Đồng nghĩa của unrelieved

Alternative for unrelieved

unrelieved /' nri'li:vd/
  • tính từ
    • không bớt đau; không hết đau
    • không có gì làm cho đỡ đều đều tẻ nhạt


In a continued fashion, to an utter or complete degree, without relief
unmitigated absolute complete outright total unqualified chronic constant incessant thorough utter consummate continuous pure thoroughgoing unequivocal unremitting downright unrelenting unreserved sheer stark unlimited arrant perfect plain unbounded dead entire flat blasted blooming crashing infernal unalleviated unbroken all-out flat-out out-and-out straight-out all-fired categorical unadulterated unconditional unabridged positive abundant confounded uncontrolled endless unrestrained blessed inexorable whole unbearable undeniable steadfast unfailing utmost definite rank categoric unambiguous relentless profound austere veritable undiminished rigid regular unabated simple real unalloyed fair plumb untempered severe unmollified unbending intense gross unmoderated oppressive very cotton-picking dreadful deep-dyed persistent unmixed in every way unmodified bodacious harsh unsoftened grim undiluted deadly blank clean stone clear-cut full unrestricted right extreme proper ultimate undivided dyed-in-the-wool genuine explicit right-down comprehensive blatant wholesale clear in every respect surpassing supreme through and through wholehearted exhaustive solid certain direct plenary unquestionable straight out indubitable full-bore emphatic glaring true all out naked sure final overt unmistakable full-scale unconstrained patent no catch flagrant conclusive undisguised inveterate without reservations prize sincere unstinting no ifs ands or buts full-on no holds barred limitless maximum firm mere infinite express obvious palpable serious steady uttermost authentic decisive brazen assured unquestioning barefaced open determinate wide matchless full-blown point-blank out and out apodictic no kicker no strings no fine print overarching unblemished huge straight honest everlasting double-dyed enormous committed determined resounding unfaltering unvarnished bald unmistaken enduring overall unswerving dedicated concentrated abiding resolute blunt transparent all max pronounced unadorned sweeping paramount strict uncompromising egregious conspicuous top nth fixed last never-failing very great shameless peremptory unsurpassed peerless terminal atrocious actual monstrous bona fide capital extraordinary true-blue preeminent perpetual without limit eternal true blue royal candid staring frank bloody grand quite single altogether most customary adamant assertive insistent definitive forthright overwhelming faultless unstinted common decided usual quintessential optimum unregenerate crass specific infamous notorious vile uncorrupted wholesome intensive bare horrible systematic unimpaired maximal stone-cold nothing other than point blank through-and-through unembellished undisputed without qualification long-range long-term rightly so called totalitarian uninterrupted inclusive no strings attached one hundred per cent sovereign untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying confirmed no joke superlative predominant excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished without reservation pure and simple unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless unconditioned omnipotent in-depth unshakeable farthest staunch fervent earnest zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty farthermost unwavering devoted outermost furthermost open-ended with no strings heartfelt stalwart unfeigned ardent warm furthest accurate exact precise shocking manifest outrageous great massive remotest loyal impassioned passionate fullhearted audacious evident heinous exclusive outmost unconcealed terrific tremendous spot-on inordinate shameful scandalous striking terrible grievous reprehensible disgraceful endmost aftermost whole-hearted focused undistracted collective iniquitous apparent exorbitant villainous wicked significant excessive major valid dinkum engrossed unshared consistent immoderate hundred percent whole-souled fantastic dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable united absorbed unflagging focussed brass-necked last straw ultra out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away unanimous scrupulous attentive continued concerted admissible sound factual fast deliberate circumspect minute diligent detailed vigilant intent rip-roaring thumping whopping undoubted watertight veridical immaculate rigorous amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn lock stock and barrel right on roaring most distant


