Đồng nghĩa của in turmoil

Tính từ

Causing or characterized by tumult, chaos, disorder, or turbulence
tumultuous wild disorderly excited unrestrained restless riotous rowdy unruly boisterous turbulent agitated fierce noisy passionate raging rumbustious violent full-on lawless rough rugged stormy tempestuous uncontrolled vociferous clamorous frenzied hysterical obstreperous uproarious disturbed irregular rambunctious raucous rowdydowdy termagant unbridled out of control chaotic explosive roller-coaster full of upheavals full of ups and downs unsettled unstable anarchic mutinous full of conflict confused rocky bumpy seditious refractory storming fiery vehement shaking untamed perturbed bitter rampant roughhouse stern demonstrative destructive full of confusion disordered exciting rioting rebellious disorganized convulsive lawbreaking revolutionary knock-down-and-drag-out hammer and tongs rabid furious intense blood-and-guts cataclysmic paroxysmal ferocious cataclysmal hot cyclonic volatile bang-bang volcanic hectic misgoverned ungoverned misruled disorganised in disorder without law and order roisterous loud rollicking robustious undisciplined rip-roaring knockabout hell-raising ungovernable uncontrollable unmanageable rackety disruptive lively insubordinate clangorous brawling wayward high-spirited wilful rampageous intemperate roistering energetic resounding clattery clattering active animated gleeful bouncy overexcited ebullient vibrant exuberant frisky spirited brusque gruff abandoned uninhibited impetuous romping in high spirits effervescent strident vociferant over-the-top rude rampaging stroppy difficult out of hand truculent irrepressible fractious wild and woolly rebel disobedient willful recusant intractable untoward defiant froward recalcitrant incompliant balky contumacious bolshie contrary restive unbiddable ugly uncooperative strepitous screaming piercing booming blusterous raising Cain insurrectionary deranged uncontained immoderate helter-skelter turbid hedonistic raising the roof

Tính từ

Ill at ease
strange ill at ease uneasy edgy apprehensive uncomfortable awkward self-conscious bothered anxious disorientated hesitant out of place tense embarrassed nervous uptight agitated bewildered discomfited discomposed disoriented disquieted fidgety fretful jittery jumpy nervy restless tormented vexed distressed disturbed high-strung insecure like a fish out of water lost on edge on tenterhooks perplexed perturbed shaken shy strained troubled unrelaxed unsettled unsure worried upset restive wired antsy overwrought alarmed impatient unquiet fearful unrestful queazy goosey aflutter dithery atwitter hinky queasy fraught stressy keyed up twitchy peevish on the qui vive irascible hung up shaky harassed suspicious irritable dismayed palpitant anguished wrung afraid het up all nerves concerned frightened stressed worked up scared on pins and needles overstrung in a tizzy spooked excited flustered strung out unnerved disconcerted hysterical ruffled spooky in a state hyper rattled strung up toey panicky excitable hairy distraught highly strung unnerving nail-biting disturbing distressing skittish creepy nerve-racking worrisome like a cat on a hot tin roof neurotic unsettling squirrelly disquieting distressful agitating sensitive like a cat on hot bricks in a tizz in a flap touchy all of a dither adrenalized windy nerve-wracking fazed flurried uncertain wound up in a stew annoyed terrified timid discombobulated a bundle of nerves angsty shocked timorous in a state of agitation in a sweat worried sick in a twitter all of a lather wrought up beside oneself shook up trembling charged confused thrown in a state of nerves frantic taut febrile having kittens in a twit fluttery difficult in a cold sweat shaking in a dither distracted trepidatious brittle flighty unstable aghast stressful discountenanced unsteady unglued emotional irked skittery hot and bothered spasmodic all of a doodah choked bundle of nerves fractious hyperactive daunted startled shrinking tricky testy quaking unhappy volatile having butterflies in the stomach critical hectic quivering turbulent doubtful irresolute frenzied in a panic exciting affrighted horrified unpeaceful in suspense terrorized prickly under stress hysteric overactive heated solicitous nervous wreck horror-struck stressed out bricking oneself itchy irritated inconvenienced pressured muddled terrorised concerning tetchy querulous easily frightened bashful crotchety with your heart in your mouth running scared blushing crabbed captious inhibited retiring creeped out short-tempered bad-tempered fretting desperate thorny weak embarrassing ill-tempered fevered careful sticky wriggly wavering overexcited squirmy wreck perverse ornery wiggly provoked scary irrational overanxious hurt wrought-up white-knuckled diffident shivery white-knuckle angstful fidgeting fitful temperamental bugged dodgy petrified grieved hot under the collar unruly beset riled intimidated sad tortured plagued sheepish saddened aroused a wreck clutched hassled chippy angry mousy snappy moved under a strain shot to pieces moody in a spin pusillanimous worried stiff afeared frit disappointed gutted scared stiff hot-tempered quick-tempered in a flat spin feverish up the wall faint-hearted scared to death hyperexcitable hyperkinetic angered put out all of a flutter lily-livered frozen easily agitated blue in a funk with one's stomach in knots fiddle-footed in a blue funk agitable alarmable cut up shaking in one's shoes broken up having cold feet put upon twittering worrying cross complaining faltering unnatural gauche indecisive tentative petulant knife-edge fussy panicked dithering vacillating miserable jerky trying under pressure disorderly cliffhanging dramatic distrustful swithering exercised galled chafed unbalanced frisky explosive anxious-making grumpy ill-natured flushed intense caught up frazzled aquiver overemotional traumatized traumatised inflamed moving shot cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty restlessly moving afflicted asea unreluctant rigid emotionally charged stirred up flapping graceless exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed exasperated white knuckled histrionic snappish contrary caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited recalcitrant feeling anxious unconfident refractory in a lather foreboding mistrustful withdrawn obstinate stubborn unyielding falling apart cavilling stiff strict conventional cautious weak-kneed goose-bumpy nerveless phobic spineless rabbity chickenhearted quivery unmanly oversensitive active hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling nerves on edge zipped up hot juiced up biting one's nails agog eagerly tied up in knots angst-ridden self-doubting unassertive self-effacing having stage fright biting nails having a funny feeling champing at the bit have cold feet incongruous offended fretted all agog avid open-mouthed meek lacking confidence unforthcoming low old-fashioned not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive on the defensive with bated breath verklempt unzipped wounded all wound up tossing and turning mercurial in disorder amazed vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised delicate come apart psyched out bummed out at sixes and sevens all torn up passionate hasty watchful dreading tooshie swivel-eyed touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice waiting for the axe to fall fiery tempestuous freaked-out steamed up overwhelmed flipped out wound-up throwing a wobbly crazy high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered out of one's element hot under collar beside yourself stirred weary strung-out at the end of your tether worn all shook up worked-up unstrung tired out of your mind spent ticklish knotty a basket case sweating bullets ashamed abashed humiliated shamed cowardly risky violent lively humbled impulsive impetuous volcanic vehement inflammable rash intolerant fierce demonstrative reckless galvanic enthusiastic overzealous uncontrolled susceptible quick cowering shamefaced cowed easily upset short fused blowing hot and cold hot-headed chicken demeaned yellow feart stunned tricksy problematical tough nasty chancy problematic spiny catchy precarious apprehensive about intimidated by spookish spirited irresponsible light-headed harebrained skitterish whimsical animated combustible flappable volative undependable zippy giddy lightheaded peppy scatterbrained wary dizzy frivolous very nervous unreliable alarmed at terror-stricken panic-stricken in a fluster scared witless dishonoured discredited chastened horror-stricken terror-struck in awe scared out of your wits shaking like a leaf frightened out of your wits contentious controversial dishonored red-faced wishing the earth would swallow one up with egg on one's face put out of countenance caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself shown-up painful unpleasant disagreeable vexatious tickly flustering disconcerting annoying troublesome discomfiting galling bitter torturous hard rough irritating dolorous bumpy grievous incommodious confronting afflictive wearisome scratchy causing discomfort ill-fitting

