Đồng nghĩa của licit

Alternative for licit

Đồng nghĩa: lawful, legitimate,


Not forbidden by formal or informal rules
allowable allowed approved lawful legal legit legitimate genuine recognised recognized rightful warranted acceptable admissible authorised authorized constitutional legalised legalized licenced licensed official permissible permitted proper right sanctioned statutable statutory valid above board accepted admitted appropriate bona fide established kosher within the law by the book going by the rules sanctioned by law just sound justifiable binding on the up and up tolerable on the level tolerated due OK excusable signed and sealed fair pardonable pukka real suitable venial effective authentic in effect in force legally binding passable honest vested warrantable contractual condign innocent protected enjoined passed decreed ordained judged enforced correct accredited card-carrying all right justified canonical ratified endorsed applicable in order actual within accepted bounds satisfactory reasonable defensible true tenable authoritative sanctionable sensible straight chartered certified juridical ordered ruled jurisprudent mandated jural judicial commanded legislated enacted legitimatized okay acknowledged supportable well-founded operational upright formal legally acceptable active of right influential probable logical de jure current operative in operation at play in use in execution commissioned decriminalised decriminalized sufferable effectual orthodox bearable unforbidden unprohibited countenanced understandable enforceable fit vindicable available ex cathedra granted precedented enforcible prescribed aboveboard codified constituted sustainable defendable sure enough maintainable plausible explainable arguable forgivable democratic ensured representative condonable remissible by law unconcealed frank forthright overt open candid unequivocal trustworthy authenticated bonafide documented verified rational possible worthy likely pertinent concedable relevant fitting credible validated able to hold water in accordance with the constitution square certifiable not unlikely not impossible upfront undisputed usable veritable standing unexpired indicative fair and square true-blue precise accurate exact veracious good errorless faithful spot-on dead-on on-target bang on perfect adequate reliable definitive strict on the money veridical alright unerring dinkum solid pure spot on echt up to standard up to par up to scratch pucka conventional up to the mark up to snuff unrefuted faultless standard sufficient decent fine regular explicit irrefutable conclusive infallible unquestionable unimpeachable so factual original agreeable fairish palatable sufficing good enough sufficiently good fair-to-middling unalloyed A-OK unadulterated attested indubitable unfaked commensurate absolute unambiguous thorough traditional flawless meticulous undeniable certain methodical unobjectionable competent unexceptionable sure average fixed ceremonious sure-enough customary error-free unmistaken rigorous amen undistorted definite respectable ceremonial serviceable presentable on target middling convenient moderate on the button comfortable on the right track on the nail on the mark jake right on free of error hunky-dory so-so without error quite good unexceptional not bad on the nose confirmed unpretentious specific unaffected complete minute detailed utter sincere believable convincing safe out-and-out thoroughgoing just right pro forma final failsafe total signed sealed word for word clear-cut downright unmitigated consummate unqualified sheer trusty cleared decisive cathedral positive decided copasetic copacetic ducky outright arrant natural fail-safe true-to-life live sterling unfeigned and delivered indisputable stated undoubted watertight immaculate inerrant solemn delighting peachy satisfying groovy cogent gratifying pleasing ample enough fulfilling unelaborated unvarnished literal realistic tried and true tried and tested time-honoured tried and trusted time-honored set regimented orderly express straight from the horse's mouth ex officio proved straightforward uncounterfeited close in every respect systematic creditable genuine article honest-to-goodness simon-pure undeceptive direct as true as I'm sitting here on the line high-principled as true as I'm standing here like it is real thing twenty-four carat your actual dependable formulaic ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual routine real McCoy fair dinkum preferable word-perfect scrupulous common O.K. assuaging assuasive appeasing truthful impeccable on the beam righteous stone equitable swell pleasant snug goodish pretty good fairly good run-of-the-mill bog-standard completely understandable middle-of-the-road totally fine dead on for sure on track right stuff along the right lines right as rain on the ball on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle


Free from blame, guilt or censure
lily-white impeccable innocent guiltless faultless pure irreproachable blameless immaculate clean unsullied sinless spotless stainless virtuous unblemished righteous upright exemplary inculpable unimpeachable clear honest cleanhanded pristine undefiled chaste uncorrupted good untainted angelic virginal unstained impeccant uncorrupt unoffending crimeless uncensurable uninvolved lawful legal legitimate angelical safe harmless unblamable guilt-free above suspicion not guilty free of in the clear pure as the driven snow unpolluted unspoiled undamaged white fresh untouched undisturbed snowy wholesome uncontaminated acquitted honourable honorable not to blame law-abiding squeaky clean without fault beyond criticism moral decent virgin untarnished squeaky-clean ethical upstanding incorrupt respectable principled above reproach modest flawless perfect just noble worthy vestal unaffected saintly scrupulous demure reputable maidenly celibate high-minded whiter than white unspoilt holy as pure as the driven snow trustworthy proper incorruptible nice G-rated right-minded anti-corruption abstinent pious intact fair right self-righteous faithful maiden simple unwed unmarried self-denying self-restrained unsoiled equitable natural decorous lofty antiseptic admirable meritorious laudable continent refined true charitable prudish unspotted morally correct noble-minded straight stand-up fair-minded conscientious unerring on the level godly saintlike religious devout dignified God-fearing elevated impartial dutiful praiseworthy spiritual quiet elegant cultivated sterilized unmarked restrained austere inexperienced neat impotent intemerate controlled monogamous subdued ideal unflawed magnanimous polite beyond reproach irreprehensible reliable spic-and-span estimable spick-and-span dependable sanctimonious free of sin seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible moralistic unexceptionable guileless chivalrous gallant lordly reverent aboveboard greathearted all right high proud sincere sterilised above-board of good repute artless angel-like whole unquestionable gleaming shining platonic unassailable unwemmed chase without sin free from guilt free free from blame rectitudinous in good taste high-principled unchallengeable professional unimpaired loyal conscionable responsible honest-to-goodness veracious innocent as a lamb sackless unadulterated favoring obedient balanced right-thinking sound unbribable incorrupted sanitary unmutilated unbroken unharmed sainted taintless germ-free tractable well-behaved unblackened sterile blessed beyond question beyond suspicion unmarred highly regarded respected dapper unobjectionable alright inoffensive clean-cut goody-goody precious esteemed distinguished nunlike in perfect condition as new in mint condition favouring prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly prayerful on up and up true-blue unblighted unprofaned inviolate beatific god-fearing unworldly straightforward exquisite model exact precise divine seraph lily white wide-eyed pure as driven snow wet behind ears babe in woods accurate errorless ten aces correct infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless apple-pie seemly unbiased unprejudiced on target objective clean-living even-handed free from sin full of good works dispassionate square devoted matchless commendable deserving punctilious philanthropical philanthropic godlike creditable peerless open-minded equal benevolent generous beneficent humane gracious neutral reasonable anti-discrimination nondiscriminatory non-partisan non-discriminatory redoubtable great illustrious evenhanded candid detached nonpartisan legit indifferent kosher outstanding liberal bounteous unselfish brave courtly pukka benign tolerant remarkable sympathetic extraordinary uncolored frank civil rational on the up and up on up-and-up above board according to the rules great-hearted self-sacrificing

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