Đồng nghĩa của sackless

Alternative for sackless

  • tính từ
    • vô tội
    • vô hại; không gây trở ngại
    • nhút nhát


Free from blame
blameless faultless guiltless impeccable innocent irreproachable clear honest squeaky-clean stainless unblemished unimpeachable untarnished upright virtuous uninvolved above suspicion clean cleanhanded exemplary immaculate inculpable lily-white moral perfect pure sinless spotless unoffending unspotted unsullied above reproach beyond criticism clean-handed crimeless good guilt-free in the clear irreprehensible righteous scrupulous without fault not to blame not guilty not responsible squeaky clean decent wholesome uncorrupted impeccant pristine incorrupt untainted white uncorrupt virginal undefiled holy modest virgin demure chaste uncontaminated angelic free of sin free of whiter than white as pure as the driven snow honourable honorable ethical upstanding worthy flawless noble principled reputable just meritorious trustworthy respectable admirable laudable praiseworthy right-minded right saintly law-abiding commendable high-minded true incorruptible lawful model excellent straight estimable correct nice conscientious ideal pure as the driven snow beyond reproach equitable proper pious anti-corruption reliable dependable stand-up all right unblamable absolute indefectible fair moralistic punctilious classical square kosher morally correct unstained high-principled uncensurable godly legitimate legal saintlike sterling consummate impartial peerless sound faithful conscionable unmarred outstanding right-thinking exceptional self-righteous fine unspoilt licit seamless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect spiritual paradigmatic classic quintessential unflawed lofty unassailable elevated unbribable bueno prototypical neato dutiful superb sublime matchless supreme fair-minded applaudable ten aces unequaled legit aboveboard unerring not bad cleared true-blue batting a thousand not too shabby clean-living on the level devout dignified safe harmless unequalled God-fearing copybook unaffected religious infallible untouched unbiased unprejudiced objective seemly decorous deserving celibate acquitted characteristic representative typical illustrative even-handed exquisite creditable free charitable open-minded dispassionate vestal fitting truthful noble-minded first-class guileless neutral non-partisan equal anti-discrimination non-discriminatory very good distinguished unobjectionable justified inviolate respected G-rated responsible evenhanded nonpartisan indifferent reasonable candid nondiscriminatory straightforward sincere up front uncolored above board salt of the earth on the up and up exonerated untouchable unquestionable without guilt having clean hands highly respectable unchallengeable free from guilt free from blame shining snowy gleaming redoubtable unfailing unexceptionable paradisiacal accomplished utopian foolproof expert crowning skilled experienced skilful beyond compare splendid skillful culminating paradisiac A-OK out-of-this-world excelling defectless adept finished imitable archetypal textbook definitive archetypical rectitudinous crime-free unguilty unpolluted beyond question beyond suspicion godlike devoted reverent philanthropical philanthropic without sin without blemish professional chivalrous sainted of principle circumspect magnanimous gallant maidenly obedient balanced incorrupted favoring innocent as a lamb courteous unmarked unimpaired undamaged uninjured whole intact unhurt detached humane exact precise blessed irreprovable peaceful loyal honest-to-goodness above-board of good repute veracious pukka worthwhile venerable valuable cultivated tractable well-behaved sanctimonious Christian trusted reproachless prayerful frank civil rational on up-and-up according to the rules angelical solid trusty dapper alright goody-goody esteemed highly regarded inoffensive clean-cut precious morally right morally acceptable snow white justifiable invaluable errorless A-okay accurate note-perfect fleckless apple-pie lenient sportsmanly favouring prim sportsmanlike saving dinkum beatific god-fearing unworldly superior true blue absolved exculpated untroubled at peace calm serene tranquil continent unblighted unprofaned on target divine seraph proud great of good report A-1 lily white wide-eyed unparalleled superlative premium wet behind ears disinterested prime incomparable unrivaled top-notch stellar unsurpassed babe in woods pure as driven snow notable world-class preeminent tip-top pre-eminent first-rate elite noteworthy full of integrity full of good works A1 high high-grade unrivalled high-quality vindicated with the law on one's side with right on one's side in the right scot free let off free to go free of blame borne out validated off the hook without reproach of excellent character

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