Đồng nghĩa của taut

Alternative for taut

tauter, tautest

Đồng nghĩa: firm, rigid, stiff, tense, tight,


Containing only relevant parts, brief and controlled
concise crisp pithy succinct terse compact controlled sharp brief short summary epigrammatic laconic aphoristic compendious monosyllabic curt elliptical thumbnail brusque apothegmatic sententious capsule telegraphic elliptic gnomic tart short and sweet clipped abrupt condensed incisive gruff neat blunt economical snappy rude in a nutshell cut to the bone to the point snappish breviloquent pointed boiled down exact lean precise close compendiary cryptic trenchant clear-cut synoptic sparing lapidary tight discourteous snippy offhand unceremonious impolite uncivil compressed bluff abbreviated abridged ungracious crusty caustic short-spoken brisk brusk harsh no-nonsense downright churlish rough snippety witty surly plain-spoken shortened tactless in a few well-chosen words cavalier direct potted frank outspoken truncated summarized unmannerly contracted economic abrasive impatient meaningful undiplomatic meaty epigrammatical perfunctory straightforward summarised matter-of-fact distant indelicate rapid uncommunicative quick cutting standoffish dusty apophthegmatic upfront curtailed crude little impetuous axiomatic small piquant bad-mannered ill-mannered straight from the shoulder expressive unfriendly finely honed clever decisive thoughtless significant cogent bare cursory honed effective marrowy businesslike in few words short-and-sweet off forthright peremptory recapped compacted precipitate candid brutal bald unequivocal rehashed run-down down to brass tacks not afraid to call a spade a spade pulling no punches honest not beating about the bush not mincing one's words calling a spade a spade speaking one's mind distinct outline forceful concentrated telling amusing quick-witted reticent taciturn acute vigorous testy ingenious pungent epitomised epitomized summarizing limited censorious judgmental pretentious abounding critical disapproving shortened form hurried hasty memorable catchy summarising aloof decreased imperious well structured making a long story short well tuned abstracted comprehensive run-through irascible diminished fast ephemeral unprolonged lessened in well-chosen words petulant swift decurtate cool abbreviate short and to the point graceless curtate bad-tempered dismissive transient short-tempered ill-tempered cut short not protracted unforthcoming open hearty offish good-natured genial approachable unconstrained callous inelegant rushed friendly slashing scathing drilling acerb severe biting acid sarcastic sardonic acerbic satirical mordant cheery sincere bearish blustering barefaced speaking as one finds loud disrespectful point-blank stark explicit simple unadorned uncouth impertinent hard-hitting undisguised unvarnished unqualified unembellished unpolished uncompromising insolent unladylike boorish impudent gauche inconsiderate ungallant ill-bred unhandsome ungentlemanly unmannered uncalled-for hostile straight-talking straight-shooting insensitive unkind offensive inhospitable unpleasant unfortunate