Unceasingly intense in nature
relentless continuous unrelenting constant continual continuing lasting persistent unstoppable endless incessant interminable steady unabated unabating unbroken unceasing uninterrupted perpetual sustained unending unremitting unfaltering nonstop unflagging unflinching unyielding implacable neverending never-ending non-stop ceaseless eternal everlasting running continued round-the-clock permanent ongoing unwavering chronic regular enduring unfailing unvarying repeated timeless perennial abiding unchanging undeviating recurrent frequent untiring dateless indefatigable habitual persisting prolonged consecutive unwearied unwaning undying staying repetitive dogged persevering stable tireless monotonous unswerving oft-repeated around-the-clock ageless without respite imperishable always-on round the clock immortal day-and-night uniform fixed consistent connected aeonian recurring infinite unwearying interminate immutable changeless unchangeable set inflexible unchanged predictable invariant rigid unfluctuating static same invariable day and night on a treadmill deathless lingering nagging maintained pushy periodic periodical unlimited unintermitted sempiternal regularized regularised standardised unalterable amaranthine world-without-end long-lasting never-ceasing standardized unsparing remorseless diligent assiduous inexorable sedulous harsh unalleviated hard stern unvaried incommutable fast inalterable hard-and-fast even unmodifiable immovable undiversified undiminished unrestricted not changing stationary no end of no end to with no let-up unfading for ever and ever without end without surcease steady-going without a break equable never-changing stabile determined steadfast resolute staunch tenacious unshakeable inexhaustible firm weariless dedicated single-minded industrious patient solid pertinacious energetic dynamic zealous vigorous active resolved intense decided sure unvacillating insistent perdurable enthusiastic indomitable keen dead set on boundless indestructible unhesitating unqualified unflappable never-failing undivided grim devoted spirited forceful Herculean purposeful undisturbed obstinate stout laborious strong stubborn painstaking successive untroubled secure unappeasable grind perky hyper jumping indelible plugging ingrained strenuous hard-working never-tiring rhythmic direct without interruption without stopping dependable reliable forever unshakable unshaken pat bound and determined brick-wall set in stone ever-abiding stalwart driven limitless loyal unretiring ever-enduring protracted lengthy undaunted 24-hour inevitable niggling inescapable irrevocable unavoidable faithful long without ceasing cursive gnawing straight smooth extended closed unstinting eager all day long extensive unassailable long-term drawn out drawn-out through straightforward in succession deep-rooted remaining lifelong long-lived durable long-standing surviving stretched out numerous many established sound irreversible on the go ball of fire countless always urgent unruffled profound deep progressive uncontrollable absolute certain well-founded total inexpungible old indissoluble longstanding perseverant go-go unstinted undeterred fireball plodding clamorous iterative adamant iron deep-dyed irremovable a great many very many committed mulish pigheaded stiff-necked bound unquestioning wholehearted nonrandom till the cows come home in for the long haul unquenchable cast-iron intrusive loud noisy vociferous obtrusive focused perseverative intent unconstrained inextinguishable eager beaver all-year-round bent on meaning business focussed unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained going all the way hanging tough irrepressible incorrigible intractable wild ever-pressing dead set stout-hearted illimitable conscientious busy indefinite tough nut out of control immemorial always hell-bent ironclad unsinkable never give up termless thorough attentive ultra-careful meticulous tied-up close hopping searching elaborate punctilious studious engaged employed scrupulous particular rigorous careful bustling working occupied minute nose to grindstone stop at nothing pedantic strict religious fussy more … than one can shake a stick at


