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Alternative for officious

Tính từ

Obliging, attentive, eager to please
interfering intrusive meddlesome meddling obtrusive prying pushy bumptious bustling bossy busy dictatorial opinionated overbearing overzealous self-important overbusy self-assertive domineering forward importunate inquisitive intruding nosey nosy pragmatic presuming presumptuous protrusive pushing snoopy bureaucratic fussy impertinent intermeddling rude curious snooping nebby busybody probing assertive brash aggressive bold forceful tampering loud offensive obnoxious spying questioning inquiring inquisitorial interested scrutinizing interrupting eavesdropping investigative peering enquiring scrutinising ambitious thrusting arrogant cocksure confident overconfident gossipy pushful cocky over-curious over-interested insistent nervy strident loudmouthed peeping nosy-parker prurient analytical searching full of oneself inquisitory annoying driven mischievous fierce militant go-getting self-asserting in-your-face high-pressure enterprising blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging invasive unwanted encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing butting in busybodied sharp-elbowed chiselling agog intrigued interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interruptive interference nosy-parkering unwelcome trespassing disturbing big-eyed personal speculative poking challenging keen sifting uncalled-for burning with curiosity insensitive unpleasant protruding upsetting indiscreet over-assertive inspecting examining disquisitive go-ahead compelling bludgeoning persistent persuasive intensive high-powered coercive pressurizing pressured stressful relentless intense difficult strenuous demanding pressurising not taking no for an answer insolent brazen impudent cheeky audacious self-confident brazen-faced brassy bold-faced saucy arch sassy wise brassbound fresh hubristic effervescent impulsive brazenfaced trashy impetuous inconsiderate bright uppity flip incautious hasty vivacious thoughtless impolitic heedless precipitate full of yourself headlong untactful maladroit rash hotheaded as bold as brass

Tính từ

Unpleasantly overpowering
overbearing domineering autocratic bossy despotic dictatorial tyrannical imperious masterful arrogant lordly oppressive peremptory authoritarian high-handed dominating heavy-handed overweening superior bullying coercive pompous proud authoritative autocratical cocksure cocky dogmatic haughty magisterial overproud pontifical presumptuous tyrannic tyrannous iron-handed lording it opinionated pushy supercilious ascendant cavalier demanding disdainful egotistic high and mighty high-and-mighty imperative imperial insolent preponderant prevalent regnant sniffy snotty stuffy uppity commanding assertive conceited draconian strict arbitrary bullish severe harsh smug pushful bumptious forward patronizing self-assertive important self-important uppish patronising vain autarchic egotistical iron-fisted forceful subjugating controlling swaggering willful wilful assured dominant self-confident vainglorious lofty overconfident blustering firm doctrinaire bold chesty condescending brash huffish boastful huffy pretentious hifalutin toploftical assumptive highfalutin toplofty presuming immodest snooty stuck-up hubristic self-asserting high-hat stiff-necked throwing one's weight about imposing confident self-assured undemocratic masterly overpowering decisive compulsatory exacting obligatory required mandatory compulsory strong-willed sure of oneself anti-democratic throwing one's weight around crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse bigheaded strutting swollen-headed self-opinionated repressive rigid inflexible Neronian dogmatical unyielding self-satisfied swellheaded biggity egoistic prideful complacent self-conceited consequential sententious grandiose egoistical biggety clamorous dictative crack-the-whip stern full of oneself know-it-all puffed-up affected puffed up snobbish stuck up full of yourself throwing weight around assuming smart brassy remote saucy elitist rude snippy snobby swanky flip wise ostentatious persnickety audacious contumelious impertinent unabashed brazen sassy tony aloof unblushing boldfaced pert fresh barefaced cheeky procacious cool malapert full of hot air hoity-toity high-flown toffee-nosed smart-alecky putting on airs highhanded impudent contemptuous scornful bragging narcissistic self-centered big-headed self-centred selfish la-di-da egocentric fancy-pants bloated self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying nervy above oneself posh smarty self-serving self-righteous orgulous dismissive wise guy holier-than-thou blusterous mocking too big for your boots scoffing sneering showy pontificating cold-shoulder braggart jumped up inconsiderate brazen-faced uninhibited self-applauding bombastic sure absolute on an ego trip foolhardy vaunting totalitarian familiar overbold illiberal brassbound arch indifferent overfamiliar rash stiff brusque uncivil positive powerful free abrupt shameless self-aggrandizing careless certain aggressive bold-faced insistent portentous puffy flaunting high-minded la-de-da too big for one's breeches too big for one's britches too big for one's boots self-complacent self-flattering extraverted self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted disciplinarian silliness giddy thoughtless dizzy flighty offhand obnoxious loud all-powerful self-opinioned ambitious inflated poncey windy refined impolite boasting self-willed monocratic crowing impetuous overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty honourable honorable gracious high offensively self-assertive presumptive casual curt majestic regal august judicial stately dignified ordering bidding blowhard ironhanded disrespectful improper inappropriate on one's high horse self-respecting one-party unconcerned insouciant uninterested nose in the air pleased with yourself swanking big-mouthed high falutin unlimited tsarist czarist too big for your britches temerarious daredevil reckless madcap unceremonious discourteous reserved distant detached big loudmouth windbag exultant dystopian grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious riding for a fall heedless overoptimistic summary brisk pushing driving czarlike take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish on your high horse hot stuff intolerant emphatic daring forthright irreverent overassertive direct compelling uncompromising obstinate undeniable rigorous decided definite fixed stringent finished on ego trip overfriendly thrusting bantam heading for a fall hotshot jaunty brass-necked coming on strong bare-faced over-assertive smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Over-concerned with procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense

