Đồng nghĩa của shooting

Alternative for shooting

shoots, shot, shooting

Đồng nghĩa: discharge, fire,


The murder of a person, especially for political reasons or for personal gain
killing slaying homicide murder assassination execution liquidation slaughter butchery extermination manslaughter hit foul play massacre patricide sororicide matricide parricide fratricide rubout blood death filicide bloodshed infanticide regicide uxoricide carnage offing stabbing ride crime second-degree murder erase big chill first-degree murder bump-off elimination lynching termination purge removal taking out annihilation rub out the business dispatching contract killing the works wasting knifing unlawful death destruction off martyrdom political execution putting to death doing to death decimation dispatch holocaust mass murder genocide bloodbath ethnic cleansing eradication bloodletting pogrom extinction hecatomb Shoah mass homicide mass destruction mass execution blood bath assassinating wiping out ruin murdering indiscriminate killing wholesale killing taking of life battue devastation wholesale slaughter mass slaughter obliteration wastage havoc loss mincemeat crushing subjugation night of the long knives demolition mass killing end desolation demolishment butchering internecion extirpation wreckage bumping off dissolving ravaging disintegrating extinguishing abolition wrecking subversion overthrow ruination bane shattering abolishing subverting sacking crashing invalidating invalidation disrupting mactation snuffing wreck fatality disposal injury wounding racial killing genticide persecution euthanasia silence blood-letting shambles witch-hunt victimization wrack perdition capital punishment mass suicide race extermination finish taking of someone's life blood shedding mass murdering calamity megadeath kill rapine warfare gore insurrectionism blitz death blow victimisation indiscriminate bloodshed act of killing coup de grâce blood and guts search and destroy massacring slaughtering overwhelming finishing off killing off rubbing out snuffing out putting down putting to sleep zapping downfall extinguishment rooting out undoing


