Đồng nghĩa của metallic

Alternative for metallic

Trái nghĩa: wooden,

Tính từ

(of sound) Resembling that produced by metal objects striking each other
tinny jangling jangly jarring dissonant grating jingling jingly plinky harsh raucous shrill thin high screeching strident piercing sharp penetrating ear-piercing discordant cacophonous ear-splitting squeaky squawky earsplitting noisy blaring ringing reedy high-pitched shrieking piping whistling intrusive treble acute strong shattering loud air-rending squeaking screechy clanging blatant clangorous deafening argute rasping hoarse guttural unmelodious unharmonious croaking brassy raspy grinding clamorous tumultuous riotous scratchy squawking croaky gruff stridulant growling growly clashing creaking tuneless stridulous caterwauling unmusical astringent off-key out-of-tune out-of-key shrieky soprano inharmonious falsetto rough clarion rank rancid putrid malodorous reeking smelly shrilly stridulatory high-frequency husky booming thunderous feeble irritating annoying stentorian boisterous vexatious incongruous stentorious forceful inappropriate absonant unsuitable stertorous out of place inspiring gravelly head-splitting fluting throaty gravel rusty coarse definite clear vibrant pellucid unmelodic soaring unvocal whiny horrisonant flat maddening hissing tooting calling warbling out of keeping bright resounding sonorous carrying persuasive vocal vociferant baying vociferous obstreperous rabid fierce rugged ferocious thundering explosive convulsive furious roaring faint weak small unpleasant blasting offensive paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering stridulent forcible buffeting soft plangent incompatible conflicting contrasting low grotesque unaesthetic scraping disagreeable penetrant crisp clearly audible pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged slam-bang displeasing irksome atonal unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic braying going through passing through cracked

Tính từ

Resembling a metal or some aspect of one

Trái nghĩa của metallic

metallic Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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