Đồng nghĩa của thunderous

Alternative for thunderous

thunderous /'θʌndərəs/
  • tính từ
    • dông tố
      • thunderous weather: trời dông tố
    • âm ấm, vang như sấm
      • a thunderous voice: giọng vang như sấm
      • a thunderous applause: tiếng vỗ tay vang như sấm

Tính từ

Also in metaphorical expressions, signifying fury
booming deafening roaring resounding blaring loud noisy ringing ear-splitting tumultuous blasting clamorous clangorous earsplitting echoing piercing plangent reverberant reverberating rumbling slam-bang sonorous stentorian thundering vibrant carrying crashing ear-piercing rolling thundery very loud strident powerful resonant deep full rich reverberative deep-toned cacophonous raucous vociferous orotund rotund throbbing heightened intensified pulsing sonorant consonant electrifying enhanced mellow rowdy ear-popping ear-shattering uproarious strong harsh round golden pulsating beating profound thrilling rambunctious head-splitting clear lusty reverberatory stentorious boisterous baritone low dinning intense canorous riotous fortissimo obstreperous turned up shrieking shrill penetrating screaming bass rackety forte overpowering clattery clearly audible disorderly tremendous almighty forceful strepitous full-throated full-bodied resonating blatant heavy loud-voiced mournful pleasant pure trumpeting plaintive melancholy basso pear-shaped stridulatory stridulous stridulant squawky high-pitched bellowing full-toned throaty mighty extremely noisy overwhelming harmonious lively oscillating melodious fruity palpitating big fulminating turbulent blustering vehement pealing full-mouthed emphatic high-sounding high brassy clattering discordant plummy robust aquiver sounding full-voiced loudmouth raspy jumping blusterous shrieky at full volume raising the roof raising Cain wakes the dead sharp dull flat muffled toneless muted sepulchral mute cavernous hollow ghostly dead rasping grating jarring screeching dissonant unmelodious hoarse unharmonious unmusical rough jangling scratchy grinding squawking clashing squeaky stertorous persuasive vocal vociferant baying guttural croaking metallic tinny croaky gruff growling growly jangly caterwauling creaking tuneless astringent out-of-tune out-of-key off-key husky inharmonious absonant atonal acute braying

Tính từ

Characteristic of great power or forcefulness
powerful forceful violent strong vigorous almighty hard mighty ferocious explosive fierce crushing brutal devastating forcible heavy great overpowering blistering destructive overwhelming potent dynamic mightful annihilating calamitous damaging desolating tremendous strengthful strengthy rugged severe grievous robust intense puissant hard-hitting all-powerful really hard very hard hefty savage vicious cyclonic stormy tempestuous raging blustery tumultuous turbulent wild rough furious squally choppy howling blustering deadly sharp lethal painful torrid inclement thundery hellacious typhonic volatile acute smart bumpy boisterous bitter windy volcanic swirling storming restless roaring stormful aggressive gutsy powerhouse telling punchy fatal harsh serious mortal death-dealing boiling foaming agitated storm-tossed convulsive angry knock-down-and-drag-out rabid roily blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot bang-bang seething hammer and tongs unsettled unstable cataclysmic disordered weltering ruffled moiling noisy stirred up riotous confused coarse tremulous unmanageable disturbed rebellious gusty uncontrollable menacing dreadful intensive frenzied chaotic terrible exquisite fearsome ghastly fearful frightful heavy-duty extreme drastic profound deep stark titanic high concentrated excruciating consuming bullying excessive keen piercing vehement agonizing biting shrill intemperate coercive agonising energetic fiery threatening terrorizing thuggish out of control cruel terrorising stiff commanding weighty knockout dominant elemental enormous exceptional supreme extraordinary major intimidatory protracted close heightened full tough intensified unqualified marked undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated cutting penetrating oppressive strained vivid pungent stinging mother of all hardline bully-boy strong-arm physical grating discordant raucous jarring cacophonous screeching maddening blaring firm strict stringent draconian vexatious irritating annoying radical squawky strident squawking rigid truculent virulent stern ear-piercing gruff dissonant unmusical stridulent inharmonious unmelodious buffeting passionate resounding ungovernable inordinate rampaging uncontrolled rampant unrestrained murderous bloodthirsty berserk uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unfettered emphatic ruthless desperate flaming enraged urgent ruinous strenuous peppery callous pugnacious maniacal outrageous aroused pitiless sadistic merciless mad barbaric barbarous impetuous homicidal heartless inhuman delirious maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive frantic impassioned demoniac full-blooded hot-tempered hot-headed feverish drag-out knock-down fuming crazy cut-throat headstrong radge hysterical full of force gale force

