Đồng nghĩa của equitable

Alternative for equitable

Đồng nghĩa: due, even, fair, fit, just, proper, rightful, square,

Tính từ

Fair, just, or impartial
fair just impartial unbiased dispassionate even-handed right unprejudiced fair-minded honest proper reasonable rightful anti-discrimination disinterested due egalitarian non-discriminatory objective unbigoted conscientious good honorable honourable scrupulous upright balanced candid decent equal evenhanded indifferent neutral nondiscriminatory nonpartisan non-partisan open-minded proportionate sensible square uncoloured above board cricket ethical even-steven fair-to-middling impersonal justifiable level moral stable uncolored upfront without fear or favour fair and square fair shake square deal with no axe to grind on the level on the up and up detached straight virtuous principled uninvolved righteous noble right-minded upstanding trustworthy respectable true lawful fitting independent incorruptible clean blameless kosher stand-up pure free from discrimination law-abiding merited middle-of-the-road justified without favouritism condign rational on-the-fence high-minded deserved nice correct on the fence all right reputable aboveboard worthy even warranted nonaligned nondiscriminating suitable elevated unslanted exemplary anti-corruption competent moralistic sincere high-principled fit legitimate legal dutiful uninfluenced unselfish uncorrupted unemotional faithful uncommitted appropriate saintly sinless irreproachable angelic guiltless meritorious laudable unimpeachable straightforward praiseworthy conscionable right-thinking without favor earned apt humane requisite true blue dependable truthful steady reliable genuine sportsmanlike outside responsible equable innocent clinical unswayed sportsmanly uninterested judicial lofty aloof saintlike admirable godly level-headed unbribable dinkum cold unallied whiter than white squeaky clean morally correct pure as the driven snow fair-and-square according to the rules charitable unaligned non-aligned meet legit non-discriminating disconnected moderate not taking sides becoming well deserved well earned obligatory commendable right and proper punctilious matching forthright sporting gracious unprepossessed pukka frank civil mannerly selfless on the up-and-up well balanced sitting on the fence strictly business cool on-the-level on up-and-up chivalrous gentlemanlike gallant full of integrity equalized without distinction nonbiased equalised free from self-interest without prejudice impeccable immaculate sporty according to Hoyle expected anticipated awaited slated unaffiliated of principle true-blue circumspect up front on the square morally right morally acceptable Christian equalitarian unaffected unimplicated adequate sufficient ample enough middle in proportion faultless unruffled logical unmoved nonpassionate composed that takes everything into account classless satisfactory middle of the road straddling the fence free God-fearing squeaky-clean pious noble-minded bounden credible unfailing well-earned humble steadfast veracious authentic devoted reverent matchless deserving holy philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike creditable peerless spiritual democratic unpretentious uncontrived unfeigned disengaged enduring dedicated unwavering trusty constant resolute patriotic twenty-four carat holding water permitted official card-carrying in principle authorized befitting orthodox applicable canonical authorised autonomous unconcerned bystanding broad-minded removed non-participating undecided unconnected rhadamanthine scheduled coming on sidelines equal-opportunity rectitudinous dignified inactive nonchalant poker-faced quality professional centrist untainted favoring obedient self-righteous incorrupt sound incorrupted non-radical non-extreme lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible tractable well-behaved estimable sanctimonious non-reactionary central favouring religious prim lenient saving proud pacific safe uncontroversial open to reason loyal staunch solid sure unblemished tried-and-true unsullied spotless undefiled calculable firm fast stainless chaste trustable secure tried excellent committed down-the-line unswerving wholesome respected clear cleanhanded stanch ardent tried and true tried and tested virginal pristine above suspicion untarnished model above reproach unstained trusted in the clear clean-living venerable seemly unoffending crimeless uncensurable guilt-free decorous allegiant stalwart sterling modest civilized not guilty orderly impeccant certain perfect uncorrupt of good repute unblamable compliant peaceful duteous classic free of respectful polite civilised never-failing white licit valid well behaved paradigmatic quintessential bueno neato prototypical classical virgin recognized magnanimous redoubtable proven disciplined fervent esteemed zealous angelical established true-hearted unfaltering recognised submissive docile deferential wholehearted refined immovable not bad flawless keen peaceable prestigious fervid distinguished batting a thousand not too shabby without fault well-founded biddable tested unspoilt celibate courteous restrained as pure as the driven snow infallible representative typical illustrative characteristic unspotted definitive fine vestal commonsensical strong certified attested applaudable approved genteel well-thought-of beyond reproach copper-bottomed sober fanatical praisable G-rated passionate supportive confirmed fail-safe uncontaminated persistent