Tedious because of lack of variety
monotonous tedious boring dull tiresome ho-hum humdrum repetitive wearisome mind-numbing unchanging uninteresting plodding repetitious uniform unvaried dreary unvarying colourless prosaic unexciting mechanical routine run-of-the-mill samey soul-destroying arid colorless deadly drab drudging dry dusty featureless flat heavy jading jejune leaden monochromatic monochrome numbing old pedestrian ponderous slow soporific stale stodgy stuffy stupid tame tiring uneventful weary wearying dullsville lacking variety without variety all the same banausic blah monotone monotonic nothing recurrent reiterated samely sing-song treadmill unchanged dry as dust dull as dishwater flat as pancake puts one to sleep uninspiring lackluster lacklustre bland unstimulating nothing to write home about lifeless dull as ditchwater vapid banal trite insipid sterile ornery irksome lacking variation no great shakes as dry as dust mundane unimaginative commonplace quotidian workaday dreich simplistic crude meager innocuous inane barren empty meagre trying frustrating unremarkable characterless platitudinous dead nondescript bog-standard spiritless ho hum soulless threadbare bromidic lame wishy-washy gray lacking excitement stiff wooden plebeian deadening passionless unspirited anemic yawnsome lacking interest nowhere anaemic grey not up to much uninspired ordinary common everyday tired hackneyed vanilla usual unoriginal vacuous plain derivative dim hacky conventional laborious prosy interminable torpid fatiguing mediocre unexceptional unanimated weak depressing predictable repeated zero plain vanilla pabulum limp draggy matter-of-fact feeble bloodless turgid normal common or garden stereotyped undistinguished weariful iterative dismal lustreless apathetic desolate corny reiterative unmemorable enervating exhausting duplicative stock automatic laboured day-to-day typical sluggish sombre middle-of-the-road regular long-winded big yawn garden-variety mindless somber labored static inoffensive stilted miserable zestless constant unadventurous cold customary clichéd uncreative antiseptic recurring listless average verbose pointless undiversified deadly dull unentertaining unenjoyable repeating well-worn milk-and-water continual white-bread dragging neutral clockwork gloomy dingy cheerless habitual square joyless grim old hat run of the mill dispiriting depressed toneless a dime a dozen pallid bleak familiar undistinctive non-stimulating formal hack muted overlong flavourless unappealing endless serious overused pedantic overworked ceaseless insistent moth-eaten quiet safe forced uninviting indifferent impersonal expressionless robotic unproductive mainstream hollow off-putting heavy-going derived second-rate uninventive nitty-gritty terrestrial so-so watery standard regimented flavorless prolix long-drawn-out namby-pamby downcast recapitulatory iterant lowly OK truistic hoary clear sad yawn emotionless garden variety cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue unnoteworthy unemotional simple timeworn frequent fuddy-duddy lusterless time-worn echoic cliché-ridden worn out institutional played out trivial deep glum dark wonted daily forlorn shadowy tenebrous depressive macabre funereal lonely dolorous morbid usual thing long longwinded frequentative prosing menial unlively unpassioned indistinct bummer drag cloying drear bomb annoying irritating difficult disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling not fun boresome vexatious unmodulated undemonstrative clumsy unnatural awkward artificial unartistic stolid solemn over-serious wordy yawn producing similar workday lethargic mortal poky snooze slack sleepy unimpassioned uninterested tepid unromantic stagnant cautious inert worn-out unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed dowdy demoralising straightforward half-pie cardboard unprogressive inactive circumspect raw wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive prudent staid one-horse modest brainless poor half-hearted inadequate chary stereotypical puerile not so hot dead-and-alive homespun unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal factual unadorned businesslike overdone attentive weighty waterish nerdy wimpy sapless phoned in middling unpretentious soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued inexpressive lacking vitality passive deadpan timid heavy going unobjectionable shopworn cliche obligatory cornball musty hackney cobwebby harmless devoid of feeling devoid of emotion homely fair useless two-dimensional gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating dime-store halfhearted diluted passable diddly practical actual practicable prose clean futile facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe humble suburban conservative out of date hard to digest undemanding slothful spent outdated boiled down without punch old-fashioned run-of-the-mine medium tolerable run-of-mine second-class outmoded vain profitless archaic unenterprising obsolete ubiquitous household dime-a-dozen not bad forbidding defunct extinct antiquated unrewarding plastic inferior generic garden mean antediluvian leery superannuated matter-of- fact general passé unwelcoming clinical fruitless worthless universal prevalent unappetizing unpalatable inedible aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless antwacky severe spartan austere stark out of the ark cut and dried prevailing persistent expected unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive bare perpetual rife incessant profuse extensive rampant natural unfruitful vacant unfilled unprolific unpleasant unattractive disagreeable instinctive involuntary governmental utilitarian corporate functional unsavory rudimentary ugly elementary unthinking unconscious machine-like unfeeling cursory perfunctory standard issue inattentive spontaneous casual mechanic inhuman instinctual careless knee-jerk negligent motorized powered useful standardized reflex programmed mechanistic systematic laborsaving standardised fixed motorised

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