Tính từ

Containing, consisting of, or producing harsh, unpleasant or discordant sounds
cacophonous discordant dissonant inharmonious grating harsh jarring raucous strident unmelodious unmusical blaring booming deafening ear-splitting loud noisy screeching screechy tuneless unvocal absonant clinking disharmonic horrisonant ill-sounding immusical jangling jangly sour unmelodic harsh sounding unharmonious shrill sharp piercing rasping rough tumultuous ear-piercing squawky off-key hoarse squawking gruff atonal squeaky husky scratchy brassy clashing turbulent disharmonious penetrating inharmonic grinding riotous boisterous furious blustering stridulent buffeting croaky croaking raspy coarse rugged tempestuous violent clamorous irritating annoying choppy raging agitated wild vexatious fierce incongruous unpleasant inappropriate stormy blustery squally unsuitable roily disagreeable metallic acute roiled earsplitting blatant out of place twelve-note twelve-tone flat gravelly heavy inclement dirty ugly dry throaty gravel rusty droning monotone monotonous uncongenial cacophonic guttural out of tune tinny out of keeping maddening high-pitched stridulant growling growly lacking harmony at variance at odds high creaking stridulous astringent caterwauling rabid ferocious out-of-tune out-of-key shrieking piping offensive explosive forceful convulsive horrisonous incompatible conflicting contrasting grotesque scraping unaesthetic paroxysmal volcanic forcible whistling treble strong shattering air-rending intrusive squeaking displeasing irksome unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic argute clanging thin clangorous restless swirling stertorous braying disturbed storming roaring stormful disagreeing inconsonant inconsistent repugnant discrepant ill suited mismatched mutually exclusive scratching stentorian plinky jingling jingly abrasive stridulatory stentorious bell-like resounding ringing resonant infuriating persuasive vocal vociferant baying vociferous obstreperous rowdy exasperating rankling galling nonmatching lively niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome tough glaring glary blinding intense dazzling insensitive vexing harsh-sounding knockabout antipathetic contradictory ill-matched rough-and-tumble irreconcilable bad unlovely unwelcome unpleasing nasty disturbing