Severe or intense, especially in a painful or unpleasant way
acute intense fierce profound deep extreme violent ferocious terrible excruciating dreadful severe heavy vehement almighty strong blistering powerful explosive hard vicious furious hellacious exquisite frightful sharp agonising agonizing intensive piercing ghastly searing fearsome burning fearful harrowing overwhelming racking consuming unbearable harsh tormenting torturous concentrated penetrating stabbing insufferable excessive serious grievous cutting unendurable heightened overpowering distressing hellish poignant peracute shrill sudden heavy-duty finely tuned stinging painful pounding smarting biting awful raw thumping splitting sore gut-wrenching knifelike intolerable keen shrewd bitter throbbing prickly tender tingling twingeing paralyzing paralysing drilling raging gnawing achy hurting savage torturing extremely painful wrenching killing inflamed gruelling rending toe-curling tedious infuriating punishing chastening cringe-making embarrassing irritating grueling stultifying torturesome tearing great extraordinary forceful tremendous fervent passionate ardent vigorous potent fervid fiery incredible grave flaming indescribable prodigious impassioned torrid earnest deep-seated remarkable dramatic perfervid exceptional heartfelt zealous very great forcible heated supreme critical frenzied impossible passional all-consuming turbulent major brutal mighty feverish red-hot titanic fanatical powerhouse wholehearted uncontrollable unutterable vivid energetic weighty emotional strenuous urgent very bad deep-rooted devastating drastic enormous worrying maximum eager high utmost intensified thorough significant tough puissant afflicting marked bad wild heartrending galling deadly fast unqualified mortal inordinate stormy dire blustery tempestuous destructive warm-blooded dangerous deeply felt stark hefty dynamic telling gutsy full punchy uttermost abrupt immense hot-blooded incommunicable sincere extensive abject blazing close thoroughgoing complete top hot total big ultimate avid enthusiastic hurtful rapid unrelenting warm swift right proper unrestrained charged sheer precipitous uncommunicable precipitate excited fatal out-and-out tumultuous gusty uncontrolled cruel desperate grim radical immoderate intemperate harmful mother of all steep disastrous crushing boisterous squally storming menacing life-threatening volcanic thunderous hazardous threatening ruinous outrageous ugly smart knockout dominant commanding shocking sobering industrial-strength durable real diabolical damaging terrific unstoppable heavyweight long-lasting wounding reprehensible indefensible inexcusable unforgivable transcending injurious inexpressible relentless frenetic animated oppressive demonstrative shameful cordial disgraceful parlous incandescent huge compelling religious aggressive superheated repressive glowing boiling baking scorching stiff fevered calamitous driving very painful caustic true genuine entrenched devout deepest hearty protracted unsparing undue diligent exaggerated enthused melodramatic roasting sizzling white-hot honest hard-core unfeigned rooted intrenched heartbreaking overemotional sentimental emotive strained pungent ablaze amorous frantic heart-rending sweltering stirring inveterate bona fide rousing hectic tortuous disturbing suffering struggling uninhibited tropical parching withering cut-throat hopped up spirited gung ho true blue settled cyclonic scalding undescribable thundery howling inclement volatile bumpy windy bred-in-the-bone confirmed baking hot blazing hot blistery broiling typhonic blustering rough swirling choppy resounding ungovernable unconcealed primal visceral undisguised considerable sensitive downright egregious rampaging rabid rampant riotous boiling hot very hot chaotic restless roaring stormful rugged lethal maximal deathly unchecked unmanageable unfettered uncurbed unbridled emphatic consequential aching massive herculean absolute utter peppery convulsive enraged like a furnace paroxysmal coercive aroused arduous toilsome bleak taxing freezing bruised irritated veritable pure comprehensive poisonous paramount highest greatest stupendous pronounced surpassing phenomenal colossal gigantic exhaustive malignant detailed cold meticulous perilous difficult exacting precarious grinding out of control glacial red chafed elemental rigorous rank unadulterated flagrant thundering gross unalloyed uber preposterous arrant wintry scrupulous superlative consummate sweeping arctic toxic elaborate horrific unpleasant horrible horrendous nagging painstaking chill monstrous giant humungous superb gargantuan humongous determined gale force full of force concerted incurable frosty resolute sedulous nippy hypersensitive careful searching conscientious sovereign frigid assiduous disheartening discouraging sombre wretched ill-fated forbidding forlorn sedate ill-starred sober unamusing desolate solemn somber sad depressing far-reaching minute methodical numbing widespread woeful appalling troublesome distressful abominable upsetting demanding nipping excellent outstanding rare leviathan max marvelous vast mountainous astronomic ginormous astronomical persistent accelerated insistent in-depth injured wounded greatest possible all-out unsafe capital all-embracing all-inclusive all-encompassing parky all-absorbing atrocious godawful rotten lousy beastly vile afflictive high-pressure very dangerous touch and go oversensitive chilling speeded-up marvellous wintery bitterly cold intensely cold more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear


