Đồng nghĩa của scary

Alternative for scary

scarey, scarier, scariest

Đồng nghĩa: chilling, scarey, shivery, shuddery,

Tính từ

(thông tục) Gây ra hoặc có thể gây sợ hãi
frightening scaring terrifying petrifying chilling horrifying alarming appalling daunting formidable fearsome threatening unnerving eerie dire direful dread dreadful fearful forbidding frightful ghastly horrendous horrible intimidating redoubtable shocking sinister terrible bloodcurdling creepy menacing pulse-pounding startling worrying shivery shuddery spooky hairy blood-curdling hair-raising nerve-racking spine-chilling spine-tingling disturbing awful distressing macabre gruesome grim disquieting horrid harrowing hideous monstrous unearthly weird horrific unsettling ghostly grisly ominous dismaying nightmarish baleful upsetting eldritch perturbing uncanny lurid awesome unspeakable spookish atrocious supernatural dangerous strange disconcerting worrisome ghoulish terrific morbid haunting traumatic mean-looking mysterious grievous other-worldly grave grewsome dark eery taxing overwhelming unpleasant gloomy awe-inspiring nasty spectral unnatural godawful bodeful uneasy offensive unreal trying difficult harassing agitating freaky disgusting shadowy calamitous foreboding phantom awkward bleak repulsive revolting grotesque thrilling nightmare shuddersome hellacious tense nerve-wracking anxious-making dismal abysmal preternatural wretched sickening bad fraught anxious exciting ghostlike phantasmal minatory abnormal freakish troublesome bothersome vexatious phantasmic nail-biting distressful nervous haunted restless bizarre minacious niggling abominable inauspicious depressing off-putting tremendous rum evil imposing brooding harrying ethereal terrorizing thorny problematic tricky portentous prickly sticky disastrous serious black troubling bullying vile ugly loathsome lamentable sepulchral funereal unfortunate from hell devilish wraithlike suspenseful insubstantial terrorising warning demoralizing queer surprising extraordinary minatorial impressive stressful odd curious illusory causing fear disheartening foul stunning astonishing amazing staggering outrageous magical powerful apparitional spiritual tragic unpropitious evil-looking desperate odious discomforting stupefying gross fantastic astounding abhorrent irksome severe dreaded concerning woeful annoying irritating doomy ill-boding ill baneful unlucky apocalyptic miserable repugnant sublime parlous glowering obnoxious cruel extreme demoralising beastly sick suggestive of evil heinous deplorable solemn lousy cold wicked fiendish tormenting gory lowering inconvenient shady gripping electrifying perplexing bone-chilling admonitory incorporeal feared Kafkaesque disembodied discouraging taboo comminatory cautionary terribly bad very bad aggressive pressuring unapproachable browbeating hellish nightmarey phantasmagorical poignant shadowlike breathtaking hostile embarrassing extraterrestrial overpowering strong mighty fateful hateful alien unfriendly edgy hair-curling cliff-hanging striking afraid massive dispiriting barro distracting unwelcoming uninviting unthinkable unmentionable execrable egregious insufferable intimidatory looming thunderous invincible resolute commanding doughty indomitable causing excitement unpromising vicious rotten exacting challenging fazing all-powerful not of this world louring unwelcome punk excessive icky shameful grody frozen gnarly mean valiant unexpected demoniac heavenly inappropriate hyperphysical overhanging approaching like death warmed up inhospitable perilous life-threatening ferocious unwholesome brave imminent courageous unforeseen jaw-dropping mystic catastrophic ruinous crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial sombre somber sudden jarring jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding remarkable dramatic urgent bloodthirsty demonic diabolical savage brutal twisted dreary melancholic morose glum melancholy dispirited depressive desolate cheerless drastic transcendental superhuman transcendent