outstanding enthusiastic mature levelheaded well-mannered liege precise demure dyed-in-the-wool comely natural conforming deep-dyed tried and trusted amenable well founded de rigueur salt of the earth comme il faut assured undamaged notable unpolluted eminent knightly foolproof guaranteed reasoned great maidenly reputed name honoured proved commonsense commonsensible informed worthwhile ideal sane helpful accurate stout regardful generous intact benevolent predictable valuable hard earnest obdurate redoubted normal thankworthy intense meritable illustrious inexorable honored simple attentive presentable continent accepted benign sympathetic copybook open settled august guileless fresh consummate exceptional neat definite determined strict highly regarded close fixed tasteful harmless exact veridical undistorted sworn uncompromising self-restrained serious courtly well bred sedate sanitary beyond criticism failsafe lordly done unchanging pledged sackless hard-core elegant hard-working bosom sure-fire truehearted staid high absolute untouched conventional calm true to life greathearted adherent boon not to blame well mannered of good report free of sin reserved well grounded serene mad keen always there above-board from the horse's mouth behind one peacekeeping unspoiled complying acquiescent idealistic unobjectionable creditworthy manageable conformable glorious needy eligible snowy undisturbed die-hard concerned clean-handed attached vigorous discreet unflappable free from blame free from guilt invaluable adult unhesitating valued go-to first-class capable on up and up inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable perpetual straight-arrow in good faith honest-to-goodness unerring reverential tough inflexible stiff apposite rocklike sturdy admiring consecrated innocent as a lamb without sin effective unmistakable confiding loving believable affectionate standard picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible seamless avid as thick as thieves inseparable archetypical imitable archetypal textbook not responsible astute unshakable beneficent persevering fastidious critical heedful punctual irreprovable no lie tactful consistent demonstrated A-1 traditional capable of being trusted snow white reproachless string along with palmary prized admired meretorious appreciable high-powered well respected of repute well thought of liberal brave impervious bounteous very good uplifting edifying wise sagacious judicious intelligent used formal polished as good as one's word worthy of trust fly right straight-up boy scout rock solid to be trusted down home meritious winner meedful golden boss choice world-beating pliant filial deferent abiding stubborn immobile unquestioning rigid adamant bound unmovable changeless unbending unqualified intent absolved cleared untroubled good as one's word at peace to be counted on carrying the load tranquil exonerated exculpated prudent unwed emphatic tolerant extraordinary remarkable unprofaned inviolate unblighted eager driven gentlemanly ladylike well known famous well-known renowned popular celebrated acclaimed favored prominent famed high-ranking thinking twice extremely careful self-denying abstinent unmarried maiden nunlike tried out put to the test time-honoured safe as houses binding assiduous diligent defensible defendable warrantable regular perceptive shrewd percipient non-erotic improving non-violent in good taste couth without reproach through and through studious purposeful lily white wide-eyed favoured with a good reputation impassioned major league in limelight big time big name of excellent character top drawer seasonable ceremonial well disciplined au fait as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful true to the end out-and-out single-minded given over to quiet vindicable decisive great-hearted self-sacrificing confident sanctioned significant fly hardened wet behind ears apple-pie austere unequivocal positive careful well trained incumbent on unscathed unharmed cogent perfervid unflinching babe in woods invigorating envigorating hygienic open-faced clean-cut ruddy practical together fresh-faced blooming impotent prudish intemerate monogamous inexperienced controlled subdued deep conclusive unanxious undoubtful sanguine able carefree hopeful in high favor of good standing pure as driven snow kind obliging well-engineered well-built tidy smart spruce active vehement profound unmarked unmarred neighbourly shoo-in easy accommodating ordinary sublime mediocre factual heartfelt red-hot in the bag nailed down locked on thoughtful friendly amiable considerate hospitable all there beautiful well-grounded imperturbable learned agreeable indulgent kindly amicable comradely altruistic unchanged adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic sociable pleasant in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather lovely well built high-quality well engineered scholarly poised stolid unimpressed dry-eyed unaltered uninjured unhurt unstirred genial companionable neighborly verifiable veritable entrancing adorable full of common sense collected serious-minded unexcitable down-to-earth having both feet on the ground self-possessed out of danger in perfect condition entire without a scratch in good condition shipshape unbroken safe and sound untried goody two-shoes authenticated supported convincing documented authoritative circumstantiated validated verified beatific lovable enchanting adorbs straight from horse's mouth well-disposed well-brought-up

