Đồng nghĩa của maiden

Alternative for maiden


Trái nghĩa: experienced,


Being or involving the first attempt or act of its kind
first inaugural initial virgin initiatory introductory virginal earliest foremost headmost intact leadoff original pioneer premier pure unmarried chaste proving undefiled unwed beginning fresh maidenly new primary prime unbroached untapped untried unused abstinent celibate self-restrained self-denying virtuous innocent unsullied decent immaculate vestal uncorrupted modest incorrupt moral continent unblemished sinless demure clean G-rated pure as the driven snow uncontaminated nunlike wholesome decorous proper simple refined quiet elegant restrained austere unaffected inexperienced subdued neat prudish impotent intemerate monogamous controlled single unstained platonic stainless nice spotless head lead experimental wifeless husbandless spouseless avant-garde nunnish monklike monkish ascetic monastic guiltless good upright faithful squeaky clean free of sin flawless untarnished impeccable unspoilt unpolluted squeaky-clean pristine perfect righteous seemly untainted clear honest blameless irreproachable angelic exemplary unspotted holy unmoved white unscathed inculpable undamaged unmarred unchanged unharmed uninfluenced unaltered untouched unmarked unimpressed unstirred uninjured unbroken in perfect condition sound secure in good condition reserved gentle girlish unagitated retiring undisturbed whole respectable polite unsoiled clean-living free from sin unwemmed chase impeccant faultless in good taste uncorrupt cleanhanded unoffending sackless lily-white free of not guilty whiter than white as pure as the driven snow ethical saintly reputable honourable upstanding true pious honorable noble worthy guileless unblighted inviolate unprofaned wide-eyed lily white above reproach anti-corruption wet behind ears natural babe in woods pure as driven snow indifferent unconcerned dry-eyed unhurt entire out of danger sanitary safe and sound shipshape without a scratch


Belonging or happening near the beginning of a particular period
early first foundational initial original inaugural preliminary antecedent earliest prior embryonic foundation prefatory raw pilot prelusive opening precursory undeveloped initiatory nascent precursive inceptive inductive preceding primitive beginning inchoate introductory young preludial trial foremost incipient old test fledgling infant starting brand-new lead-in premier primary pioneer headmost virgin leadoff commencing preparatory germinal elementary fundamental primeval primal primaeval prime rudimentary exploratory basic leading primordial explorative experimental advance pristine archetypal dedicatory launching prodromal prelim preparative prodromic prelusory initiative readying elemental preparing premature native indigenous aboriginal autochthonous rudimental autochthonic prototype prototypal underivative underived previous first-hand expeditionary forward vanguard at the fore sent ahead in the forefront investigative tentative sent on ahead in the lead fact-finding in front budding developing emergent emerging immature incomplete aborning essential underlying unfinished imperfect proemial uncompleted provisional anterior unformed crude dawning growing basal hasty unpolished evolving unrefined quick sketchy cursory abecedarian meat-and-potatoes rough coarse embryonal just beginning substratal simplest uncomplicated simple unprocessed uncut rough and ready prolegomenous new originating seminal potential impending ancient unindustrialized newborn in an early stage prehistoric unfledged up-and-coming burgeoning in its infancy start antediluvian antique lower ur- proto- prefatorial preambular preambulatory larval nuts-and-bolts bog-standard radical primigenial prolegomenal exordial uncomplex ABCs plain simplified simplex primo clear entry-level uncivilised unevolved barbaric uncivilized formless duck soup child's play meat and potatoes amorphous unshaped shapeless just begun inexact imprecise clumsy unprecise roughhewn makeshift roughly made rough-hewn roughly-made rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready

Trái nghĩa của maiden

maiden Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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