Tính từ

Bodeful of bad or unfortunate consequences
threatening menacing ominous sinister baleful dire inauspicious foreboding ill portentous black brooding dark doomy forbidding glowering direful evil gloomy heavy minatory ugly unpropitious wintery wintry bullying dangerous ill-boding minacious pessimistic unfavorable unfavourable unlucky unpromising bodeful comminatory grim ill-fated intimidatory terrorising terrorizing aggressive apocalyptic baneful close fateful forthcoming hostile impendent loury lowering lowery nasty near overhanging portending scowling upcoming at hand alarming frightening intimidating terrifying mean-looking fearsome looming warning louring approaching scary adverse bad unfortunate disadvantageous harmful untoward negative damaging malignant perilous calamitous inopportune hurtful malefic detrimental harsh injurious malevolent prejudicial destructive infelicitous unfriendly malicious wicked pernicious poisonous venomous deleterious untimely ill-omened malign deadly worrying fierce terrible bleak mischievous disastrous inexpedient maleficent inhospitable bitter severe noxious impending disturbing parlous painful unhealthy inconvenient antagonistic hazardous unwholesome dismal ruinous unseasonable virulent nocuous premonitory unsuited troublesome critical undesirable inimical ferocious dreadful objectionable unsafe discommodious unpleasant vindictive regrettable precarious sinistrous tough moody angry unhappy unsuitable glum catastrophic improper crippling woeful toxic morose fatal subversive cataclysmic unseemly devastating lethal inapt inappropriate prejudicious dour brutal unfit malapropos cancerous counterproductive disagreeable dicey wounding nocent opposed wrong corrupting corrosive cautionary grave corroding incendiary inadvisable ill-suited undermining annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal ill-advised admonitory very bad minatorial wild hard doomful disquieting augural suggestive prophetic doomed haunting inconducive treacherous awful counter spiteful acrimonious savage vitriolic violent vicious murderous rough significant evil-intentioned hate-filled rowdy indignant aggrieved sulky disparaging discouraging crabby contrary uncontrollable grievous troubled poor sour serious disheartening enraged horrible austere ghastly life-threatening distressing cheerless sombre morbid somber depressing sobering difficult exacting extreme upsetting corruptive imminent precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient fearful troubling ill-starred wretched sullen unchancy doom and gloom frowning momentous foreshadowing unsatisfactory tardy unadvantageous late low raging monitory predictive prognosticatory important crucial stern frightful horrendous horrifying fiery stormy uncomfortable daunting rugged grumpy temperamental aggravated surly cantankerous admonishing exemplary cautioning risky creepy eerie tragic exciting intriguing fated exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling turbulent volatile unwelcoming jarring stark cross evil-looking spooky eldritch intense harrowing straitened hard-pressed lurid joyless hopeless unwelcome shadowy tortured full of hardship doubtful miserable gray mournful strained doleful chilling grey oppressive nightmarish pressing comfortless desolate exigent messy jeopardous solemn rocky sad feral resentful murky tumultuous considerable acute furious barbarous untamed dodgy brutish vile barbaric mean suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted hair-raising lethiferous pestiferous wrackful noisome insalubrious pestilential internecine harassing wreckful sinful slaughterous annoyed vexed displeased irate irked piqued exasperated irritated consequential major unsettling sickening galled testy tetchy provoked waspish irascible monstrous desperate depraved uncivilised rancorous viperous cruel nefarious villainous fiendish abhorrent serpentine uncivilized abandoned monitorial exhortatory environmentally unfriendly weighty arduous big intensive strenuous toilsome peracute punishing excessive grinding taxing unruly lawless belligerent outraged narky criminal disorderly ratty eggy stroppy shirty callous hardened ruffianly lawbreaking bad-tempered ill-tempered unmanageable

Tính từ

Of great size, amount, or intensity
almighty huge colossal enormous immense massive gigantic mammoth monumental prodigious stupendous tremendous vast epic giant Herculean king-size king-sized mighty monstrous oversized titanic towering very great booming deafening ear-piercing ear-splitting resounding roaring substantial thundering astronomic astronomical crashing hulking humongous jumbo king size mega monster thumping whopping bumper ginormous very loud whacking awful desperate excessive extreme great loud serious severe terrific intense formidable sizeable terrible harsh considerable fierce dreadful horrific extraordinary extensive inordinate fearful awesome whacking great large whopping great very big gargantuan grand mountainous Brobdingnagian hefty elephantine humungous leviathan walloping supersize pharaonic cyclopean supersized cosmic herculean gigantesque cosmical galactic Himalayan super-duper thumping great bulky super oceanic vasty heroic planetary heroical very large big heavy weighty sizable immeasurable oversize handsome imposing princely gross generous boundless grandiose voluminous outsized wide infinite expansive broad ponderous extravagant tall full-size behemothic outsize exorbitant overgrown dirty great statuesque limitless high stellar kingly ample unlimited lavish magnificent giant-size comprehensive mastodonic Gargantuan capacious mondo unwieldy cumbersome megalithic spacious commodious socking great good-size good-sized a whale of a super colossal lumbering laborious clumsy rip-roaring spectacular marked Homeric sky-high incalculable elephantic eternal endless through the ceiling measureless illimitable widespread interminable expanded overwhelming abundant sweeping prolific plenteous mundo detailed unbounded man-size Bunyanesque swelled massy fair-size great big roomy biggish economy-size of considerable size deep largish life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized husky goodly lofty family-sized staggering family-size brobdingnagian whopper man-sized tidy all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out never-ending whale of a far-reaching solid significant behemoth heavyweight blimp mahoosive cumbrous major titan super-colossal giant-sized extremely large extremely big larger-than-life extra-large jumbo-sized barn door Cyclopean

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