strained stressed preconceived murky unpiercable embedded leathery extended worried wired nervous anxious edgy tightly packed cohesive molded conditioned moulded fortress-like withstanding wedged welded unfluctuating bombproof on edge tightly drawn strung out mounted bolted lodged soldered stuck screwed made to last tough as nails

Tính từ

Always steady and on course
unwavering steady resolute steadfast undeviating unfaltering unflagging unswerving untiring decided resolved unfluctuating unhesitating consistent dedicated determined even firm fixed immovable indefatigable invariant persistent relentless single-minded staunch tireless unchanging uniform unrelenting unremitting unshakable unshaken unvacillating unvarying unyielding abiding brick-wall constant dogged enduring inexorable intense never-failing pat regular set solid sure sustained unflappable unqualified unshakeable dead set on set in stone implacable unbending inflexible intransigent hard obstinate adamant obdurate rigid stubborn tough pertinacious wilful headstrong perverse mulish willful strict opinionated hardened pigheaded unsparing adamantine uncompromising bullheaded hardheaded tenacious ossified inconvincible stiff stiff-necked hard-nosed self-willed self-opinionated intractable indurate unmalleable diehard strong unpersuadable hardline rugged categorical hard-line iron-willed bull-headed hard-core bloody-minded die-hard hard and fast not giving an inch merciless ruthless cruel pitiless stern sedulous assiduous unstoppable unflinching unforgiving grim rigorous unappeasable remorseless harsh steely unabated insistent hard-headed unmovable iron-fisted mortal bound pounding hanging tough bound and determined persevering strong-willed committed stalwart indomitable locked in bent on vigorous intent true purposeful settled decisive unalterable refractory do-or-die strong-minded bent upon hell-bent on hell-bent upon unfailing faithful loyal uncooperative unchangeable stable immutable definite enthusiastic rock-ribbed deliberate uncompliant positive out unbendable strenuous recalcitrant ironclad bent defiant contumacious meaning business stand pat unreasonable difficult bolshie mean business hell bent on cross-grained pig-headed stubborn as a mule deaf to reason severe impassive stony-hearted unimpressionable whole-hearted assertive emphatic quiescent dead set permanent unmodifiable stiffened unquestioning wholehearted in earnest determinate dominant certain renitent unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable prevailing inexpugnable seasoned domineering going explicit cussed earnest unswayable immalleable durable exacting stringent draconian dug in tough nut unmanageable mettlesome spirited perseverant undaunted ineluctable hard-and-fast gritty valiant plucky intrepid set in concrete stick to guns stroppy froward contrary cantankerous balky purposive bold courageous brave gutsy necessary immobile compulsory unmoved unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative incompliant restive through-and-through manful serious persisting spunky stout dyed-in-the-wool with one's feet dug in convinced with one's toes dug in contrarious wrong-headed bulldog hang tough dependable no going back like death and taxes four-square intent on stout-hearted redoubtable going all the way set on on one's mettle insistent on determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle intent upon devoted reliable daring sturdy trusty hard-working enterprising driven ambitious motivated true-blue inexhaustible audacious forceful steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse telelogical focussed calculated focused unwearied unwearying patient diligent never-tiring dynamic playing hard ball nose to the grindstone be out for blood weariless energetic industrious tried and true tried and tested active hell-bent unsinkable painstaking nose to grindstone stop at nothing