Present participle for to move or cause to move suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction
racing rushing speeding dashing flashing darting flying hurrying hurtling charging hastening streaking tearing chasing scooting whirling zooming blasting bustling buzzing careering whizzing belting galloping haring scurrying whooshing zipping stampeding swooping barrelling barreling bolting bombing scorching scudding scuttering spanking along sweeping whisking winging hying hieing springing whipping zapping blazing blowing boogying boogieing bowling breezing bucketing bundling cannonballing careening clipping coursing driving fleeting highballing hightailing humping hurling hustling jetting jumping motoring nipping pelting ramming ripping rocketing running rustling scuttling shifting stepping travelling traveling trotting posting boiling flinging lashing passing skirring barrelling along really moving getting cracking going like lightning whipping along burning rubber cracking on going hell for leather hotfooting it getting a move on laying rubber stepping on it going like a bat out of hell putting your foot down sprinting scampering scrambling legging it bounding wheeching going like the clappers getting the lead out cutting along making haste flitting hightailing it hasting sailing diving going like the wind bowling along beetling jogging skipping tripping plunging rattling along putting on some speed going fast steaming rolling pounding making tracks moving skimming lungeing lunging shaking a leg speeding up going leaping quickening skedaddling accelerating spurting pushing hurrying up breaking moving quickly loping flowing burning floating streaming expediting fleeing tearing along fast-tracking skiting sliding slipping kiting fluttering whistling coasting doubling jogtrotting drifting vrooming dogtrotting cantering going quickly surging ambling skittering skating making time pacing hopping it raging beating it beelining dispatching soaring losing no time going like a bomb getting your skates on smoothing along fussing cannoning tooling storming roaring ploughing bursting proceeding riding bulleting spurring gliding cruising slithering stirring starting pressing on brushing smoking going like a bullet pressing bestirring leaving moving fast heading getting moving going headlong launching oneself throwing oneself plowing dusting spiralling spiraling glissading descending declining belting along stepping on gas bombing along moving along covering ground making off pattering waltzing running like the wind outstripping swooshing scatting splitting vamoosing rolling along catapulting running fast cracking winding gusting retreating pitching launching going briskly stepping lively festinating pushing on gushing prancing frisking popping bugging out running away running off clearing out going away cascading rushing headlong progressing racking going like lighting hurdling striding marching moving like greased lightning flourishing slipping away pouring romping going at top speed expressing brandishing making a run for it tearing out rushing at making oneself scarce getting on it making it snappy blitzing railroading steamrollering bucking whishing putting foot yeeting sallying running very fast rushing around tumbling slooshing flooding moving rapidly moving forward going by passing by going rapidly driving fast gathering momentum digging in getting a wiggle on turning on steam chucking it down booking it hopping along stepping along plunging ahead running like mad pumping freewheeling bowling over gearing up going all out putting on a burst of speed making short work of going like greased lightning tearing up the miles going at breakneck speed slinking startling pouncing whipping around showing quickly passing quickly gambolling frolicking gamboling moving apace not losing a minute wasting no time taking wing sliding along sashaying moving smoothly wafting rushing off lighting out speeding away departing making a break making taking off steering veering setting off cutting advancing setting forth bearing taking flight setting out heading off aiming skidding planing aquaplaning moving lightly skimming through escaping decamping stepping on the gas cutting and run flooring it whirring hitting the gas getting going scramming scraming hooking it scarpering going faster moving faster doing a runner making a break for it rattling your dags putting the pedal to the metal showing a clean pair of heels fanging it putting pedal to the metal bucking up going flat-out absconding dogging it getting out piling humming bumbling droning burring looking alive getting it on hopping to it snapping to it flickering rattling flicking dancing capering hopping flittering surging through bouncing nailing it opening the throttle beating a retreat turning tail scattering flirting clearing off running for it playing cavorting levanting skipping off bobbing cutting out heading for the hills making a quick exit beating a hasty retreat peeling out hovering kicking rocks doing a fade taking a powder getting lost going through flying the coop doing a bunk shooting through dipping having it away strolling sauntering looking lively moving it snapping it up hurrying it up moving briskly walking casually


Present participle for to burst or gush from
gushing spurting squirting bursting discharging emanating emitting expelling issuing jetting casting evolving expiring forcing irradiating radiating releasing secreting venting exhaling giving out sending out throwing out giving off sending forth exuding ejecting diffusing leaking oozing excreting spewing transmitting spouting yielding erupting pouring out shedding disgorging sending effusing pouring reeking letting out spewing out voiding disemboguing evacuating ejaculating outputting breathing vomiting spilling spitting breathing out giving vent to letting off casting out spreading dispensing distilling emptying broadcasting extruding expending belching beaming outsending eructing speaking dripping expectorating purging perspiring passing throwing off producing projecting streaming loosing birthing exiting rising initiating putting out issuing forth steaming extravasating delivering depositing exsufflating evaporating throwing churning out spraying vaporising vaporizing breaking out pouring forth disseminating scattering glittering gleaming expanding illumining proliferating circulating distributing strewing affording propagating rambling sprinkling expressing beaming out voicing uttering airing lighting up verbalizing revealing ventilating asserting articulating communicating proclaiming escaping putting verbalising declaring coming out with giving voice to giving free rein to bringing into the open making public taking out on finding an outlet for giving expression to driving out providing escape finding expression for


