Đồng nghĩa của ensuing

Alternative for ensuing

ensues, ensued, ensuing

Đồng nghĩa: follow, result, succeed,

Động từ

Present participle for start to happen
developing following resulting arising deriving issuing proceeding stemming befalling flowing succeeding supervening coming after coming next emerging evolving springing happening surfacing transpiring accompanying coming to pass emanating eventuating occurring rolling up turning out appearing attending betiding coming about cropping up happing presenting itself springing up taking place originating in supervening on coming up following on turning up materializing materialising coming chancing passing going down being coming off arriving taking shape falling coming down going on originating rising falling out coming into being panning out coming forth manifesting coming into existence unfolding breaking doing coming to light forming dawning starting cooking pouring bechancing growing accruing culminating crystallizing germinating crystallising taking form actualizing going popping up setting in coming out taking effect making an appearance flourishing beginning descending intervening looming catalyzing launching uprising actioning sprouting fomenting erupting upspringing propagating chancing to happen catalysing bursting out breaking out ending up seeing the light of day entering into the picture having its origin in becoming apparent becoming a fact coming to the fore bobbing up entering the picture playing out overtaking presenting stopping terminating ending presaging befitting becoming showing spreading out shaking gelling spawning reappearing passing off hitting commencing picking up coming on the scene arriving on the scene recurring metamorphosing shooting up kicking off kicking in coming into view becoming visible rolling out engendering heading extending seeing daylight manifesting itself arising from resulting from stemning from arising out of coming from having one's origin spreading circulating leaking becoming known proving to be the case showing up leaking out becoming evident slipping out getting out coming out in the wash getting around becoming common knowledge coming out in the open working out progressing going off maturing coming along faring bearing fruit existing advancing going over flaring up finishing up proving having effect shaking out contracting catching becoming manifest beginning life unraveling unravelling firing forthcoming finishing chancing upon happening suddenly flowing from birthing deepening broadening performing swinging offering tumbling lucking stumbling issuing from starting off emanating from springing from occurring suddenly coming forth suddenly sprouting up appearing unexpectedly appearing suddenly increasing naturalising having one's foundations spurting hailing from gushing lighting upon stumbling on blundering on hitting upon pacing getting along merging coming into sight coming together changing naturalizing showing itself falling to one's lot getting underway getting under way exploding entering making a start getting going going ahead coming on flaming coming into expanding blossoming elaborating unrolling beginning suddenly embarking on bursting into blazing up starting suddenly blowing up bursting forth getting cracking blowing in passing in punching in rolling in walking on setting foot presenting oneself putting in an appearance untangling demonstrating evincing evidencing

Động từ

Present participle for break out suddenly and dramatically

Trái nghĩa của ensuing

ensuing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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