Tính từ

Having sound or fair judgment based on good sense
reasonable sensible rational logical reasoned intelligent just fair practical sound wise commonsensical credible judicious acceptable decent objective realistic sober tenable valid advisable coherent prudent believable commonsense impartial justifiable justified legitimate sapient thoughtful understandable viable analytical conservative controlled feasible good grounded informed moderate percipient plausible reflective restrained sane solid temperate unprejudiced admissible analytic cerebral circumspect cognitive commonsensible consistent cool firm knowing legit levelheaded making sense politic ratiocinative right standing to reason thinking together unbiased unexcessive unextreme well-founded well grounded thought-out well advised well-advised well-grounded well reasoned well thought out well-thought-out clear-cut evenhanded fair-minded level-headed open to reason based on good sense in one's right mind full of common sense possible pragmatic convincing likely cogent sagacious discerning defensible astute workable probable supportable shrewd practicable lucid conceivable persuasive proper warranted appropriate balanced hard suitable doable satisfactory imaginable sage fitting achievable well founded expedient effective sustainable fit compelling attainable satisfying reliable perceptive rightful down-to-earth within the bounds of possibility intellectual accomplishable discriminating apt strong realizable defendable maintainable matter-of-fact telling consequent cautious warrantable vindicable befitting thinkable correct enlightened relevant realisable reasoning able to hold water canny discreet powerful conclusive applicable allowable creditable considered weighty authoritative excusable insightful far-sighted explainable well-reasoned careful permissible pertinent arguable due merited within the realms of possibility forceful perspicacious comprehensible systematic deserved potent methodical manageable calculating efficacious articulate deductive accurate condign common-sense influential supposable irresistible desirable verisimilar useful unanswerable vigilant considerate presumable okay congruent mature explicable orderly responsible true modest clear usable potential obtainable condonable decisive clever lawful stable impressive efficient presumptive joined-up confirmed tactical precise kosher sharp straight no-nonsense trustworthy intelligible within reason within reach felicitous provident convenient steady clear-sighted accountable tolerable worldly-wise dispassionate advantageous handy requisite holding water mild savvy passable substantiated pardonable functional proven smart cogitable strategic necessary factual reachable sincere useable all there working meticulous even seemly actionable serviceable unassailable organized suasive acquirable earned colourable middle-of-the-road opportune judgmatical judgmatic exact meaningful thorough authentic applicative eloquent regular well organized timely disciplined meet apposite apparent competent empirical colorable validated reserved organised gettable anticipated earthly suited happy seasonable well judged pragmatical clear-eyed plain utile puissant hard-headed fitted trusty well deserved well earned dinkum normal sufficient irrefutable graceful genuine forgivable definable safe legal licit incontrovertible beneficial substantial venial worthwhile perspicuous corroborated healthy benign permitted having all one's marbles bona fide deducible collected diplomatic inferential bearable constructive accepted favourable deliberate remissible faultless philosophic recognized pukka central keen expected compulsive incontestable accessible veridical veracious impeccable well-informed secure unquestionable odds-on well-judged procurable securable specious determinative unimpassioned comfortable recognised nonpartisan promising forcible wary tested operative measured germane assuasive compromising mortal serious-minded predictable profound unidealistic favorable performable noncommittal emphatic businesslike presumed empiric steady-going real-world attentive open worthy stringent foreseeable centrist orthodox dependable commodious acute significant solvable faithful tried aboveboard helpful right-minded heedful easy believeable hopeful applied within limits rock-solid get-at-able honest ostensible farsighted on the ball seeming moving well-timed well timed punchy mighty powerhouse righteous user friendly ultrapractical vindicated up front in the cards uncontroversial not excessive well thought-out on the cards assertable reassuring educated operational