Present participle for to use small dots to give the appearance of shading to
stippling spotting dotting flecking sprinkling speckling mottling peppering freckling blotching specking marbling splotching dappling dabbing carving drawing engraving painting marking bespeckling studding besprinkling spattering dusting scattering staining streaking bestudding bespattering bestrewing splashing smudging blotting pimpling smirching splodging spraying soiling dirtying variegating pocking interspersing dabbling besmirching littering strewing blemishing patching sploshing scarring maculating smearing enfilading raking marbelizing marbleizing daubing mosaicking flaking tarnishing tainting sowing sullying slabbering smutching covering with blotches strafing sweeping fusillading cannonading covering cluttering spitting moistening squirting shaking christening disseminating raining dampening baptizing baptising misting messing up shaking over discolouring splattering befouling discoloring blackening muddying fouling begriming griming miring mucking bemiring distaining gauming spoiling disfiguring polluting defiling contaminating debasing corrupting tarring pitting making dirty marring defacing damaging bedabbling dashing plashing showering slopping sloshing distorting wetting dousing besoiling clouding making impure encrusting making dusty coating draggling stigmatizing smutting stigmatising drowning sopping plunging soaking drenching tingeing tinging disgracing spritzing denting swashing getting wet getting dirty getting filthy making filthy roiling riling murking darkening beclouding blobbing striping sputtering dispersing emitting broadcasting discharging spluttering spangling dribbling clouding up making darker making black making blacker making murky making cloudy impairing degrading harming imprinting bedaubing blurring ruining blighting flawing notching impressing bruising besmearing plastering undermining vitiating injuring hurting crippling endamaging wrecking nicking scratching scoring gashing chipping scraping cutting crabbing destroying perverting bloodying checking blazing inking chalking stroking breaking compromising touching crossing up


Present participle for to charge or damage with electrostatic discharge


Present participle for to kill or cause the death of
executing killing hanging crucifying guillotining beheading decapitating dispatching electrocuting slaying assassinating croaking garrotting icing lynching murdering neutralising neutralizing snuffing whacking bowstringing frying liquidating offing terminating bumping off doing in eliminating finishing gassing getting purging knocking off putting away putting to death taking out rubbing out sending to the gibbet stoning to death stringing up putting before a firing squad sending to the chair sending to the gas chamber carrying out a sentence of death on sending to the electric chair slaughtering blowing away doing away with wasting exterminating stiffing topping hitting doing to death wiping out massacring butchering smoking destroying zapping waxing scragging chillin chilling disposing of snuffing out gunning down taking the life of polishing off blasting murking asphyxiating abolishing cooling extinguishing doing knifing garotting eradicating strangling defeating smothering killing in cold blood stabbing dusting greasing stoning cutting to pieces doing for mowing down dusting off blotting out stretching out taking a life giving someone the works finishing off terminating with extreme prejudice making away with sending to the gallows getting rid of annihilating cutting down ending the life of erasing shooting down decimating causing the death of putting down extirpating putting to the sword putting an end to putting to sleep carrying off taking downing taking someone's life felling claiming removing canceling cancelling obliterating sending to the gas chambers hanging by the neck gibbeting ending gibbetting silencing expunging nixing blackballing wiping from the face of the earth deep-sixing killing off discarding mutilating immolating wiping off the face of the earth putting end to taking care of seeing the back of dropping depopulating suffocating sacrificing smiting ethnically cleansing stamping out cleaning up sending to kingdom come effacing rooting out sweeping away blacking out taking away dispensing with discontinuing vanquishing sticking beating mangling torturing maiming overwhelming scratching sterilizing dragging excluding sterilising vaporising vaporizing making swing clearing away taking down dragging down sending to the scaffold executing by hanging suiciding noosing suspending by the neck decollating heading necking cutting off the head of bringing to the block cutting off somebody's head


Present participle for to push or force (someone or something) violently and suddenly into a particular physical position or state


(based on the game being played) Present participle for to strike a ball as part of a game

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