supernormal phenomenal miraculous sullen tenebrous sad crippling hopeless devastating irretrievable otherworldly eidolic holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike wraithy wan pale indistinct vampiric pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey bizarro chronic exigent discomposing troublous nagging God-awful unhealthy death-obsessed oppressing fierce heartbreaking scowling regrettable afflictive inspired inexplainable unheard-of mystifying very strange supranormal singular prodigious secret vexing tiresome agonizing burdensome agonising apprehensive wearisome maddening panicky exasperating gut-wrenching aggravating superstitious peculiar paranormal crawly malign ill-omened malignant scandalous disgraceful sinistrous malevolent injurious nauseating doomful hurtful dishonest perverse deleterious harmful pernicious blackhearted adverse poisonous mischievous malefic unfavorable unfavourable repellent obscene heartstopping rancid repellant bewildering noisome distasteful fulsome noxious nauseous glaring detestable disagreeable objectionable despicable contemptible disgustful yucky reprehensible loathly displeasing sick-making intolerable unpalatable unsavoury unsavory yucko putrid stinking dirty beyond the pale bogging filthy indecent skanky poor unacceptable vulgar pathetic smutty improper base inexcusable pitiful coarse gut-churning crummy scurvy inhuman sorry infamous immodest raunchy unsatisfactory unpleasing vomitous immoral stomach-turning grotty stomach-churning rank unseemly inadequate rude unforgivable shameless crude harsh unbearable pits malodorous wanton iniquitous exceptionable vomit-inducing rebarbative undesirable unutterable lewd pitiable inferior ungodly duff indescribable poxy fetid bitter nefarious sordid suggestive barbarous opprobrious unclean ribald pants painful salacious festy villainous unreasonable bawdy foetid unlovely insupportable disreputable flagitious useless unpardonable unappetizing substandard mephitic unholy criminal galling off-color X-rated prurient a load of pants impolite uncongenial bestial indecorous tasteless blue indelicate scurrilous dislikeable cheap violent on the nose ignominious impure unsightly profane uncivilised uncivilized unfair lascivious unhappy sleazy smelly indiscreet paltry ignoble cringe-making sour yukky low grubby cruddy rubbish dishonourable invidious niffy preposterous olid disappointing degrading great licentious pornographic risqué dishonorable barbaric excruciating ridiculous abusive ruthless immoderate damnable too much over the top discourteous extravagant scabrous bum squalid discreditable bloody humiliating low-down brutish foul-smelling evil-smelling indefensible sinful pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky lame scabby scummy sneaking ratty flagrant laughable miasmal ropy trashy undignified inglorious onerous crushing blameworthy unrestrained racy scatological emetic unconventional loose scatologic unprintable dislikable mortifying accursed unchaste rough cursed sober boorish raw uncivil unmannerly naughty pestiferous crass impossible porno unconscionable acrid polluted sedate inordinate smudged bedraggled befouled sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled rubbishy explicit poison revulsive shoddy misshapen merciless notorious third-rate unworthy ineffable unappealing infernal unsuitable depraved sanguine unbecoming unfitting juicy abject animal repelling reptilian discommoding unrespectable shabby beyond contempt shaming exorbitant steep unendurable insulting unwarranted hated inept stimulating murderous unjustifiable untoward provoking salty OTT huckery saddening knavish unbelievable inconceivable unkind purple sucky spicy catty heavy vilifying as ugly as sin brute sadistic doleful over-the-top impertinent insolent lustful toilsome heartrending sorrowful inexpressible oppressive censurable uncomfortable wrong brackish weighty reeking affronting irrational dolorous unlikable barnyard humourless humorless uncool pesky uncouth ill-bred porny