Đồng nghĩa của understandable

Alternative for understandable

understandable /,ʌndə'stændəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể hiểu được

Tính từ

(of cultural activities or products) Designed with the intention to suit the taste of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals

Tính từ

Readily seen or understood
apparent clear obvious evident manifest plain visible distinct palpable patent unmistakable marked discernible noticeable conspicuous overt transparent blatant observable perceptible certain perceivable unambiguous unequivocal bold detectable glaring indisputable indubitable open recognisable recognizable explicit nonambiguous prominent pronounced striking undeniable unquestionable decided distinguishable salient unconcealed lucid pellucid perspicuous seeable undisguised unsubtle notorious ringing straightforward unambivalent self-evident clear cut clear-cut crystal clear beyond a doubt open and shut bald-faced beyond doubt beyond question open-and-shut writ large as clear as crystal as plain as day barefaced much in evidence standing out a mile staring you in the face sticking out a mile out in the open standing out like a sore thumb staring someone in the face sticking out like a sore thumb written all over someone as plain as a pikestaff under one's nose make no bones plain as the nose on your face luculent bald comprehensible intelligible broad bright-line luminous definite self-explanatory clearly expressed cut-and-dried precise incontrovertible unblurred easily understood tangible direct graspable definitive specific axiomatic categorical sharp well-defined limpid exact lucent inescapable apprehensible incontestable articulate fathomable simple audible express absolute user friendly user-friendly blunt detailed emphatic unqualified univocal comprehensive crystal black and white spelled out crystal-clear black-and-white appreciable understood demonstrable knowable comprehendible perspicacious easily seen blinding manifestly frank transpicuous flagrant as plain as the nose on your face significant discernable sensible conclusive exposed public prima facie glaringly obvious clear as day clear as a bell as clear as day as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one plain to see right under one's nose distinctive signal cognizable traceable measurable patently true legible well-marked accessible unproblematic exhaustive minute coherent accurate sure on the nose easily understandable stated readily comprehensible digestible crystalline stark decisive positive graphic easily grasped clearly explained easy to understand without explanation easy to follow downright straight unreserved outright crystalling defined hard and fast cut and dried sharply defined candid uncontestable undisputable well-constructed no catch no strings attached flat-out no fine print no holds barred nailed-on well defined no ifs ands or buts straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out brazen notable revealed undoubted outstanding remarkable unhidden irrefutable arresting dramatic identifiable discoverable gross visual bare pointed considerable obtrusive matter-of-fact real naked on show avowed particular shameless clearly visible macroscopic egregious rank viewable seen eye-catching noted ascertainable aboveboard arrant out-and-out truthful familiar unveiled artless honest veritable disclosed scrupulous natural big as life on view on display to be seen unrestrained substantial unexaggerated staring one in the face known kenspeckle bodacious flamboyant brilliant noisy grabby commanding splashy catchy showy ocular true outrageous unarguable forthright plainly seen outspoken standing out irrefragable unprotected proven undisputed genuine sincere plain-spoken inarguable plain as day in view in sight unchallengeable accomplished unanswerable unvarnished free guileless unsheltered uncovered authentic unadulterated audacious undoubtable unmitigated plainspoken unrestricted assured sheer ingenuous undefended easy naive heart-to-heart upright bare-faced uninhibited not hidden inordinate stripped denuded peeled exhibited barren shown extreme excessive capital unique wide open unshielded pregnable windswept for certain bona fide unmasked lay it on the line dug up call a spade a spade open to the elements saying what one thinks showing wide-open unsealed bared without shelter out open to the weather up front laid bare from the hip like it is for show fresh ill-disguised well-known evinced divulged above board evidenced cogent classifiable decipherable exclusive controlled full plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming vivid provable verifiable enunciated joined-up noncontroversial stunning sensational spectacular arrestive noteworthy telltale runaway in evidence inimitable crisp unquestioned clean-cut attestable evincible undebatable unmissable easily distinguishable as plain as daylight guaranteed cinched unalterable material goodly tidy sizeable reasonable fair anywhere to be seen published well-worn watertight compelling strong great right under your nose can't miss it in plain sight in full view sign-posted protrusive crying good-sized large sizable healthy estimable apodictic sure-fire concrete in the bag for sure on ice publicized confirmed verified beyond dispute recognized special divergent discrete ponderable individual supportable sustainable confirmable checkable empirical empiric not in doubt beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question acknowledged round utter pure publicised shared recognised broadcast upfront shocking deducible inferable free-spoken no-nonsense in circulation out-front up-front freehearted openhearted forthcoming unguarded brutal bluff unsparing foursquare complete heinous freely available serious straight-talking unfiltered on the level straight-shooting to the point on the up and up not afraid to call a spade a spade warts and all shameful scandalous atrocious terrible grievous reprehensible disgraceful dreadful public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known visional beheld viewed observed chromatic imaged ophthalmic monstrous iniquitous exorbitant enormous villainous wicked major immoderate brass-necked out and out factual strict objective unassailable unembellished man-to-man correct faithful gospel undistorted veracious faultless flawless unimpeachable perfect dependable historical hard narrow documentary actual nonfictional pat well-founded settled cold superior reliable well-grounded flat established sure-enough straight-out word for word ordinary not figurative unembroidered literal written usual verbal unerring critical methodical down pat without doubt beyond a shadow of doubt

