Đồng nghĩa của resulting

Alternative for resulting

results, resulted, resulting

Đồng nghĩa: conclusion, consequence, effect, end, fruit, outcome, upshot,

Trái nghĩa: cause,

Tính từ

Naturally accompanying or associated
concomitant accompanying attendant associated collateral connected related accessory concurrent attending coexistent coexisting coincident coincidental complementary consequent linked resultant associative auxiliary adjoining adjuvant affiliated agreeing ancillary belonging coefficient coetaneous coeval concordant conjoined contemporaneous contemporary contributing coordinate corollary coterminous fellow incident incidental isochronal isochronous joint parallel satellite simultaneous synchronal synchronous synergetic synergistic associated with conjoined with coupled with in tempo in time synchronic coextensive secondary subsidiary subordinate contingent coinciding consequential indirect corresponding supplementary following subsequent interconnected correlated additional dependent interrelated extra derivative derived added supporting contributory ensuing at the same time supplemental successive sequential proximate synchronized allied analogous correspondent mutual concurring appurtenant subservient coupled synchronised due to in sync side by side at the same time as cotemporal helping assisting joined adscititious concerted adminicular similar associate supervenient attached kindred alike combined of the day of the time sub roundabout add-on appended with second-hand real-time instantaneous immediate adjunctive cognate comparative affinitive relative non-primary secondhand unintended in synch tributary identical in step in phase dead heat happening at the same time with the beat accidental affiliate done at the same time eventual borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down relational intertwined pertinent interdependent relevant enmeshed interwoven reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with recent new present newfangled current latest mod ultramodern modern up-to-date red-hot up-to-the-minute modernistic now topical present-day space-age state-of-the-art voguish new-fashioned extant existent leading-edge up to date up to the minute new age in fashion in vogue ongoing instant today happening with it hot designer au courant a la mode conterminous contempo fashionable up abreast trendsetting modish newest existing just out trendy hot off press cool live latter-day same time supermodern of the same age prevailing actual living in the news cutting-edge alive burning latter de nos jours in in style present-time twenty-first-century common knowledge in the mainstream on front burner all the rage stylish chic smart nowadays at this moment for the time being started just now even now prompt in duration going on being in process under consideration begun commenced already ad hoc fresh advanced progressive forward-looking flash swinging hip snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge nifty go-ahead avant-garde high-tech kicking kicky tony fly hi-tech spiffy modern-day brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' leading newly discovered popular novel ground-breaking updated faddish groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory nouvelle pioneering recently developed in-thing neoteric never-before-seen

Tính từ

About to happen or appear
forthcoming approaching coming imminent impending expected future nearing prospective upcoming anticipated oncoming advancing pending awaited close proximate near destined fated inescapable inevitable predestined supplied in the air in the pipeline on the horizon on the way at hand close at hand in store about to happen in the cards in the offing in the wind on the cards in preparation in prospect on us to come looming coming up threatening brewing subsequent eventual just around the corner planned next following ensuing on the agenda later gathering menacing downstream succeeding just round the corner on tap coming soon upon us potential in the wings likely immediate nigh on hand consequent about to be overhanging in view latter down the pike down the road down the line likely to happen probable considered possible fast-approaching underway handwriting-on-the-wall under discussion looming large -to-be proposed intended successive near-at-hand near at hand up and coming on the go see it coming scheduled unavoidable ineluctable subsequential unborn to be consecutive in the stars soon-to-be drawing near yet to come coming after next off directly after coming next onrushing arriving convergent contemplated approximating being prepared under way in production hovering portending awaiting ominous hereafter waiting to looking to moving closer round the corner ultimate emerging in sight nearly on us in the near future due appearing rising converging progressing extended happening soon long-term near-term over the long term around the corner up-and-coming en route almost on one getting near gaining upon fast approaching inevasible unescapable expectant after successional posterior succedent sequential resultant consequential postliminary pursuing running on its way on the verge later on in line following after late next up sequent supervenient on the trot serial foreordained ordained certain preordained bound doomed meant presumptive predetermined sure foredoomed guaranteed designed assured aspiring designate latent intending promised that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory would-be looked-for hoped-for in the making

Trái nghĩa của resulting

resulting Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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