Easily agitated or alarmed
nervous agitated anxious apprehensive overwrought tense timid uptight jittery unsettled angsty concerned excitable queazy shy disquieted overstrung skittish trepidatious troubled distressed flighty fretful neurotic stressed bothered edgy flurried skittery spooked worried antsy brittle fidgety restless spasmodic upset afraid careful frightened perturbed scared unglued dithery fluttery insecure jumpy toey twitchy discomposed hysterical mousy shivery timorous uncomfortable disturbed fearful nervy queasy shaky uneasy easily agitated easily frightened highly strung high-strung wired on edge strung out hyper unquiet sensitive on tenterhooks adrenalized on pins and needles panicky spooky worked up strung up temperamental manic stimulated stoked jazzed easily upset annoyed ruffled highly-strung pumped-up weak irritable flustered febrile hesitant fussy strained fretting shaking atwitter aflutter solicitous squirrelly watchful hinky angstful stressy goosey windy hung up aghast bugged ill at ease dreading in suspense under stress worried sick in a tizzy in a tizz in a flap a bundle of nerves in a stew keyed up in a twitter in a sweat in a state of agitation in a state of nerves het up shook up a wreck hot and bothered in a spin all of a dither in a state sweating bullets having kittens in a twit all of a lather a basket case unsettling unnerving in a flat spin shot to pieces disquieting disturbing like a fish out of water like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks hairy charged having butterflies in the stomach exciting creepy with one's heart in one's mouth with one's stomach in knots with butterflies in one's stomach distressful agitating rigid unrelaxed worrisome fraught stressful excited distressing concerning nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking shaken distraught disconcerted alarmed rattled tormented harassed dismayed unnerved vexed discombobulated saddened sad unhappy confused plagued hurt irked distracted anguished frantic cut up discountenanced restive grieved beset thrown disappointed beside oneself fazed gutted discomfited afflicted hassled disconsolate pained tortured muddled harried self-conscious bummed out all torn up embarrassed despondent miserable depressed pressured frenzied dejected displeased perplexed dispirited inconsolable shocked heartbroken devastated miffed choked hounded overcome overwhelmed traumatized irritated cheerless beleaguered shook mad emotional inconvenienced down blue broken-hearted traumatised suspicious bashful unsure withdrawn awkward wavering trembling unrestful disheartened put upon terrified in a dither discouraged downcast exercised grieving forlorn heavyhearted sorrowful riled in turmoil glum wretched downhearted mournful doleful horrified in a panic desperate raving hysteric in a cold sweat consumed bereaved wrecked rueful hard-pressed crestfallen desolate melancholy low hag-ridden unbalanced despairing heartsick worried stiff panic-stricken brokenhearted haunted crazed crushed chagrined distrait angered dolorous woeful harrowed delirious wounded verklempt unzipped woebegone cast down shot down shattered worked-up put out insane shaking in one's shoes out of one's mind under pressure up against it down in the dumps broken up low-spirited under the cosh grief-stricken pessimistic burdened impatient indecisive uncertain tentative caught up palpitant wrung peevish irascible graceless dithering vacillating irresolute all nerves unsteady turbulent swithering inflamed on the qui vive reserved retiring introverted disorderly overactive hectic heated feverish hyperactive unpeaceful stirred up flapping moved aroused overemotional peeved dragged ripped disorientated out of place discomforted unconfident in a lather worrying angry falling apart irrational histrionic all of a flutter unconsolable up the wall bundle of nerves basket case asea disoriented bewildered hot under the collar exacerbated puzzled aggravated mortified pestered provoked tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails disillusioned discontented strange lost disgruntled dissatisfied lacking social skills tongue-tied berserk disenchanted sullen unhinged demented frustrated browbeaten pressurized melancholic heavy-hearted aggrieved carried away frenetic at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself wound up in a frenzy out of one's wit unsatisfied hopeless beaten hurried frayed rushed strict conventional cautious wild worsted vanquished as sick as a parrot chapfallen let down taken down baulked objecting balked stressed out at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall pressurised hunted at the end of one's rope joyless tearful demoralised tristful down-hearted demoralized intimidated petrified offended fretted creeped out shell-shocked emotionally defeated cowardly gloomy droopy sombre teary sorry weepy sore hangdog heartsore burned wistful somber contused daunted deranged crazy wrought-up swivel-eyed nonplussed nuts addled unscrewed quaking startled cowering like a chicken with its head cut off very upset beside yourself at the end of your tether out of your mind terrorized affrighted pusillanimous cowed old-fashioned in disorder amazed chicken afeared on the defensive at wit's end yellow feart frozen stunned frit terrorised morose broken bitter in tears down in the mouth in grief in doldrums in the dumps come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens apprehensive about intimidated by alarmed at terror-stricken scared to death in a fluster scared stiff weeping hurting clutched in a funk faint-hearted scared witless horror-struck in a blue funk horror-stricken terror-struck mourning agonized dolesome in awe shaking like a leaf having cold feet bricking oneself sorrowing in pain heavy with grief bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised racked with suffering suffering aching overcome with sorrow racked with pain angst-ridden running scared possessed gripped scared out of one's wits frightened out of one's wits preoccupied controlled dominated cursed seized dogged bedevilled affected overpowered surrounded bedeviled held devoured paranoid bewitched violent fiendish in the grip of taken over under a spell obsessed


