Đồng nghĩa của rotating

Alternative for rotating

rotates, rotated, rotating

Đồng nghĩa: gyrate, pivot, spin, swivel, turn,

Tính từ

Coming one after the other in a series
successive succeeding sequential straight consecutive continuous successional uninterrupted continual running subsequent following sequent serial solid ensuing seriate succedent unbroken in succession next subsequential alternating back-to-back in a row in line on the trot following after next up next off later progressive chronological in order nonstop continuing after coming constant consequent in sequence incessant steady continued impending seriatim future serialized serialised latter posterior pursuing in turn coming after coming next one after another directly after sustained unceasing upcoming ongoing unremitting ceaseless imminent undisturbed through perpetual approaching connected looming oncoming regular endless resulting forthcoming untroubled non-stop consequential never-ending proximate supervenient end-to-end downstream to come without stopping coming up one after the other going on later on nearing unrelieved persistent smooth unending eventual henceforth straightforward direct interminable a while later after a while repeated fast sound resultant postliminary pending unruffled profound deep late even undivided total relentless eternal everlasting permanent unrelenting unabating round-the-clock unfaltering enduring unchanging lasting unvarying undying unwavering perennial timeless immortal dateless abiding stable infinite unflagging undeviating unfailing consistent without end deathless recurrent boundless chronic monotonous uniform frequent amaranthine persisting habitual unabated limitless unlimited around-the-clock imperishable ageless prolonged unfluctuating changeless day-and-night immeasurable invariable unbounded always-on invariant recurring illimitable indefinite round the clock fixed overlong unwaning untiring indefatigable staying repetitive no end to no end of oft-repeated unfading measureless untold without respite inexhaustible incalculable immensurable bottomless inestimable unfathomable horizonless fathomless unvaried indeterminate unwearied unyielding aeonian dogged rhythmic persevering unswerving tireless immutable perdurable vast stabile never-changing sempiternal immense interminate long-lasting protracted on a treadmill long unsurpassable numberless self-perpetuating multitudinous countless steady-going static firm indestructible neverending without interruption lifelong unchanged predictable periodical periodic long-lived durable steadfast great homogenous same metrical 24/7 unwearying forever equable day and night dependable old longstanding cosmic unchangeable reliable without limit inflexible flowing cursive fluent lengthy unstoppable lingering frozen unaltered without ceasing nagging fluid frictionless faithful remorseless diligent assiduous unsparing inexorable unintermitted all day long extended closed pushy unaltering unflinching maintained sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern extensive implacable regularized standardised regularised drawn out drawn-out inveterate unmodified unbothered unmoved unaffected untouched resolute stretched out at all times all day and all night standardized never-ceasing beyond measure nonrandom rapid annual returning yearlong yearly seasonal long-winded plain unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained all-year-round world-without-end unhindered long-drawn-out wearisome unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled level free without limits boring dragging long-term express deep-rooted remaining long-standing indelible surviving lavish balanced matching alike with no let-up tedious seemingly endless one-way opened stationary ingrained secure established full utter for ever and ever rambling laborious ponderous meandering irreversible with no holds barred without a break without surcease unbound looped dull rigid set inexpungible indissoluble abundant abounding strung out spun out dragged out till the cows come home in for the long haul not stopping having no end immemorial always termless 24-hour

Động từ

Present participle for to move, or cause to move, in a circle around an axis
revolving spinning turning wheeling gyrating twirling whirling pirouetting pivoting reeling swiveling swivelling rolling circling pinwheeling swinging swirling twisting circumducting circumvolving going going round gyring moving moving round trolling trundling turning round waltzing whirring spiralling spiraling winding going around orbiting circulating turning around coiling purling corkscrewing looping twining writhing curving bending oscillating curling birling whipping eddying snaking spinning round veering pendulating convoluting sheering entwining furling twiddling whirlpooling convolving scrolling spiring sinuating swinging around going round in circles spinning around going round and round turning on your heel curling around wrapping around circumnavigating dancing twizzling wheeling round moving in circles hingeing hinging bowling rolling along slinging adjusting swinging round negotiating arcking arcing moving round in circles pitching lurching billowing rippling stirring undulating swishing weaving wreathing shunting swiveling round flowing coming round coming around turning round and round swiveling around streaming whorling swooshing surging meandering moving in a circle turning over and over folding making serpentine lapping intertwining intervolving wriggling turning on an axis tightening working twisting and turning screwing working in deviating swerving bearing diverging slewing skewing heading diverting drifting detouring deflecting redirecting sheering off changing course turning off whirling around swelling rushing heaving blowing swimming waving swaying wobbling rising tossing fluttering flapping weltering shaking wagging flailing flitting wafting wavering threshing trembling quivering rising and falling quavering sweeping flicking palpitating thrashing pulsating ruffling wigwagging seesawing pulsing flying moving to and fro gusting blasting fluctuating vibrating vacillating seething spurting churning growing dizzy puffing squirting boiling squalling flurrying rounding enfolding wrapping swathing enveloping swaddling curling up rolling up folding up wrapping up winding up rocking ebbing and flowing catching the wind

Động từ

Present participle for pass to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order
alternating switching interchanging changing exchanging swapping bandying ensuing following relieving replacing spelling succeeding taking turns trading places acting in sequence moving around working in sequence taking it in turns taking tums following in sequence passing from one to another in rotation substituting interspersing shifting staggering varying trading taking in rotation taking in turn giving turns to converting changing over transmitting supplanting transposing commuting switching around removing swapping over changing places trading off causing to change places displacing reversing fluctuating oscillating altering yo-yoing see-sawing wavering shilly-shallying swinging swaying vacillating seesawing occurring in rotation occurring in turn acting reciprocally moving between coming and going following in turn filling in for following one another chopping and changing blowing hot and cold veering teetering wobbling going up and down rising and falling going from one extreme to the other mutating ebbing and flowing tottering rocking hovering teeter-tottering transforming undulating moving turning hemming and hawing faltering wabbling equivocating hesitating pivoting going back and forth digressing humming and hawing moving back and forth moving to and fro moving backward and forward snapping differing fluttering vibrating waving progressing evolving metamorphizing developing growing metastasizing reordering rearranging transmuting metamorphosing transfiguring swopping inverting using in place of using instead using in preference to using as an alternative to replacing with using as a replacement using instead of transiting transmutating modifying adjusting adapting amending realigning affecting passing swapping round changing round moulding distorting remodeling molding modulating revising flip-flopping remodelling disguising editing transitioning

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