hateable biting cutting out of keeping gutter churlish ill-mannered testing yecchy stag heart-rending ornery fruity deadly saucy adult acute off colour locker-room near the knuckle near the bone unamusing satanic callous lou beast mediocre bungling second-rate real incorrigible aberrant senseless de trop eccentric foolish detested loathed right black-hearted unprincipled exhilarating rip-roaring exhilarant rousing beneath contempt blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder unheroic unsuccessful unsocial absurd unimaginable abominated despised execrated demanding feeble tenth-rate sickly proper backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting demeaning failed blood-stained intense highly improper fugly misproportioned chunderous piggish gluttonous swinish degraded feral ferine carnal slimy torturous defective confounded sensational inhumane heartless butcherly truculent beyond words undefinable red hot confronting tainted diseased offending reviled louche shy dastardly graphic exaggerated facinorous cacodemonic indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil embittering austere pestilential irregular rocky woozy very disgusting stirring faint mortuary haggard anaemic dim anemic weak flavorless insipid flavourless yicky savorless flat melodramatic very unpleasant disrespectful pill heel untold undescribable reeky tragical afflicting affecting downer bummer faulty insalutary musty stenchy high fusty irritable troubled frustrating unrelenting sexy not much cop too horrible for words anguished frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty like the back end of a bus unattractive surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy gamy pigpen ripe antisocial not on heart-breaking extremely bad mephitical distressed derogatory wounding Rabelaisian sensationalist overdramatized colourful intrusive hard consequential impeding disruptive laborious inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed disconsolate joyless rueful comfortless paralysing earth-shattering not up to snuff provocative personal impudent slighting entertaining off-colored broad lively off gamey averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic deformed kitschy pulp disfigured unpretty porn skin nudge-nudge outre dejecting dolesome tough hefty against opposite extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign unhandsome plain-featured unbeautiful plain-looking disparaging contemptuous libellous libelous unprepossessing unrefined loutish brash bad-mannered colloquial unpolished derisive lowbrow tactless inelegant ungracious uncultured tawdry vituperative blasphemous plain heart-pounding shattering paralyzing erotic close to the bone undecorous foulmouthed in poor taste moving depressed late unheard of undue in opposition unladylike ungentlemanly shock-horror tacky vivid ill-fated sobering fatal forlorn strenuous earnest ill-starred destructive far-reaching uncomely yellow full-frontal piteous pensive heart-wrenching lachrymose derisible plangent out of line out of order not the done thing over the fence a bit much bold forward very great fiery deep colorful distinct garish inapt incorrect inapposite unvirtuous tear-jerking overextravagant unnecessary insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff forbidden off-colour fresh cheeky brazen incongruous amiss infelicitous malapropos unfit unapt graceless uncalled for prohibited proscribed ill-favored not quite the thing sneaky conscienceless unjust illogical interdicted banned censored bad-looking ill-favoured short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured abrupt out of the way out of place in bad taste O.T.T. extortionate too great disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious corrupt degenerate sharp frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits impermissible restricted off-limits unceremonious not to be spoken of no go that dare not speak its name unanticipated brusque swift unforgiving quick immediate rapid unpredicted hasty