Tính từ

Making strict requirements
stringent exacting inflexible rigid rigorous strict demanding severe tight tough firm uncompromising binding brassbound cast-iron draconian hard-line harsh stiff acrimonious brick-wall compelling confining convincing drawing dyed-in-the-wool extreme forceful hard hard-nosed ironclad iron-fisted picky poignant powerful rough set stern unpermissive valid hard and fast by the book by the numbers dead set on unbending unyielding fixed obdurate unchangeable austere immutable unsparing inexorable invariable unadaptable unalterable resolute relentless unwavering adamant authoritarian intransigent intractable unrelenting immovable unforgiving unsympathetic undeviating heavy-handed obstinate merciless steadfast determined solid unvarying grim fierce stony cruel unchanging dour ruthless oppressive single-minded indurate unshakeable implacable stubborn adamantine set in stone pitiless bullheaded flinty forbidding uncharitable hard-and-fast hard-boiled ramrod disciplined hard-hearted hardheaded remorseless headstrong unfeeling drastic grave steely callous serious no-nonsense spartan ascetic imperious established hardline definite dogged illiberal stuffy disciplinary pertinacious unmerciful changeless frugal unfriendly incommutable cold unsmiling unpitying gruff solemn abstemious dead set heartless inalterable cold-blooded unswerving diehard unaccommodating inhuman disapproving unmoving louring unappeasable savage staunch lowering intimidating rugged hard-hitting bound hard-core sombre ungentle somber unflinching mean-looking hardened mulish stiff-necked refractory uncaring ossified ferocious astringent tyrannical hard to please locked in stony-hearted self-denying clear-cut incontestable incontrovertible entrenched rooted systematic meticulous scrupulous painstaking locked immoderate tenacious final militant ungiving despotic regimented settled fast determinate onerous ironhanded unsentimental controlled dire cool radical unbreakable inexpugnable unmollifiable unplacatable inescapable iron-handed unpacifiable punishing unmoved stand pat with a heart of stone lacking compassion vindictive cold-hearted hardhearted formidable pressing autocratic desperate pugnacious ineluctable strong forcible not giving an inch two-fisted hard-bitten temperate abstinent disciplinarian resolved absolute browbeating ascetical domineering exact irreversible concrete necessary immobile unmovable compulsory morose sour hard-shelled static incompliant uptight gloomy dismal sullen vicious truculent virulent bound and determined mean business no going back hell bent on like death and taxes closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced dreary surly formal puritanical frowning uncommunicative poker-faced remove tough nut to crack insensitive insensate thick-skinned stonyhearted inhumane stoney affectless slash-and-burn compassionless desensitized take-no-prisoners ironhearted soulless case-hardened pachydermatous hair-shirt self-abnegating self-disciplined writ in stone strait-laced cut-and-dried decided upon complex rule-bound unpersuadable reserved sober stark meager icy frosty unemotional frigid chilly hidebound iron complicated blinkered distant aloof desensitised willful self-willed inconvincible wilful pat opinionated pigheaded perverse self-opinionated Spartan meagre iron-willed glum melancholic crabbed hard-faced dejected bleak ugly sulky saturnine involved bureaucratic officious remote unswayable indomitable uncompliant recalcitrant earnest standing one's ground set in your ways set in one's ways trying perfectionist importunate clamorous tiresome judgmental fussy dictatorial critical overbearing querulous insistent overexacting unmanageable cavilling nagging troublesome exigent difficult unamenable fractious hypercritical sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous quibbling disparaging needy censuring possessive cavillous hairsplitting unreasonable caviling demeaning carping censorious cynical high-maintenance fault-finding over-rigorous over-strict hard to satisfy over-censorious over-particular over-exacting unmalleable bloody-minded bull-headed deep-dyed long-standing uncooperative inveterate committed explicit balky die-hard unshakable dedicated deep intrenched deep-rooted bred-in-the-bone deep-seated confirmed contrary unfaltering awkward faithful devoted narrow-minded incurable seasoned stalwart true decided cantankerous obstreperous dogmatic froward persistent hard as nails hang tough winner-take-all zero-sum high-stake win-or-lose unbudgeable all-or-nothing categorical set-on one-sided challenging reactionary traditionalist conservative brutal crisp doctrinaire unflexible ultra-conservative unprogressive mortal dug in standing pat do or die sticking to one's guns hold the line hold one's ground hold the fort out-and-out sworn deadly bitter blimpish irreconcilable unruly wayward obscene pornographic X-rated wild disobedient ungovernable uncontrollable fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist undisciplined unwaivering contumacious rebellious restive untoward defiant rock-ribbed rebel recusant insubordinate assertive whole-hearted emphatic chronic habitual constant insoluble thorny unpliable tough nut problematic knotty indocile in earnest decisive dominant purposeful stable certain intent prevailing sure unshaken persevering unqualified perennial lifelong thorough devout going bent positive consistent fiery through and through torrid enduring loyal proved sicker fervent irredeemable vehement unreformable fanatical compulsive well established indelible ineradicable deep-set red-hot thoroughgoing zealous complete hard-shell staid wholehearted impenitent incorrigible ingrained obsessive ardent all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying longtime long-established supreme well-established accustomed unapologetic inured unashamed habituated hard-headed world-weary do-or-die never-failing hell-bent on strong-willed hell-bent upon bent on bent upon through-and-through indurated boorish argumentative fastidious finicky lacking sentiment hard-edged as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails grumbly disobliging strong-minded irritable finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety ornery uppity touchy chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative oafish discontented cussed prickly dissatisfied rude bearish crabby thrawn huffy stroppy negative delicate irritating contrarious overcritical wrong-headed impolite opinionative disputatious irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious stiffened renitent immalleable durable