unsurprising knowledgeable learned operable fair enough verifiable recommended profitable well-earned estimable allowed enterprising mental supported real acknowledged proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted inductive impregnable gainful of use intuitive syllogistic undeniable endurable well informed urgent conceptual punctilious comprehendible conjecturable resourceful brainy well balanced mentally stable cognizant harmonious aware affordable sufferable brookable undistorted strict hard-nosed scrupulous fastidious implicit momentous consequential convictive inducing prosaic straightforward unemotional tolerated well-expressed well-presented qualified cluey thoughty studious based on hard data based on hard facts certain synthetic infallible trustable inferrible well a good idea probably within possibility finicky visionary incisive conversant utilizable utilisable OK sanctioned well-structured well presented well expressed cold holding together cast-iron rigorous errorless sure truthful inerrant verified derivable inferable true-to-life carrying conviction swaying well-balanced tolerant favourite favorite au courant deep honest-to-god fiduciary credential concedable insistent with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground with both one's feet on the ground identified showing great knowledge with great knowledge certified definite calculable explicit flawless watertight established non-extreme non-radical honest to God minor slight hardheaded heady within the realm of possibility in right mind lenient abstinent peaceable perfect thinking twice leery playing safe hedging one's bets thought through within the limits above board practiced remittable winnable at hand right-thinking propitious untroubled detail oriented well considered available utilized used exercised non-reactionary within the law not unlikely not impossible agreeable becoming ideal guarded low reprievable exculpatory vindicatory trivial sober-minded composed even-tempered sobersided not given to excesses ordered within realm of possibility graspable true to life with a ring of truth tactful conducive fortunate golden lucky accommodating auspicious higher-order adapted correlated related experiential pithy by the book methodic up to standard swell in character up to snuff good enough copacetic in keeping fit for purpose cut out for right up someone's street to the point in keeping with nice presentable pawky skilful holding up got it together standing up ripe done providential constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch argute pacific all right not too bad practised utilised structured on-target letter-perfect dead-on spot-on chary skillful sophisticated judicial neutral midway indifferent inexpensive to be expected a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think illusory capable philosophical holding up in wash moralistic official moral authorized virtuous ethical principled canonical noble authorised card-carrying up for grabs cherry pie no problem duck soup no sweat systematized coordinated non-theoretical brought to bear hands-on enforced smooth able to think clearly capable of thought of sound mind able to reason clearly compos mentis medium warm checked regulated constant curbed muted close-lipped comely best adequate uncorrupted attested coming on strong ball of fire impactful striking able resolvable interpretable piece of cake unexaggerated understated contemplative introspective on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle glib close-mouthed quick-witted successful well-deserved heaven-sent abstemious smooth-talking smooth-tongued a priori soluble answerable ruminative deliberative pensive heads-up long-headed utilitarian softly-softly kid-glove delicate comme il faut aggressive exciting charming energetic histrionical imposing direct theatric important performant vehement grand material trenchant definitive high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic expressive clear-headed inconsiderable gingerly on lookout watchful cagey awake like a clam civil alert observant having foresight not rash precautious cultured ruminating cogitative deliberating fair-spoken assumed explicatable exponible systematised meditative supposed non-excessive well ordered straightened out well regulated well run conformist unromantic on the fence understood prospective believed very likely like enough meditating user-friendly discernible decipherable awaited hypothetical inferred within due limits both feet on the ground nuts and bolts step-by-step circumstantial assumptive presumptuous mainstream able to be done most likely