Tính từ

Having sound or fair judgment based on good sense
reasonable sensible rational logical reasoned intelligent just fair practical sound equitable wise commonsensical credible judicious acceptable decent objective realistic sober tenable valid advisable coherent prudent believable commonsense impartial justifiable justified legitimate sapient thoughtful viable analytical conservative controlled feasible good grounded informed moderate percipient plausible reflective restrained sane solid temperate unprejudiced admissible analytic cerebral circumspect cognitive commonsensible consistent cool firm knowing legit levelheaded making sense politic ratiocinative right standing to reason thinking together unbiased unexcessive unextreme well-founded well grounded thought-out well advised well-advised well-grounded well reasoned well thought out well-thought-out clear-cut evenhanded fair-minded level-headed open to reason based on good sense in one's right mind full of common sense warranted supportable defensible substantiated consequent hard factual proven corroborated supported rock-solid based on hard data based on hard facts cogent convincing sincere sustainable compelling congruent correct reliable warrantable pragmatic true lucid appropriate proper genuine workable authentic persuasive dinkum rightful accepted effective verifiable real pukka acknowledged bona fide discerning sagacious balanced down-to-earth intellectual deductive well-reasoned astute shrewd perceptive accurate perspicacious enlightened relevant joined-up matter-of-fact defendable holding water exact precise well founded articulate clear methodical careful likely thorough satisfying satisfactory deliberate meticulous responsible discriminating telling sharp mature common-sense weighty authoritative philosophic veridical faultless veracious maintainable probable perspicuous confirmed all there impeccable clear-sighted clear-eyed straight steady-going vindicable pertinent kosher hard-headed with both one's feet on the ground unidealistic inductive deducible inferential holding together syllogistic unemotional dispassionate insightful estimable strict faithful normal undistorted regular substantial powerful strong infallible trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain synthetic well balanced empirical errorless sure dead-on spot-on certified open secure definite inerrant colorable calculable explicit on-target stringent letter-perfect rigorous validated verified empiric truthful irrefutable arguable uncorrupted able to hold water conclusive germane clear-headed attested forceful tested potent determinative trustworthy efficacious stable practicable considered realizable attainable operational achievable suitable cautious punctilious orderly systematic possible operable doable manageable serviceable usable applicable scrupulous vigilant fastidious comprehensible intelligible useful accomplishable recognized flawless watertight right-thinking profound holding up recognised standing up holding up in wash got it together established orthodox unassailable right-minded organized heedful finicky expedient within reach within reason meaningful well thought-out deep of use worthwhile organised well organized identified realisable within possibility within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility discreet no-nonsense sage farsighted canny serious-minded clever well-informed attentive conversant au courant having all one's marbles in right mind