Danh từ

A halt in movement or operation
stop halt end finish close cessation conclusion termination standstill stoppage discontinuation freeze suspension discontinuance shutdown arrest break closure disruption pause blockage closing completion culmination dead end deadlock dead stop desistance ending end of the line finale grinding halt interruption occlusion screaming halt screeching halt time-out winding-up wind-up wrap-up arrestment closedown cutoff expiration lapse letup lull roadblock shutoff surcease full stop cease stay check offset stopping impasse stalemate consummation windup finis gridlock logjam endgame homestretch capper halting checkmate terminus stopover mop-up grand finale standoff resolution denouement period intermission Mexican standoff adjournment rest ceasing winding up stand-off finishing stand expiry breaking off result outcome payoff respite end of the road staging post interval hiatus breather desuetude abeyance failure layoff abandonment downtime climax break-off discontinuity delay epilogue cutting short issue consequence coda breakup curtains peroration wrap execution epilog fulfilment achievement accomplishment curtain fulfillment stopping point separation disjunction limit alternation breakdown severance let-up gap withdrawal blackout remission curtailment recess port of call half-way house complete stop outro eventuality concluding suppression bitter end time off hole final thoughts interlude folding cloture obstruction inhibition hindrance blind alley inaction wait station shutting finalization fruition staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining draw shutting down closing down dénouement death liquidation finalisation catch-22 disconnection breathing space communication breakdown time out block wall last stage last dissolution determination retirement disconnectedness disjointedness final stage sewing up final part final act cancellation polishing off run-in upshot realization realisation whistle-stop abortion cesser omega perfection incoherence sign-off cut-off cancelation kiss-off ballgame effect disunion end result cut-off point closing stages last word final word bottom line last part cutout lack of coherence lack of unity way station attainment crowning last act success carrying out tail end discharge effecting swan song final stages discharging final scene decline implementation end piece summation running out solution pass actualization actuality clarification unravelling unraveling final curtain kick contentedness contentment gratification coup de grace kicks observance carrying through you got it just the ticket pay-off summing-up curb twilight veto wane summing up catastrophe dispatch completeness hips integration term demise final point last stop disbarment disbandment cleanup end-stage end-stages lapsing effectuation performance discontinuing afterpiece closer chaser button blow-off appendix finial postscript finishing point capping perfecting to a finish redemption observance doing it to a T kibosh winter crowning glory autumn self-realization inner peace serenity nirvana self-fulfillment satisfaction self-actualization joy fag end desisting remaining hesitation terminating deterring holding materialisation materialization crumbling collapse destruction crackup back end tailpiece disintegration dispersal tag end victory mate defeat settlement answer rectification settling diagnosis elucidation dissection resolving solving explanation analysis cracking interpretation recommendation disentanglement exposition quick fix working out sorting out

Trái nghĩa của brick wall

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