Tính từ

Showing no concern or interest
indifferent dispassionate aloof detached distant cold cool callous impartial unmoved disinterested objective unbiased unconcerned unconcerned about unresponsive unsympathetic apathetic about apathetic towards careless casual about heedless of impassive insouciant nonchalant about nonpartisan offhand about passionless regardless uncaring about unemotional unfeeling unimpressed uninterested in uninvolved in uninvolved with unprejudiced apathetic bored by candid careless of cavalier about dismissive of emotionless equal evenhanded fair frivolous about impervious just mindless of neutral oblivious to reckless about regardless of square uncaring unimpressed by uninterested blasé heedless inattentive lukewarm about nonaligned phlegmatic about pococurante unenthusiastic about uninvolved unmoved by unresponsive to weary of diffident haughty heartless highbrow listless phlegmatic scornful silent stoical supercilious superior unaroused uncommunicative unsocial not giving a monkey's nonchalant fair-minded even-handed non-partisan uncolored impersonal nondiscriminatory balanced open-minded non-discriminatory insensible uncurious casual independent straight incurious unbigoted on the fence honest uncommitted clinical perfunctory complacent upright without fear or favour relaxed reasonable undecided unaffected oblivious calm insensitive on the level honourable anti-discrimination honorable scrupulous bored middle-of-the-road inactive rational carefree on-the-fence collected disengaged easy bystanding unaligned free from discrimination poker-faced with no axe to grind on the up and up unruffled decent on sidelines ethical good hard-hearted proper uninfluenced deaf laid-back inert unmindful of removed impervious to indifferent to lukewarm weary unslanted above board nonbelligerent noncombatant immune without favor untroubled untouched neuter unperturbed nonparticipating middle-of-road pacifistic negligent unworried unimpressible unaware stony unmindful right unflappable without favouritism righteous even moderate legitimate equable trustworthy autonomous unselfish nonplussed egalitarian unallied moral unaffiliated stubborn conscientious unenthusiastic lackadaisical virtuous principled lawful unconnected outside judicial unaware of unconscious of upfront non-aligned proof against untouched by unaffected by deaf to kosher uncoloured aboveboard true nondiscriminating disconnected sincere sensible blameless fair and square sitting on the fence cavalier selfish hardhearted not interested immovable unincluded trivializing unrelated glutted jaded dismissive trivialising offhand world-weary unswayed cloyed laid back unexcited insusceptible selfless not caring unprepossessed genuine clean without distinction passive strictly business blasé straightforward legal legit without prejudice free from self-interest level-headed logical composed nonpassionate dinkum pukka blithe undesirous withdrawn remote negative uncorrupted frank civil serene on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square unimplicated on up-and-up according to the rules upstanding devil-may-care happy-go-lucky right-minded unhearing unanxious insert pure unstirred lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair conscionable noble respectable incorruptible truthful unconcerned with self-willed unwilling intractable pigheaded perverse obstinate headstrong strong-willed mulish dispassionate about pertinacious bullheaded just watching the clock not giving a damn dry-eyed undismayed floating supine reserved unbothered not bothered at ease hardened forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed blind undaunted self-centred reliable dependable stony-hearted stolid stand-up full of integrity cool, calm and collected mild midway inexpensive conservative controlled compromising cautious noncommittal disciplined modest unconscious incurious about distant from insensible to unconvinced uninspired without a care in the world not giving a toss could care less turned off detached from undeclared free undesiring to listen blind going through motions aloof from bored stiff stoic resolute impassible innocent unknowing nescient incognizant ignorant unacquainted uninformed clueless unwitting rightful unattached vacillating uncertain free-floating non-discriminating due broad-minded non-participating immune to insensate unyielding imperceptive not involved middle ground middle of the road fence-sitting cut loose restrained free-spirited don't care obdurate impercipient unperceiving proportionate not taking sides ignorant of justifiable level stable even-steven cricket fair-to-middling not excessive blind to without knowledge of unsusceptible fair shake square deal negligent of insensitive of in the dark about based free from care about what others think not caring what others think indifferent to what others think untroubled about what others think unworried about what others think

