Đồng nghĩa của brass necked

Tính từ

Impertinently bold, often in a way that is regarded as endearing or amusing
cheeky fresh audacious brazen-faced impertinent impudent insolent sassy saucy cocky lippy presumptuous bold brazen discourteous disrespectful forward insulting irreverent nervy overfamiliar pert rude shameless bad-mannered ill-mannered impolite insubordinate mannerless unmannerly arch bold-faced brash brassbound brassy cocksure flip malapert mouthy smart-assed smart-arsed wise assumptive ballsy bold as brass contumelious defiant mischievous naughty presumptive immodest smart-alecky assuming arrogant out of line barefaced familiar presuming unabashed smart unblushing pushy free crude shocking outrageous in-your-face confident bantam blatant procacious unashamed ill-bred overbold self-assured coming on strong temeritous as bold as brass bumptious flippant snippy indelicate boldfaced snippety cool arrant indecorous indiscreet overweening uncivil aggressive coarse daring forthright overconfident uninhibited direct overassertive off-base uppity overfriendly thrusting feisty unembarrassed unreserved unshrinking uncalled-for personal unsubtle inconsiderate undiplomatic unhandsome thoughtless ungracious tactless unmannered forceful spirited gritty bare-faced incongruous meddling meddlesome prying offensive unsuitable inquisitive intrusive interfering nosy disgracious self-assertive over-assertive smart alecky off base not backwards in coming forwards boorish abusive disdainful churlish uncouth pompous contemptuous disparaging vulgar smug loutish ungentlemanly unladylike haughty conceited supercilious unrefined ungallant cavalier blunt rough derogatory oafish self-confident lordly lofty offhand peremptory pretentious sharp uppish crass derisive self-asserting scornful short ignorant overbearing out-of-line brusque curt graceless self-important hubristic egotistical facetious high-hat loud abrupt assertive hurtful boastful patronizing imperious blasphemous disagreeable hifalutin unchivalrous highfalutin scurrilous huffy chesty sniffy huffish cute toplofty toploftical masterful unpleasant smart-aleck gruff smarty-pants insensitive high-handed high-and-mighty crusty proud vain unkind uncomplimentary inappropriate degrading slighting vainglorious patronising gross important improper obtrusive uncharitable uncivilized sacrilegious profane impious snobbish objectionable snooty aweless unceremonious self-satisfied snobby domineering vituperative surly high and mighty uncivilised egotistic humiliating stuck-up impetuous ungodly unholy sullen rash impolitic breezy opinionated affronting wounding unpolished blustering uncultured ungenteel underbred magisterial swaggering superior selfish self-centered hasty obnoxious full of yourself iconoclastic bossy loud-mouthed bigheaded playful condescending stiff-necked misbehaved witty irreverential unhallowed jocular glib jokey sarcastic whimsical tongue-in-cheek badly behaved frivolous hotheaded impulsive funny humorous over-free belittling displeasing dismissive flagrant uncultivated unfriendly impish uncaring protrusive denigratory deprecatory bright dictatorial provocative exceptionable self-centred common bearish inaffable barbaric hotshot defamatory unconcerned provoking pejorative unsophisticated strident swollen-headed rustic savage heedless philistine precipitate showy unacceptable reprehensible vexing flashy indecent barbarian roughneck primitive officious incautious censurable barbarous unsympathetic raunchy raw pushing bluff upsetting elitist full of oneself persnickety Neanderthal know-it-all yobbish pushful slobbish loudmouthed rugged snotty beyond the pale toffee-nosed low-bred vituperatory scurrile scurril invective vitriolic truculent opprobrious fearless brave plucky bad lacking civility bad mannered braggart self-affected pontificating self-complacent pontifical self-promoting egoistic self-flattering self-engrossed authoritarian self-congratulatory bragging self-applauding dominating egoistical self-opinionated extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy narcissistic self-contented self-pleased self-adulatory swellheaded self-glorifying prideful holier-than-thou complacent self-conceited self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery egocentric extroverted assured blusterous imperative combative volatile weisenheiming gauche indulgent overindulgent relaxed ill-behaved unfilial profanatory tart put down smart-mouthed chirpy dapper dashing keen terse hostile ill irritable moody uncourteous off ambitious throwing one's weight around antisocial inurbane offish overhasty previous premature foolhardy tolerant free-and-easy inhospitable unfortunate asocial affected bullish undisguised tacky cheap unthinking careless nosey busy intruding snoopy effervescent trashy headlong untactful brazenfaced vivacious maladroit wild casual clever inane intolerant meretricious tawdry spunky gutsy bald-faced remote swanky ostentatious tony aloof overfree too big for your boots unthoughtful unmindful uneducated brutish distasteful noisy blaring harsh ridiculous sardonic silly wisecracking mortifying callous high-flown throwing one's weight about hoity-toity putting on airs go-ahead insistent unduly familiar critical grating jarring unfair heartless reckless disgusting deplorable unwelcome abhorrent undesirable contemptible insufferable repugnant benighted depreciating wry roguish joking waggish jocose lighthearted droll precious cutesy jesting satirical piercing raucous heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish natural demeaning derogative depreciative vilifying calumniatory deprecating negative damaging