Tính từ

In a state of complete confusion and disorder
chaotic confused disordered disorderly anarchic disorganised disorganized jumbled lawless messy tumultuous haywire shambolic cluttered deranged disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled disrupted frenzied hectic littered messed muddled mussed mussy orderless sloppy tousled tumbled turbulent uncontrolled unkempt untidy rumpled unruly purposeless rampageous riotous topsy-turvy helter-skelter pell-mell upside-down higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger in a mess in a muddle in chaos in disarray in disorder harum-scarum in a shambles in pandemonium in uproar out of joint utterly confused at sixes and sevens every which way slipshod unfastidious in a jumble in a state mixed up slovenly haphazard tangled all over the place out of order unsystematic scrambled mixed-up mussed up random wild out of place indiscriminate messed up disjointed straggly unmethodical unorganized scattered upside down unorganised all over the map upset uncombed incoherent dislocated bedraggled irregular snarled all over the shop all over the lot uncoordinated slapdash undirected shuffled unsystematized in confusion unarranged matted knotted windblown tangly ratty ruffled discombobulated erratic windswept awry askew unsettled unplanned overturned misplaced unpremeditated hit-or-miss systemless out-of-line undisciplined out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous tumult unrestrained like a bomb's hit it screwed up casual unsorted convoluted unorderly stirred up muddly strewn strewed unclear dilapidated neglected rough crude untidied piled crowded slatternly out of position straggling spreading like a dog's breakfast broken like a dog's dinner out of kilter displaced tossed in a clutter stray twisted not made loose rambling drifting straying slept-in snafu top ungroomed entangled worse for wear out-of-place tarty blowzy arbitrary spread out aimless sprawling entwined ravelled knotty unregulated unpredictable coiled intertwisted enmeshed unstructured unmade mussed-up variable snarled up inside-out badly organized messed-up unhinged cockeyed upended upturned luxated downside-up uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical inconsistent fluky interlaced raveled trapped designless desultory non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic disconnected aleatory chancy incalculable

Trái nghĩa của in turmoil

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