Tính từ

Corresponding in size or amount to something else
proportional commensurate corresponding comparable correspondent relative commensurable equivalent proportionate consistent correlated correlative equal reciprocal related uniform compatible analogous contingent dependent relational analogical comparative in proportion matching parallel like alike similar identical same indistinguishable duplicate akin tantamount matched resemblant close ditto resembling cognate connate suchlike such coequal even synonymous near interchangeable undifferentiated the same much the same cut from the same cloth symmetrical consonant homologous kindred undifferenced homogeneous on par of a piece much of a muchness conforming complementary congruous congruent approximate agnate appropriate twinlike substitutable homogenous unvaried undiverse fitting conformable on a par same difference of a kind amounting reminiscent look-alike even-steven even-stevens exact like two peas in a pod to the same degree evenly matched like peas in a pod suitable directly proportional approaching impossible to tell apart one and the same relatable almost identical selfsame exchangeable verging on a match bordering on as good fit adequate sufficient coextensive due equalized not a million miles away from equalised coterminous same as carbon substitute copy synonymous with commensurate with of a piece with much the same as convertible harmonious carbon copy double Tweedledum and Tweedledee allied spitting image concurrent dead ringer associated like Tweedledum and Tweedledee facsimile Xerox mated in agreement in accord tied drawn balanced with nothing to choose between them level pegging neck and neck nip and tuck all square on a level level in a position of equality side by side close together interrelated answering agreeing proportionate to based on in proportion to proportional to dependent on corresponding to kin unvarying twin according regular coordinate invariable identic on the order of break even on a plane on level pegging stack up with

Tính từ

Generous and tireless with one's contributions of time, money, etc.
unstinting bountiful generous liberal abundant ample bounteous free lavish munificent profuse unselfish unsparing big-hearted free-handed ready beneficent benevolent bighearted charitable freehanded freehearted full fulsome kind kind-hearted magnanimous open openhanded open-handed plentiful prodigal ungrudging altruistic big considerate easy excellent fair good greathearted handsome helpful high-minded honest honorable honourable hospitable just kindhearted kindly lofty loose moderate noble philanthropic plenteous reasonable soft-touch thoughtful tolerant unstinted willing willingly given acceptable great-hearted warm-hearted understanding sympathetic giving soft-hearted large-hearted kin selfless humanitarian self-sacrificing compassionate princely humane eleemosynary indulgent public-spirited benignant extravagant philanthropical copious decent chivalrous luxuriant caring rich gracious galore obliging overflowing teeming aplenty opulent do-good benign immoderate no end a dime a dozen exuberant prolific self-denying large plenty excessive superabundant substantial gentle merciful generous to a fault good-hearted all heart openhearted well-disposed goodhearted unrestrained riotous sumptuous loving gallant abounding great affable lenient neighbourly tender-hearted over the top friendly good-natured heavy voluminous overabundant neighborly forgiving wealthy affluent disinterested knightly stinking with no end in sight upright devoted self-forgetting almsgiving open-hearted thriftless profligate wasteful denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted effusive lush swarming extreme superfluous profusive warm unstinging wild crawling with alive with thick with soft clement infinite inexhaustible bumper huge supportive flush comfortable cornucopian congenial accommodating lank cordial amicable amiable tenderhearted softhearted tender warmhearted plenitudinous a gogo well meaning surplus in excess extra self-forgetful unkind unrelenting cruel inexorable procrustean unreasonable solicitous unprejudiced human donating socially concerned prosocial patriotic contributing eager fertile productive immaculate useful beneficient valuable fruitful bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood moneyed luxurious public- spirited thick on the ground elevated sublime natural high lordly overgenerous social-minded moralistic respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable worthy very kind intemperate improvident abundant in abounding in sizeable commodious well-meaning Santa Claus unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed casual free-and-easy in abundance in plenty has heart in right place redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable gushing comforting wholesome angelic lovable easygoing agreeable mild soft touch cooperative benefic maternal polite pitying brotherly calm sweet genial tactful propitious cheerful likeable unoffensive likable mellow sociable dutiful bleeding-heart delightful attentive motherly fatherly good-tempered regardful well intentioned affectionate good-humoured fatherlike nice respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place good-humored pleasant feeling pleasing courteous engaging patient well-mannered deferential forbearing inordinate gushy