Solidly in place and stable
firm strong fast sturdy secure secured stable fixed steady rooted tight anchored set braced cemented embedded motionless riveted robust solid stationary immovable sound established stalwart stout unshakeable safe unshakable vigorous bombproof fastened forceful lusty moored nailed snug unfluctuating unmoving wedged welded bolted frozen immobile iron irremovable jammed lodged mounted screwed soldered stuck substantial tenacious tightened dependable tied bound fortified fixed firmly solid as a rock buttoned down done up stiff rigid settled steadfast hard-and-fast inflexible immotile set in stone unbending unbudgeable stubborn unwavering hard unyielding obstinate entrenched still strict invariable nonmoving unbudging nonmotile hard and fast pegged immobilized unmovable final unchangeable determinate immutable located certain ingrained set fast set firm unvarying hitched inexpugnable concrete flat attached hooked immobilised static hardened hardheaded locked definite cast-iron deep-rooted ironclad deep-seated made fast locked in well-set stuck fast bogged down immotive nailed down unmoveable stuck down balanced unchanging obdurate adamant hidebound jelled pigheaded inveterate unflappable sure stabile unshaking unrelenting stiff-necked unshaken quiet situated permanent unalterable uncompromising stringent rigorous sitting incommutable hard-line exacting inalterable brassbound quiescent inexorable severe unadaptable placed arranged stock-still trapped staunch statuelike unmoved installed stock still as if turned to stone as still as a statue unable to move biased preconceived seated


Thin or gaunt in physique or appearance
pinched thin gaunt emaciated haggard starved cadaverous wizened sapped shrunken skinny scrawny bony lean skeletal scraggy angular spare lanky spindly rangy slim slender raw-boned lank skin-and-bones size-zero rawboned gangling gangly wasted undernourished attenuated underweight meager twiggy meagre gawky macilent anorexic slight spindle-shanked beanpole attenuate shriveled shrivelled weedy beanstalk thin as a rake svelte starveling hollow-cheeked puny lithe reedy boney stalky fatless narrow fragile twiglike featherweight skin and bones as thin as a rake drawn looking like a bag of bones underfed peaked stick-like hollow-eyed sylphlike stick willowy stringy delicate rickety slinky small rarefied threadlike fleshless lightweight wan ethereal scraggly like a bag of bones all skin and bones thin as a rail withered consumptive skeletonlike weak fine trim lissom wiry tall gracile anorectic ultrathin skin and bone as thin as a reed very thin slightly built frail undersized feeble atrophied sinewy underdeveloped half-starved hairline paper-thin needlelike slim-jim no fat famished phthisical skin-and-bone pint-sized stilted spindling extenuated malnourished tapered long-legged leggy loose-jointed thin as rail tapering shadow stilt subtle pole like a rail clean-limbed over-thin light waifish raddled lantern-jawed sticklike like a skeleton like a matchstick peaky skeleton without an ounce of fat looking like death warmed up ghastly ghostly lymphatic etiolated sallow shadowy dead corpse-like bag of bones starving long-limbed graceful little hungry awkward ungainly snake-hipped rattleboned spidery tenuous wispy lumbering elongated small-boned deprived of food limber dainty diminutive tiny lissome pygmy uncoordinated inelegant petite Lilliputian undersize dwarfish bantam not heavy shrimpy ungraceful graceless elfin loosely built loosely jointed pint-size fun size flexible long wraithlike gossamer shrunk off-color pale sickly ill-fed slimline sleek muscular agile stark straggling straggly jerky irregular squiggly diminished sharp lithesome aciculate acicular airy macerated fit stringbean worn to a shadow loose-limbed not large unco bulimic remote faint devastated midget sickly-looking flimsy sickly looking without appetite short outside ruined battle-scarred desolate war-torn wrecked meek peewee squat runtish homuncular stunted stubby dwarf shrimp mere a slip of a … improbable unlikely distant minute ravaged pocket wee dinky smallish toylike subnormal broomstick pocket-size pocket-sized half-pint lightly-built