derisory depreciatory spiteful denigrative annoying irritating insupportable intolerable chatting up making passes at making advances towards downright short-spoken brusk cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill illiterate amusing slanderous discrediting libellous libelous mincingly clever blithe unfeeling gaudy ear-splitting discordant in a state of nature unconscionable wicked uncontrolled nasty frank outspoken catty repulsive ridiculing biting out of order jazzy tinny garish cruel unconsiderate exasperating superficial low shallow irresponsible carefree plebeian hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious galling embarrassing insouciant hooligan provincial out of sorts brief tetchy sharp-tongued potty scandalous crabbed comical yokelish bounderish clownish clumsy awkward ungainly unseemly aristocratic ritzy speaking as one finds uncalled for plain-spoken calling a spade a spade puckish detestable classless tasteless gawky hick incult hillbilly insensible backwoods lowbrow cloddish lowbred raffish illiberal light-hearted clodhopping highfalutin' inelegant puffed up la-de-da rough-hewn foul-mouthed heavy-handed smarty sure positive certain jaunty wise guy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
blatant obvious glaring patent flagrant open evident manifest overt transparent palpable pronounced unconcealed unmistakable brazen clear conspicuous naked sheer undisguised bald outright shameless straightforward unabashed unashamed barefaced flaunting impudent noticeable unblushing undeniable arrant audacious brash cut-and-dried egregious gross indisputable insolent ostentatious rank striking unembarrassed unmitigated bold obtrusive unrepentant unsubtle brassy crying deliberate flashy garish gaudy glitzy loud meretricious overbold prominent protrusive screaming showy snazzy without shame in plain sight outrageous immodest shocking dreadful heinous enormous scandalous atrocious utter complete disgraceful terrible reprehensible monstrous wicked shameful bald-faced iniquitous villainous capital out-and-out out and out frank temerarious plain serious downright absolute inordinate unqualified grievous apparent excessive exorbitant major extreme significant immoderate awful notorious infamous flagitious flagitous grody flaming bare-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out unconcerned confident undismayed undaunted fearless unflinching unawed unshrinking depraved incorrigible abandoned brazenfaced cheeky dissolute rude lewd immoral forthright abashless unchaste composed reprobate high-handed profligate forward presumptuous wanton cocky unshamed unprincipled improper hardened poised unrestrained unaffected bold as brass visible stark recognizable distinct perceptible observable recognisable discernible definite plain to see explicit total thoroughgoing pure unequivocal unadulterated as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb marked salient inescapable clear-cut thorough unambiguous positive unalloyed writ large distinguishable crystal clear bodacious flat-out outstanding categorical perceivable avowed self-evident detectable decided unhidden consummate public categoric unconditional unfeigned real profound pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous broad perfect regular simple open-and-shut bright-line plumb surpassing fair exposed dead flat right stone clean as clear as day deadly blooming crashing blank very all-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking indecent saucy impertinent tangible preposterous incontrovertible incontestable wholehearted fresh sassy inveterate nervy cocksure brazen-faced plainly seen demonstrable blinding wise recognized unquestionable arch brassbound remarkable as plain as day staring someone in the face unapologetic bold-faced recognised arresting severe beyond doubt beyond question undiluted veritable brutal matter-of-fact on show easily seen staring one in the face in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down extravagant genuine amoral unexaggerated above board unveiled appreciable dinkum glaringly obvious exclusive controlled full unmissable notable well-known defiant comprehensive pointed pert corrupt exhaustive undiminished much in evidence unchallenged uncontested accepted uncompromising whole open and shut artless pushy discernable apprehensible sensible infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible as clear as crystal impenitent remorseless sure plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming certain true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale published written all over someone flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy publicized eye-catching as bold as brass revealed acknowledged publicised known shared broadcast in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known blunt flamboyant brilliant dominant grabby predominant commanding dramatic emphatic splashy catchy candid unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing direct kenspeckle forestanding noisy axiomatic honest straight upfront guileless upright outspoken unreserved unadorned uninhibited to the fore in the foreground plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural maximum utmost deep overwhelming intense radical thundering ultimate hellacious proper supreme harsh great tremendous acute almighty uber self-explanatory conclusive understandable precise as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one right under one's nose clear as a bell free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unregenerate vile

Trái nghĩa của brass necked

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