Tính từ

Free from error
correct right accurate precise true exact veracious faultless flawless strict certain conclusive definitive faithful infallible irrefutable perfect reliable unambiguous undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid error-free errorless proper unerring appropriate dead-on good meticulous OK on-target regular scrupulous so spot-on standard word-perfect acceptable bang on O.K. actual amen factual impeccable just legitimate okay on the beam on the button righteous rigorous stone truthful undistorted unmistaken veridical on the mark on the money on the nail spot on along the right lines dead on for sure on target on the right track on track right on right stuff according to Hoyle cooking with gas free of error on the ball on the nose on the right lines right as rain authentic literal genuine sound definite reasonable kosher authoritative absolute real direct solid detailed close clear-cut fair unvarnished legit credible explicit warranted realistic suitable veritable ideal matter-of-fact bona fide effective sure model specific defined convincing fitting lawful distinct defensible dead right legal accepted unfailing satisfactory inch-perfect honest fact-based particular trustworthy rightful unmistakable pinpoint all right methodical thorough justified verifiable certified word for word concrete sensible unequivocal hard unembellished logical unadulterated verbatim recognized supportable careful true to life fit picture-perfect clear dinkum validated picture-book letter-perfect punctilious well-founded telling it like it is unblemished as it really happened recognised judicious rigid systematic objective lifelike adequate well founded authorized sharp sanctioned certifiable scientific just right commensurate deadly formal unelaborated approved immaculate licit licensed documentary nonfictional categorical warrantable historical pure official irreproachable whole exemplary veristic verisimilar spotless stainless justifiable seamless indefectible cogent just so rational exactly right straightforward plausible unobjectionable established very licenced authorised supreme average without error requisite necessary agreeable positive inerrant conscientious satisfying bull's-eye on the level painstaking discriminating deft discriminative skilful skillful punctual tenable simple ultraprecise express intact assured undeviating unexaggerated accredited constitutional understandable reasoned without blemish sustainable authenticated vindicable dependable copybook admissible foolproof textbook defendable documented verified fine alright natural acknowledged unbroken classic canonical coherent normal unexceptionable without fault believable unabridged endorsed ratified best permissible dead existent undoubted exquisite straight final nice sober sure-fire decent allowed in order clean tolerable decisive safe commonsensical levelheaded pukka opportune archetypal competent consummate optimal passable sure-enough up to par up to standard up to scratch sufficing sufficient serviceable de facto inerrable comfortable true-blue unsullied quintessential fail-safe up to the mark up to snuff signed and sealed well-suited watertight straight from the horse's mouth well grounded as true as I'm sitting here good enough well-grounded as true as I'm standing here orthodox severe vindicated confirmed befitting fastidious unwavering stringent well defined lethal minute conventional naturalistic case preferable clearly defined plain uncompromising delicate crystal clear due statutory vérité unswerving unfaked complete bare surgical determinate individual uncanny inevitable hunky-dory in depth what really happened what actually happened compelling sincere gospel stark failsafe univocal to a T polished well-defined invariable narrow in accordance with the facts pragmatic lucid congruent viable workable grounded reputable in accordance with reality excusable perfected to a turn undamaged undeceptive persuasive signed sealed just what the doctor ordered just what we need unimpaired explainable forgivable maintainable arguable apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal critical de jure mint unmarked creditable relevant ordered cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra and delivered ex officio pardonable remissible venial allowable probable condonable identical superlative pristine superb on the line on the up and up high-principled like it is pertinent made to order apt ultimate prototypical tailor-made just the job masterly not figurative the real McCoy for real based on facts dead-center downright tip-top able to hold water characteristic representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical enough indubitable echt artless unaffected entire unspoiled unmarred weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent absolutely right very accurate exactly correct by the book to the point unpretentious undesigning unpretending as good as new as sound as a bell telling thoughtful ample commensurable blow-by-blow word-for-word to the letter letter-for-letter letter for letter honest-to-goodness pucka optimum surefire guaranteed unbeatable can't-miss efficacious abundant sinless frank overt candid aboveboard forthright open straight from shoulder up front square all there holding water profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together together intellectual unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool right-minded dinky-di unadorned firm commonsense commonsensible informed proportionate plenty real McCoy incorrupt blameless prime peak top circumstantial bonafide innocent untarnished moral virtuous upright guiltless congruous nailed down on the numbers idyllic foremost tried and true handy effectual useful always effective apodictic incontrovertible tried and tested helpful steady undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable lily-white white squeaky-clean legalized binding unbiased unprejudiced plentiful plenteous apposite apropos suited bounteous finest unspotted crimeless unguilty balanced ten aces A-okay above reproach above suspicion unflawed whiter than white note-perfect as pure as the driven snow squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless beyond criticism apple-pie enow aplenty copious as much as you need fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful choicest choice true-to-life contractual usable respectable true-life card-carrying legalised unexpired presentable best possible fairish palatable straight from horse's mouth middling convenient moderate common pre-eminent best-case assuaging assuasive appeasing legally acceptable legally binding swell pleasant snug goodish unexceptional sufficiently good pretty good jake fairly good run-of-the-mill bog-standard completely understandable so-so A-OK middle-of-the-road fair-to-middling quite good totally fine not bad in effect within the law in force original tangible indisputable substantial attested naive unalloyed sterling physical palpable unassuming corporeal material real-life proven out-and-out existing uncontrived modest upfront substantive utter humble evident living total homely well-established unmitigated perceptible without airs unfeigned arrant everyday sheer graphic outright unimaginary fixed representational unstudied uncounterfeited substantiated unpresumptuous near set naïve non-fictional thoroughgoing photo-realistic practical outspoken three-dimensional spontaneous unsophisticated fair dinkum easy essential unmixed intrinsic unqualified fair and square unprocessed full live refined manifest uncontaminated undiluted traditional bodily unimposing unostentatious unmannered on the up-and-up demonstrable real-world vivid current prevailing incarnate photographic non-spiritual childlike naturalist trusty settled habitual general unreserved stock accustomed popular corporal mainstream unremarkable routine speaking expected vanilla plain-spoken visible wonted prosaic workaday garden-variety phenomenal appreciable universal classical measurable not copied easy-going laid-back self-effacing twenty-four carat historic quantifiable cracker-barrel incontestable inescapable demonstrated kitchen-sink cut-and-dried standard-issue meaning what one says sure enough warts and all straight dinkum dinky-die nonfiction qualified expert professional according to law permitted loyal conforming royal informal heartfelt earnest known unpretended hearty above board all-out flat-out true story plenary unconditional similar implicit transparent extemporary comprehensive straight-shooting tacit biographical rightly so called virtual implied provable pretensionless prize especial unguarded cinematic filmic unacknowledged precision telling the truth non-fictitious learned master corroborated factualistic intensive sweeping down-to-earth confirmable hairline scholarly unimagined solemn honest-to-God considerable empirical genuine article simon-pure untainted true blue present embodied discernible mathematical well aimed unartful unartificial undisguised significant real thing your actual obvious respected supported circumstantiated plain-speaking free-spoken round up-front no-nonsense no fooling unhypocritical worldly fundamental honest-to-god in every respect determined stereotypical plainspoken truth-telling proved striking observable patent intelligible dyed-in-the-wool real live sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly unobtrusive first generation inveterate line-for-line earthly detectable perceivable time-honored ornery twenty-four-carat folksy inelaborate down uncomplex unbeautified discreet unambitious homey free-spirited from the horse's mouth honest to God mundane temporal fleshly entrenched black-and-white literatim well documented homespun sublunary familiar unblended terrene terrestrial carnal earthborn earthbound down home a dime a dozen common or garden plain vanilla distilled filtered clarified chronicled straightaway long-established nonspiritual lay stable purified deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained archival uninhibited neat secular traditionalistic old old-fashioned time-honoured old-style officially recognized wholesome rooted secure unshakable vested permanent relaxed raw unclouded unmingled linear rectilinear still life unselfconscious recorded quiet 100% lowly rustic one hundred per cent pure and simple simplistic commemorated historial antique important unsuspicious unknowing simpleminded unwary unworldly unsuspecting gullible inexperienced in truth unforced green set in stone unstilted prevalent commonplace unconstrained staple basic quotidian regulation going boilerplate daily cut-and-dry day-to-day garden variety one-size-fits-all

Trái nghĩa của equitable

equitable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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