Tính từ

Showing the better qualities of humankind, such as kindness
human humane kind kindly compassionate considerate humanitarian approachable beneficent benevolent benign magnanimous sympathetic tolerant understanding vulnerable accessible benignant charitable civilised civilized clement empathetic empathic forbearing natural altruistic amiable genial tender kind-hearted generous philanthropic unselfish lenient gentle merciful pitying caring thoughtful big-hearted warm sensitive tenderhearted warmhearted softhearted kindhearted indulgent responsive good-natured all heart selfless decent good liberal do-good concerned commiserative forgiving gracious sympathizing obliging condoling soft commiserating bighearted supportive sympathising good-hearted open-minded bleeding heart bleeding-heart mild appreciative accepting reassuring perceptive comprehending patient righteous broad-minded sentimental nice accommodating amicable friendly helpful public-spirited self-sacrificing self-denying eleemosynary ungrudging unstinting philanthropical open-handed noble big bounteous openhanded free-handed good scout Robin Hood comforting giving solicitous loving consoling encouraging affectionate neighborly neighbourly doting motherly fatherly maternal fatherlike piteous feeling goodhearted ruthful having heart in right place sparing warm-hearted tender-hearted soft-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie large-hearted well disposed well-disposed well-intentioned open-hearted great-hearted easy-going receptive cordial easygoing easy permissive pleasant attentive mellow unprejudiced affable polite chivalrous free agreeable respectful hospitable unbiased moderate tactful good-humoured good-humored protective reasonable cooperative complaisant cheerful sweet unbigoted conscious congenial civil courteous cognizant progressive sociable catholic long-suffering even-tempered high-minded enlightened gallant calm gratifying mindful fond reactive impressionable emotional perceiving favourable munificent diplomatic favorable consolatory broad regardful latitudinarian advanced uplifting radical lax interested stoical condolatory lovable likeable inspiriting cheering pleasing nurturing stoic uncomplaining likable fair soothing brotherly good-tempered paternal careful enthusiastic fulfilling loose unflappable bountiful lavish positive approving flexible greathearted cool irritable sensorial sensory high-strung nervous sensible relaxed devoted impressible knowing emotionable supersensitive keen free and easy touchy feely tuned in libertarian turned on to unorthodox unconventional left rational avant-garde intelligent receiving delightful unassuming engaging inspiring mild-mannered companionable serene sweet-tempered intuitive harmless open resigned aware imperturbable moved heartening admiring unexcitable calming unruffled vicarious stimulating boosting honest honourable just honorable lofty nonjudgmental placid heartwarming gladdening quiet restrained longanimous commendatory applauding complimentary approbatory hearty compliant sorry self-controlled self-restrained affirmative heedful personable impartial lovely comradely conscientious condoning fraternal observant mannerly well-bred dutiful pardoning unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome peaceful chummy touchy-feely sweet-natured peaceable going easy on well mannered non-partisan bonhomous well-mannered mushy angelic humble unoffensive bland moral well intentioned pacific princely modest heart in right place reformist humanistic general full of pity appreciating excellent acceptable prodigal soft-touch profuse willing unsparing equitable patriarchal umbrageous sentient easily affected unstable ticklish oversensitive touchy fine tense hung up sensile wired delicate susceptible seeing precise precarious acute hypersensitive psychic sensatory tricky generous to a fault soft-shell avuncular placable liberal-minded loyal vigilant wonderful pleased liberalistic laid-back ladylike decorous gentlemanly pitiful maternalistic living with being big adopted assumed imagined fiery demonstrative passionate fragile knowledgeable pally happy-go-lucky carefree social thoughty pampering accommodative mollycoddling cosseting welcome swell ingratiating self-effacing jovial wholesome going easy with laissez-faire reverential sheltering mother acquiescent breezy happy circumspect discreet equable casual nonchalant insouciant genteel nonconventional nonorthodox right-on nontraditional willing to forgive soft touch propitious openhearted deferential benefic freehanded responsible softie marshmallow personal intimate soft-shelled overpermissive like a sport amenable untroubled unconcerned unworried blithe couth courtly protecting watchful supporting caretaking touched satisfied alive discerning charming willing to please favourably disposed chilled undemanding unhurried easy-peasy urbane forthcoming unctuous stately suave politically correct noninterventionist meek laid back elevated moralistic virtuous ethical high principled heroic lordly respectable upstanding upright valiant goodish great sensitized appealing well-meaning susceptive soft-spoken shy non-confrontational lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent temperate retiring dove-like going along with eager to help eager to please sensitised insightful taking captivating winning enchanting stirred together unfazed harmonious able to live with as nice as pie simpatico finely tuned in the know barley-sugar impressed recommendatory inclined predisposed acclamatory approbative commending assenting laudatory in favor of okay welcoming praiseful matey palsy non-hostile palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy composed stimulated affected influenced melted conflict-free relieving assuaging objective neutral easy-oasy like-minded square shooting concordant cozy agreeing clubby accordant right nice regular cosy dispassionate deeply moved disinterested easing satisfying rewarding sophisticated wide excusing detached enduring balanced heart-warming persistent persevering philosophical easy on easy with submissive equanimous untiring mild-tempered self-possessed inexcitable tranquil passive analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing undogmatic impassive philosophic fortitudinous unprescriptive even-handed anti-discrimination non-aligned acceptant fair-minded acceptive prejudice-free non-judgemental non-discriminatory with the patience of Job

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