Tính từ

(thông tục) Yếu tim và dễ sợ hãi
mousey mousy timid timorous tremulous skittish shy fainthearted fearful fearsome unassertive scared apprehensive meek frightened diffident afraid hesitant shrinking cowardly bashful self-effacing cowering quiet nervous gutless yellow unassuming reticent unconfident alarmed panicky worried lily-livered wimpy cowed weak spineless intimidated anxious excited uncertain agitated ineffectual antsy jumpy jittery agog withdrawn unforthcoming introverted introvert unobtrusive having cold feet indeterminate plain pale colourless colorless quaking trembling weak-kneed modest reserved demure easily frightened lacking courage sissy faint-hearted coy wimpish retiring humble chicken yellow-bellied trepidatious faint recreant shuddering poor-spirited tentative sheepish backward insecure restrained recessive reluctant unsure self-conscious inhibited aw-shucks wary embarrassed prim unpretentious suspicious constrained silent chary unsociable shamefaced reclusive mild subdued blushing lowly undemonstrative prudish strait-laced inward-looking doubting uncommunicative submissive unostentatious old-maidish niminy-piminy abashed unpresuming down-to-earth uncomfortable inconspicuous uptight thoughtful private distrustful uneasy secretive cool solitary offish standoffish spiritless cold retired rabbity unassured media-shy nongregarious affected unambitious ill at ease mim terrified passive costive simple repressed doubtful frustrated guarded irresolute feeble self-doubting unaffected natural genuine low-key unaggressive introspective ashamed low-profile unnoticeable tongue-tied unpretending artless ordinary ingenuous dubious blenching flinching unpoised passionless unresponsive withdrawing seclusive secret eremitic fussy indrawn self-contained hermitic anchoritic eremitical hung up contemplative pensive self-absorbed self-interested unaffable unexpansive keeping a low profile pernickety niggly finicky bottled up meditative reflective soft-spoken cautious collected ruminative close-mouthed inner-directed self-centred not forward self-centered overcautious overparticular awkward unnatural tense edgy taciturn distant strained gauche aloof stiff mannered artificial stilted ill-at-ease discomfited old-womanish remote overmodest verecund recoiling blushful detached deferential out of countenance decorous socially inhibited stand-offish easily embarrassed obsequious servile like a fish out of water unsure of yourself proper prissy acquiescent soft obedient unresisting tame unprotesting yielding obliging lamblike compliant unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent uncompanionable sober respectable seemly ladylike sedate staid decent innocent virginal pure chaste maidenly virtuous priggish gentle reverential subservient kittenish straight puritanical coquettish goody-goody starchy biddable polite docile resistless supplicatory square manageable tractable sycophantic close earnest serious nice solemn prim and proper

Tính từ

(thông tục) Cảm thấy sợ hãi
scared terrified frightened afraid horrified spooked affrighted aghast alarmed hysteric hysterical shocked terrorised terrorized horror-struck fearful petrified scared stiff dismayed anxious disturbed worried scared to death nervous uneasy startled unnerved apprehensive panicky panic-stricken terror-struck frozen terror-stricken horror-stricken upset jittery intimidated jumpy scared witless afeared frit frightened to death rabbity lily-livered shaky in a panic running scared in a funk in a cold sweat in a blue funk have cold feet troubled daunted appalled distressed awestruck stunned stupefied shell-shocked aroused panicked awe-struck scared out of your wits tense hesitant nervy timid shrinking disquieted wired diffident faint-hearted timorous pusillanimous frantic feart worried sick phobic chickenhearted quivery spineless unmanly weak-kneed sheepish aflutter goose-bumpy nerveless perturbed agitated discomposed solicitous awed windy funky in a dither paralysed with fear beside oneself bricking oneself shaking like a leaf frightened out of your wits cowed abashed flustered butterflies shivery chicken-hearted jellyfish yellow sissy uptight mousy numb chicken hung up having kittens very scared pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation numb with fear in a sweat overwrought fearsome in a flap in a tizzy neurotic frenzied frightened out of one's wits scared out of one's wits shaken with one's heart in one's mouth shaking in one's shoes worked up antsy cowardly rattled trembling concerned edgy suspicious trepidatious in a fluster in a state in a tizz twitchy dumbfounded dazed overanxious stressy in awe on edge fixated irrational paranoid having cold feet scared rigid obsessed ascared traumatized panic-struck squeamish creeped out perplexed blanched discouraged disheartened traumatised in a frenzy run scared tremulous paralyzed speechless paralysed in a flat spin bothered benumbed transfixed cowering fretful immobilised immobilized apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at shy skittish obsessive compulsive manic restless strained foreboding mistrustful stressed doubtful fidgety uncertain stiff weak unstable oversensitive abnormal unhealthy angst-ridden maladjusted highly strung hyper having a funny feeling having stage fright on tenterhooks biting nails having butterflies inhibited disoriented aberrant deviant erratic basket case disordered nervous wreck distraught choked clutched bundle of nerves