Tính từ

Not authorized or approved by the relevant organization or person
unofficial unauthorised unauthorized casual informal unsanctioned wildcat unaccredited contraband offstage unorthodox illicit illegal unlawful wrongful outlawed criminal illegitimate prohibited forbidden banned unlicensed under-the-table felonious lawless unwarranted proscribed interdicted black-market against the law crooked bootleg unconstitutional actionable shady verboten barred under the counter violating under-the-counter lawbreaking malfeasant heavy not permitted not allowed prosecutable under the table smuggled not legal taboo bent dishonest dodgy racket dirty improper wrong off limits out of line pirated impermissible unwarrantable irregular hot extralegal corrupt fraudulent wicked clandestine immoral furtive non licet off base against the rules not approved sub rosa guilty adulterous undemocratic outside the law in violation of law contrary to law secret on the side tabu unapproved uncertified disallowed dishonourable bootlegged pirate no-no unjustified hooky dishonorable off the record plagiarized plagiarised stolen not sanctioned over the line out of bounds culpable unethical villainous indictable nefarious disorderly iniquitous unsavory anarchic delinquent terrorist punishable dark black unruly bad insurrectionary vile insubordinate seditious anarchical mutinous rebellious disruptive unacceptable mutinying insurgent noncompliant peccant nonconformist sly sinful vicious revolting evil savage anarchistic unrighteous barbarous ungoverned uncivilised racketeering disobedient miscreant excessive rotten recusant uncultivated unsavoury turbulent warlike infringing violent unregulated flagitious unpeaceful contumacious piratical criminogenic uncivilized transgressing nihilistic disordered traitorous tapu haram smoking gun without law and order ruled out not acceptable bogus

Tính từ

Being on friendly terms
familiar close intimate friendly chummy dear buddy-buddy sociable amicable cordial personal genial near thick tight affable amiable bosom companionable comradely confidential congenial cosy cozy matey neighborly neighbourly pally easy gracious palsy fresh inseparable snug free-and-easy palsy-walsy thick as thieves hail-fellow-well-met especial inward as thick as thieves devoted clubby affectionate constant loving on good terms fast faithful boon firm warm good cherished special convivial good-natured close-knit treasured valued best attached outgoing social clubbable gregarious conversable pleasant favourite agreeable civil dearest favorite fond regular conjoined harmonious warmhearted hospitable approachable extroverted extrovert collegial on friendly terms buddy buddy joined at the hip in each other's pocket clubable easy to get along with hail-fellow bonhomous mellow hearty easy-going extraverted allied akin cliquey clannish very dear closely acquainted open jovial on top of each other warm-hearted easy to get on with colonial good company lively accessible communicative abiding reliable long-standing enduring deep-rooted long-lasting durable tight-knit devoted to inseparable from staunch steady steadfast stable obliging on the best of terms well in close to hand in glove kind sympathetic brotherly nice couthy cooperative well disposed well-disposed good-humoured backslapping communal considerate helpful good-humored fraternal company-loving uninhibited indivisible nearest and dearest casual loyal inalienable inseverable indissoluble informal unceremonious acquainted known to entwined intertwined whole integral undividable connected unified secure moulded interwoven united integrated molded tied up as one peaceable on a sociable footing measured amical calm peaceful conciliatory mild moderate sensible non-hostile pacific tolerant temperate cheerful kindly welcoming happy good-tempered complaisant tender polite cheery easygoing sweet pleasing charming likeable responsive likable lenient courteous benevolent benign decent caring personable delightful favorable like-minded gentle confiding charitable unreserved engaging heartfelt enthusiastic sincere earnest wholehearted smiling buoyant favourable eager downright neighborly lovey-dovey expansive fun expressive glowing lovable winsome affectious glad-handering merciful thoughtful generous red-carpet winning amenable kissy-huggy very friendly swell copacetic breezy civilized conflict-free natural relaxed sweet-tempered bluff jolly urbane understanding empathic concordant agreeing civilised accordant merry all heart upper chirpy up cheering perky chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening joyous blithe glad square shooting right nice fatherly genuine comforting inviting maternal liberal solicitous sunny side up doting compassionate amorous softhearted deep motherly kindhearted empathetic paternal bubbly confident adoring cuddly demonstrative vibrant amusing funny happy-go-lucky hilarious attentive compatible comical receptive jocular jocose entertaining kindred mushy huggy partial all over crazy over soft on nutty about touchy-feely

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