Produced by deliberate effort rather than spontaneously
strained forced artificial unnatural false affected constrained laboured put-on self-conscious stiff assumed bogus contrived factitious fake feigned hollow mechanical mock phoney phony plastic pretended pseudo sham simulated spurious wooden insincere choked farfetched labored put put on tight unglued uptight wired wreck hard put nervous wreck strung out in a state at end of rope pretend stilted counterfeit mannered overdone faked studied imitation awkward ersatz fraudulent fictitious make-believe cod manufactured heavy forged unconvincing rigid ponderous laborious faux clumsy fakey overworked overwrought dummy elaborate deceptive substitute exaggerated difficult synthetic pseud tense meretricious quasi- stretched fabricated unauthentic inauthentic snide not genuine over-elaborate overripe convoluted superficial hard ornate intricate prolix unspontaneous actorly uneasy inelegant ham hammy so-called specious professed hokey ostensible misleading theatrical imitated man-made imitative inflexible mimic firm tensed improvised queer avowed imaginary unrelaxed close pirate quasi snug tightened stressed unreal tightly drawn rehearsed planned overblown campy not fluent tortuous arduous leaden tortured apparent seeming surface manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu staged posed manmade derivative facsimile reproduction replica stagy chemical cast pretentious model toy posey imagined grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible counterfeited conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud mealymouthed apish invented concocted overly planned trumped-up pseudonymous adopted inept reserved weighty inhibited operose effortful uphill strenuous guarded toilsome maladroit fallacious invalid adulterine untrue virtual wannabe wrong would-be self-styled over-embellished long-winded purported framed apocryphal deceitful bum ungenuine bent phoney-baloney made-up phony-baloney reticent complex turgid ungraceful restrained tongue-tied distant embarrassed repressed not real not legit not kosher alleged uncomfortable gauche graceless as it were to all intents and purposes hypocritical contracted not loose drawn tightly stretched not slack controlled cold cool subdued stand-offish aloof mincing rustic rustical not spontaneous flexed bluffing shammed falsified supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous rough-hewn solid unyielding extended worried nervous anxious edgy dud hoax formal trick on edge stretched tight not what it is cracked up to be austere punctilious prim correct proper ceremonious decorous stuffy priggish starchy icy frigid nice stiff-necked delusory delusive copied deceiving unfounded fishy incorrect erroneous inaccurate unsound mistaken inexact dishonest faulty untruthful supposititious illogical misguided unoriginal illusory off chimerical worthless flawed baseless beguiling deluding imprecise suppositious sophistical pirated without foundation made up plagiaristic derived pinchbeck two-faced mimicked plagiarized Hollywood plant brummagem crock off beam unsubstantiated distorted groundless fictional full of holes fanciful aped nonnatural notional won't fly soft shell ideal fantastic visionary sophistic illegal cooked-up dicey iffy dodgy trumped up off target way out wide of the mark pseudo- mythical plagiarised illusionary crooked unproven fancied knock-off copycat copy casuistic hallucinatory non-existent dissembling truthless counterfactual falsie fictive duplicate fantasied chimeric phantom fantastical fabulous mythic phantasmal imaginal phantasmic bad plausible ill-founded hyped up double-dealing out foundationless unsupported nonvalid in error not accurate not exact askew cooked up devised nugatory ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial bootlegged repro unqualified non-natural mimetic miniature echoic glib low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior made makeshift constructed machine-made delusional unsatisfactory substandard adulterated duplicated reproduced parodied parroted burlesqued caricatured mocked gingerbread experimental human-made misinformed prepared ostensive semi- nominal illusive near reported engineered Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide knock off lookalike uncorroborated weak economical with the truth mock-up fantasy without basis unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational erratic blue sky pipe dream fantasized dreamed-up dream erring unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle null fluffed illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated seemingly correct wrongly inferred null and void void nonbinding inoperative not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault play-play improper unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right misrepresentative colored not binding fantasised amiss uncollectible coloured underhand awry defective abroad treacherous duplicitous crafty disingenuous guileful wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious shady sharp Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious unprincipled unscrupulous tricky fast slim underhanded shifty hollow-hearted rogue double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick devious catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

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