Tính từ

Đáng báo động và khó khăn
hairy difficult tricky dangerous hazardous perilous risky sticky ticklish chancy dodgy high-risk touch-and-go uncertain unsafe awkward catchy delicate dicey knotty nasty precarious prickly problematic problematical sensitive spiny thorny touchy tough tricksy unchancy unpredictable gnarly iffy parlous fraught with danger jeopardous treacherous unhealthy unsound wicked insecure unstable critical threatening serious troublesome intricate complicated grievous shaky complex menacing grave rocky unsure perplexing involved venturesome hard taxing vulnerable unsettled controversial exposed speculative vexatious jeopardizing unreliable convoluted trying embarrassing jeopardising unpleasant dubious irksome bothersome unsteady on thin ice uncomfortable worrying touch and go baffling vexed concerning questionable undependable in the balance desperate unknown undetermined debatable unresolved hanging by a thread upsetting doubtful challenging loaded dynamite erratic slippery open to question alarming up in the air playing with fire dire tight fiddly pending contentious terrifying puzzling formidable rough shonky in limbo capricious distressing incalculable awful hot dangersome in danger untrustworthy at risk disturbing nettlesome in jeopardy Russian roulette compromising humiliating profound rugged undecided bleak in doubt painful heavy deadly sophisticated death-defying cringeworthy onerous forbidding arduous grim breakneck viperous fatal adventurous venturous cringey malignant pointed briery cringe-making punishing dark disagreeable worrisome harmful wobbly life-threatening unforeseeable ugly defenceless volatile unfriendly bitter suspect spartan hostile defenseless mystifying up for grabs out on a limb reckless uneasy daredevil unclear subtle paradoxical fluctuant vague unfinished tentative extreme harassing cliffhanging suspenseful ominous provocative intractable severe searching penetrating heated endangered lethal haphazard echinated annoying stimulating emotive divisive scandalous dreadful disputed quirky barro discomforting long shot on slippery ground wide-open like herding cats to be won or lost in no man's land laborious operose strenuous debated contested eventful hair-trigger threatened injurious destructive toxic disconcerting moot flustering unprotected nice discomfiting acute unconcluded explosive fearsome tottering rickety very bad demeaning degrading ongoing in contention at issue in dispute inconvenient embarrassed open to attack on a limb inconstant fickle lively temperamental mercurial variable changeable untimely discountenancing discomposing open to debate hot-button excruciating incommodious exasperating shameful peracute open to doubt fractious barbed bristly toe-curling egregious life-and-death yet to be decided much debated unconfirmed briary thistly brambly unfathomable insoluble bewildering unanswerable elaborate incomprehensible insolvable confusing tangled enigmatic confounding mind-bending undecipherable indeterminate undefined spicular spiky aculeate spinous sharp spiculate spiked pronged bristled spiniferous scratchy hanging in the balance on a slippery slope built on sand conjectural sketchy indistinct setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose bad impregnable serpentine mortal portentous pressing queasy urgent terrible impending on collision course weak frail flimsy tottery unbalanced wonky teetering unsecured teetery wavering wobbling feeble fragile movable wiggly not secure decrepit unfastened shaking wabbly trembly trembling tremulous ramshackle dilapidated spindly jerry-built rattletrap infirm vacillating bockety quivery wayward shifting moving mobile not fixed easily destroyed easily broken failing unguarded uneven unsecure not safe exigent nonsecured doddery troubled unwell wavy wiggling hand-to-mouth tenuous derelict broken-down kid-glove giddy lubricious dizzy not stable wabbling quivering groggy woozy quaking shuddery quavery shuddering nebulous imperfect broken disintegrating decaying tumbledown ruinous crumbling awry on its last legs atremble aquiver up and down not easy loose unconvincing rachitic shacky shambly rumpty geriatric tumble-down turbulent eruptive shifty inflammatory easily threatened unsubstantial full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil loosened slack slackened lax relaxed falling to pieces insubstantial immature rootless dubitable disputable doubtable equivocal suspicious shady fishy queer breakable brittle fine frangible ambiguous open arguable indecisive dainty eggshell shattery splintery crumbly shatterable fracturable smashable easily damaged

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