Đồng nghĩa của in a cold sweat

Tính từ

Feeling fear or frightened
scared frightened afraid fearful nervous panicky agitated alarmed worried intimidated terrified petrified horrified panic-stricken scared stiff frightened out of your wits scared out of your wits scared witless frightened to death scared to death terror-stricken terror-struck horror-stricken horror-struck frantic hysterical beside oneself with your heart in your mouth shaking in one's shoes shaking like a leaf shaky feart in a funk in a blue funk jumpy jittery anxious frozen funky startled timorous windy spooked aghast apprehensive spineless tremulous bricking oneself unnerved frit afeared affrighted overwrought uptight tense in a flap in a state upset having kittens worked up terrorized stressy shocked uneasy in a tizzy in a tizz perturbed trembling stressed troubled terrorised wired on edge nervy twitchy antsy keyed up cowed hung up on tenterhooks in a sweat edgy hysteric restless quaking fidgety unquiet spooky overstrung het up in a stew like a cat on a hot tin roof strained disquieted daunted concerned strung out distraught panic-struck chicken yellow distressed distracted insecure fevered queasy queazy toey dithery aflutter goosey in a panic squirrelly hinky atwitter strung up ill at ease in a state of agitation in a twitter on pins and needles running scared in a twit all of a dither all of a lather like a cat on hot bricks in a flat spin dismayed abashed scary frenzied flustered shaking bothered disturbed febrile wrought up unsettled numb fretful timid cowardly rattled cowering stunned lily-livered shaken in a state of nerves pusillanimous neurotic quivering numb with fear hassled in a fluster worried sick faint-hearted desperate adrenalized have cold feet all of a doodah hyper in fear and trepidation pushing the panic button fraught unglued a bundle of nerves in a dither shook up hot and bothered having cold feet having butterflies in the stomach wound up awed paralysed with fear excitable highly strung apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at browbeaten overwhelmed bullied overawed in awe fretting appalled emotive hesitant tormented shrinking discomposed under stress strung-up hag-ridden disconcerted anguished vexed stupefied diffident in a frenzy suspicious trepidatious foreboding mistrustful doubtful riled beset ruffled discombobulated irked flurried tearing one's hair out emotionally charged uncertain stiff weak angstful uncomfortable tortured bugged plagued paralyzed dumbfounded speechless dazed paralysed solicitous muddled angsty clutched rabbity chicken-hearted sissy mousy butterflies shivery jellyfish a wreck benumbed transfixed having a funny feeling having stage fright biting nails angst-ridden worried stiff immobilised immobilized frightened of one's own shadow very scared with one's stomach in knots wild mad frenetic berserk feverish furious unhinged uncontrolled raging crazed delirious rabid raving violent demented hectic fierce maniacal distrait ferocious out of control swivel-eyed berko weirded out excited angry beside yourself deranged insane freaked out corybantic weird at wits' end spazzed out last-minute hot under the collar at the end of your tether flipped out zonkers unzipped crazy wigged out unscrewed frazzled stressed out harassed restive annoyed skittish shy fazed confused under pressure high-strung unsure thrown irritable in suspense pressured taut self-conscious beleaguered unrelaxed harried discomfited careworn unhappy perplexed unrestful bundle of nerves sensitive irritated discountenanced aroused embarrassed choked unsteady impatient saddened touchy careful like a fish out of water harrowed awkward peevish irascible vague brittle inconvenienced irrational fluttery unstable cut up irresolute out of place turbulent put out burdened unpeaceful hard-pressed overanxious bewildered nonplussed flighty waiting for the axe to fall waiting with bated breath fractious preoccupied afflicted hurt indecisive under the cosh overactive heated inhibited grieved retiring miffed sad exercised testy dubious oppressed peeved creepy tetchy querulous emotional provoked rigid overburdened stressful crotchety bashful crabbed captious wrought-up distrustful obsessed spasmodic skittery short-tempered bad-tempered nerve-racking nail-biting aggravated cautious bummed out gutted disappointed wavering all torn up wreck hounded puzzled pinched angered watchful ill-tempered drawn white-knuckled questioning up the wall nervous wreck blue moved pestered in a spin critical verklempt tensed galled exasperated fidgeting fitful frayed pained fearsome all of a flutter broken up shot to pieces pressurized hurried in turmoil pressurised put upon worn out at sea stressed-out phobic up against it pessimistic twittering fussy faltering unnatural gauche tentative blushing mousey fainthearted flushed intense sorrowful aquiver dithering vacillating unreluctant inflamed caught up unsettling unnerving under a strain hyped-up overexcited afire atingle hyperexcited swithering narked scunnered traumatized traumatised hyperactive frisky disturbing disquieting easily frightened easily agitated dragged wretched wrecked ripped shook disorderly dreading asea stirred up flapping overemotional discouraged blanched disheartened panicked charged hairy worrying unbalanced exacerbated displeased chagrined mortified moving shot exciting unconsolable disconsolate basket case inconsolable shot down a basket case sweating bullets withdrawn in a lather strict conventional distressful histrionic zipped up hot juiced up disorientated overstretched agitating white knuckled palpitant wrung graceless haggard cross complaining prickly chafed feeling anxious hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered all nerves petulant worrisome disoriented teed off run scared unconfident rushed agog eagerly biting one's nails oversensitive moody falling apart anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting old-fashioned fixated paranoid hunted miserable strange lost nerves on edge offended fretted on the defensive distressing weak-kneed sheepish goose-bumpy nerveless chickenhearted quivery unmanly on the qui vive bedevilled all agog avid open-mouthed tied up in knots low concerning agonized active transient unruly wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling with one's back up against the wall at the end of one's rope grim nerve-wracking wounded self-doubting unassertive self-effacing with bated breath grumpy ill-natured in disorder amazed with your back to the wall meek lacking confidence unforthcoming ground down despairing anxiety-ridden weighed down come apart psyched out sceptical mistrusting chary wary guarded not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty haunted bedeviled devastated shell-shocked on the rack at sixes and sevens heavy-laden shattered overcome worked-up at wit's end flummoxed fuddled worn down agonised abstracted tossing and turning snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean nuts addled Delphic unassured unpoised absent diverted floored skeptical circumspect untrusting doubting absent-minded bemused inattentive ambiguous dubitable indeterminate chancy unclear equivocal borderline inconclusive unknown questionable cavilling very upset distant faraway absorbed engrossed racked with suffering caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up taken aback thrown off balance like a chicken with its head cut off out of one's mind out of your mind preyed upon visited by touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice flexed leery tight absentminded mystified befuddled up in the air hard confounded miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused solid firm tightened unyielding on guard clouded stretched not with it driven to distraction close inflexible snug extended tightly drawn in question in doubt

Trái nghĩa của in a cold sweat

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